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I'm starting to make my own sausages in a week, I am sick of the shit that gets sold as sausages in supermarkets and many butchers are just as guilty.

anyone have a good recipe?

also I've started butterflying them when I cook them, cooking them as normal, maybe a bit less; then splitting them down the length and cooking them filling down

works well on a plate press as well, you loose some of the juice but you get more of that mailard goodness
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I like to take a breakfast or sage sausage and add diced onions and apples, good in links or as patties. I've recently had good results with a duck sausage with apricots, a beef sausage with bacon bits and mustard, and a turkey sausage with cranberries. All of these cut with extra fat, since I find most cuts of non-pork meat aren't fatty enough to make good sausage on their own compared to pork shoulder.

I can't agree with splitting sausage links like you do for extra surface area. The point of the link is to contain the juices, which helps it cook faster and gives you that burst when you bite into it. If you're going to open it up I would say you're better off just making sausage patties, which cook faster. If you like it better that way then go for it, but I wouldn't recommend it except for smoked sausages where you don't lose nearly as much moisture.

I do agree with using a press for sausage though, it cooks links and patties quickly to keep them from drying out and gives you maximum browning.
sounds like some solid filling combos, I just wouldn't be sure about managing the level of fat/moisture in them

what would happen if the filling was too "wet"?
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Going way overboard on the fat will adversely affect the texture of your sausage, but you have to go pretty far overboard to really notice much. of a difference though.

When I made bulk sausage as a butcher, we would aim for 75-80% lean in our mixes. For pork, this usually meant just grinding a pork butt with the hard fat layer intact, just removing the shoulder blade bone. For leaner cuts like loin and ham portion we would add a little extra hard fat from whatever we had available.

Using expert precision in a small or personal sized batch isn't really necessary, experiment if you can and eyeball the fattiness. You'll probably have a pretty good sense from just looking at it if you've gone too far.
that's very interesting, I was wondering specifically about which fat to use?

if I am using a lean meat like lamb, can I use fat from pork for instance?

and does the fat from different parts of an animal have different characteristics?

and do I need to clarify the fat or treat it in some way?

great to see posters here still know things
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You can use whatever kind of fat you want, but I would recommend pork fat. It's the cheapest/most available and the flavor matches most sausages.

Different parts of the animal have different consistencies. If you're adding fat to pretty much anything for cooking, you generally use the hard back fat, which is fat from the outside of the loin, shoulder, and rear leg/ham. Belly also works, but it'll be more expensive than just fat. Anywhere that trims meat at all, even many grocery stores, will most likely have a lot of spare fat that they usually just throw in with grinds or put in a barrel and send to a rendering/dog food/composting company. All the places I've worked will usually give these away if you ask or sell them very cheap. If you ask a butcher for back fat they may carefully remove the entire fat layer from a loin which gives you a big nice sheet of clean fat but isn't really necessary for sausage and they'll probably charge more for it.

You don't need to treat the fat or anything for grinding, although you do want to chop it up and mix it with your meat before you grind it. Putting just a bunch of fat through the grinder tends to clog it up a bit. My experience is only with fairly large commercial grinders, but I would imagine a household grinder would have the same issue. If there are any obvious stringy connective tissues or silver skin on the meat you're grinding, remove them if you can because they tend to wrap around the blade of the grinder and clog up the works.
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nausica thumbs up.jpg
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thanks anon
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my two cents - from personal experience, unless you plan on doing this a lot, have a family to feed or are going to do this in bulk, it's simply not worth the effort.

i borrowed a local restaurant's tabletop sausage stuffer to make some turkey sausages for a friendsgiving a couple years ago, and while the results were great, it was so. much. fucking. work.

that and i wasted an entire package of sausage casings that i gave to the restaurant to use simply because i only needed one and wasn't going to be doing that like, 10 more times to use up the rest.

pics related.
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can those be used as condoms if you run out and unexpectedly get a pretty lady to your place?
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you could cut one, or just use it if yer dick is ~5 feet long
are those badia spices legit?
I've been hesitant to buy them due to their low price
it's dried red pepper flakes. you don't exactly need to worry about high quality with that.
I think they actually used them for that for like 600 years, and in like 5 continents
do you REALLY need a sausage press

I've heard a grinder attachment overheats the mix, but I'm not sure if it actually matters
probably not, but i don't have a mixer either, so borrowing a press was easier than borrowing a mixer with an attachment
man you hand chopped your meat?

man if you were the one saying it took too long I'm going to laugh
i chopped it into food processor sized chunks you idiot. see >>7334945
Love fat, softness and moistness. Hate the dry, the tough and the stringy.

