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Roomie / flatmate story thread
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Let's have a roomie / flatmate story thread.
Post stories.

I'll start:
>away from uni apartment for 3 weeks
>come back to this
I fucking hate this place.
I came back from break to every single dish and cookware we had dirty, taking up all sink, counter, and some of the kitchen floor, a box of cereal spilled on the carpet and walked on, spilled drinks, and more dishes in the living room.
Living with other people can suck, but count yourself lucky and stay on top of it because it can and probably will get worse if you don't.
>roommate moves out
>notice a missing wine glass
>ask if she accidentally took it with her during the move
>months later
>ex roomie: hey Anon, remember that wine glass? Well I actually broke it by accident.
>Why didn't you just tell me that?
>because you only asked if I took it, which I didn't.
My roommate moved out before me.
She took my two pans and a pot.
They were all shitty grocery store brand ones that were beat up, so I would not have cared too much, except I was there for another three weeks after she left, so I pretty much just ate rice + steamed whatever I had around or prepackaged bs.

Then I moved and bought a nice pan set, which by the end of the yearlong lease, were completely scratched to shit and ruined between four roommates, so I threw them out.

Now I live with a single, competent roommate who treats my pans nicely, at least.

Also, my one roommate at the second place would thaw raw chicken in the sink for hours, leaving the sink unusable, so dishes would be scattered all over the counter. They would remain there after the chicken was out of the sink.
You should have kissed your roomates cock, he clearly is ransoming dishes for lewd favors!
well, she didn't lie to you
You're right, she didn't. But she was always doing weird shit like that. Hiding stuff or holding back the truth which didn't come out till after she moved out. Made me wonder if her parents beat her a lot for simple accidents as a kid.
>living with roomate and his disgusting gf
>leave for a week
>come back and there's moldy dishes filling the counter and sink
>move in with friend to new house
>would very rarely eat some of my food and replace it with cheap store brand stuff
>that's basically it, was never a huge issue
Compared to some of the horror stories I've read on here I got off easy
I had a roommate that would use up all my spices and then replace it with dollar store ones.
>roommates never close cupboards
>roommates put dirty plates in sink rather than dishwasher
>roommates open fridge, take something out, leave fridge open for fucking ever while doing shit
fuck you dont make my food go bad
if there isn't a asspie nut kicking story ITT i'm going to burn it to the ground.
I actually have a whole lot of deeply fucked up roommate stories, having both been, and lived with "that roommate". I don't really want to think about them becuase it's legit triggering for me but if this thread gets going maybe I'll pound some wodka and try and share.

>who am I kidding
>going to pound booze anyway
Oh shit I used to be friends with someone who did that. They are not to be trusted under any circumstances. I didn't know there were people who did that. I thought that one friend was like an oddity or something. I can't believe there's more....
I knew a guy who disliked spending money on food because he wanted to only spend it on cheap drinks. He knew where every happy hour with free/cheap food was in town and regularly hit them. When money got too tight to do that he'd buy the cheapest beer he could by the case and cook whatever cheap food that resembled bar food (chili, burgers, nachos, hot dogs). The problem was he'd pass out drunk shortly after eating, so the dishes piled up in the sink. Way worse than OP pic. Eventually every dish and piece of cookware he owned had sat in the sink for weeks, was covered in mold and stank like hell.

He took a couple garbage bags, threw everything into it (including a couple rusted cast iron pans) and took it to the curb.

Thankfully I was not his roommate at the time, though I was a few years later once he sobered up a bit and started living like a civilized human being.
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>friend of mine lives in other friend's grandparents house after they moved out
>nice place, but really rundown and dirty
>started going outside if I had to take a piss at some point because of arachnophobia
>girl lived there on the upper floor
>she's the only one who cooked, cleaned and took care of the garden sometimes
>three weeks ago, girl moves out
>leaves kitchen full of used pots, dishes, half-eaten cups yoghurt, scraps of carrots and leek, greasy plates and pans
>it stands there to fester and my buddy is scared to contact her about it
Some people have severe fear of any kind of conflict and they do really irrational shit to avoid it. Try to be understanding and nice and ask two or three times if you think they're hiding something. I know it sucks, but they have a hard time too
go fucking clean it up. shes not coming back
Fortunately, she dropped by to pick up some stuff that weekend and he talked to her about it and some other shit she'd left. I don't know what came out of it though.
Girl roommates are such cunts

>passive aggressive to a new level
>dirty/messy but will nitpick anything you do
>get super defensive if you ask them to do something, but will nag you constantly if you don't do it the instant they ask
>break/ruin shit because they have no respect for other people's things
>steal shit when they move out

Fucking roasties I swear
She really was a fragile being but I swear sometimes I felt like she was fucking with my mind.
Yeah. In my last shared flat I lived with a good friend of mine who is kind of an asshole and a female law student. The two got along so well. >he doesn't wash dishes for five days
>she locks them up in her room cause she thinks they're all hers (only some of them were)
>I don't have the stuff I need to make dinner for myself
>end up cooking spinach, cheese and pasta in a pot
>was meh
>>passive aggressive to a new level
>implying women can be actively aggressive
They can be. My last relationship ended with a fistfight
story pls
Story, please. Did you win or just let them beat on you?
After the sex i needed to get 6 stitches and he didn't even give me a reach around. I beat the shit out of him (literally) when i got home from the hostpital with one of our rubber fist sex toys.
>pic semi-related
>get to gf's house
>be half an hour late cause I had to do some shit so I missed a train
>get into an argument about it
>"Well if you give me so much shit for being half an hour late, I might as well go somewhere where people actually like me"
>get up
>she's like, "okay, go ahead then"
>stands up and pushes me back to where I just sat
This wasn't the first time she got rough with me and I told her each time that it's an absolute no-go for me.
>push her back
>it escalates into an outright skirmish
>try to get to the front door
>she pulls my hair and my clothes, tries to get me to stay there
>reach the door
>run to the train station
>she runs along, I tell her I wanna be left alone
>later that night
>she comes to my parent's house, all up in tears
>tell everyone not to let her in
>my mom talks to her (she's a good soul)
>convinces me to go out and talk to her
>gf tells me that it was all my fault
I just slammed the door on her at that point.
Not me btw
I'm sorry to hear that, mate
ahaha. NPD is a bitch man. recognize and stay away from them, they are the closest thing to a real vampire as you can get.
We would jam rubber fists up each others assholes every sunday, we called them fist fights
We now live in vermont, we are happily married and run a small gourmet doggie treat store.
not me btw
There's some truth to that. To cut her some slack, she had recently lost her mother to cancer and suffered a lot under that. But she was a crazy manipulative bitch, hope she got into therapy. I felt great after that relationshit had ended.
Why do you all date such fucked up people?
you should be happy she was not subtle at all about it though, and showed her rage often. some of the more 'covert' narcissists can leave you in ruins.
>stupid annoying pothead roommate trashed the place while the rest of us were out of town for Christmas
>come back and the kitchen is trashed
>rusty drip pans
>wonderbread literally stuck on the wall
>turns out he admitted himself into some rehab facility
>what a fucking cunt
Sounds like my brother and his pill head gf. He'd work all day and she couldn't bother to cook or clean because she was sleeping majority of the time or she'd complain she was in too much pain to do anything. If she attempted to cook she'd nod out half way through, head on the counter or lay on the kitchen floor. what a life
File: 1280.jpg (16 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>wife will make some stupid shit in my ceramic pans
>leaves dirty pan in sink
>put dishes and metal utensils in pan in the sink

>mom will make some stupid shit in the ceramic pans I bought her for christmas
>leaves dirty pan in the sink
>put dishes and metal utensils in pan in the sink
>makes me wash them

ftfy memer
>pill head gf
Never understood why people date drug addicts
My mom will leave a sopping wet sponge in the sink and then complain about the mildewy smell EVERYTIME
jesus you think thats bad? Thats what I come back to after a single day. Even just half the day. I can leave the house at noon with an empty sink, and come back to something like that if not worse.

And after washing the single dish they clean before saying 'they'll do the rest later', they leave the sponges soaking in their filth.
She nearly ruined his life with drugs. But then he was in jail for a few days for unpaid tickets/driving without a license etc and she left him for some other asshole that could provide her money. She even left the animals unfed while he was gone.
Depends on the drug of choice and if the person in question is a functional human being. I've seen more non-functional 'pill head' girls than guys but both do exist. Literally, the shits of society
File: Cast-Iron-Pan.jpg (2 MB, 3900x1850) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3900x1850
My college roommate soaked my cast iron pan over the weekend to "clean" it.
thanks, fu/ck/er
>landlord installed dishwasher for us
>all 4 flatmates clean on their own initiative, no need for schedules
>use garden to grow veggies, breed rabbits and chickens
>make delicious soups every weekend
Feels good man. Too bad we're getting kicked out next year when the house gets sold.
At least he gave you a year. I've heard some renters get 30 days to gtfo
That's usually the case, same thing in my contract. It's just that he has plans for next year, and was kind enough to already tell us.
>several roommates are hermits, completely inoffensive
>couple roommates got drunk/high and left food to rot, but nothing too awful
>"hey anon, can I use your pan?"
>they actually respect it

Worst story I have is an apple melting through the fridge grate, a fridge covered in jello, and a gallon of milk that looked like it was going to pop. I feel like I've gotten off lucky so far.

