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Results of legitimate complaints
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>go to a local well-known BBQ restaurant, prior experience was 5-stars, tasted like love.
>this time, meat was 1-star. very disappointing, wasted money.
>my asian wife wanted to cry because she’s a bitch
>used the “contact us” email from their site, just to inform them that their BBQ was terrible that day. no threats, no demands, just expressing disappointment.
>the fucking owner contacted me back within 30 minutes.
>said they had a new employee that day, might have made a few mistakes
>offered me a freebie if i didnt yelp about it
>came back next week, got my free meal and then some, back to 5-stars
>now im fat
Sorry m8. Pretty sure that was a preexisting condition.
>At Sonic
>order a burrito
>has a long hair in it, tell the manager
>they make it again,
>has a long hair again, tell the manager again
>decide not to eat there anymore & drive off
Post pictures of your Asian wife or I'll throw a fit.
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old story from my mom & my older brothers

>kids want Corn Flakes for the free toy
>buy the cereal, no toy, kids upset.
>mom writes to the company expressing her disappointment
>few weeks later, receives a box full of cereal toys with an apology letter from the company.
>at wendys drive through
>order food
>tell me fries will be another 5 minutes for the fries and to pull ahead
>15 mins later
>black employee comes out asks why I've been out here so long
>tell them I'm waiting for an order
>she gets on her headset asking about order
>no order was put in
>they bring me free frosties
>manager comes out with food apologizing
>blames the new kids working for their incompetence
>no big deal
>get home, open food
>triple patty everything
>extra fries

I didn't even have to complain. Just sat in my car in the front of the store at night looking sad and hungry.
man remember when companies cared about public relations
My mom used to do that kind of stuff. Dust off the old electric typewriter and in came the coupons. We once got a free night at a hotel because the pool water was cloudy and she wouldn't let us swim in it, thus ruining the experience for us kids. We really didn't care but she did.
Went to a Korean BBQ restaurant with my wife, we had some big meal (anniversary dinner) with stuff like kim chi, beef tongue, lots of other meats and a lot of salad.
The kim chi had a thick black hair in it, the salad had no dressing (only a squirt in the corner which kinda looked like jizz) and when the pre-cooked meat was bought out to us, it was mostly raw and I ended up getting sick from it and couldn't go to work for a week.

I went back there a week later with a doctor's certificate and they gave us a bunch of money and said we can go there for free alcohol and buffet food whenever.

This happened like, a year ago and I went there once with some friends and one of them got sick too.

The place got shut down last week because they were caught serving expired foods and there were apparently cockroaches and beetles EVERYWHERE in the kitchen.

Fucking Koreans, man.
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Posted this a couple times here already, so I'm sorry if you're having to see it again.

Went to KFC to try the new Nashville Hot Chicken and they served me the shittiest chicken I've ever had. Went to their website and complained, got this voucher in the mail a week later.

When I was a kid I once wrote to several different candy/snack food companies with false complaints about their products. I said I was a soccer coach and was scolded by parents for giving their kids expired, stale, or moldy snacks. I even had the audacity to ask for free products for life. I got a lot of coupons for free candy. Mars sent me like $20 in coupons. I still think about the person who had to read that letter and what their reaction was
You're still a faggot
Went to Jack drive thru and they forgot my tacos.

I emailed cus service because fuck driving back there and home again.

Later in the mail got a voucher for 1 free item. Used it on some $5 burger
food poisoning from del taco. never complained, never went back.
only pics I have are her with her son
this is why i said LEGITIMATE complaints when i started the thread. you are a piece of shit. i dont know how you can publicly post that without feeling any shame for yourself as a person
Yes, and I provided the results of my LEGITIMATE complaint to KFC. Then I provided an anecdote from when I was a KID. It's funny to me that it bothers you that much. I'm glad you exposed yourself as an easily trolled tool in your own thread. What a fucking clown.
Good idea for a thread, but your story is boring as hell. Nobody gives a shit about the mundane events of your life. Your story literally amounts to

>received bad food
>got a refund

Sounds like some shit a lonely senior citizen would babble about to anyone who will listen
> Eating at Chimichangas
> Food is great
> Two courses and everything is perfect
> Pick brownie for dessert as it's the only thing on the menu that doesn't contain nuts
> Half way through brownie started to feel a little unwell
> cut brownie for next bite
> find peanut.
> Oshi

Wrote a letter to complain, they altered the menu as it was somehow missed and they gave us £200 vouchers to use.
>Go to Grizzly's
>Get my usual spicy chicken sandwhich
>Wait two hours
>Food and drinks never show up
>Get up and get ready to go since I was eating alone
>"Did you get your bill?"
>"I didn't even get a drink, let alone food"
>"How long have you been waiting?"
>"Two hours"

