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What is it about supermarkets that attracts...
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What is it about supermarkets that attracts mentally ill employees?

>Meat department is perpetually medicated
>Deli/bakery is full of autistic weaboos
>Cashiers are the embodiment of anxiety
>Baggers are literally retarded

What's going on here? Anyone have any good grocery coworker stories to share?
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It was the only place that would hire me ;_;
I am for the food not for the retards
same here brother :( Do they just set abnormally low standards? How could it be less competitive than fast food?
Way to be a condescending douche canoe
I am admittedly mentally ill and I work in a grocery store. I'm not talking down, genuinely curious what it is that attracts our personalities.
no produce visible in any cart or aisle...
lowly grocery store minions could be easily replaced by trained chimps. retards and creeps are of about the same value. they're just filling a spot, you dont even need any sort of special skill whatsoever to do those jobs

this being said, working as a merchandiser for Walmart was the most soul-crushing job I've ever had
a sense of food security that was denied to you in childhood.
I mean the shot only shows part of the supermarket. It's The Super Giant supermarket in Rockville, Maryland in 1964, I think diets were mostly aspic and spam back then anyways.
How is cashiering at a grocery store any different than at a retail store? You still need to have a general knowledge of the products, and memorizing PLUs is probably more mentally engaging than finding barcodes and tags. I mean it's not a hard job at all, grocery stores just seem to an allure to us retards and creeps.
Ohhh i never came across but i was in the barkery. The bakery leople were always chill as fuck.
Call centers attract the ill
I worked in a grocery store for almost 7 years (meat/fish), the people were quite normal for the most part aside from the teenagers and retards hired as baggers. Of course we had a few people who were alcohol/drug addicts or had personal or mental health issues - but they weren't any more common than you'd expect to find in any business with thousands of employees.

At the stores I worked in, the cashiers were constantly being nagged by their bosses to work faster faster faster because according to their surveys, a quick checkout is more important to the average shopper than the quality of the food they're getting (seriously) - and they would get talked to if they let even one customer get away without having told them about that week's promotion/donation scheme.

Cashiering isn't hard (I never did it in a grocery, but have elsewhere), but any job where you're constantly being ordered about and watched and critiqued is awful - it's no wonder that grocery cashiers seem anxious.
I'm a dairy manager at Sprouts

I've had one mentally ill cashier who took time off all the time to go to a psych ward or some shit, she was a bisexual and had threesomes with her boyfriends she told me. Just this week I gave a hug to a vitamin clerk and someone told me that later that day she left crying, must've been a rape victim or some shit. I've banged 2 coworkers but this new cashier here is an older lady who is all tweaky

Not too many crazies, mostly good people but you get the lazy fuckers every once and a while, like this guy middle aged guy who my coworker said was getting yelled at by his mom at king soopers one day
I guess I'll ask here - can you guys special order higher-fat content butter for making pastry?
Been working in grocery for years now. Nightshift.
Can't imagine the fucking people I've seen. OP is 100% right.
There have been multiple young men that just don't fucking wash themselves. A couple have been so bad that people outright refuse to stock in the same aisle that they stink up.
There was one guy who told the supervisor at the time to fuck off, and in the office during his write up went on a tirade about squirrel's trying to get at his nuts and all sorts of shit.
But the real mentally fucked cunt is the one that's in the department now.
>applied for transfer to our store
>supervisor told me that nobody at his current store liked him
>didn't even bother asking why we're letting him transfer here because well it's full of fucktards anyway
>this kid is fucking worthless
>dresses like he's mentally ill
>shabby dirty clothes that don't ffit his weird body shape at all
>sweat stains on his belly, it's literally the only place he sweats evidently, huge crusty white stains
>wears a dirty stained black baseball cap pulled down over his eyes at all times, creep factor six
>neckbeard, with long hhair that's obviously never been washed
>never washes anything, his skin is so fucking pale with a bit of pink, he literally looks like a pig
>but most visible skin, especially his hands are so dirty his hands are black
>eats like a pig, fake whipped cream straight from the container
>entire blocks of cheese
>aall sorts of reduced price bakery items
>disgusting creations, ja/ck/ tier fat fuckery
>apparently he claimed to drink 4L of chocolate milk a day
>works so fucking slow, he's worthless, wouldn't make a difference if he simply didn't show up
>can't stop talking about video games, loves Magic, reads books constantly
I fucking hate that pig disgusting little shit.
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That guy over in aisle 10 looks like he's about to go postal.