>tfw 18 roommates and zero I've truly wanted to strangle
You should thank them if you haven't already
i lived with this fat hell on earth bitch for an entire year

we tried to share food for a while but she had a habit of eating half dozen egg omelets twice a day and other insane shit like that

she made me an omelet once broccoli and cheese.. she cut up the stalk and put it in.. it wasn't even cooked.. fucking gross

she was all excited about chocolate milk being on sale once and wanted to pick some up.. i told her i'd take a small carton but absolutely did not want 3 liters of bag milk. i hate bag milk and i don't drink that much fucking chocolate milk

... she brought the fucking bag milk anyway because it's
>so much cheaper

no, bitch.. $5 isn't cheaper than $2

the fucking milk rotted in the fridge because I HATE BAG MILK
She had a great butt and I was a forever alone drydick. Learned a lot from the relationship and especially from the breakup. No regrets
The other guy was just having some banter
>never close cupboards
This is mild but it triggers me so bad. even partly open ones.
God dammit I'm in class
Most of the people that date drug addicts are drug addicts. Usually one is a dealer or has really good connections, thus is invaluable to the other who they latch on too while still breaking up constantly and having terrible fights. Its really an interesting dynamic.
>live in student housing sharing a kitchen with three exchange students who change every semester
>try to keep a reasonably clean kitchen but have given up on higher standards due to lazy eastern Europeans
>new girl moves in and is impressed by how clean it is
>"back home the sink is full of dirty dishes for weeks"
>is a decent human being and decides to match my standards
>Americans are pretty cool
>new girl moves in and is impressed by how clean it is
did you get in there?
No I'm in a relationship.
I'm going to hook up a friend.
Alkie asian housemate and more sekihara.

>yesterday, nice housemate was in our shower, I had to pee
>go to the downstairs bathroom, usually he's the only one who uses it but we've told him to keep it reasonably clean
>lift toilet lid with apprehension
>yellow-orange piss and a bunch of toilet paper
>smell wafts up
>close it, run, do a pee dance until the clean bathroom is free

>kept me up last night with his bashing around in the kitchen until 4 AM, even though the semester has started and he said he'd cut this shit out
>go downstairs this morning, pot of curry with lid askew, whole place smells like rancid sewer
>has a habit of piling his trash in a corner of the kitchen
>loose cans, pizza boxes, bags from takeout, and plastic shopping bags of trash that aren't tied up
>basically shit everywhere spilling all over
>he usually takes it out once every two weeks when my other housemate bitches at him
>usually occupies a 2x3x3 foot area, them asian stacking skills
>comes upstairs to fetch me
>"you need to see this--I didn't do it!"
>not going to like this. follow him downstairs
>yellow stains of dripping I-don't-want-to-know all over floor near where he piles his trash
>"I didn't do it!"
>point out no one but him puts trash there
>he still says it wasn't him
>say it wasn't me and the other two don't even eat here that often
>all this instead of just cleaning it up
>"just clean it up. is that all?" I ask
>"no, play with my penis too, heh heh heh"
>just flat out said that out of nowhere, just like that. Sounds like a comic book parody of a pervert.
>sarcastically say, "pay me", walk away
>he sounds excited as hell, wonder if he thinks I'm serious even though that's always my reply to anything he wants from me
>reply no and an expletive about his mother

I don't know what he expected. I also have an immediate gag reflex to the smell of curry now thanks to him. He leaves it out for days and days with no lid and no refrigeration, even in summer.
Great butt = fuck her. You dont date a girl for her ass, you date her for her coo/ck/ing and mad bants.
>>wonderbread literally stuck on the wall

For what purpose? How? Like slices swiped off and plastered on as a modern art installment?


You're a lucky one. I wish the worst was some rotting apple.

>>Americans are pretty cool

y-you, too

Just a note to this, I'm not prissy. I have used filthy port-a-potties. I've used composting toilets (if you don't know, it's a hole in the ground and fills the outhouse with fragrance as it decomposes, muh environment.) I use trees regularly. I have no problem with public toilets.

I won't use his bathroom.

>bitch at him about it
>he says he just cleaned it though
>don't want to know what it looks like "dirty"
>his piss looked like antifreeze
File: 1431378382374.jpg (221 KB, 1280x854) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Alright here's one

>move in with some acquaintances I met through common interests
>1 week in to living with them
>dishes piled up in the sink and on the counters, all covered in food
>when I ask them to clean up their dishes they say "I'll do it later"
>next day ask them to clean up their dishes "oh you must have been talking to my other personality"
>another week goes by with no cleaning done
>when they finally get around to it they just take the food ridden dishes and put them in the dishwasher
>no regards to efficiency, bowls placed upright in the top rack etc

>tell them not to use my food
>they do anyways
>they say anyone can eat their food, it's communal food
>get bitched at for eating food that they bought

>one of them starts using the kitchen as a drug lab
>the group of terrible roommates threatens to kick me out if I call the police
>mfw all of this

Little did I know that they did not have any authority to kick me out. I was more worried that they'd trash my belongings before I moved out. Very glad to be rid of that situation. I have more stories if anyone is interested.

>move into two bedroom with high school friend
>both in third year of uni
>both put on about 30 - 40lbs of weight since high school
>tell him I need to get into shape
>ask if he wants to hit the gym with me
>says yes, buys a gym pass
>we bro it up for a month
>can feel the mcdonalds sweating out of my pores
>he slowly goes less and less
>starts dating this landwhale tumblr girl
>never has time to hang out
>starts putting on more weight

Mfw by the time he'd moved out he'd hit obesity territory.
Mfw have lost 40lbs

Got loads of stories about this guy, he basically went from being mildly quirky to full-blown autist in under a year
>no pic of fw
File: 1.jpg (108 KB, 600x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108 KB, 600x337
forgot pic
if you go into orbit around a hamplanet, your life will be ruined
I've never had the pleasure of having a roommate before, although a few years ago a couple friends (who were dating) and I were talking excitedly about how we should all move in together. When I read stuff like this I realize I really dodged a bullet. They were both disgusting slobs.
File: 1391435403385[1].jpg (84 KB, 1288x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 1288x420
>through common interests
And just what would those be?
only sorta cooking related but its going on right now
>get home from classes/work at 9:30pm
>had started at 8:30am with only a 1 hour gap where I had to move my car
>go into my room to unpack my bag and unwind before making some dinner
>roommates are now having hysterical argument
>has been going on at least 45mins now
>was planning to cook
>don't want to get involved
>just sitting in my room listening to this
>probably will continue another 20 minutes at least
>have to get to school at 8:30 again tomorrow
I guess I'll wait till tomorrow morning
it was a lie of/by omission
>this has happened before
>I would literally sooner piss in a bottle then go out there
>they all apologize to me after its over which just makes me feel awkward

Ones poor and mooches off them, but the other literally cucked him. I only moved in because it was the easiest situation, then this happened over the summer while I was in croatia. Also heard my name a few minutes ago, kinda worried they'll come into my room and ask me a question soon.
>its still going on
plz save me
File: 1453678245362.jpg (250 KB, 807x1009) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
250 KB, 807x1009
my flatmate ALWAYS waters down our dishwashing liquid, like even a day after its been bought, it drives me nuts. i swear it does a worse job cleaning but he insists it works that same
I used to offer sound advice in these threads but it always went unheeded. I then realized all the people posting these stories are betas / wimps / pussies so I just gave up.
Oh fuck, I know this photo series.

It is seriously creepy as fuck.
I'm not really a beta, I just don't want to get involved in their self-imposed conflicts; I have to live here till may, and have class with one of them too.

Would you go out there and just say 'whatever i just wanna cook'? Could you do that with a crying fat bitch and a screaming negress and a cuck arguing 10 feet away from you?
So you even butcher your own meat? You and your roommates really have life figured out.
No. I wouldn't tolerate it. I'd tell them to shut the fuck up and go argue somewhere else. You're paying to live there and those rude motherfuckers are completely disrespecting you. They have no respect for you.
holy shit that would create a hilarious shitshow [spoiler]you're right, i am too beta to do that[/spoiler]
I'm sorry anon. You'll get out of there someday.
My flatmate is my 79-year-old landlord.
Every time I get out of my room she zeroes in on me and proceeds to tell me her life story.
She's not even a nice lady.
I have absolutely nothing to add to this thread.
otherkin detected

furry stories are the best pls shar
ham tales oh please please
File: infinity mad.jpg (119 KB, 497x732) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
infinity mad.jpg
119 KB, 497x732
Back in college I spent a year living with two of the most spoiled, entitled, rich-ass business major roommates you can imagine. They literally never cooked for themselves, nor cleaned. The very idea that there wasn't someone around to do it for them was foreign to them. One of them literally had a maid come in once a week to clean his room. It was fucknuts.

But yeah, they never cooked. Ever. Literally all one of them ate were frozen kale pizzas from Whole Foods. I'm not kidding, he was "gluten free" and every other trendy label you can imagine.

