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anti fast food thread
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straight up fuck you to fast food eaters

don't cook for yourself
don't eat clean, don't touch healthy
spend all your money
Keep factory farms and food labs open
eat pig disgusting food
saturate your palates with fat sugar and salt
get fat
clog /ck/ with fast food threads

what kind of world do you come from where fast food is normal viper
cool post :^)
>I'm better than you because I don't agree with what you're doing on your time with your money
Get fucked m8, your as worthless as everyone else
Are you gonna eat that bigmac in the pic, op?
If not mind handing it over here
Your post is actually making me want to get some fucking McDonalds right now.

Been dieting for a month now. Fuck you.
what's the best sandwich to order at mcdonalds? i've been going with the big mac since quarter pounders are always so dry
m8 this is the food and cooking board, fast food is not cooking, and it's barely even food

things you might not know about fast food:

A. it IS full of secondary products like powdered bone, organs and cartilage
claims otherwise usually include loopholes, terminology they made up themselves or are just lies

now I don't have anything against eating seconds, but I DO have something against people who litterally don't know what they are putting in their mouths

B. animal product goes in everything, chips have animal product added as powder to give a richer flavour and more calories, the milkshakes and icecreams are made with animal fat, and lots of it

C. sugar goes in everything, it goes in the buns, in pasta, in sauces, on chips, everything

D. the soda is watered down and extra sugar is added

E. everything has chemicals in it to stop is spoiling, preservatives havn't undergone longitudinal human trials

F. you are eating more salt than you should have in a day in a single meal

G. the food handling practices are often appalling, they arn't even great in "open style" kitchens, nobody washes their hands, food is served past it's due date if they don't get a delivery
If you knew jack shit about dieting you'd fit the macros into your TDEE.
and one other thing to the americans, you know you have the worst macdonalds in the world

you get bigger meals, cheaper food, but the food is all soggy man
it gets left under heater lights, your sauce has more sugar, shits all supersized for the most obese nation on earth after australia; and their almost as bad but at least the wildlife kills the ones that are bedridden
I agree with you OP fast food is gross.
I still like to eat it from time to time. Fast food is literally like a drug high. You've got about 1500 calories rushing through you're system mixed with the sugar and caffiene from the large coke you're drinking. You started shaking halfway through the meal from from the foreign chemicals in your food.

I enjoy it sometimes, what can I say?
I walked into KFC the other day and was looking at the menu

girl at the counter said "are you ready to make an order?"
and I said "no" and walked out unironically

this is a burger I made drunk last week, closest I've been to fast food in a month
Looks bretty gud m8
cornbread is underated, but it's hard to get any that doesn't have heaps of fructose added

sauce is indian chutney
mayo raw onion, white vinegar. salt pepper (like a mcdonalds sauce without the chemicals and MSG)

also I've started cutting the burger in half latterally and cooking it again to double the mailard
works better than making really thin patties, again a very McDonald style
You sound like a complete douche. You know what KFC serves just by the fucking name, so why even bother to go in? Because you didn't and wanted to sound like a hard ass on an anonymous message board? You're too cool for school man.

Also, if you're talking shit about fast food and how bad it is for you, why are you inhaling literal empty calories by drinking?
jesus that looks dire
I don't know, maybe it got better since I was a kid or they started serving other things bu insta-mix potato and gravy

why you you inhale empty calories breathing anon

not only is KFC devoid of nutrition apart from meat, it's actively bad for you
the high calories, massive fat saturated fat, the salt the presevatives, the serving sizes

drunks don't cook for looks
i bet you're actually proud of that disgusting creation
Not him but what's wrong with it? Honestly
well I'm not ashamed of it

shit tops any fast food burger going around
I'm no burger king, but it's real meat, fresh bread, unsugared sauce, egg without additives

and it cost me like 3$
shits alright
Horrible meat to bun ratio
Terrible bread choice
Nasty looking unmelted cheese
Dollar store mayo
Those sad pieces of lettuce
No tomato, no onion and no pickles

Just terrible effort all round.

