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Marvel can't seem to make Thor work:
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If you wrote the plot of the first live action Thor film how would it go?

>it must connect to earth, motivate him to care about us.
>how does he fit in to the avengers.
sorry, i'd like to read your post but
all i see is that image
and remembering

Thor is shit, even in his best comic books

It's a miracle they pulled off a mediocre movie. Just be happy with that
>faggots gonna fall this shit bait
I would've made Nicolas Winding Refn the director. He can figure out the rest.
Yet we got not one, not two, but a third Thor movie. Mostly due to Loki fangirls. Thanks, Tumblr.
Begin with Thor being an amnesiac who still has limited super strength who dreams of being cast out of Asgard. He wanders the earth and works construction jobs low key. Reveal Loki sitting on the throne of Asgard with all of it's heroes in chains, having conquered it after Thor fell. Take a que from Thor and Loki Bloodbrothers and have Loki feel deeply unfulfilled as King of Asgard and begin to realize that his life has meaning in his conflict with Thor. From their he gets increasingly reckless and creates an elaborate gauntlet to return Thor to Mjolnir and get his groove back, empowering the Wrecking Crew to battle him and sending beasts like Fafnir. Eventually reveal that Thor was cast out for committing a genocidal rampage against the Frost Giants, laying waste to their people and their realm. Loki would be more of an impish psychopath like mr. mxyzptlk
Thor on earth as a superhero is actually how it's supposed to be done, they just always do it in a lame way.
I guess not even /co/ can make it work.

Would have it been better if Hyperion took his place in the trinity? His character can play on the whole alien refugee thing
>Marvel can't seem to make Thor work

... what?
Least memorable and least successful

even a movie with an alien tree is more well received than him
Thor isn't an alien refugee. He was born of the earth and is the chosen defender of it and the champion of humanity against threats from other realms. He's always supposed to have spent most of his time on earth amongst humans.

He's supposed to have Superman level status as the leading defender of earth.
Marvel just doesn't seem to understand it's own characters
I was implying that on Hyperion not Thor.
Since hyperion's planet got destroyed giving him a reason to stay and care about ours.
>Ryan Gosling is Thor
>Mads Mikkelsen is Odin
Looks like you were one Of them
Thor has a way stronger motivation to stay on earth and care about earth. The earth is his mother. Midgard is his realm. He is the protector of mankind and their chosen champion.
They should make Thor a woman.

I would rather watch Thor starring Natalie Portman than watch another movie of Hemsworth
File: 30ixph0.gif (4 KB, 473x211) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The Thor movies are my favourite part of the MCU and what got me into reading comics, so I think they work just fine.
It's a Viking era movie. Thor drinks, fucks, kills and plunders as much as he can in a PG-13 or 15 rated movie for his own enjoyment without caring about his role as a god or hero. His has his own godsquad of Viking heroes of folklore and myth. He wields an Asgardian war axe, and can't lift the hammer.

Monsters arise and start preying on the humans Thor lives among. He defeats one, maybe two but can't protect the human villages, who reject him. In the end he seeks out the mother of the monsters, proves himself worthy of the hammer and uses Mjolnir to defeat the beast. His godsquad are all killed in the battle and mourning them he vows to go back to Asgard and never live among the humans again. He throws Mjolnir to sink the longship the heroes are burned on in a Viking funeral.
Whor dies heroically in Thor's hands as he casts aside his Celestial killer axe to jump into the maw of the Midgard serpent when Whor tries to tackle it.

Casting down the serpent Thor realises the Mjolnir rejected Thor because the words Nick Fury said was "Jane Foster will die by Mjolnir" and he picks up the Hammer again.

Queue soul searching. Thor travels both Midgard and the nine realms, meeting new friends and old friends as he tries to figure out what kind of God he is supposed to be.

Make it almost old school swords and sorcery in some areas and All star Superman in others.

Thor should be one part Conan, Two parts Superman.
Thor has a bunch of problems fitting into a standard MCU setting.

A) He's insanely overpowered in comparison to arrow guy and catsuit woman. Technically Hulk has the same problem which is why most Avengers teams tend to fight Hulk more often than they include him as a member.

B) His Midgard supporting cast is boring as shit. Jane Foster is just a love interest and honestly way less interesting than Sif.