But the worst thing of all was that these idiots didn't do leftovers. Yeah, they just...didn't do them. I mean...storing leftover food? And reheating it and eating it again later? Bah! That's for the peasantry! Monopoly Jr. and Richie Rich here would literally order take-out or whatever for dinner every night, eat half, and throw the rest away.

It drove me fucking insane.
It's socially acceptable to ignore old people when they're rambling.
>Monopoly Jr. and Richie Rich


>about to leave for work
>roommate comes home with three costco things of chicken wings
>"I'm making fried chicken!"
>tells me he'll put it in the freezer so we can have delicious fried chicken whenever we want
>"uhh okay sure just make sure you clean up afterwards"
>"yeah obviously dude"
>go to work closing shift at local bistro
>come home around midnight
>literal fryer oil holocaust in kitchen
>half a pack of raw chicken wings on counter
>oil splatter fucking everywhere
>he used my cast iron pan as a deep frying vessel
>looks like he brimmed it with oil then added the chicken in
>entire kitchen reeks of grease, burnt flour, and raw chicken
>roommate not home
>text him "dude wtf the kitchen is a mess"
>"sorry dude had to take some chicken to my gf's place"
>he literally made a takeout bag for his fat as fuck gf
>"help yourself to some fried chicken in the freezer!"
>fuck it might as well
>open freezer
>he put the fucking chicken into the ziploc bag hot
>it's literally just a ball of fried chicken frozen together with melted plastic all over it
>chip off a piece of fried chicken fossil
>throw it in the oven
>it's fucking raw in the middle, burnt on the outside, and has little flecks of plastic all over it

all of my rage
worst part is he's a law student, brilliant guy, just utterly incapable of even basic tasks.

>"hey anon im doing a costco run can I grab you anything?"
>"uh yeah some of those sirloins if they look good and aren't too expensive.. maybe some pork tenderloins?"
>come home later
>freezer door is duct taped shut
>still semi-open
>can see food bracing against the door
>carefully peel off tape
>open door
>fuckloads of frozen packaged food
>eggos eggos eggos
>bagel bites
>pizza pockets
>tub of ice cream
>whole package of 4 tenderloins in freezer
>not even separated
>for fucks sake
>sirloin steaks nowhere to be found
>"oh sorry i didn't have enough room in the cart for them"
>"well wtf else did you buy?"
>"I couldn't remember if you said pork tenderloin or pork loin so i bought both"
>fucking huge pork loin in my fridge
>six bricks of cheese right next to it
>"uhh sup with all the cheese?"
>"its a really healthy snack anon, lots of protein."
My co-worker is trying to quit smoking, so she asked her roommate to stop smoking in the apartment. Roommate says okay, then my co-worker came home to the place reeking of cigarettes from ashtray filled with a pack of cigarette butts. She took the ashtray and I kid you the fuck not, dumped it all over her roommates bed and rubbed it in her pillows, sheets, and comforter.
Sounds like a bitch. Just because she is quitting doesn't mean everyone should create a safe place for her.
But it was dishonest
File: 1376245416143.png (167 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
167 KB, 500x281
She's a selfish obnoxious narcissistic self-obsessed ex-hairdresser cunt who does in fact think everyone should listen to or care about her fucking problems every day all day. She called her boyfriend in front of me and he was a piece of shit because he didn't want to spend the weekend at her house because he was sick.

Best work week of my fucking life was when she had surgery and couldn't talk because she was in too much pain.

But of course she's really hot so everyone puts up with her shit.

>mfw I'm stuck with her from open to close
Dude cum in her food or some other fucked up shit. She deserves it
>being such a little pussy bitch that you have a "no-go" for women pushing you
They sell milk in a bag?
File: 1447107328777.png (256 KB, 500x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
256 KB, 500x350
So my ex-roommate was a mommas boy who we found out too late couldn't live on his own because he was so used to his mom doing everything for him. He wouldn't clean up after himself, wouldn't do his laundry, had piss bottles by the dozen in his room which is stupid because his room was right next to the bathroom, did not know how to clean a kitchen, the bathroom, or even vacuum. The only thing he knew how to do was make a disgusting smelly chowder, and I yelled at him over and over to clean the dishes right after he made it, until I banned the stupid chowder because he just couldn't.

Like a fucking idiot I left to go to my girlfriends family cabin in Maine for the long weekend. I asked him to go to his moms for the weekend because I didn't trust him. I come home with her and we almost puke because the fucker didn't leave and made the goddamn chowder, and left the dirty, clam chowder covered dishes in the sink the entire weekend. We got a fucking bug infestation after that, and that was the final straw and I moved in with my girlfriend.

And he once ate an entire loaf of french toast bread she baked me before I had any and denied it.
I just want her to shut up. She's just a drama queen who's getting old enough that she doesn't know how to handle not being the center of attention anymore. So now every stupid detail of her life I apparently NEED to fucking know because she thinks she's that important.

It's weird because she takes care of herself and completely supports herself, so you'd think she'd grown out of this shit by now. I don't know how her boyfriend can stand her. She's hot but not that hot.
>often let dishes soak for a day before cleaning
>had anal roommate who wanted everything done right then and got upset when i let things soak
>"It does the work for me"
>She would end up doing the cleaning
>i wasnt even that terrible in the cleaning regard yet I was THAT roommate to her
Oh well, never had to do dishes for several years.
I have four roommates, and they're actually my best friends that I've known since elementary school
They're all pretty great and everyone pulls their weight when it comes to cleaning and cooking etc, except my roommate T
>known T since 4th grade
>T has only ever drinks red powerade and pepsi
>doesn't know how to cook
>which i don't necessarily mind, i do most of the cooking anyway
>T is in the kitchen so rarely, T doesn't know where anything is
>its been a year and T still asks me where shit is in the kitchen
>T doesnt eat any form a fruit or vegetation
>T doesnt eat anything that isnt prepackaged
>T doesnt help in cleaning unless repeatedly asked to
>T doesnt brush teeth
>T does a lot of things that piss the rest of us off and isnt even a great friend

I hate T
Same exact situation at my place, except we have a bar sink which means most of the dishes/pans are spilling over. Can't even clean or rinse off anything when I'm in a rush to class because that and the dishwasher are fucking full.

>lives with three other girls
>hoarder level messy
>living room cluttered with boxes and trash for three months
>washed chinese takeout containers all over dining table to be used as tupperware
>dried up food on floor after they cook
>used tea bags sitting out because "you can use them more than once!"
>empty oil-stained chipotle bags everywhere
>fridge and freezer stuffed to the brim with shit food
>opened spaghetti-o can in the middle of the table
>tries not to snap on a daily basis

This is my first apartment and I hate how the experience is being ruined by a bunch of idiots who can't clean up after themselves. At one point we had a neighborhood rat infestation and ofc one got into the apartment. All of them stayed there while I was the only one who moved out until the problem was taken care of by the landlord. Hell, one of them told me that it chewed through one of her baskets in her room and it was covered in grime?

I have so many stories just from these past couple of months that this post is only the tip of the iceberg.
Yeah here in Canada
I got a perfect way to fix dirty dish problems. If my room mate doesn't do the dishes overnight I leave them all out the front of his door :^)
>away for a week to visit family
>I always cook because my roomm8 cant cook for shit
>ask roomm8 to cook something for dinner when I get back
>that was the first and last time I tasted lasagna with curry
>havent let her go anywhere near my kitchen ever since
That actually sounds like it could be good if it was made by someone competent.
>in college, have 1 competent room mate and 2 incompetent
>winter break approaching, me and competent one are leaving first, clean as much as we can
>"okay guys, before you leave make sure to throw out anything that will expire over break"
>come back to a fridge filled with month-old milk, produce, and half a rotisserie chicken
>roommate moves out
>oatmeal missing
all you cunts have it easy
because they diddnt give you there left over scraps like you would to a dog?

are you mad at them for treating you with dignity?
can you please kick him in the nuts again? I'll paypal you $10 for real. $15 if you tell him the internet asked you to
>"oh you must have been talking to my other personality"


>if interested

We are.


>taped shut

I really want to know what goes through someone's mind at this point.