> male cashiers

Lets make America great again!
Americans would be a better place if women didn't have jobs, so yes it would make America great having male cashiers.
I work in a grocery store, produce to be exact. And I find that it isn't that they attract the wrong people, it's just they attract everyone. I've noticed an insane amount of gay/lesbians working at them latley. The retard thing is somewhat true. The highly functioning ones are perfect for simple tasks like bagging groceries and gives them social interaction practice. I swear one dude is a pedo that I work with.. the main problem is corporate. They don't allow anyone to chill and attempt to enjoy their job. It's constant attempts at awful ways to sell more, hound and ride management and micro manage. In turn the employees are bitter af. With all that said, I've made some amazing lifelong friends and met really cool people while working there. It's just like anything else . I don't think I'd be happier hanging out with accountants all day. There are cool people in their 20's still going to school /figuring out life that work at stores.
Im a cashier, i got the job after suffering a pretty severe mental breakdown as part of an effort to recover, i figured if i expose myself to shit i hate eventually ill stop hating it. Hasnt worked so far...but theres still hope, my crippling anxiety is a bit better, and now i can small talk with strangers without spaggeti-ing everywhere, thats good i guess.

Its a job that seems easy but requires a specific set of skills you cant use anywhere else in life, your constantly going as well, you dont stop serving people, no time to wander around or take a smoke break or grab a coffee, i stand in one spot for 3 hours at a time and do the same thing again and again and again. Im human machinery, repetitive actions that its easier or cheaper to get people to do than robots at this point. Its just people, they employ bodies to fill positions, but come on, do you think you have anyone beyond the dreggs applying for jobs like this? Anyone worth a damn can land a better job.

Theres a weird kind of zen you get into, the scan and bag reflex (should mention my position ks a bagger and cashier) becomes automatic, you look at what the persons bought and figure out how your going to pack it, cold stuff together, produce together, that kind of shit, there are moments where stuff is an impulse, this is a carrot, i need to weigh this, carrots are in here, and here, slapping a series of toutch screen buttons without a consious thought.

aww shit the scales not working again, have to reset it, oh the recipt printer is out of paper, refill that, you want how much cash out? Oh let me do the math because the specific amount youve asked for isnt a popup option, your buying 40 cans of catfood, yeah, when its cheap you should stock up, but the quantity function dosnt work on this register...

I live in a not shit country so i get about $24 an hour, but im casual, so the hours arent allways there.
>trusting that black gentleman's cheque
top qeq
The guy in Aisle 7 is writing a check. I can't remember the last time I wrote a check. I guess about 20 years ago.
>blacks shopping with whites


There are no black people in that photo.
So when you were about 5?
I'm a hutergatherer nigga
I hunt my own food
No autistic weeoboos or neckberded broinies in the frozen wastses of upstate New yourk
I also eat other people such as bronies
You have to cook them just right to prevent the transmission of dieses
I wish. I was 24 twenty years ago.
Please stick to the al/ck/ threads when drunk.
Jesus. And I thought I was too old to be here.

I guess you cheered me up kind of.
Your here forever bro, your gonna be shitposting when your 60.
Only one of the supermarkets in my area has retards working there. The others have employees who are just low-class and therefore ignorant/dumb and/or ghetto, but no retards. But one has retards all over the place. I hate shopping there so I don't.

There might be one guy. Can't quite tell because no skin or face is visible, but you can see the back of his head. His hair looks negroid.
Also, where was the help meant to shop for groceries? Do you honestly think that black housekeepers/maids in the 60s working for better-off, white families in better-off white areas had to go some great distance to buy Treet and canned peas for their WASP employers? Really?
Sometimes employers can get cashola from the government for employing the handicapped, its a decent incentive to get mongs into menial labour positions.
>>sweat stains on his belly, it's literally the only place he sweats evidently, huge crusty white stains.

