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Restaurant Week thread part deux
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I meant to post a thread last week, but c'est la vie. Instead you get two posts in one.

First is my lunch today from the extravagant Russian Tea Room. A little weird that as a native of NYC who's lived here my whole life that I've never been to a landmark like this, but shrug.
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I'll say this much. This is the ideal perfection of beef stroganoff. The meat was fork tender, the flavors were fucking gorgeous together and literally the best version of this dish I've ever had.
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My friend got a chocolate mousse
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I had a (blurry) cheesecake. Couldn't even sit still long enough to get a steady pic. For shame.

Thanks for the reply, nignog.
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I think it might be all the touching up on the filters. I should read up to do that better, because I'm not too fond of this pic, either. Skatewing on my plate, beef on my friend's.
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I actually regretted my cheese plate, which was very bland. Her dessert was much better
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As I didn't take any pix of appetizers (monochromatic soup isn't exactly photogenic), here's a pic of a freebie from a bar downtown called Village Pourhouse.

I'd love the place if it wasn't for the bros and NYU kids that populate it. And the godawful music.

Looks like a parmisan rind slice
It was some hard cheese with a rind. I don't recall what the waiter said it was, and the menu just has it as 'assiette de fromage', so I guess I'll never know.
Who /michigan/ here?
What are some restaurants ?
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bruh, the fact that you think i'm upset is even funnier. seeing people as stupid as yourself actually brightens my day, because it's a pleasant reminder that i could easily have been a huge loser in life like yourself had countless factors not come into play. tards like you are a good reminder to normies on how much better we have things.
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blessed janitor, attempting to clean up this post, how nice to see you.

anyway, moar pix.
>I can't handle the truth so I'll jump to conclusions and project like I'm not a complete retard!

You could at least type properly if you want to act like you're not a "huge loser tard".

Protip son, when you go out to eat often enough you don't have to take pictures of it for attention every time.
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protip child, when i go to a place i haven't been before, i enjoy taking pictures - especially when it's an experience i haven't had before. this is what normal people do. don't worry, one day you might actually not be a loser outcast who doesn't get to experience nice things.

(probably not, keep GiS'ing for more cat puke to get over your butthurt)
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That looks disgusting. I guess it's egg yolk but what is the pink slime? It's not sea urchin is it?
That presentation is awful.
Is it so hard for them to clean the rim of the plate?
I'm gonna guess a quail egg from the size on that uni.
Do you have to wear a suit at places like this in New York? I'm thinking about going there while on holiday in a few months, but don't like to travel with my good clothes.
Not op but restaurant week is pleb city, no one cares as long as you don't smell

There are a few spots with dress codes still (not counting places that encourage "smart casual") but it's unlikely you'd end up at such a place by accident.
Surprisingly, the Russian Tea Room had no dress code. Saw a dude in a t-shirt on the other side of the place. I wore a jacket, because I assumed they did. Other places that I ate at for RW that had a dress code were Le Cirque and Delmonico's.

Long and short, there are plenty of uppity places with surprisingly no dress requirement, but there are some that still have it. Check yelp/tripadvisor/4square/the place's website before hand.

Honestly, this is NYC. Bring one nice shirt and pants that aren't khakis, cargo or jeans. There are always things to do here including things you'll want to dress nicely for: a good club, play, classy restaurant, shopping... whatever.
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Trading war stories here but we had Dineout aka shilling for big chain restaurants that isnt a mcdonalds and the highlight was a dockside lunch just because I felt like chilling out.

French onion soup, cheese pulled off just right
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Ordered seafood pasta. Forgot mussels are in season during summer so meat is smaller. Sauce was loaded with scallop puree so you actually got your money's worth in seafood
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Last one was creme brulee. More custard than creme. Again I was ordering out of season fruits
that doesn't look awful. what chain was this
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Hurricane Grill. They had a promo menu for 20 beaverbucks.

Also. Visit to Gyu Kaku as summed up in one plate. Pretty good bbq for a franchise, beats most independant ones

Captca: Food. Touche.
looks like manchego
for $20? not bad, i guess. is it boil in bag stuff like an applebees or do they actually prepare it in house?
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