He's probably trying to kill her off.
>over summer needed a place to stay, unifag in summer classes
>only place I can get on short notice (decided to take classes last minute) is a room in someone's attic
>"this'll be cool, an entire floor to myself"
>fat 30 year old bitch with a misbehaving toddler and a live-in boyfriend
>her boyfriend is really nice to me, held doors for me and helped me carry stuff and everything, just really shy and sweet
>that said, my interest is lower than zero
>later revealed that she may have been jealous of me because her bf was kind to me
>I'm an autist, I don't know these things
>no lease because I'm stupid, it's cheap enough though
>get there, shower is clogged
>don't know, just bear with it being up to my ankles for a week
>she realizes this and tells me to clean it
>in hindsight it was dirty before I moved in and I should have had her clean it, but I was naive
>she has a dog, a fat beagle
>despite not having a job, she left the dog locked in a room upstairs all day
>it would whine and scratch at the door for hours
>notice there are always piles of shit on the carpet and the carpets smell strongly of dog urine
>I put baking soda on my section and vacuum it up several times until it's bearable
>again, no job, she just sat in front of the TV doing her hair while the dog shat the floor and the kid screamed all day and threw shit around
>my room is kind of junky, most of the furniture is cheap and broken, no closet
>again, this is summer, and I was told it included an a/c
>except she bitches at me to not use it
>an attic. In summer. It got to over 110 in there easily.
>I don't like a/c anyway so I use it to a minimum
>brought a guy there once and he nearly died of heatstroke

>despite having no job and nothing, she never cooks
>they literally eat takeout sandwiches for every meal
>the kid gets cereal
>fridge is nearly empty, I coo/ck/
>she has never seen this before apparently
>starts bitching that I am in the kitchen "three hours a day"
>bitch I made one batch and reheat leftovers for several days
>starts bitching at me while I am in the middle of cooking that it's dirty and I need to clean
>"okay, I will when I'm done"
>the floor is always covered in cheerios and filth from the dog, shoes, etc
>she sprays lysol on the floor as "cleaning"
>because a floor needs to be sterile
>one day I miss a crumb of something, probably broccoli, and she comes at me
>"make sure you clean up after yourself! I don't want [kid] to pick it up and eat it!"
>again, the floor is literally covered in dogshit and piss daily
>later see her use a bubble machine...indoors
>like the chemical shit you dip a wand into and blow bubbles with. But on an industrial scale. Inside on carpet.
>carpet felt weird for a while
>one day I reheat crab legs my family gave me (homecaught)
>her bf looks at me with longing for food that isn't a fucking takeout sandwich, says it smells good
>she gets really extra pissy for a few days
Sounds like a terrible experience, I hope you got out of there unharmed and learned something from it.
my mom told me a similar story about when she was in university

>mom is into cooking and food
>has multiple different sets of flatware and tableware
>one roommate moves out
>mom notices one piece from every set is missing
>roommate and her keep in touch
>they meet at roommate's new place for dinner
>served dinner on her own tableware, ate it with her own flatware, all mismatched because they're all from different sets
>roommate does not acknowledge anything
>mom is beta and doesn't either
>they never talk again

roommates are horrible, I've been fairly lucky so far but it can be so, so bad

>one day I sit down in the living room because the internet is stronger there, I'm doing an assignment online and the signal can't drop out
>she has some woman over, idgaf I'm busy
>later confronts me that i'm not allowed in the living room, that I only have my bedroom
>explain the wifi is weak there, she moves the box upstairs
>alright, desu her living room was filthy
>she starts telling me I'm not allowed downstairs at certain hours, no matter what
>only way out is through the living room, I have no separate entrance
>nah bitch, I got class
>grow suspicious
>she has strange meetings with professional looking people
>find out she's jipping welfare for bennies, her kid is literally retarded, she's told them she has no rent income and no live in bf
>my waltzing through put a damper on her story
>file this info away
>a while later, she is becoming insufferable
>starts saying I'm not allowed to use the kitchen anymore
>(I am CLEAN in the kitchen. If I left a single crumb on the counter as a kid I got screamed at for hours. I'm spotlessly clean.)
>she's just pissy she has to see my face, thought I would just be in the room all day and never need to eat or pee, seriously
>say that she can't rent a room without a kitchen, that the kitchen was part of the agreement
>she says I don't have a lease so she can do whatever she wants
>says if I leave, when I come back my shit will be on the curb
>oh hell no, lose my shit
>scream back and forth at her for a while
>call for a ride, start packing my shit
>she starts getting belligerent
>I call the cops
>three hour shitshow where cops need to intervene to tell her to fuck off
>I blackmail her with her welfare scam and get her to give me back my prorated rent (there was no deposit)
>move out that night
>her bf comes to support her, she screams at him, he leaves like he lost all fucks to give
>they've been on the rocks for a while and he was living elsewhere the past week

Oh, also

>it was a month to month rent
>I was under the impression that I could stay as long as I wanted
>didn't want to be pissed to move
>august ~10
>asks me when I'm moving out
>apparently I have to be out by sept 1
>she never informed me of this
>hustle trying to find a place
>got one, paperwork just needs to go through
>shitshow with cops happens
>I crash at my parents' for three days and then have my new place

>that fucking look on her face when I brought out the blackmail

Priceless. Still makes me smile. Bitch thought she was so slick.

Lesson learned, always get fucking everything in writing.
You sound like a passive aggressive bitch.
jesus fucking christ
This so much

>new flat mate
>always eats out so there's never dishes ever
>only thing he stores in the cupboard is almond/coconut milk and whey protein
>texts me everytime he goes shopping if i need anything.

People who work in hospitality (some 5 star hotel apparently) are really considerate. Feel good man never renting with uni kids again
>yfw you finally realized you shouldn't have bought a shitty ceramic pan
kill yourself
>move in with two friends
>know each other really well
>everyone is at least somewhat competent
>one of the guys is sort of messy, but he tries to contain that shit to his bedroom
>the other is very neat and organized
>live this way for two years now
>everything is fine
better than teflon in every way.
Some men just like to watch the world burn.
File: 1452879842797.jpg (760 KB, 1920x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
760 KB, 1920x1280

This. How do people not know metal scratches teflon / ceramic pans + cancer? I knew that even before I knew how to cook.
I have a friend who uses steel wool to clean his fucking pans. I mean come on, didn't your parents make you do the dishes even once?

A dry sponge is a happy sponge.
This should be CKs party van.
Just go in. You live there too.
Be friendly, do not pretend you "didn't know they were fighting".
If they start asking questions that make you choose sides, say you "don't want to get involved in this".
I know it will be weird at first, but just do it.
They can fight in their own room, can't they?

If you don't eat you'll die. Trust me, I read it in a book about African history.
I also have a roommate named T

>live in 2 bed + den place with 2 other guys
>E is useful and a good cook, (rocks at making a good meat and gets it cheap from his job) just a tad messy when he uses the kitchen
>T is a useless fuck
>can't even make himself KD without the help of E or me, even then he freaks out at the food thinking boiling water will explode or some shit
>T also only drinks water, and only from a breta filter thing, never refills it thought and complains that its always empty even thought he is the only one to use it
>E will not eat fruit or fruit flavored things, also hates cheese
>picky fucks complain when I get myself juice and shit, it's not like it was meant for them anyway.
>I'm the one who has to clean the place and do all the shoping, in exchange E drives us to and from the store and T pays for the food and utilitys
>last week E and T got a Cat
>I got 2 rats for chrismas, also T and I got a gerbil when we moved in together
>both are out working most of the time
>guess who gets to care for the cat
>at least the din't pick the ex-outside cat from the shelter he would have killed the other pets

more random shit if wished
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obscure japanese vidya


>be me
>be planning on starting college in a few weeks
>be woken up at 3 am
>my roommates have had their homeless friends staying in my living room for 2 weeks now
>they are up at 3 am jumping around, banging on walls, shouting, typical dindu shit
>go out and say they need to quiet down enough for me to sleep or I am calling the police
>get bitched at for being a party pooper

>those homeless friends have STDs
>the people I was living with were letting them cook in our kitchen
>they cooked ground beef to well done and placed it in a tupperware container in the fridge
>"oh we're just making food for the house"
>they never ate what they made
>after it was sitting in the fridge for a week i tossed it out
>get bitched at for wasting food

>110f degree summer
>ac broken
>tumblr otherkin howls at me when I go into his bedroom to open the window during the cool part of the day
>when we moved in to the 2 bedroom apartment it was somehow decided that that bedroom was only his and whoever else he invited, but only for as long as he wanted them there
>ends up being 4 people in my bedroom, 1 in the common room, and her on a "muh feelings" rotation of who she wants to do unspeakable things with in bed

>guy sleeping in the common room decided to setup his couch-bed right next to the kitchen
>complains that I prepare food while he's asleep
>sleeps all day
>this was the guy who was cooking drugs btw
>he never even turned on the fan or opened the window when he was working with concentrated acids and bases
>tumblr otherkin and her butt buddies were so hooked on whatever he was pushing that they told me that it's perfectly safe to work with concentrated acids without any form of protection

tumblr otherkin really wasn't that interesting, but he would always get out of chores by saying "muh alternate personality" which his butt buddies always agreed with. they were on SSI
>likes sperg tier stuff
>complains about meeting spergs

at least I clean up after myself and respect those around me

I can't wrap my mind around this shit. You must have had some inkling of knowledge that your weeb friends lived like dogs.
File: 1290660388625.gif (2 MB, 540x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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it was better than my previous living situation if you can believe that

I cannot believe it, please enlighten me I'm really enjoying these horrible roommate stories. All of the roommates I've ever had have been good friends and never really caused me any trouble.
>live in student corridor with 10 other people
>two sets of stoves in the kitchen so it works
>cleaning duty is on rotation with two persons every week
>more than half of them don't give a fuck
>someone decides taking out the full garbage bag is a bad idea and just starts putting the garbage in a new bag hidden away under the sink

No one knew what was going on untill the fruit flies came in the hundreds. It took weeks to get rid of them.
File: B_w56LSUwAAQm3z.jpg (18 KB, 420x297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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in my previous living situation the kitchen was about the same - always covered in dirty dishes with food stuck to them for weeks. there were less people to the square footage, but one of them would come in my bedroom and "clean up" while I was gone. things would always go missing.

one of my roommates would bring his hambeast gf over every weekend and they'd fuck all night long. I would be kept up past midnight because I could hear her squealing from across the hall with both doors closed.

one of them had long hair and would let it clog up the drain in the shower. they also clogged the toilet at least once a week due to excessive use of toilet paper. they opened my mail on multiple occasions.

both of them would watch TV when they went to bed. they didn't use the sleep function. I could hear their TVs from across/down the hall and under the doors. as an autist I lost sleep over this

one of them ate cheese for 50% of their food

I found out that after I stopped living with them they had a rat infestation.

