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Hey /ck/ I just made an awesome new dish!...
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Hey /ck/ I just made an awesome new dish! I take wet pancake batter mixed with octopus, barely cook it, then top with mayonnaise.
>you disgusting excuse for a human being what kind of-

It's Japanese!
>omg you don't like takoyaki? fucking flyover pleb kill yourself
I'm with you OP, takoyaki sucks
What an abominable dish.
Congratulations, you have discovered the innate pretentiousness of "foodies" who you can serve dog food to as long as it has a fancy foreign name.
>never heard of this
>google "takoyaki"
>3rd result is "takoyaki cleveland tennessee"
>some shitty town about 1.5 hours from me
>full of fat rednecks and bible thumpers
>ok makes sense
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I have the prefect drink to wash it down with! We chew up corn, spit it out into a tub and let it ferment!
>christ on a crutch anon that's the most vile thing I've ever heard of-

it's South American
>how much of a pleb can you be?!?!?! Chicha is part of a proud heritage you should be honored to partake in this nectar of the gods!
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ok I got it, we take bland hot sauce and dump a bunch of sugar in it!
>are you fucking retarded who would want tha-
we'll call it siracha
>perfect condiment it goes with everything!
I got the formula for the prefect brew; we take bud light, then pack it with enough hopps to make it taste like chewing on tree sap!
>sounds good, you should inhale it deep into your lungs and do the world a favo-

it's India Pale Ale
>go back to your Milwaukee's best you fucking pedestrian. You can't appreciate the complex flavor profile of a real micro brew.
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We need to do away with plain peanut butter, I say we start selling chocolate frosting in jars sprinkled with a few particles of hazlenut.
>you fat fuck why don't you just inject chocolate straight into your vein-

It's make in Italy, it's all the rage in New Zealand
>fuck me running, it's [current year] and Amerifats still don't eat Nutella?
please stop this
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Cat baking.gif
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I enjoyed these posts. Carry on.
please continue
Cats are too kneady
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Anyone got a good recipe for chicken feet? My Mee Maw used to make them for My Grandpappy all the time
>can we just nuke the south already? fucking inbred hillbill-

On menu at dim sum restaurant
>soooooo gooood! Americans will never understand the hidden wonders of the culinary world outside of fast food
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Guys I thought of a new desert. we take some pie crust, put a slice of potato in it and fill it with tap water with a little tamarind.
>lmao you poorfag piece of shit how sad if your life that you would-

it's Indian street food
>such a tasty simple treat when you're on the go in New Delhi!
I just had the best thing ever, people like chicken skin right? Well I had -just- the skin grilled on a skewer, no meat.
>why don't you -just- forward your paychecks to a cardiologist you ham planet sack of shi-

it was at a yakitori place in Osaka
>baka fucking idiots buying boneless skinless and missing out on kawa? why can't these mouth breathers understand there are tons of amazing treats being wasted
What if I like all the food m8? I won't go looking for takomakukuklux or chichangotori or whatever the fuck but if I get some from somenone or I'm hungry and that's what's available/smells good, I'll eat it friendo
This is a good thread, please keep going

omg banned put this garbage back to /b/ where are my hot pockets

>nigger food

omg so yum lol if u don't like it ur a racist pleb fucking white people lmao worldstar
No, but seriously, it's pretty fucking funny how differently people react to

> Here's a bowl of edamame
> Here's a bowl of unsalted, boiled soybeans.

White people will eat anything if you don't call it by its english name.
I don't get it.. Edamame is different from the dried then boiled beans. Edamame is immature beans.
Also.. It'd taste ok plain probably but I've never seen it sold like that. It's always salted with sesame seed oil and garlic and stuff.
Thread replies: 23
Thread images: 9
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