i'm sorry but that looks terrible

is that a fucking chicken patty

what's with the stone cold cheese
corn bread is great anon
the onion is in the mayo sauce, which incidentaly is S&W whole egg

sure it's not a wagyu oven finished, with aoili haloumi, charred red pepper and grilled octopus, but there's nothing wrong with it

home minced beef, smoked paprika, pepper and celery salt
took the photo as soon as it was together, so the cheese hadn't melted
and it's a light chedar, not some plastic sheet that passes for cheese in fast food places

home burger > fast food
>it's not a wagyu oven finished, with aoili haloumi, charred red pepper and grilled octopus

it's not supposed to be

it's just supposed to be good
make a burger yourself, throw your hat in the ring if you think it's so shit

but I bed your rather shovel your face with your taco bell wraps and fried KFC burgers

the worst part is that America is meat country, it's so cheap and the quality is so high

texas barbeque is some if not the best in the world, chicago has the hot dog down but then they start using paste sausages

why in a country of plenty a person would eat fast food is beyond me
fast food is like a snack when you're busy doing other things, not for family meals, and people eat there like 8 times a week
im a chef and I eat fast food. Eat shit nigger. When you work 12 hour days the last thing you want to do is cook. I just pick up a burger and fries on the way home and sit in front of the computer with a six pack.
i don't give a shit about fast food retard

you can't just excuse your shit burger by comparing it to McDonald's

try again, get good, and post another burger
i know this is b8

but like i dont get why other people care about fast food
for me it is the big mac, the best fast food sandwich
>/ck/ - Food & Cooking
>fast food
I eat burgers and crap from places like Maccas semi-regularly (once every 1-2 weeks) and enjoy it. Only thing I don't eat there is anything with cheese or any of the soft drinks/juices.
I have friends who are chefs and do similar things, but they just live off oven food

when I worked in a restaurant I cooked dinner in the morning before I went out, or went to eat at friends

whatever m8, the whole point here is that fast food is poor food

well I care personally because it directly kills street food culture, elsewhere in the world there are little stalls selling tacos, soups, fried breads and the like, kebabs

and then there are cheap restaurants that loose the business as well, or are forced to operate like MacDonalds

and I have to pay for the obesity, and look at the fat people who should be dead every day sometimes literally shoving fistfuls of chips into their mouths

it also contributes to rising prices in groceries to some degree, and damages local industry that big commercial chains bypass
I'm pretty glad people eat fast food and become obese. More women for me to fuck due to lack of options on their part. If everyone ate clean like us and worked out we would have a harder time getting that sweet sweet pussy. I have no problem with people eating what they want, I mean it's their money after all.
well that's the worse part I suppose

I dont trust anything dairy because of the extenders and the fat they use

some parts of the world like germany you can get a decent burger from non-bigm chains

but the thing is that in most parts of the world there are so many alternatives, you get a kebab with low quality meat sure, but it's brimming with fresh vegetables and sauces and it's dirt cheap, or a bowl of noodle soup for like 20 cents, grilled chicken or beef skewers in curry sauce

the fast food is one thing, but it kills so much else
but it's a cultural thing anon, fast food doesn't promote a respect for the culinaria, and it doesn't support anyone who wants to make food worth eating

some places everyone eats out, you get the whole community gathered in the various restaurants, bars and hang outs

and surely the comment about the fat woman is some kind of sad joke, where are the women who can carry your seed?
they carry 200 pounds and gourge themselves daily

I would rather fuck a bucket of wet sand then fuck a fat girl

and the obisity goes from mild, through gross and obscene and finishes at bizarre and surreal
people who order multiple main meals, mix their food together, dipping chips in iceream, extra sauce and cheese on everything
Fast food is shit. I mean it's good sometimes with a beer. But mostly you can cook a:
- healthier
- tastier
- cheaper (arguably, cheapest products aren't very healthy)

food without investing much time. I mean a carbonara takes like 15 minutes, and you can make it pretty healthy, hell you can cook that pea-bacon-yogurt pasta within the same time frame, most of which will be waiting for pasta itself to cook.

I'm not even talking about zapekanas or omelettes or sandwiches or meat + salad or fucking sausages pan fried with boiled peas, which is simply fucking godly.
>cheap af
>time convenient
>personally thinks is yummy

fuck you i do what i want with my body
Fast food has been around since Roman times. I live in the same world they do. You might want to try joining us.
I don't have a problem with "take out food"

the problem with our fast food is that it's insular, unhealthy, of poor quality, ruins pallates and is taking over seated dining and home cooking

the romans sold cheese on toast, it's not really the same thing
well done!

thanks OP, just about what I wanted to post.
I have UC, I can eat whatever the fuck I want and it has no effect on me, I still shit the same.
Even having the Carolina reaper didn't cause me any digestive problems.
If I want to eat fast-food if I'm too lazy to cook, I can and I will.
Get that facbook shit outta here homes
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Fact: OP hasn't had pussy since pussy had him
Hating on fast food is the biggest meme in the culinary world right now.
This pic is so wrong. We more people having great cooking skills and time management skills to combat laziness and comfort eating. Fresh food supply is not a problem. It's the bad habits people have.
it's true, it's garbage food for garbage people
Order a gun and kill yourself
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Thread images: 4
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