I hope you have found better living conditions anon.
There was also the time when I was glad I'm not a very sensitive person

>Saturday morning, time for morning shit
>Two bathrooms that we share
>One is occupied so go for the one that is less comfy

Someone had taken a piss last night, thrown up and attempted to clean it up by adding about a roll of toilet paper. It clogged, filled with piss and vomit and stewed over night. I turned around and walked straight out of there, figured that the person responsible would actually be a decent person and do something about it.

I was wrong. Hours later and nothing happened. So I grabbed a pair of vinyl gloves and a plastic bag and started to scoop the water out with the bag and empty it out in the shower drain. When enough water was out I shoved my hand down the toilet and started to pull out all the clogged toilet paper. After that I cleaned the entire bathroom just to get the smell out.

Worst fucking morning ever.
>dirty dishes
>im angry
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infantry osut.jpg
79 KB, 500x406
>Dirt poor
>Income of $670 per month
>Living in Georgia, on the Chatahoochee
>Open air communal living arrangement
>Zero privacy except when you use the commode
>Most people get along except for a few miscreants
>The group deals with them harshly
>The real threat is the land lord
Constantly harassing us because he knows he can get away with it
>None of us would say a thing back to him
>He would come in around 3:30am making noise
>Loud noise
>He'd bring in an empty metal garbage can and bang on it
>He would yell for all of us to "Get the fuck up, you shit worm motherfuckers!"
>We would follow his demands always
>We didn't have a choice
>It was either that or hit the road

MRW this was Infantry basic training, 1988
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you made me feel bad for you until that last bit

>waitng a few hours and caving to be a house nigger

I'd leave that shit there and just close the door. Never clean up after other people.

>get hugely shitfaced
>worst of my life
>puke in shower because drunk me is an asshole
>pass out
>wake up
>clean the shower first thing in the fucking morning
>before anyone else even tried to use the bathroom
>picked out all the chunks and everything was sparkling clean
>here in canada
Keep your bagged milk on the east coast. I'm so glad we don't have it on our side.

If I had known who did it things would be different. No one was going to do jack shit about it.
I'm happy with my living conditions at this time.
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I'm a senior in college and every year I have had a different roommate.
>freshman year
>roomate is huge pothead
>whenever he gets high he makes a concoction consisting of a box of macaroni noodles, an entire tub of country crock butter, and a family size thing of parmesan crumbled cheese
so multiple times a day?
>used to live in a house with like 6+ other people.
>one person is so bad at closing cupboards, doors, drawers. Anything.
>live in room downstairs off kitchen.
>wake up most days to like at least half the everything open. Drawer of utensils, cupboard doors. Everything.
>anger triggered before morning bowl or morning shit.
>fuck lazy people.
He made the butter soup about 3 times a week, but after the first week of school i don't think I ever saw him sober
Dunno about that. I drink about a bottle and a half of wine per day and still manage to run a kitchen by myself, cleaning, washing up and cooking. Depends on how you handle it I guess.
1 1/2 bottles of wine are equivalent to what, 5 beers? That should hardly get you drunk, unless you are like a hundred lb.
>Made me wonder if her parents beat her a lot for simple accidents as a kid
That's how it is for me. If I do something wrong or feel like I've disappointed I have terrible anxiety and have to build myself up to admitting it, usually after I've replaced the thing or whatever.

Fuck you, dad. You don't choke slam your son into the couch, it's not OK because you didn't throw me into the floor, you fuck. Also you aren't the Undertaker.
get over it
>she cut up the stalk and put it in
uncooked broccoli is something I don't really understand either, but if you peel it there's literally nothing wrong with eating the stem
>>six bricks of cheese right next to it
You got me at SIX BRICKS, I mean, BRICKS, ahahahaha!
>make cheeseburgers medium well
>Dogmouth likes his well done
>cooks three already cooked burgers to shit for another ten minutes
>squishing them the whole time

And he stills thinks he's a master chef. I was gonna eat those other fuckin burgers too. I hate him.

>he's still squishing them
>he's put a lid over them
>squishing them the whole time
sounds like he watched lots of spongebob as a kid
He's 30.

He just finished cooking them
>"that looks much better" he bumbles to himself
Your dad sucks. What a fucking idiot
Man I watched a good girl friend of mine almost beat the fuck out of some dude last night. I had to physically remove her from the situation. 8/10 kinda hot desu
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 2448x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>so dry on the outside that they audibly crunch
>takes forever to chew one small bite

Guys, I'm going to have to find roommates for the first time because I'm new to the city. I don't cook well and I'm afraid if I attempt it, my roommates are going to be pissed. I don't want to order food all the time.

what do
>Me being my own roommate
> I would never clean the dishes
>I would get soo pissed when I new I hadn't done the dishes and I was supposed to
>Leave pans and forks and scrubber in the sink till they started rusting
>put dirty dishes in the dish washer YOLO
> let food expire eat it anyway
>buy food I don't like and have to eat it
Yeah I've seen this before. Some people just like to get fucked up together which slowly escalates into harder and harder drugs.

Some people can just smoke weed and chill but the older I get, the harder shit I hear about some of my friends getting into. Whateva
Time to learn. Start with simple recipes.
I cannot stand when my roommates treat my pans or knifes especially like trash. Gives me anxiety

tbqh I like my burgers exactly like that but I never, ever eat like that unless in private and would never do it to anyone else's food or in a company setting. As far as the world knows I eat medium cooked burgers

>private shame is private
How is moving them outside his door 'passive' in the slightest? That is direct aggression

Not my fucking fault I never see him because he sleeps between 4am and 3pm
I finally got my room mate to actually do his dishes. Now he washes them and leaves them on the drying rack till I'm forced to put them away

Why are people such insufferable cunts
My roommates do this and it drives me up the fucking wall. At one point my roommate tried to say it was the water, that somehow ONLY the sink water smelled and not the bathroom water despite it all coming from the same source. He finally shut the fuck up when I shoved the nasty sponge in his face because he kept bitching
Yeah I've only ever had one roommate and he was pretty chill. We both sold weed at the time and we had alternating schedules coincidentally so if one of us was at work, the other was trapping. Needless to say we both ended up with a shit ton of money so we just blew it all on booze and Molly. We would have girls over all the time (this was over the summer when all the uni girls were home). Overall 9/10 experience. He ended up moving out cuz he missed his family basically. We still kick it from time to time but he's turning into a really bad al/ck/ie. Like waking up drunk, taking shots, and bringing mixed drinks to work bad.
I would get aggressively loud. That shits not cool.
File: video-1454123398.webm (510 KB, 320x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
510 KB, 320x480
>Got back from holidays
>Room mate left after me
>Didn't do his dishes before leaving; just left them all in the sink
>pic related
you're right but it was a really gross omelet regardless.. huge gross sections of uncooked broccoli stem blecchhhh
gross sections = cross sections

.. makes sense either way i guess
>duct taped shut
Fucking Anthony, god damn.
I know right, why the fuck is he using a steak knife with baked beans anyway
>>my roommates have had their homeless friends staying in my living room for 2 weeks now
>>they are up at 3 am jumping around, banging on walls, shouting, typical dindu shit
mother fucker are you me?
File: roybatty.gif (495 KB, 500x223) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
495 KB, 500x223
>Inherited a bunch of really nice pots and pans from my mother after she died.
>She inherited them from her grandmother.
>Old but so well made kept they look not even 2 years old
>Stainless steel inside, copper for the entire bottom half
>Have one roommate who was a friend, the second was a lottery
>Turned out to be really nice
>Bf's not so nice
>One day towards the end of my lease, I come back to find my entire set stolen, except for one tiny pot I had in a box because I didn't use it.
>Confront roommate
>Brought home a dude she was "talking to" when neither me or my friend were there
>Guy was an ex-con, been to jail three times for various offenses.
>She left him alone in the apartment when she went to pick up fast food.
>He bounced, taking all the pots and pans, and all her electronics and the ones in the living room.
>Thankful the electronics were hers

