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Easy, cheap, tasty and healthy recipes?
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I recently got married and would like to start cooking meals for me and my husband. Problem is - I don't know how to cook. I've attempted recipes before but something always goes wrong - it either doesn't taste good, or gets burned, or the timing is off...etc. If you have any cheap, easy, healthy, and most importantly - foolproof recipes, can you please share them? Also, do you have any cooking tips for beginners? Thanks!
beef stew slow cooker
anything in the slow cooker

if u can, start learning to smoke things. it's manly. that way when he gets home he can smell the manliness off his life partner

Start liking soups and stews. Dump things in pot and heat, basically idiot proof.

>me and my husband

Why did your Husband marry someone who can't into grammar?

On a more serious note: Casseroles. You really can't fuck these up beyond, maybe, incorrectly doing the flour (you could leave it out if extremly worried). If you're in the UK or another country which has them finding a good butcher will help but otherwise make sure to go for a fattier cut of meat.

>>7267198 has a good basic guide in it (though I'd put it in the oven personally). A good enamelled cast iron pot will help immensely.

Other options are your basic bolognase/ragu. You'll find plenty of recipes for this but you're looking for simplicity not authenticity (i.e. no milk or faffing about with liver etc). The best advice for this is not to use spaghetti (use the shells) and not to overcook the pasta.
Chicken soup

1 large chicken breast, trimmed, diced
1 carrot, halved and chopped
1 onion, chopped
4-6 stalks of celery, chopped
2 mushrooms, diced
~1g chilli powder
~1g iodized salt
~1g black pepper
Frozen chopped fresh herbs if you can get them
850mL salt-reduced chicken stock (at least 700mL)
Olive oil

1. Heat up stove for minute or two on high
2. Add just enough olive oil to coat the bottom of the pot
3. When oil starts to smoke, add diced chicken
4. When the top of the chicken turns white opaque, turn them over
5. Cook for ~3 more minutes and then carefully lift them up and rapidly stir them around
6. Move chicken to the sides, and add celery to the center (add little bit of oil if none left)
7. Stir celery around until it softens and gets some color
8. Mix and stir chicken and celery, then move them to sides
9. Do the same with carrot, then onion, then mushrooms (they all must touch bottom of pan)
10. Add stock and reduce heat to low when it shows signs of boiling
11. Add the chilli powder, salt, pepper and herbs, and stir
12. Stir a few times once every 5 minutes or so
13. After 20 minutes of boiling, it's done

If you don't fry the chicken, the protein gloop will come out of it. If don't fry the vegetables, they will be hard unless you boil for 40+ minutes. If you use too much oil, it won't make much of a difference in the end result but for best results during cooking its best to use it in just the right amount. The mushrooms are essential to the resulting flavor, texture and appearance - dark gills are best.

Don't add anything else to it or you'll probably ruin the flavor - trust me, I've tried doing this recipe in dozens of different ways

I can manage to eat this as one person, but it probably suits 2
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"me and my husband" is correct, though.
it's "my husband and I"
Only if it's at the start of a clause.

Not OP but keep it chunky or not?
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I made stuffed mackerel for the first time last night and I have to say, it was really easy.

It's not the cheapest thing in the world, so this is more of a 'treat' meal - but it's pretty cheap as 'treat meals' go. Fishmongers are usually alright with you haggling the price down a bit as well, especially if you buy later in the day.

For four mackerel:

2tbsp harissa (fresh is better)
2tbsp tomato paste (tinned is fine, use puree if you can't source paste)
1 medium onion, finely chopped
Loads of parsley (a good 2 handfuls of flat-leaf)
Loads of garlic (6 cloves, crushed/finely chopped).

Harissa and tomato paste are both versatile and cheap (buy from Moroccan/Algerian/Tunisian shops for best value - in the UK only Waitrose sells harissa and at a stupid price).

