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I've decided to eat nothing but stir-fry...
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I've decided to eat nothing but stir-fry and fajitas for the next 2 months. Any of you fu/ck/s got decent stir-fry combinations?
Stir fry is just about the easiest thing to make, any vegetable and any meat. Have fun.
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I did it for the first time tuesday and used some frozen vegetables instead of fresh which royally fucked it up. I'm not a smart person.
Aubergine, prawns, spring onions and sambal.
Pork mince, radishes and sambal.
Broccoli, beef, sesame seeds and black bean.
Carrot, bean sprout and satay.

All of the above include chilli, ginger, garlic and soy sauce of course.

Medium high heat is wrong, blast the absolute shit out of it.
Frozen works fine just thaw them out first in some water or broth for dat extra flavor.
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I've been eaiting this
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All of that sounds wonderful. I guess I have to go buy sambal tomorrow.

Yeah I figured that out after I damn near botched 3 lbs of it because retarded.
I should mention aubergine will soak up a shocking amount of oil.

You can fry it like normal if you keep it constantly moving, but if you're not bothered by the idea just keep adding oil gradually whenever it disappears. Finger sized pieces eventually shrink down to soft, oily strips that are as delicious as well cooked animal fat.
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The picture is missing the best sauce.

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I got a little chub going on now.
You can use frozen ones fine
>1 pound of meat
>1 tablespoon of green onions
those people should have their teeth removed
I was mixing frozen broccoli and onion with fresh everything else because I needed to get rid of shit in my freezer. Obviously fucked up my timing and ended up with way too much liquid left in the end.
This is what I usually do for stir fry:

Get some cubed meat (usually boneless chicken thighs or pork shoulder) and put that in a bowl with some soy sauce, oyster sauce, and chili-garlic paste. Set aside.

Finely mince a shitload of garlic, ginger, and either shallots or the whites of green onions (thinly slice the greens for garnish).

I usually finely mince a shitload of fresh chilies (I prefer Thai chilies or red jalapeƱos, but anything hot will do the job) and add that to the other aromatics. As well as a spoonful or two of chili-garlic paste for good measure (that shit is fantastic). This of course can be omitted if you can't take the heat. Set aside.

I usually add larger pieces of separated onion layers (keeps them from getting mushy) and call it a day cause I'm usually lazy, but for vegetables you could add bell peppers, broccoli, sliced mushrooms,baby corn, water chestnuts, or bok choy (layers separated, blanched for around a minute).

For stir fry sauce, mix together some water, soy sauce, oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, and honey to taste. Don't make it too salty, remember that your meat is already marinating. Set aside, along with a a little bit of cornstarch and water slurry at the ready for thickening.

First you coat the meat in cornstarch and flour and then fry it in your wok with a decent amount of oil until golden brown. Take out and put in a bowl.

Dump the oil, turn the heat as high as it fucking goes, and put in your aromatics. Toss liberally for around a minute or until those chilies and garlics are really pungent.

At that point you'd add in your vegetables. Once they soften a bit, throw your fried meat back in and toss that for around a minute. Add in your stir fry sauce, let it sit until it boils, then stir in your slurry. Take the wok off the heat once sauce is thick and let it cool to a level below Fukushima meltdown tier, enjoy with white rice.
>15 posts without some autist coming in here complaining you need 200,000btus to actually stir fry

good work /ck/

>16 posts without some minority greentexting "white people" in a stir fry thread

not bad /ck/
>because australia hours
Australians confirmed for best quality posters.

i was hoping the next post would be a shitpost about white people not getting their woks hot enough. you really let me down under m8
you should have decided to eat nothing but superglue and rusty nails for 3 weeks, dumbass

what the fuck made you decide to eat nothing but one kind of food with some variations for a whole 2 months, what the fuck is wrong with some "people"
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Never heard of tossing the meat in flour/starch before stir frying. I'll have to try that.

Have you never had Chinese before?
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For one thing I'm pretty bad at making both of those so I'll get better at them.

Mostly because I'm cutting weight right now and those are relatively healthy and tasty ways to get high protein/veggies amounts into me without wanting to die (like eating baked chicken and brown rice every day).

My schedule also makes it so I have to cook in bulk 1-2 times a week and both stir fry and fajitas are pretty quick and easy, plus reheat well.

Here's a picture of a burger to make you feel less mad anon.
There are enough grains, vegetables, and meats to have a balanced diet
I honestly don't know what you're complaining about
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Stir fry these crazy trips
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