The horror on that poor girls face. Apparently what happened is my waitress just forgot about me entirely. I try to be a nice and polite person that doesn't cause problems, if I were more aggressive I would've pulled someone aside and asked what the deal was. But I got a $100 gift card from the manager of that location, so I guess thats fair. Still wish I got my food in a timely manner. Being forgotten doens't really feel good when you already have to actively make your presence known because people don't notice you.
>italian restaurant with family
>hate italian food because garlic allergy
>can't share any appetizers because they all contain garlic
>order pumpkin ravioli with a brown butter sauce
>ask if they could possibly cook it without garlic, due to my allergy (not even sure if the recipe would have garlic anyway)
>say it's no problem
>20 minutes into eating rush to the bathroom
>15 minutes in the restrooms vomiting my guts out
>give me a free dessert and comp the meal for my family

The ravioli were really good, so I don't regret anything. I really hate eating out, because of the allergy, and I react so quickly it can be a bit awkward for those I'm out with.

The tiramisu was amazing
That happened to me in at a restaurant in London (Mother Mash? I don't remember). I got my entree and ordered a dessert, waited about for 45 minutes before questioning a waitress. They then apologised and gave me a free dessert.
Yeah, this happens sometimes, though I'm surprised the fries were expected to take so long (2.5 min cook time). I find that alot of fastfood workers feel like shit when forget you and you don't complain, so they just load on the free stuff.

Its the people who act like jackasses that get treated like shit.
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>College Graduation
>Reservation made months in advance
>Stuck in traffic even though we were among the first to run out of the ceremony.
>Call to let them know that we'd be ten minutes late
>They say okay
>Get there
>They gave away our table
>Had to sit my fucking parents and grandparents at bar-style seating for a college graduation meal.

Tried to complain on yelp but they got it taken down. Emailed to complaint too, no response. I'll never eat there again, the food was good but I don't like being jerked around like that.
>At Jack-in-the-Box
>Hanging out with a bunch of friends after a day of playing games
>Place our order first of the group with my brother
>Its not that big
>Rest of friends place orders
>They all get their food first
>Friend shrugs around mouthful of food
>We're starving
>30 minutes pass, lose track of time while chatting
>Friends have all finished their food
>Shrug-friend shrugs again, says he wants to check something real quick
>Brother shrugs back
>Shrug-friend goes to counter and orders more food
>you bastard
>Food brought out. Its for shrug-friend
>"Are you fuckin kidding me?"
>Ask person at register whats going on?
>Hands me bag of food
>Order isn't even correct
>We're too hungry to care at this point
You waited two goddamn hours without getting someone's attention?

Dude 30 minutes max is when you go chat up your waitress and make sure they didn't fuck up.
>go to a Taco Bell knockoff on my campus
>stand in line for 15 minutes because they only have one register
>wait 45 minutes for my burrito before I go up to the counter to see what the hold up was
>the way they do orders is they have a metal table where cooked food is placed on the order receipts
>guy calling orders was just taking shit from the front where the newest orders were placed
>my burrito was pushed to the back and they never got to it because food was being made faster than the guy was calling out orders

Never went there again.
This. Just do it politely. Mistakes and oversights happen. 2 hours is ridiculous. Assuming they take care of the problem and apologize like an adult, I rarely ever have an issue. If they want to comp drinks or throw a gift card in or something, kudos to them. I'm a pretty patient dude, but you go out to be waited on and to have a good experience. If it doesn't happen, it's by no means out of line to talk to someone and make sure the problem is rectified. If it continues, you either walk out or speak to a manager. If they don't fix it, never go back and relay to your friends what kind of establishment it is.

I can't remember the last time I had bad service though. I'm ridiculously polite and affable, and I now how tough the service industry an be. Assholes are 90% of the people who get bad service and they have no one to blame but themselves.
>eating alone
>too socially anxious to say anything for 2 fucking hours
breh, you got the 'spergs
>boycotting a fast food place because of shitty service
what do you expect, autist
I expect to not wait 45 minutes for "fast" food.
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>allergic to garlic

What is it like being permanently cucked
>Wait two hours
>I was eating alone

On a scale of sanic to chris-chan, how autistic are you?
Reviewbruh is somewhere in this thread.
Wendy's does nice shit like that. They ran out of cooked patties or something and didnt tell me. They apologized and turned my double into a triple and gave me a large combo.

It's just a collection of feel good stories show casing that even in 2016, there are still some companies that care about there customers.
dude seriously. They hate white people and dont give a single shit about serving expired food to them. After working in a sushi restaurant with all Koreans I literally am racist.
>hate italian food because garlic allergy

Are you a vampire
>garlic allergy

You don't have to lie to us anon. Just admit you love garlic flavored cock
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