Doesn't sound like sweat to me, sounds like he cums on his stomach and puts his shirt on, or he leaves it to dry and then sweats it onto his shirt.
No it's sweat. Every time he does anything he sweats on his stomach, he'll literally be soaking from his stomach, and ONLY his stomach. Big disgusting wet soaking stomach. And he'll keep wearing the sick stained sweaty t shirt for many many days. It's gross.
When bidding for highly skilled employees, businesses where skill matters a lot are willing to outbid businesses where skill makes no difference.
> Be me working in produce dept.
> Work at varying stores through High School
> Continue working during college
> Be told to pull all product that is even slightly blemished
> Salad Bar also works out of the same back room
> Eat apple, oranges, make random salads in the back of "Not A+ Product"

I would love to see how much money I've saved over the years of free meals.
The deli/bakery thing hit home. My weeaboo friend works at a Ralphs deli/bakery.
Working in a grocery store sucks ass. It's ok for a year or so but it bites at and devours your good will and intentions. You have to constantly deal with shitty people and you're expected to work as hard and as quickly as possible for little pay.

After working in a grocery store cafe and Gelato bar for 3 years I hated every moment and developed anxiety and Marijuana issues. You're constantly under staffed and the sanitation demands on top of customer load is very taxing. Took a huge hit to my college gpa because they wouldn't ever give me a regular schedule or the hours I needed.

Basically, it sucks balls and will ruin your faith in people. The unrealistic demands of some customers coupled with their entitlement are just awful.

I treat every grocery store employee very nicely and try to give them a few quips and silly banter to help alleviate that stress whenever I shop now. I know it makes a tiny difference at least.
probably the low pay and low level of responsibilities
This. Work in a grocery store long enough and you become a bitter husk of a human being.
Holy fuck I wish I was decently paid when I gave my all 5 days a week at my old job.

Being under paid ruined it for me. I could at most make 360 dollars a week which would immediately get eaten up by living expenses and college.

I gained anxiety and picked up smoking both weed and cigs just to deal with the stress of being under staffed and constantly making the best drinks I possibly could with high standards. Problem customers who were regulars and made sure I was the one to make their order. People asking for catering orders on the spot while I had a line and I was by myself until a manager would finally cashier for me. A Gelato freezer that would constantly fuck up and make the Gelato too soft or too hard. People don't want soft Gelato and I had wrist pains from scooping order after order of rock hard Gelato. Amazing forearm gains and a new skill of ambidexterity was cool though.

I always made sure to be extra cleanly. Even picked up a used tampon the second I noticed it like what the fuck was it doing on the floor holy shit.

Covering extra shifts when people called in by myself when it was easily a three man job sucked ass. Constantly dishes piled up and customers could see everything.

Then there were the fried dough orders. Holy fuck the fried dough orders. I'd have to balance customers while rolling out thick dough by hand, getting flour everywhere. Run to the register to ring up regular coffee while pissing off late and frape ordering people then running back to the dough station trying not to burn it and remembering exactly what type of dough they ordered with specific toppings ranging from caramel chocolate cinnamon powdered sugar Gelato etc.

All for 9.25 an hour.

It was pure bullshit.
Really thats true of all retail though. It drains your soul to have to be polite to people who take your politeness and tear it all down and wipe their ass with it.

I sold Electronics at a Sears and was known for giving the best customer service even if i didnt get a sale. And being commissioned sales that meant something, I had this one hispanic dude ( hispanic myself actually.) actually had to the gall to go to my manager, after i had spent an hour explaining the home theater systems we had and the difference between the basic of the basic up through the various channel, and say i gave him poor service, and that it was probably because i was racist.

My manager and I had a good laugh about it at least. Department went to shit after they fired her and brought up Mr. works as a manager in retail but owns a fancy sports car from hardware and doesnt know how to get shit done or schedule or anything to do her job.
Before Farmer Jack went bankrupt there was a location near my house where seemingly everyone that worked there was some sort of oddity. Particularly I remember a man who looked like Frankenstein and a girl with some of the most messed up teeth I had ever seen. Then there was my buddy who was 6'8" and worked in the butcher department and would mess with his less aware coworkers regularly.
I did that but with medications in a hospital. I got paid bank though. Hope I didn't kill anyone. lel.
Fire his ass
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