This is the best advice I can give to a starting sausagist. Loose meat, loose mixes, soft sausages. Once you feel you are confident of your raw sausage, can you move forward to the hardcore end of the sausage fest that is moose, venison, beef or summer sausages.
absolutely. >>7335162 is a tard
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you know what, I don't really know what's going on here anymore
oh you were the moron that thought i should throw entire turkey thighs, bones and all into a food processor. i figured >>7335171 was someone else laughing with me, but it just turns out you went and doubled down on your fucktardetry.

by all means tho, go toss entire cuts of meat including the bone into your standard food processor. lemme know how that works for you.
turkey bones?

man did you get lost on your way to the alcoholics thread, your shits all fucked up senpai
been here since >>7334943. i said
>unless you plan on doing this a lot, have a family to feed or are going to do this in bulk, it's simply not worth the effort.
you (or other anon) said >>7335162
>man you hand chopped your meat?

to which, i replied >>7335166 because i clearly posted pictures of what i was talking about.

now that you have learned to follow the conversation. perhaps you want to walk back your now triple-downed autism?
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gif amelie.gif
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From the way you say "sausage" instead of "sausages" or "a sausage" tells us that you are American and should thus be ignored in all matters revolving sausages.

So a pork burger? What does that have to do with sausages?
This thread is a sausagefest.
Aww shit nigger I fucking love medister with potatoes and gravy made from the pan.
oh you know what he means
No, I don't. I suspect it's some American nonsense though.
there are enough valid reasons to hate America in regards to cuisine than to resort to picking on their grammar

in fact sausage mince is not the same as other kinds, if you were make it into a patty it would no be the same as a hamburger for instance

on that basis, calling it a "sausage patty"; a patty made from sausage mince would seem appropriate

only biting because slow thread
Sausage patties exist outside of America. You should loosen your fedora, it seems to be cutting off circulation to your brain.
>in fact sausage mince is not the same as other kinds
It is in America, thus rendering your post moot.
eww, really?

where I am you can't even sell meat as "mince" if it has ground bone, offal or too high a fat concentration in it
>It is in America

Where on earth are you getting that from? Simple ignorance?
Your reading comprehension is terrible. Of course they exist outside of fatistan and they are called pork burgers. Only burgerblobs call pork mince a sausage.
What the fuck sausages have you been eating that contain bone?
>Talks about sausages
>Posts a picture of hotdogs
none that I eat let me assure you

I think bone powder is added as well as marrow, because it has a rich flavor and gives the sausages more spring
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this is what goes on a sausage, a real one I might add, no filler
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Quality thread, informative and full of content. Until you idiots started yammering about America. Go kick rocks.
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thats skin on the left side there
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just adding some uranium
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are you and your coworkers good at jerking dicks off?

Unless you're going for cured or smoked sausages, they're more trouble than they're worth, really.

Just take whatever meat you want, grind it up with the amount of fat you want, season it to your desire, and store it in the fridge. Then all you have to do is pull it out and make patties to throw in the skillet when you need your fix.

When I make sausage, I cube up the meat I want, and fat I need, by hand, lay the pieces out on a tray in the freezer until the edges are just starting to freeze, than toss them in the food processor to chop them up into a fine grind. Then all you have to do is add your seasoning and mix. Too easy.
No, it was a quality tread before some American shitposter started posting all sorts of incorrect nonsense to shit up the thread.
Nice pork burgers. What does that have to do with sausages?
fucking yurop. could be worse tho. could be stralia
O look, an American shitposting on /ck/. How out of the ordinary.
>they're more trouble than they're worth, really.

Depends on the gear you have. If you have a mixer with a meat grinder/stuffer attachment it's super simple.
ah this is a valid point, the reason I'm making them is practice for salami

I want to get my links right, the process clean, the hard skills before I make salami

if shit goes wrong in sausages you just fry whatever kind of clusterfuck you ended up with, but if you get salami wrong it can be dangerous
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