Goddamn though, it hurt. Those pots and pans meant a lot to me. I know that's weird, but they were great to cook with, family owned for 50+ years, and well kept. If the fuckhead was trying to pawn them or something, I don't think the average shop would give him much. If he wanted the copper, there wouldn't be much and it was lined and topped with stainless steel.
Call the cops you crazy motherfucks, give a noise complaint
>live with dad because hes at the age where he needs help with daily things
>still cooks great most of the time
>few days ago
>makes excellent beef stew and freezes leftovers
>reheats it to add more meat
>seasons and salts the ever loving fuck out of the meat
>"You're going to make the stew inedible again, non one likes eating liquid salt"
>"it'll taste great"
>meat is done and thrown ins tew
>have a bowl
>literally tastes like someone threw horse sized salt licks into the pot

Why does he do this? Time and time again we've told him that half the shit he makes is too goddamn salty, the other day he went to make refried beans from scratch and he put, I shit you not, a half pound of salt in the bowl with the beans and sauces, the amount of food in that bowl he was using was enough to feed 10 or so full grown men 2 burritos each. No one else eats half the food he makes because it tastes like salt with a little bit of food.
>Why does he do this?
He's probably losing the senses in his tongue. My grand father adds a ton of salt to anything he eats as well; it's the only way he can taste it. Though I think his is worse from a life time of smoking
Well, he was a heavy smoker, and now smokes weed, so I guess thats it.
Yep, that'll be it. Smoking fucks you up real good
Feels bad man.
>Come back from training
>Manage to find a place last second
>Roommate says she'll cook for me
>All the food she cooks is drenched in oil and butter
>Keeps wondering why she isn't losing weight
>I tell her she uses too much oil in things
>She doesn't listen to me
>I have to physically guide her to show her how to use less oil and butter in food
>I decide she's retained enough knowledge so I stop guiding her
>She goes back to using large amounts again
>Get out of there as soon as I can
>Never letting my mom cook for me ever again
So not only are you a degenerate, you are also too much of a beta to stand up for what you like. That's weak, man.
my girl roommate is the best

>lies about insane shit to get attention (once told me she was raped at the age of 11 and had to get an abortion)
>had a habit of leaving candy wrappers in the bathroom
>once blatantly took 20 euro out of my coat's pocket
>loves to leave unwashed dishes on the kitchen counter
>stole food from other housemate
>puts music on way too loud at times like 11pm
>broke our drying rack because her clothing is way too fucking heavy because she's a fat piece of shit
Never ever get in with a girl like that. The luggage will drive you nuts. A good bro of mine had this fem he used to hang out with, then she stopped seeing him, years years later she shows up and starts clinging to him for the D, saying shit like; Anon I always liked you and we used to have such a good time. When he told her that if it were true why did she bail so sudden for years she started crying in front of his friends. She tried several more times to get the D then suddenly last new years she shows up at a party of another bro we were at, she was now going after his D. Barking orders while he was being a cuck. There was smoking and weed and suddenly around 1-2am she starts whining about how it is so hard to stop smoking weed and she quit. Basically our bro got mad at us (not everyone else) for smoking inside while never telling us he and she were trying to quit. And only cause she was half crying at the end of the night cause of it. I hope he at least got laid.
>living on a prawn boat
>new deckhand starts
>"the frier lives on the floor, ok"
>"because we don't want it falling off the bench and spilling oil everywhere do we"
>"all right I'll put it on the floor"
>new guy cooks for the first time, it's shit
>leave him to clean up and get a couple hours sleep
>3 hours latter get a knock on the wheelhouse door
>the frier has fallen off the bench and spilled oil everywhere
>spend the next three weeks living in a greasy hellhole
File: image.jpg (1 MB, 2592x1936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2592x1936
Forgot prawns
At Leeds as an Erasmus student, many years ago.

>get accommodation late through the university
>house with 15 other people
>three floors
>each floor has a kitchen
>I share my kitchen with a drunken lunatic (who I made good friends with)
>A Chinese girl who doesnt speak
>Some Indian kid
>A girl from London

Elsewhere in the house were other people, mix of UK/Erasmus/Asian

>the smell was atrocious
>drunk madman would come in at about 4am, decide he wanted something to eat, start frying English breakfast
>would usually forget about it or set the fire alarm off with his cigarette smoke
>he could actually cook quite well though
>Indian kid would just leave rotting food evrrywhere. The one time we went in his room it was full of old food and tissues.
>Chinese girl would try and cook by preparing vast amounts of ingredients on the table, sticking it all in a pan and leaving it on a low heat for hours
>all of this would occur in 24 hours
>the smell was unbearable
>drunkard, me and girl from London go out one night
>when we come back the kitchen has about 5cm of water across it, food strewn everywhere
>chinese girl frantically chopping vegetables
>Indian kid playing drum and bass at full volume
>neither of them tell us what happened
>move out the next week
File: PICT0161.jpg (540 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
540 KB, 2048x1536
In my third year of Uni, this is what I lived with.

>3 rich middle class idiots
>share room with asshole girlfriend
>quiet normal guy next door
>fucking ghost, who only turns up once a term

This is what the kitchen looked like after we came back from Christmas
I have no idea what this means.
File: PICT0162.jpg (635 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
635 KB, 2048x1536
>3 middle class guys are total morons, all have shit like boats and one even had an actual house bought for him by his divorced parents

>Drug parties in the communal kitchen
>Could go up to 4/5 weeks without cleaning up after themselves
>Landlord actually charged them £300 EACH for cleaning over the course of the year
What does their being middle class have to do with anything?
people with money tend to disregard their daily needs as they can just pay someone to do everything
File: PICT0167.jpg (586 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
586 KB, 2048x1536
>Guy downstairs only came out once a term
>Always on the night I'm about to go home to see my family
>Dude never had anything to talk about except the landlord or letting agent
>Dude stinks of mould
>Keeps asking if anyone else has mould
>Fucking guy doesn't open his windows ever
>It's an en-suite so his shower is in there
>"I'm not sure why there's mould anon"
File: PICT0165.jpg (606 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
606 KB, 2048x1536
No they don't.

Most people at good UK universities are from the middle class. The vast majority of them do quite fine.

>saying that when poor people are reliant on the state for everything
File: PICT0163.jpg (590 KB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
590 KB, 2048x1536
Yeah, and have you ever been to one of their houses?

People who come from the upper middle class live like fucking animals when they house share - they take so little responsibility for themselves, and have so little respect for anyone that they live with

These people were fucking animals to live with
You lived with three people you didn't like at university and write off an entire group of people because of it.

Think of it this way. Not only will those people be exempt from all forms of financial aid and student loans, their parents have to pay for everyone else's student loans through tax in addition to supporting their own kids.

I never lived like that. I lived well, looked after myself and so did everyone I know. You lived with some young men who liked a party and never cleaned up. People like that come from all backgrounds, the only difference being the middle and upper classes have to pay for it themselves. No loans, grants, dole or aid.
When Americans say roommate do they actually mean sharing the same bedroom as someone else?
File: aeb.png (509 KB, 200x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
509 KB, 200x600
>moving interstate to college with shared kitchen for 5 next year
>reading all these stories
General no. It means living in rhetoric same house/apartment.
Dorms being an occasional exception. As that's the most common place an none illegal immagrant will be sharing a room.
Pipe down sally adults are talking.
Because men think with their dick. Even the smart ones.
People from lower class do the same shit though. I have lived with foreign students who simply ate rice with a chicken burger every single fucking day. They burn half the burger in oil, they don't really clean the pan either so it turns into some sticky oily mess. That same pan we just left around if ever we had another of these retards. They live on fastfood and keep their trash in their room until it becomes a problem to them. Upper middle class are just more like drunken retards, I found my roomie of the upper middle classholding a bullet down on the balcony while swinging a hammer to the bottom to it to see if it would work while holding it with his hand.
>tumblr otherkin howls at me
>legit triggering
You're a fucking joke.
more like 11
File: 1435826418179.jpg (888 KB, 791x1107) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
888 KB, 791x1107
yes, he also wore a collar. i tried to not pay attention to him too much. he sometimes invited other people over who wore collars, and they'd disappear into his room for hours. i played music through my speakers so I didn't have to listen to whatever they did in there
my ex wife was throwing punches at me, gave her 4 hard knees. went to jail.

i also have the no-go for hitty bitches. they make me hit them back and i dont want to go to jail again
File: beers and boobs.jpg (387 KB, 720x478) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
beers and boobs.jpg
387 KB, 720x478
You're a gay as fuck pussy, dude. Just to let you know. You don't "knee" bitches. You smack, slap or punch.

I bet you have limp wrists.
Not really anything horrible, but....

Why the fuck would you put paper and plastic shit on the fucking table when the fucking recycling bags are literally next to the table?

You just have to drop the thing over the bag, it's real easy.

