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Hey /ck/ickens I'm looking to make some...
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Hey /ck/ickens I'm looking to make some spinach eggrolls.

I have spinach and I have those little eggroll wrap things.
But what else can I add to them?
I was thinking of adding cheese, but not sure which kind compliments the spinach.
I also don't know what kind of meat (if any) I should add.
Does it actually need an egg inside it?
ground lamb or chicken
Umm, Spinach eggrolls ?

Dont you mean Cabbage ?

I dont think spinach is often used in egg rolls, I mean sure yea, if you want to you can do that.

But usually its like Bok Choy or Cabbage and other Chinese greens, not spinach.
I have spinach.
I have the egg roll wrappers.

I am GOING to make spinach eggrolls.
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Cheese is Not a thing used in Chinese cooking either, never in egg rolls for sure.

What you wanna do is go to the store and buy some Cabbage and you need a little carrot and green onion for Egg rolls, you can put lamb or chicken or pork sausage or shrimp in them. But not cheese.

And save the spinach for another dish. I will give you an amazing dish you never had.

You are gonna make with the Spinach Spanakopitas. Its a Greek appetizer.

Boil some water and blanch the spinach and then drain it really well. At the store buy Feta Cheese and Phyllo dough.

Thaw the dough and melt some butter to brush on it. Sautee some mushroom and onion with garlic and chop the spinach and add it all together. This spinach mixture will get stuffed in the dough.

You roll them into little triangles after you lay out the sheets of dough and put butter on them.

Go search out Spanakopitas on youtube

If you try to do this I dont think its going to work very good for you.

Because you are underestimating how much spinach shrinks when you cook it.
should I cook it first, then bake it again in the wraps?
>bake it

WTF are you doing? You're supposed to fry them in oil.
Just throw some cooked chicken breast slices and pepperjack cheese in there with some spinach and bell pepper I guess
they can be baked too though

Yea you cant bake egg roll wraps, that wont work at all.

And I guess yes you could wilt the spinach first and then use it that would work better then putting it in raw.

Because if you used it raw you would have a really floppy and hollow egg roll.

The Spanakopitas are baked pastry with phyllo dough, they are great spinach appetizers.

But egg rolls absolutely have to be fried. That is what the dough is made for.

Sure you could bake them, but the result would not be like an egg roll, the dough has to be fried for it to get the little fried blisters all over them and the crispy brown ness.

If you tried to bake it it would be like a lasagna noodle over some spianch.

You would be better off using the egg roll rappers to make ravioli if your going to fucking bake them.
alright okay.

I have egg roll wrappers so I have to use it, i'm not wasteful.
Now what is the best cheese for the spinach? Parmesan?

yea that would be fantastic.

Treat the Egg Roll wrappers like a pasta, because that is essentially what it is.

You can make a spinach and cheese mix and fill the ravioli. Add mushroom if you like or onion and garlic.

Ricotta cheese is good, or even a little cottage.

Then you can make a pasta sauce to serve with them.

I would boil them because that is how you make ravioli. And serve with whatever kind of pasta sauce you want. Maybe some garlic toast too if you have it.
When you lay out the little egg roll wrappers and fill them you will need to seal them well.

Water helps. If you dab water on the edge and rub with your fingers and then fold and seal it with a fork. By pressing the layers of pasta and making a seal with the fork and the wet edges of the pasta.

This way when its sealed it wont blow up when you boil them for a min to finish.
You could also treat them like a lasagna pasta sheet if you wanted to do that.

Or roll it up like a cannelloni / manicotti.

This is the lazy way with much less work then making ravioli.
Not sure if you're still thinking to do the spinach and egg rolls together, or in different dishes as someone suggested, but if you're making spinach egg rolls, I'd still look up a spanikopita (greek spinach pie) recipe. It would be a novel way of making egg rolls, but I could see it being good honestly. Just follow the same filling recipe. Crumbled feta cheese would be a good accompaniment. The key thing with the spinach, as someone else mentioned, is cook it first - steam it or whatever...then (VERY IMPORTANT) squeeze the excess water out of it, or everything will be ridiculously soggy. Let it cool first if you're going to squeeze it with your bare hands.

I think the egg in egg rolls are used as an adhesive to keep the overlapping parts of the wrapper together when you roll it up. At least I've used eggs for that when making egg rolls.

Yea egg wash or water, both will work.

Egg wash is traditionally used when you want something to brown after you seal it. This is important when your making stuff with puff pastry. Less important for egg rolls because you get the browning from the frying.

Sealing them is of main importance. And egg and water both do that equally well.

I saw that recipe just now for Spanikopita egg rolls lol.

seems strange to me but I never tried it.
just wrap a mozzarella cheese stick in them bitches, seal with cornstarch + water and fry in hot oil.

If you bake them they'll be a shit

Is that something your mom taught you ?

Usually mozzarella sticks are breaded in the traditional fashion.

Flour - Egg wash - Bread Crumbs.
>Usually mozzarella sticks are breaded in the traditional fashion.

Sure. But OP has egg roll wrappers and needs a way to use them up.
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