C) Loki is way way way more charismatic which often dooms a story.

The best ways of dealing with these issues are as follows.

A)Thor is exiled to earth and can't return to Asgard until he's done some penance for Odin. In the meantime he's substantially weaker than his default form. He's still really strong and durable with magic hammer and shit like that but people like Wrecker can actually give him a hard time.

B) Jane Foster is really Amora in disguise. She's fucking with Thor at the behest of Loki.

C) Loki isn't used until the third movie, use Trolls and Giants and the Wrecking Crew and executioner in movies 1-2
I just want a reboot with different actors and to pretend the first two never happened. And the thor in avengers was a skrull pretending to be thor. Would explain why he's so neutered and weak in the MCU. Just get rid of hemsworth.
It would go the same, because it made more than Captain America and Hulk, which is what I'd be aiming for.

Most successful after Iron Man.

>but the domestic

The hedge funds that own studios don't give a shit about domestic vs. international.

You sound like a Superman fan. Always wanting the most powerful characters to go full saiyan at every opportunity.

Which is a shame because Thor, and to an extent Superman, isn't about power levels (you're thinking of Hulk). It's about fitting in. It's a story of relationships and overcoming differences, not hitting shit with hammers. In fact, Thor has been from the very start about learning to not hit shit with hammers. But I guess a casual like you wouldn't have realized that.
>You sound like a Superman fan.
Oh good, you have nothing of value to say.
The movie was awful, stop defending it.
Bring back Rune King Thor.
If the Inhumans were more developed rather than the shit that AoS is doing with them you could have fun with a Cosmic Thor Movie with Thor and Black Bolt teaming up to wreck Celestial face.
lol Not MCU Thor. Iron man fought him to a standstill, and hulk one hit ko'd him off screen for a joke.

I'm assuming a rebooted Thor instead of jobber Thor
How is calling out a bait, falling for it?
Or was also this bait?
If only.
Probably the fact that you're paying attention to it and replying to it. Idiot.
No it wasn't.
Not exceptional good, but better as Ironman 2, 3 and both Hulk movies.
>but better as Ironman 2, 3
>and both Hulk movies.
And you're trolling.

First Hulk isn't in continuity and the second was just a half-assed soft reboot.

Iron Man 2 and 3 seemed to think that you can base a movie purely on RDJ hamming it up. They were only partially right.
Start with Ragnarök. It's the "end times" as Thor's last duty is to kill the gigantic world serpent. After an intense battle, Thor's job is finally over as he kills the world serpent, the time of Vikings is over, and he passes away from mortal wounds/poison.

Cut to modern day where science and logic rules. Loki has survived the Ragnarök and has chosen Earth to be his home away from home.

Enter: the Avengers.

Earth (at this junction in time) having no real defense against magick turns to the Avengers to help deal with Loki, albeit unsuccessfully.

Cut back to Thor (whom was presumably dead) disempowered and making his way out of Hel (Hell?). We learn about Thor's past deeds and how he must redeem himself - to find and wield Mjölnr once again. We also learn that it was Loki who set in motion the coming of Ragnarök prematurely.

Thor eventually finds his hammer, sets in motion to right Loki's wrongs, and makes his way to help the Avengers and stop Loki.
assuming we're picking up from where last we left the movies -

