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Quick recipes?
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Do you guys have any quick recipes that additionally don't taste bland?
I dont live with my parents anymore and therefore have to cook lunch myself. (femanon 19 yo)
The thing is that I just can't be bothered to cook for a long time EVERY FUCKING DAY due to the fact that I have been doing that since I was 17yo. The Internet is not very helpful and I think that asking you people is better, because you might understand my lack of motivation and also the 'quick' recipes I find on the web are also often far too expensive with 10 ingredients or so.
What I often make is sourcrout (out of the can or package, precooked) and chicken I just throw in the pan for 10 mins, which takes all in all about 20 mins. This is the fastest recipe I have and hence it lands on my table 3 times a week.
Give me all you've got /ck/ I am sure I am not the only one who would be helped out.

pic kind of related
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Hey, I cook in my dorm room and sometimes in the kitchen 8 floors down. Get yourself a slowcooker and cook in bulk.

Do you eat beef/chicken/pork?
Do you like tomatoes and garlic?
Do you like spicy food?
Do you like eggs?
>femanon 19 yo

I usually don't care one way or another about gender on /ck/, but as a 30 y/o shut in, even I am distracted by the fact that you felt the need to mention that.
Yeah wasn't sure if bait when responding but I could use some ideas too, since in similar situation.
>sauerkraut and chicken

That still sounds like a lot of work for lunch. I usually make a peanut butter sandwich, or a branston pickle and cheese sandwich.

I can't be fucked to wash a lot of dishes more than once a day.
I tend to cook in bulk anyway but my bf eats with me everyday so its mostly all eaten after a day.
Yes, I do like all of the things you asked.

why are you surprised?
I get that totally. I dont have a dishwasher it can be a real pain in the ass, but I kind of prefer to eat something warm for lunch
Here's what I do for lunch almost everyday:
>grilled leftover chicken Caesar wrap
>leftover bbq chicken melt
I throw the chicken, lettuce, cheese and caesar in a wrap and just harden the wrap in a pan so it doesn't fall apart and that the cheese melts.
The bbq chicken melt is just two slices of whatever cheese, grilled chicken, and bbq sauce on bread. I put it in the oven until both sides of bread are toasted. Neither takes me 10 minutes.
Does hot Caesar dressing taste good? Sounds weird.
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Beef burgundy, chicken tikka masala, chili mac, and beef stew can all be thrown into a slow cooker with 20 minutes of prep and yield 15+ servings with minimal checking while its cooking.

Eggs take like 5 minutes to make in the morning with some oatmeal or toast.

Pretty much everything becomes a meal in a slow cooker with cream of chicken/mushroom thrown on top of it really. Get some liners and the only thing you will have to clean after each cooking session is a chef knife, a cutting board, a ladle, and a skillet. I pretty much live off of those meals.
It doesn't. It all tastes the same. I just don't like cold grilled chicken.
As you are saving as much time with cleaning, I'm listing the equipment too
>Sunny side up eggs with toast (5min, 1 pan & toaster)
>pb&j (2min, toaster)
>grilled cheese sandwich (5min, 1 pan)
>lasagna (15min & 20min baking, 1 ovenproof pan)
>pasta with some condiment you like (15min, 1 pan)
>Tuna melt (15min, oven)
>Rice & tuna salad ( 20min, 1 pan)
>ready salads with roast nuts and bacon (10min, 1 pan)
>crêpes ( 25min, 1 pan & 1 bowl)
Doesn't taste weird*
How the fuck do you make a lasagna in 45 minutes? Are you just using pre-made ingredients?
Where the fuck is the fucking bread in that photo? What kind of red blooded southerner takes a pic of bbq without bread?
sounds great. How long do these things work until they break? Im a bit suspicious when it comes to stuff like this because of their planned obsolescence and shit
>Hello, Pizza King?
>Ya, how we doin?
>One order of lasagna
>Oh ya, comin right up then
>I do love lasagna, don't cha know
>Ya, ya. It'll be $7.00. About 20 minutes.
will try this
yeah, thanks for the question.
I made a lot of lasagna and I'm really lazy, so I figured this 1pan recipe out:
for 4 portions you need
>200-300g ground beef, sear it, shovel it to one side of the pan
>50g butter, let it melt in the other side
>2 tblsp flour, mix with the butter
>add 4-6dl milk
>add 1 can of diced tomatos
>add 300g uncooked pasta (penne works well)
>add chicken broth, until pasta is almost covered
>add italian spices, stir
>add grated parmesan on top
>20min, 180°C
penne are not for lasagne. You are making nudle casserole.
Edouard de Pomiane was the original "cooking in ten minutes" guy, from nearly a century ago. Here's six comfy videos with tips and recipes:

yeah, thanks for your comment.
you also want to mention the missing onion & garlic. but hey, remember? lazy af
Also mushrooms make me orgasm in it
In addition to these, noodle stir fries, pasta and couscous dishes can also all be done in 10 minutes* once you're practiced enough. Carb goes in water first, everything else gets prepped and blasted in a pan during the time that takes to cook.

*Not including time to heat your pan and boil water.
I've had a 1 gallon for 2 years. The like 3 gallon one I had before was 3 years old but i shattered the fucking ceramic bowl because retarded and threw it out. They are like 25 bucks. Worth every penny never had one "die" on me.
Entire loaf of texas toast to the left isn't pictured maybe.
Okay you convinced me, thanks
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