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So I just ate this; it's literally not...
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So I just ate this; it's literally not that hot at all. I could see how it's hot for a first time hot food eater but it's really not even hotter than eating a jalapeno. Disappointed. Will be trying habanero ramen soon so hopefully that is hotter.

I have no idea how this is a youtube challenge. It's literally not painful or anything, the heat, for me at least, did not leave my lips or tongue.
So before the shitposting commences, how about you give a bit of background on your tolerance for hot food. Did you eat a lot of spicy stuff in your childhood or are you one of those hot sauce enthusiasts?

Because for most people, including Koreans, who eat this shit on the regular, these noodles are quite pungent.
I eat the hots from potbelly's a few times a week. that's about it.
I was expecting it to be quite hot, even based on how the sauce looked... I was hesitant to put it in my mouth; I even waited a little while after taking the first bite just to be sure it wouldn't just ass rape me.... nothing happened so I just finished the noodles at that point.

did I drink milk afterwards, yes.
was I screaming or running around or sweating or my nose drippiing? no.
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>did I drink milk afterwards, yes.
>was I screaming or running around
>eat this with a couple of my friends to see how hot it is
>almost everyone agrees that this shit is hot as fuck, we get glasses of milk
>1 friend states that this is nothing to him
>hes sweating
>knock on his door later to see if he wants to go to the dining hall
>hes eating ice cream in his room

is this you?
no, lol what. It's not hot seriously if you have eaten a jalapeno before you will be able to handle this without a problem. Again, I am seriously disappointed w/ it.
well then maybe im not as tolerant to spicy foods as i thought because this was burning my lips after i was done. It was pretty good though, really sweet
It was burning my lips as well; however I was expecting it to be actually as hot/painful as all of the youtube videos make it out to be =/ I am going to try chomping down on a habanero and then a ghost pepper if the habanero doesn't F w/ me that much.
>as all of the youtube videos make it out to be
people overreact for everything in youtube videos
some just doing it for the views. but coming from bunch of asian friends that eat spicy stuff regularly. This just fine. probably better if there is a Scoville scale for this
I Can't read korean, but on the back there is a bullet list labeled 1,2,3. the first label says 4,000-10,000 SHU, the 2nd 4,404 SHU, and then after that it is 850,000-1,000,000 SHU
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There is

4,404 SHU
yeh faggot

have you never ate a really spicy pepper or snack and started running around screaming breathing fire and shitting brimstone?

are you gay or something?
So do you read that? what's the 10,000 and 1,000,000 about; Is it like a roulette thing where when you buy a pack of them some of them are death and some of them are weak?
I don't even bother with that crap if I want to spice up some ramen.

Get some of this stuff if you want ramen that's actually spicy. It shouldn't take much even if you're used to spicy food.

You drained the water from the noodles before stirring in the sauce, right OP?
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>it's really not even hotter than eating a jalapeno
dude, i just bought this, but i cant read the instructions on the back. it looks like circles and field goals.
This fucking sauce... I tried it once when I was around eight or nine... One drop made my tongue burn for hours. Felt like the shit was alien blood searing through through the hull of my tongue.
How spicy is it compared to Shin Ramyun?
was much hotter than shin ramyun. shin is more tasty tho.
yes i did.
just cook the noodles for 3 - 4 minutes; drain water; add the two packs that come with it and stir it up.
oh damn, that's easier than i thought.

thanks kore-anon!
go to the asian market and get the ramen that's in a bowl, the kind that has two packages attatched on top, one is your seasoning packet and the other is chili oil which adds a nice but not overpowering heat
Did you try it yet?
lad, did you died?
Where can I buy this at?
I got mine off of amazon, the two international markets near me didn't carry it even though they have an entire isle or instant noodles. They don't have the habanero either so I got that from amazon as well.

It was delivered really fast even though it said it would take 2 weeks or more... took like 2 days.
There's a korean pepper that's well known for being quite spicy. It says that pepper has a SHU of 4000~10000. Then it has one of those "did you know" things where they say the spiciest pepper is a pepper called Jolokia(?) in India, with a SHU of 850000~1000000.
Ahh ok so my Jalapeno comparison is quite accurate then... unless they have seriously skewed the SHU scale in Korea. That fact isn't even near correct.
I can get those noodles in my town but no black shin ramen :(
sorry, i havent tried it just yet. i decided to go with homemade kimchi we got from a korean lady last night instead. didnt know people were waiting for my thoughts.

are you really interested in my opinion on this? i was thinking of eating it on the weekend, but i might be persuaded to try it tonight.
One of us.good luck
yep; I want to know if I got a defective bag of it since it didn't strike me as being too hot.
Just finished it

>first bite
Pretty spicy, but sweet.
>halfway done
god damn my lips are on fire
Not even water can save me. Kleenex required for my runny nose.

Its pretty damn spicy, not sure what to compare it to though. Maybe a little more heat than the chipotle Tabasco sauce?

Also, its like 500 damn calories, and not very filling, just noodles. I'm cooking some chicken now.
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3 MB, 1556x1162
Makin some ramyun. Lettin this shit get to room temp for about 20 mints then it's go time.
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I was making myself a fried egg sandwich one morning, and found these purdy lil peppers in the fridge.
Now. I figure I'm not an idiot, i wasn't about to just throw that shit into my food.
So I cut off the tip, a wee lil piece no larger than a likewise wee lil button on a television remote.
Little did I know I was about to have a near death experience.
I popped that shit in my mouth, bit into it, and my mouth exploded into the most fiery hell my world has ever known.
My life was in disarray. I panicked, grabbing the edge of the counter and fell to my knees.
It may have been the first time I prayed to the Christian God, for there was nothing else that would save me, now.
An epiphany.
Thank you, lord
I dumped them on my face, some of which made it into my mouth.
All to no avail.
More panic.
At this point I was pacing frantically. Skipping through some steps, changing directions.
How the fuck do I stop this infernal beast I've let into my temple?
Alas, there was nothing I could do.
Only wait.
Only hope the slippery salty surface that had become my entire body would somehow allow me to evade the certain death that I was facing.
My heart rate was like a drum & bass song, and my mind, locked out if itself, unable to comprehend anything beyond the utter turmoil the majority of my digestive tract was experiencing.
I spit out the pepper.
I tried to induce vomiting, even.
It changed nothing.
It may have been the hardest thing I have ever had to endure in my adult life, if only because I had no idea what I was getting into beforehand.
But I survived.

Kimchi Raman? Naw, buddy. The shit is spicy, to be sure, but as a lad I recall dumping the remainder of the salt packet down my throat, because I liked the flavour. The experience, the hear, was cool. It made me feel tough.

It does not compare to eating fresh, raw peppers.
It can't.
It never will.
Pic related, its pretty much an exact replica of the monster I encountered that night
>not knowing what's in your fridge
Im a britbong but I eat reasonably spicy food because my dads a chef, I found these to be the hottest product that you can buy off a shelf in the UK aside from say spices/chillis themselves.

Like Op though i ate it fine.
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Thread images: 8
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