Movie opens on Odin and an asgardian troop entering the halls of Nidavillir, the guards carrying a chest.
Odin is greeted by Eitri - the dwarven king who queries their pressense in his realm, Odin and Eitri retire to a private chamber,
where Odin tells Eitri he wants him to reforge the Destroyer - opening the large chest and revealing the remains of it.
in the metal, Loki's reflection is cast as the giveaway that its him and not Odin asking this of Eitri as he explains that he
intends to use a dark and forbidden magic, outlawed by open himself to further empower the armour - he'd either offer Eitri something,
or trick him into doing his bidding, but either way the dwarven king agrees.
opening Title, followed by a cut to a scene outside of some bank, surrounded by police who say some sort of superhuman 'crew' has taken control of the bank,
and that Thor had gone into negotiate.
Piledriver comes smashing out of the front of the building unconcious, driven by mjolnir. typical 'i guess negotiations are over' line
and the first action sequence of Thor vs the Wrecking crew.
afterwards, Thor is with jane in some rowdy english pub, drinking and laughing - the warriors 3 and Sif are also there, having now joined Thor on earth.
Sif explains during the revelry that she and the warriors 3 are working with Thor when possible, and also assisting Eric Selvig with his studies of
Asgardian Artefacts lost on earth - that he is awaiting a shipment of something that he beleives may be asgardian in nature this very night.
we join Selvig in his lab/whereever, Darcy and her mantoy from the last movie are there too, they get the artefact - a carved metalic urn, Selvig manages to decypher a few words on it's surface,
specifically - 'Mangog' - a word he's unfamiliar with. some bullshit scene thor and jane's romance, jane asking if it's safe for Eric to be doing what he's doing, Thor telling her that with Sif and the Warriors 3 there he'll be fine
some random plot device like their scans disturb the urn, and release the monstrous Mangog - which instantly gets in a scrap with Sif and the Warriors 3, Sif being shown as a powerful lone warrior - half beserk in battle
the warriors 3 being shown to move like a single weapon, a unit, compotent and powerful, and utterly outmatched by the power of Mangog who overpowers them and escapes.
Selvig phones Jane - Jane tells Thor and he's on the scene in no time, where he thanks Eric for calling him, and whisks Sif and the Warriors 3 back through the Bifrost for help with healing.
while there he goes to question Odin about Mangog, going through some old asgardian texts it reveals the origin of Mangog - That it is the culmination of an army of the Vanir, their collective lifeforces, each an asgardian's match in power, melded into one being.
during the conversation Thor notices the newly restored Destroyer leading to an arguement when the use of dark magic used to enchant it becomes known, Odin rationalizes to Thor that in these times
of strife, Asgard must be ready, the Infinity stones and other threats cropping up constantly - they need the destroyer, and Odin is king so shut your mouth or get exiled again. that the new enchantments mean that when inhabited by a living soul, the Destroyer shall be unstoppable