Shit drives me insane, there has to be something wrong in that persons head.
The only things worse than Chad is someone immitating Chad.
Oh wow. I guess we found the beta!
i was holding her wrists
>alkie asian housemate
>wake up to loud music alkie is playing
>don't want to talk to him, wait a bit, he turns it off and closes his door, coast is clear
>go downstairs to get breakfast
>a banana peel, a ton of rice, and a bunch of beans shoved in the sink
>totally clogged
>bang on his door and tell him to clean it
>he denies it was him and gives me a huge argument instead of just fessing up, and he's shitfaced again
>(it was clean when I went to bed last night, neither of my other two housemates cooked, and they wouldn't do something like that anyway)
>he's completely drunk and has a fat lip for some reason
>go upstairs, grab phone, take photograph
>email it with the story and another photograph (of the burned tea bag tags that are half-ash on the stovetop...his doing) to the landlord
>awaiting reply
>so pissed that I can't even cook my oats this morning, sink is FUBAR
>enough rice and beans in there to feed an african village
>also told landlord about how fuckface almost burned the house down by passing out with shit in the oven the other day, and didn't even wake up when the alarms went off

He's always been bad but the past few weeks he's been insufferable. Drunk literally every night, I find out he dropped all his classes. He also gained 70 lbs. He has moobs with puffy nipples now. And he is still arguing with me that he didn't put that stuff in the sink. Just fess up and clean it!
Holy shrek, I live in the same situation.
>10 people
>2 stoves
>cleaning duty rotation

Thank god for the dishwasher.
Kitchen is mostly clean though, never had any moldy or hairy dishes or pans.

Just this one bitch:

>the bitch of the building just had a student club 'baptism by fire'
>student clubs here are just as degenerate as fraternity/sorority houses in the USA, if not more
>they're for people who are such cunts they can't make friends except through drinking degenerate amounts of alcohol in white labcoats
>baptism by fire means the praesis ("leaders") do all kinds of shit to you
>wash your hair with garlic-shampoo
>dump all filthy kinds of shit on you
>make you dance in the streets in your underwear n shit like that
>the bitch came home REEKING OF FILTH LIKE WTAF
>puts all her filthy clothes in a garbage bag
>leaves the bag in the hallway, opened
>I thought 'thank god tomorrow is garbage day'
>NOPE, she left it there
>stank up the place for a week, like holy fuck, gagging everytime
>bitch bitches about us not putting her garbage bag outside on the street

>bitch bitches about dirty dishes on top of the dishwasher
>dishwasher was full and running

>bitch only eats frozen pizza and ready-made tortillas

>bitch cleaned the cupboards once, tells everyone in the building about her great efforts
>hasn't done anything else ever since

>bitch continues to live her labcoat-tier ivory-tower degenerate lifestyle

That's pretty bad, man.

>mom used to be a home nurse
>had a lot of rich clients
>says their houses looked nice on the outside but were disgusting, trash filled dens of filth inside
>full of dirty dishes and takeout bags/wrappers
>they had a maid once a week and never cleaned anything besides that

Then again, I know poor people who let their dog shit on their carpet and think it's normal. It's not how much money they have, it's the fact that 90% of everything is shit, so 90% of humans are shit.
>large, new, nice, wooden cutting board goes missing
>search all over the house for it, figuring that my partner or I misplaced it
>Ask all room mates
>They know nothing
>whatever, it must have fallen into the void

>be several days later (today)
>the new puppy is whining, take her outside
>She wanders past the grill that only Dogmouth uses
>it's just sitting on the grill, and has been outside and exposed to the elements for several days
>doesn't even look like he used it for anything

Fuck you Dogmouth
Hey, at least you know that eating your burgers that way doesn't make you a superior culinary God
What is with the lab coats? Are they even med students or is just some lame club's idea of a uniform? What's that crest and poorly drawn anime figure about?
>would thaw raw chicken in the sink for hours
i fucking HATE it when people do this shit

I'm sorry to hear that. That sucks anon
I only use something that belongs to my roommate's if I don't have it there at the moment I need it. Afterwards, I'll replace it with the exact same brand.

That being said, what's the difference between dollar store spices and brand spices?
whats it like having the sun in your kitchen?

It's totally a leftover from my childhood 'tism. I actually prefer my burgers medium, but eating a slab of overdone, squeezed dry salty ground beef makes me comfy in ways that transcend taste.
>private shame is private

I went through some superior tier bad shit, and I moved on by abandoning the people, places and things I was around almost completely. Whenever i stop to think back on those times it ends up with me on a 3 day binge drinking/crying jag that makes me useless. If other people are around I turn into anger bear as well and that's no fun for them.

I'm okay with who i am and how I operate but I really prefer to avoid thinking about those days unless I'm in a place where I have that kind of time to spare.

It's not that bad, bro/sis. It's a mess but it's not filthy or neglected, it's just a party nobody picked up from.
File: 778878787.jpg (70 KB, 330x319) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 330x319
Oh boy do I have a story:

>roommate is an absurd slob
>never cleans anything
>shits up everything
>shit's reaching breaking point the first month
>has fat shit tumblr gf
>fat whale smells horrible
>lets out huge rancid farts every now and then
>makes loud as fuck pig noises when fucking
>eats for 5 whenever she's over
>already half a mind of moving
>fucking loathe him and everything about him
>find him smoking pot one day when I return home
>no fucking degenerates allowed
>plus the whole fucking house reeks of weed now
>get him kicked out
>he leaves a fucking mess, probably on purpose
>a friend had given me a flat of energy drinks a week earlier
>I hate energy drinks but he insisted since he didn't want to drag them home
>now they're gone
>I know where that little fucker moved to an apartment about 20 min walk from me
>call him up and tell him I'm coming over to get my energy drinks back in an hour
>there's an ambulance outside the place when I get there
>mfw the retard tried to drink all the cans to spite me
>mfw he spent two nights in the hospital due to heart arrhythmias and tachycardia

He was very close to receiving a Darwin award.
>I moved on by abandoning the people, places and things I was around almost completely
That's both the best and most difficult thing to do. I know a lot of people who really struggle with that. Congrats on recognizing what you need and acting on it. I'm proud of you and wish you all the best. Sorry for assuming you were a tumblr tier baby, Anon.
File: 1362292169314.png (203 KB, 1586x920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
203 KB, 1586x920
>I'm proud of you
>Sorry for assuming you were a tumblr tier baby
Yeah I'm sure he really appreciates your validation, m'lord

What does it look like to you when you re-read your own posts? Do you have any self-awareness at all?

>caring this much about 2 randos on a Zanzibar flute mockery board

how's the 'tism, little Aidan? fingerless gloves holding up ok?

Belgian bro

I know them feel
Idunno what year it is in Uzbekistan but it's 1992+24 everywhere else now, shitlord
What kind of psychopath posts something like this
So you just think about cocks pretty much all the time huh?
File: 1450642954759.png (142 KB, 216x289) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142 KB, 216x289
i hope you can get him out of your damn space soon anon
how obscure we talkin here anon

i live with a semi famous webcomic artist and they have really bad depression and an eating disorder so i'm the kitchen bitch but they're not so bad really. spent the first year getting mad at them but we're an okay team now.
sack tap number 2 when

>you will be the queen of /ck/ if deliver
I used to live with fucking swines. At least that's just a pile of dishes. There is no mold, or 3 week old spaghetti sauce splash all over the walls.
no one makes you hit them
>legit burn
Because you can fuck them while they're sleeping.
Guess I'm one of the luckier ones. My roommate seems to adopt a "leave no trace" policy in the kitchen. All his stuff is gone into the room after he finishes washing up.

The only downside is I need to buy all my cookware since is doesn't share his pots and pans.
File: 144234567.png (245 KB, 472x396) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
245 KB, 472x396
File: 1213872872874.png (994 KB, 1287x886) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
994 KB, 1287x886
Whoa, stumbled onto some baggage here
Just wanted to say this place has great burgers. I live like 5 minutes away.
Ya fuckin her?
Due to living in the PNW, having roommates is the only affordable option

>rent a room in a house owned by a gay couple
He prefers that no one who stays there drinks alcohol or smoke but his boyfriend(illegal Mexican) have friends over constantly and the kitchen counter is littered with liquor bottles.
Their dog is some annoying small shitzu mutt that urinates and poops EVERYWHERE. My room, kitchen, bathroom, living room, and hallway.
They say that they do not eat out too much because they like to eat home cooked meals when the freezer is full of microwave and over ready meals which they have almost everyday.
Damn I would have gone on a murdering spree. You can't replace shit like that
haha good luck anon
File: 294gy6g.gif (981 KB, 500x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
981 KB, 500x180
Sanitize, organize, and purge filth-tastic kitchen. Clean out fridge full of horrible, moldy, shit smelling food, free all appliances from the filth they lived in. Make commonly used pots and pans easy to find, organize to the point that most surface areas of the kitchen can be used for prepping and cooking again. And after all that, he now occasionally decides that some items now need to go in certain places, utensils now have to face a certain way, and shitty Target-tier Gift Kitchen Gadgets need to find their way back into the cabinets for the one day in 4 months he uses it.

>"I don't smell anything"
>"I dunno it worked when I used it"

Oh, Ok then.
alpha af desu senpai
File: 1451957898395.gif (2 MB, 360x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 360x360
Fuck, that must've been satisfying
Stupid College/University shit traditions that don't mean a damn thing. Why the fuck do you care about that? This whole thread is just over-educated shitheads and weeaboo's it's fucking disgusting
>Monopoly Jr and Richie Rich

Top kek
>wasting food and not eating themselves later
How fucking thick are you
Ah fuck anon, that's a shame. Maybe you can get some nice pots to pass down to some of your family.
so true. i've seen this before so many times

Are you my bitchy faggot room mate OP?????
is her name Les
I'm in a guild with someone who fits that description
if her name is Les tell her comfy says hi
File: 1393055897951.jpg (359 KB, 1287x855) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
359 KB, 1287x855
more obscure than melty blood, less obscure than moetan
I live with 4 guys, one of them is 350lbs.

