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Is anyone familiar or well-acquainted with...
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Is anyone familiar or well-acquainted with cooking Chinese food?

I buy pork sometimes cause I'm a starving college student and it's cheap, but I can only think of a few examples of pork that I've had that I really like. My favorite being pic related (Salt & Pepper Pork).

I would really like to cook this without frying it though, I don't really have the time nor want the extra step of frying it, so I'm really looking to just cook some chops with just the general, basic flavor of the dish (would a dry rub be what I'm looking for?)

I see a lot of recipes online but a lot of them vary in technique and ingredients and some are a little too complicated for what I'm trying to do, and I'm pretty inexperienced with cooking so I don't know which ingredient(s) contributes the most to its flavor.

I think the ones that I will definitely use though are:
- White Pepper
- Salt (both obvious)
- red/green Jalapenos
- garlic
- green onions

Is this enough? I see some shit like Shaoxing cooking wine on some pages but I've never even heard of that so

Thanks for any tips.
Shaoxing cooking wine is a kind of salted rice wine. You can make delicious food without it, but it'll make your pork taste more 'Chinese'.
it wont really be the same without frying, also look into velveting the meat it's essential to getting that texture chinese food is known for
Just fucking fry it. There's a reason why we go through oil so fast.
sichuan peppercorn
fried chili oil (pictured)
fermented blackbeans
5spice powder
dried shitake mushrooms
sorry i didnt read your post i though you were just asking for essential chinese shit to buy
No it's okay, I've been looking for good ingredients to have on hand. Thanks.
Good to know, I think I'll get some for this, thanks.

But chinese restaurants don't just have tons of marinated pork laying around for this dish though right? I don't really care too much about the texture, as long as I have the taste.
yes, they do. lol.
Texture is much more important in chinese cooking.

Try marinating meat in soy sauce and cooking wine. Fry with garlic and ginger.
Try char siu, which is basically a marinated eye fillet pork roast
why would you ever buy cooking wine?
Go to a chinese grocer and buy real Shaoxing wine nigga, not that fucking salted swill.
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make qyoza (japanese name, but they originated from china)
from now on you will eat gyoza everyday

it's fucking cheap
you need dough, you can buy premade dumpling sheets in asian stores (use wantan wrappers or whatever you get if they don't have round gyoza wrappers), which is also cheap because there are a lot of them in a package.

or you make your own dough with finely ground flour and water and it will be even cheaper, but more work to do before you can eat.

-gyoza low budget version-
you need:
some gound pork
chinese cabbage
maybe sesame oil
salty soy sauce
spring onion

every one of these ingredients is cheap as fuck except for the sesame oil, but since you don't need much it will last for long.

also a pan, a lid and a knife- GO!

mince and mix everything into a nice sticky mass to avoid big chunks
[use garlic and ginger 1:1, also some people just use the upper half of the cabbage but that's not too important]
season it with soy sauce or salt

put it on the wrappers in small balls and seal the wrappers (make some moisture on the borders of the wrappers so they stick together better but not too much water!)
put a bit sesame oil in pan - heat pan
wait until it's frying hot and put gyoza in the pan

wait till the bottom's are brown
put water inside so the gyozas are half covered with water
put on lid

wait ca 10 minutes until the water is gone-
here you have to stay beside them and check if the water's gone, it sucks if the burn because you thought it takes longer or forgot. it's not even 10 minutes the water needs to vaporize, just chill and let the lid on

put them out

eat gyoza every day

>pic related beautiful gyoza, it's not important how they look as long as they don't have holes and are sealed good so the fluids stay in
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jiaozi is the chinese name

if you manage to not fuck it up they will get you multiple cheap satiable food orgasms
forgot to tell you to mix a bit of sesame oil into the filling as well
(just a bit)
I appreciate that you went through the length of typing all this out, and for these suggestions,
but I've had this stuff all my life and I don't really have much of a desire to cook them.
Can confirm



These videos are pretty solid if u wanna cook "buffet/restaurant tier" Chinese food
Sounds like you just want to make stir fry?

Pick up some ginger too.
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