A troubled Thor returns to earth. he explains to selvig and jane what the Mangog is, essentially a ravening War machine, like a suped up hulk powered by godghosts. they do their bullshit science to track it down
and Thor sets in about it, big fightscene which shows how clearly outgunned the Odinson is. as he gets more frustrated during the battle, the sky darkens and rumbles, the winds pick up, the storm begins to brew -
the fight however is interupted when the warriors 3 and sif return, healed and armoured, and armed with knowledge 'Odin' kept from Thor, that it is possible to release the contained spirits of the Vanir within Mangog to their rest/rebirth.
during this time, the warriors 3, Sif and Thor are all trying to now restrain and contain the beast, while Selvig and Jane work on a way to Science-release the trapped energies within Mangog's shell
maybe write some subplot that Loki had hoped that if Thor had killed the innocent lifeforces animating the Mangog it would render him unworthy of Mjolnir, and unable to stand against him
once he realizes that that plan is shot with the warriors 3 knowing the score,
he instead appears to Selvig as Odin, showing him how dire the battle is going, and Offering the Destroyer to Selvig to help turn the tide, Eric agrees and the Destroyer Lives.
back to the fight, Thor bombarding Mangog with lightning, Sif radiating a some raging energy from her sword, the warriors 3 trying to trap the beast's limbs as they Bifrost to Vanahiem, but once more it breaks free only to be met in battle by the Destroyer - during the course of this battle the scale should be
massive, MoS levels of destruction with the Warriors 3 and Thor trying to save lives during these titan's battle, as it becomes more obvious that Selvig is losing himself to the Destroyer's curse, beating Mangog into submission before trying to deliver a killing blow, blocked by Thor.
Thor tries to reason with him, but he's gone full on batshit crazy, ranting about how he's chosen by Odin - that he's now more than Thor could hope to be and he'll prove it - this time the brawl is vicious, Thor takes a real beating, gets his licks in but ultimately realizes that in order to save the realm of Vanahiem from
Selvig he may have to kill him - (loki thinking that taking his friend's life will also cost him the hammer)
So... you know literally nothing about Thor?
in his fury and pain the sky goes dark again, his eyes and body begin to crackle, Sif takes Jane and begins to run with with warriors 3 from the battle, the defeated Mangog laying still, Jane protesting to Sif that it's ok, she's seen Thor get mad before, she knows what his power can do -
"No, Mortal. You have no idea." as they look to the horizon - stormclouds blasting as far as the eye can see the whole sky churns and breaks and the blows of a Thor Unleashed Echo against the Destroyer powered by a maddened soul of Thor's first Mortal friend.
In the end, have some sort've mountain reduced to a crator by the final blow - the magical power unleashed by Thor breaking the Destroyer's hold on Selvig, His soul stands before Thor and in the smoke behind him looms the sillhouette of Hela, who beckons him to her.
it starts to rain as thor weeps, unable to save his friend, but the final blow that killed his friend also released the souls of the Vanir trapped within the Mangog - and new life returns to Vanahiem in a sort've win/lose thing.
usual afterfight movie ending pish, back in the pub from the start but more solomn - less revelry, when Sif asks Thor why Odin would give the destroyer to a mortal knowing what would happen he looks up from his drink saying some variant of 'i dont know, but its time to find out'
Aftercredit scene is Odinloki standing at a Collosal prison door (like 100 story tall door) before dropping his disguise with a grin and asks 'do you know who I am?'
a dark voice rumbles it's reply '...yes...'
'excellent. well I beleive it's time we had a chat..." camera panning out within the firefilled cell
'Surtur.' fade to black.
I'd say the most telling thing about how little people care about Thor will be how well Civil War does. It's basically just an Avengers movie minus Thor and Hulk and adding in Ant-Man, Spiderman, and Black Panther.
Most people would easily take that trade off any day of the week.
Play up the whole"Thor's mother is literally the Earth" thing. And instead of fitting into the Avengers, he helps form them, starting back in the 40's when he meets Cap and the Invaders. And no Invaders background, just have them be there for one WWII scene, their history can wait for the Cap movie.
I don't see Thor getting another set of movies.
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Thor's always had this problem. His line has had the most flip flops and the most bullshit retcons.
His book only gets good right before it ends or immediately after getting relaunched but it quickly goes to shit as soon as that narrative thrust dies off. It got really good for a brief time after Heroes Return then went to fuck. Got real good for Avengers Disassembled and was good again with JMS' run.

During Marvel's near-bankrupt period in the late 90s his book got down right sad. It almost looked and read like a bootleg Mexican comic.

Look at this
Still better than the movie.
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I say thee nay
File: Thor476-02.jpg (285 KB, 921x1418) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm sure with a little digging we could find the Savage Dragon pic this was traced from.
thor looks hot in that tho
That's it, thats the best /co/ can do?
>Start with Ragnarök
That's a terrible idea and you should feel bad.
>superman expy
>not made by kirby

I think he's a great character. But Hyperion has no place in the Avengers trinity.
The problem with the Thor movies is they don't commit to the idea of Thor and Asgard, they dilute it and water it down.

The moments where they embrace it are great, and those moments are there. The Thor movies are not terrible, but they are half-hearted and afraid to embrace the fantastical nature of Thor.

I think the director of Ragnarok might be an inspired choice not becausr of lol comedy but because he might embrace the fantastical in a way the previous Thor movies have not.
File: kaneonthegoldensea.jpg (308 KB, 941x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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High fantasy. Make it feel like a Frazetta painting. No earthbound romcom bullshit. Thor should be HIGH ADVENTURE, slinging thunderbolts through building sized giants and wrestling dragons. That's all people want.
They were so consumed into making him a Superman,

Instead of Making him into a Wonderwoman or Aquaman, which fits his character more
They got a great director like Kenneth Branagh, specifically known for his Shakespeare films, to capture the Asgardian aspects, which he did successfully, then saddled the film with a compulsory Natalie Portman love interest and a bunch of Earth shit nobody liked. Idiotic.
Jane being Amora would be awesome actually.

Marvel needs to treat Thor like their superman. Thor is basically superman. Actually, I think Thor is better than Superman. But Thor needs to just be this big budget Michael Bay everything is blowing up moving with cities being destroyed.

Stop playing him for jokes and humor. Just do like mangog or something. Its time to have other heroes go down to show how good Thor is.
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