>Make chicken tendies for everyone
>Take my share
>Take a share for tomorrrow
>Leave the rest on the table
>Other guys get back
>One guy has a few tendies.
>Fatass comes back
>Eats all of the tendies (roughly 16 strips)
>Everyone is mad at him
>Wake up in the morning
>Want some tendies
>my container is in the fridge, but its empty
>Ask what happened
>Fatass says "Oh, is that not the community fridge anymore?"
>He ate a total of 24 chicken strips.
How did it come to that?
Yeah, I would have been the cuck in that story. My ex happened to have an aversion to weed despite never having tried it. Thank god I dodged that bullet. I'm never gonna let a girl have her way with me like she did.
What country does this shit go on in. I live in Canada and went to both college and university and never came across clubs like this.
>>3 middle class guys are total morons, all have shit like boats and one even had an actual house bought for him by his divorced parents
So you mean upper class?
fighting or porn?
thanks senpai
Mothers more commonly physically abuse their children than fathers

>>7318104 this. My mother's a covert narcissist, and she fucked me up way more than my dad ever did beating me. I've pretty much forgiven him, but I don't want her anywhere near me. I'll never have kids, but if I do they'll never know their grandparents.

Fuck NPD.
File: life aint fair.jpg (139 KB, 1500x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
life aint fair.jpg
139 KB, 1500x1500
>be a trust fund baby
>live in apartment by myself
>live how I want with out care
>no worries of others fucking up my things
life is good
I dont think you know what weeb is. They arent weebs
>make some toast and use a knife for peanutbutter
>give the knife a rinse and wipe it clean
>no kitchen mess

>roommate makes toast, leaves bag open
>roommate uses knife for peanutbutter
>leaves knife covered in peanutbutter in sink by itself
>comes back and puts a plate that has only had toast on it right ontop of the peanutbutter knife
>does this everyday
>hey bro, clean up your mess in the kitchen. cant believe you live like this
He is serious and have come to the conclusion that these are one of those people that are, what is the saying, always out to lunch? Just not even there at all times and so self centered they don't see that they are doing things at times? I don't know. It's not that bad, but I fear of it getting worse. I hate cleaning the kitchen, but he simply doesnt and when I need to cook I can't cook in a messy kitchen so I have to clean it.
File: 3.jpg (196 KB, 778x489) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
196 KB, 778x489
>rooming with a girl for about a year a few years back
>never used the kitchen or fridge
>one day need to put something in the fridge, I believe it was some Zaxby's, it doesn't matter
>open fridge, something she uses daily, to an absolute mess
>theres a turkey carcass on the bottom shelf and open containers of just everything everywhere
>decide not to use the fridge anymore and just eat the chicken later
>ask her about the carcass in the fridge while smashing one night
>she says it's been there for 5 years, ever since her parents had thankgiving at her place
>5 years a turkey has just been sitting in her fridge rotting away

glad I don't have to put up with roommates anymore
File: jayvomit2.gif (384 KB, 480x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
384 KB, 480x270
>last summer living in a small shitty apartment by the beach
>there to work at a place on the boardwalk
>2 room mates
>one guy I've known all my life, like a brother
>one jamaican
>Bro is super tidey and organized
>makes his bed, iron shirts and shit
>Jamaican leaves shit everywhere
>doesn't do dishes
>leaves black guy hair fucking all over the place

>get home from work one night go into fridge to grab a coke
>greeted with the smell of absolute death

oh sweet absolute fuck

>Jamaican bought a cantaloupe
>rotten af
>"wtf dude"
>"Aye I woz gun eatee latah mon"

>didn't wrap it in plastic
>didn't cover it
>left to die on the shelf
>already beginning to implode on itself
>innards and juices dripping all down the fridge onto the cokes

>GF walks in after she got off work
>I'm in the fridge still horrified
>She almost pukes from the smell

That was the worst thing I've ever seen I got more I might post from that summer
He is a nigger anon, why would any of this come to a surprise to you?

That should have been a red flag from the get go and should have moved out immediately.
My mother had a similar story. She didn't know her father much, but she adored him being that he did many good things. She has told me he was a freemason that did freemason stuff, but anyways. She had all his trophys and things given to her after he had passed on and not even a day or two after receiving them, her remotes bounced and stole everything of her's while she was at work, including the trophy's and family heirlooms. Like how can people just be so shitty, these thing were of immense personal value and they steal them for a quick buck. It's the only thing that genuinely makes me mad these days.

>couple weeks later
>cleaned fridge in hazmat gear
no joke bro had a gasmask I used and bought big ass gloves
>Fridge lookin nice
>scrubbed that shit breddy gud
>open the fridge to get a leftover slive of pizza
>tinfoil has strange red juice all over it
>look up
>eyes widen
>lips curl
>Jamaican has turned a loosely wrapped hunk o meat on its side
>raw meat
>like a cow was being bled out in our fridge
>He's just gotten off work while I'm throwing everything the meat's bled on out
>"Aye mon watchya doin"
>"Your fuckin meat's bleeding all over the fucking god damn fridge"
>"Why'd you turn it sideways? Why isn't it frozen?"

>"Aye mon een Jamaica meat don bleed."
File: 31.jpg (19 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 300x300
this guy sounds like a genius
This was funny until I realized that I spent a summer at the same school for wayward boys that you did. Motherfucking pussy pretended to give us blood rifles. I wish I was in before the army was full of pussys and gays
>first year of college
>lived in dorms
>got most meals through meal plans, kept kitchen supplies in communal kitchen for the meals I had to cook myself
>people would take out my kitchen supplies and leave them in the sink without washing them
>perfect storm of laziness where I didn't want to have to bother dragging supplies down to the kitchen every time I cooked and they didn't bother cleaning the messes they made with my supplies
>ended up washing people's disgusting dishes in a clogged sink full of soggy scraps in dishwater
That was stupid of me. At some point half of my stuff was thrown out (I hadn't gone to the kitchen for a few days at that point) because no one wanted to clean out the sink and to the dorm organizers the best solution was to punish whoever left their stuff in it... even though people just used whatever was around. That was a bummer, but it was mostly plastic Ikea junk anyway.
>buy nice ribeyes at butcher shop
>roommate thinks he's Bobby fucking Flay, and throws the steaks on his grill that he never cleans
>please don't overcook, please.
>cooks both to medium well, then cuts both wide open "to see if they're done"
>juices all drain to bottom of grill
>choking down leather, he says, "why do you buy shitty steaks, bro?"

File: 1445869745919s.jpg (18 KB, 250x221) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 250x221
>break up with ex
>friend drags all of my belongings and me out of the house to her 1-bedroom
>Didn't really wanna go but was kind of heartbroken so I just let her persuade me
>She lives with her bf in the 1-bedroom and we set-up my room temporarily in the living room
>she knows i like to cook so she says she cleaned the kitchen for me
>pretty excited, it's nicer than my other home
>start cooking a little bit for everyone
>says she'll do dishes if I cook
>leaves dishes all over the kitchen for days on end
>actually starts crying when I offer to do them
>"you're trying to say it's my fault the house is dirty, wah wah"
>she lets it sit in soapy water for days on end
>Finally left alone so I clean the kitchen
>absolutely beautiful and spotless
>comes home and she looks at the kitchen
>won't speak to me for the whole night
>comes out of her room and says "I WILL make the dinner and CLEAN since it's MY responsibility."
>makes some cookinwithjack.garbagestew.webm
>eat it just to not start shit
>sits in the crock pot for 5+ days
>the horror

Glad I got out of there. She also would put encrusted dishes in her dishwasher and never take them out. She would just let them sit, semi-clean for like a week.It obviously got clogged and spelled like spaghetti death for the rest of the time there. There's more filth stories but they aren't food related.
File: image.jpg (181 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
181 KB, 1024x768
I spent 4 days in the hoosgow, preferred to pay $700 for some fuckers medical bills then 10 more days in the pokey for not paying the bill, all over the same situation.

And evicted since the faggot roommate had the place in his name.
Tell me more, I have autist tendencies and I am seeking new living conditions. I've lived in the same place for over a decade and now I have to find somewhere else to live.
File: 1438604637420.jpg (18 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 225x225
his food spilled blood all over the fridge now spill his blood all over the floor
>moving into a 1 bedroom as a third wheel
>last year
>roommate's chill, just plays WoW every waking hour of the day, no real mess
>doesn't leave dishes because he seems to only eat peanut butter with a spoon, or chunks of cheese
>whatever (for 8 months)
>open his cupboard area, discover literally 30+ empty plastic jars of peanut butter just sitting on the shelves, one full one at the bottom

who the fuck

Fuck I didn't realize this situation was so common. I'm moving out as soon as I can.
You should not be buying nonstick cookware anon. Cast iron FTW, and stainless.

Spend money one time, use cookwear, give to next generation in your will.
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