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Big Mac
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Big Mac
had one tonight

$9, asked for DP and it was Diet Coke, and I dropped my frys on the floor of my car.

burger was ight
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I just ordered a large double qp meal with big mac sauce and lettuce added, chocolate thickshake and triple cheeseburger on the side.

The qt girl that regularly delivers to me is always flirty and sometimes we'll chat for 5 minutes at a time.

Only problem is she looks like she might be 16 and I'm 24 so I'm avoiding that landmine.

What a shame, pals.
>mcdonalds delivery

nice meme
>nice meme
Google it m8. It's been in Australia for almost a year.
wut? 16 is legal.
Fast food posters, phoneposters, and Australians need to get fucking banned en masse.

But the Big Mac is the finest culinary creation of the fast food world. I try not to like McDonald's. Still, I just can't not love their stuff, the Big Mac in particular. It's been focus-grouped so much that it's the perfect creation of modernity, science, and near-infinite financial resources. The chemical/salt/sugar/whatever balance is perfect. There is nothing I would change. I even love that pointless slice of bread in the middle. I put Mac sauce on everything at McDonald's when I don't get a Big Mac.
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Their bread has high fructose corn syrup in it, the sauce is nothing special and can be made at home, the cheese is a cheese "product" much like those shitty Kraft singles.

It's a shit sandwich from a shit establishment.
I don't care. I love HFCS. I love the shitty three pickle slices. I love picking up the last piece of stale lettuce stuck to some Mac sauce at the bottom of the container with a fry. It might not be the best piece of food in the universe, but I've never tasted anything that works as well together in any food item that's lie <$5. Maybe papaya dogs can give it a run for its money, and it would be a hard race.
>I love HFCS
So you hate your liver then?

You should care man. You need to understand that those foods can be harder to kick than drugs. The sugar, the high-cal substance is literally addicting. It's NOT the best food in the universe (it's one of the worst), but you keep coming back because your brain tells you to.
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I know it's bad. I know it's wrong. I know it's all I want, ever. Like I said, it is the perfect chemical mix of HFCS/salt/whatever for the human taste. It cannot be engineered better. To dislike the taste is to dislike the infinite progress of man on this planet. I would be shocked if there were ever anything better made.

Even though I love it, I only eat McDonald's maybe once every two months. I wish I could go more often, but I'm pretty much forced into making 98% of my meals at home. And every time I bit into something I make, I know that it'll never be as good as a Big Mac.
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I love shitposting like I love the Big Mac. And to be fair to me, the thread is already there. The thread is the biggest problem, not the individual posts, really.
They're drug dealers man, multi-billion dollar drug dealers.

You should stop eating there.
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It doesn't matter. Everybody knows, nobody cares. My life is run by the corporate world. They know what I want better than I do. They know the perfect chemical mix I want in my food. They know what color scheme I want my fast-food box. They know the temperature at which I want my fries.

I tried to hate it, and complained about it long ago, much like you today. I tried to hate their techniques, their fakery, their grotesque advertisements. It was no use. But now it is all right, everything is all right, the struggle is finished. I have won the victory over myself. I love Big Mac.
It's ok to call their food satisfying (because it IS), but you can control yourself to not eat it.

You can accept defeat, doesn't mean you have to eat there.
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997 KB, 500x270
There is no use to resisting, brave anon. Why deny yourself the gratification? Even if you don't eat there, your children will. You will never win.
Because I find more gratification in not eating it. I'm 5'8 190lbs, I'm overweight. It was from years of eating that shit with my parents during our financial struggle (I was 200+lbs). I've had enough.

And the truly sad part is I look average for America. Borderline obese, and I look average. People need to take a stand/
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Godspeed, anon. One day we'll meet again, on that great Big Mac in the sky.
This is a good thread.
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Big Big Mac
What did he mean by this?

First one to talk gets to stay on my board.

For you
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