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Picky eater thread?
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You are currently reading a thread in /ck/ - Food & Cooking

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Picky eater thread?
In the mood to hear some stories, mine is far from exciting.
>Roomate in college
>Ate chicken nuggets, plain over boiled rice, and oven fried for 200 days straight.
>Won't eat anything else. Hates the idea of it.
>No ketchup
>No any kind of sauce
>No Beef, or any non-chicken meat
>No anything, just chicken nuggets.
>friend almost exclusively eats breadsticks with pecorino romano because he has a babby palate
>over the years has tried to convince us that he's a supertaster

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>Exposure, plain and simple. Scientists tell us that aversions fade away when we eat moderate doses of the hated foods at moderate intervals, especially if the food is complex and new to us. (Don't try this with allergies, but don't cheat either: few of us have genuine food allergies.) Exposure works by overcoming our innate neophobia, the omnivore's fear of new foods that balances the biological urge to explore for them. Did you know that babies who are breast-fed will later have less trouble with novel foods than those who are given formula? The variety of flavors that make their way into breast milk from the mother's diet prepares the infant for the culinary surprises that lie ahead. Most parents give up trying novel foods on their weanlings after two or three attempts and then complain to the pediatrician; this may be the most common cause of fussy eaters and finicky adults--of omnivores manqués. Most babies will accept nearly anything after eight or ten tries.
>Spending nights in the hospital
>Little kid is on the other side of the curtin
>He's cries of stomach pains
>Mother says he eats beans and nothing else
>literally only eats beans
>Later in the week he starts eating other things, but is still picky
>Cries for an hour A FUCKING HOUR, because he didn't get salt and pepper for his broccoli and carrots
>Watches Disney Channel late into the night while I try to sleep
>Every time I ask him to turn it off he asks "Why"
Worse room mate ever
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weanling is an adorable word for spawn that no longer sup upon the titty's sweet nectar
You're a faggot.
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omg rude wow

gb2/b/ u meanie
Kill yourself.
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>The more I contemplated food phobias, the more I became convinced that people who habitually avoid certifiably delicious foods are at least as troubled as people who avoid sex, or take no pleasure from it, except that the latter will probably seek psychiatric help, while food phobics rationalize their problem in the name of genetic inheritance, allergy, vegetarianism, matters of taste, nutrition, food safety, obesity, or a sensitive nature.
it's the beanboy
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i still like you friend

my little weanling

why don't you like me
I don't like sauces with very few exceptions, didn't try ketchup until I was 21
I don't understand how people can be like that. It's isn't the fact that they dislike a lot of foods that bothers me. What gets to me is eating the same exact thing every day. I get pissed off when I have to eat the same thing two days in a row.
I'I used to be quite a picky eater and still a little so. Nothing extraordinary but there are some things I just won't eat. Many things I'd have probably started trying out but I feel my killstreak of not having eaten X for 19 years and suddenly liking it was/is a big failure. Not sure if anyone would relate.
Well not so much a story but both my sisters are kinda picky and hate onions, but to me they are basically essential in almost every recipe that calls for them but even when I cook them well they pick them out of the food like toddlers. Very annoying.

Any tips to make them man up and/or not notice onions as much?
>feminist coworker
>ate lunch at her desk while on tumblr errday
>only ate m&ms and Coke
>that's it
>rage anytime we would ask wtf

God dammit we hated that stupid cunt.

>not sure if anyone would relate

No anon, you are the only child posting on /ck/ today...

yeah, tell them to stuff it. more for you.

ignore them, & do not change your cooking expertise to suit brats. im not being edgy or antisocial, im being realistic- if you make something which im sure is tasty, then its their problem if they dislike a time-honored, basic ingredient. if theyre grateful, they wont whine.

let them pick the onions out, theyll grow out of it eventually
Anime acually cured my hatred of fish. Sneaky japs.
Thread replies: 19
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