1. Buy your mackerel. 1 per person is perfect. The key thing is to ask for them to be 'butterflied' - beheaded and filleted, but with the tail left on and not cut completely in half.
2. Mix all the other ingredients into the stuffing in a bowl.
3. Open up the fish and spread the stuffing evenly between them (pic in next post). Pick out any bones you can see that've been missed - Mackerel is a very bony fish so you/the fishmonger are unlikely to get them all.
4. Put the mackerel pack into its 'usual shape' and keep it shut with either 3 pieces of string or cocktail sticks.
5. Brush with oil and grill or barbecue on high heat till cooked. They need about 4 or 5 minutes on each side.
6. Wa-la. Serve with salad of your choice.
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Here's the stuffing stage. I guess don't make this if you don't like dead fish.
>Not OP but keep it chunky or not?

I don't know what you're referring to

The chicken should be in bite-sized pieces

The vegetables should be sliced thin, but not so thin that they'll burn and stick to the metal, as they'll be at high temp for ~5 minutes

I was asking if you can/should blend the soup when done.
dunno wtf youre on about u dumb cunt. mackerel is well cheap
You're both wrong. It would be "myself and my husband"
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vegtible stir fry
brown rice
fish (kind of)
hard cheeses like parmesean
swiss cheese
feta/goats cheese cottage cheese

veggies either frozen or fresh
meat that doesn't have alot of fat/isn't processed
whole grains
use honey instead of sugar

make sure you get a lot of different colors of vegtibles and foods.

the mediterannian diet has scientific backing as pretty healthy
So many questions.

Why the fuck did your husband marry a woman who can't cook?

How did you get married before learning to cook?

What the hell is a married woman doing on 4chan?
OP's a fag
Don't hold your knife like the woman in the pic it's pleb as fuck. Also use a chef's knife for most things.

Jesus Christ America
File: redditchan.png (5 KB, 275x269) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>2006 + 10
>Thinking that 4chan is still muh secret boy club

Fuck y'all.


"muh boo"

Please didn't any of you take AP English?
It's "me and 'im indoors"
>believing that shitty infographic
>thinking that a site which was founded by and for animefags will ever gain a meaningful female contingent
>being this delusional
Butter two pieces of bread.
Throw two pieces of american cheese on them.
Fry one side until the cheese melts.
Flip and fry to the same color.
>dont burn it, but dark brown is fine.

Boom, cheap grilled cheese sandwhich.

Heres another one:

Boil some pasta, like wagon wheels or most any short cut pastas.
Add a bit of salt to the water.

In a seperate container, add a tbsp of butter, quarter cup of half and half and half a cup of any cheese you like, i suggest cheddar or parmesian. You can also add an extra 1/8 cup of half and half with a slice of american cheese (not with parm).
Microwave on 20% for 4 minutes, stir.

Drain pasta, add cheese sauce and serve with chicken, sausage or any veggies you like. Just not too many veggies.

No it isn't.



This anon gets it.
A handy trick in these situations is to substitute "us" or "we" to see what sounds right. If it's "we" use "I" if it's "us" use "me."
Yeah, this. I'm really not sure where the "4chan is mostly women" thing came from but it sure as shit isn't true.
This is now /grammar/ and /gender/ thread
OP loudly proclaimed her womanhood and mangled the English language. This outcome was inevitable.
I'm just surprised and slightly disappointed that nobody has tits or gtfo'd her yet.
>implying OP isn't just a faggot who is now allowed to get married

baka senpai
It's clearly a woman. An actual faggot would have thinks to buttfuck other than English grammar.
Girls watch anime too though. Plus this is a cooking board, I'm sure there are at least some girls who cook
>Throw two pieces of american cheese on them.
Don't do this

use cheddar or colby jack or something
You won't learn to cook shit by following exact recipes, or at least it will take forever. Watch professionals and experienced homecooks on YouTube, preferably ones with good presentation skills who explain why each step is important, and follow their instructions. You will begin to know what you're doing pretty quickly. Marco Pierre White is a good example, as is Gennaro Contaldo. Cooking isn't exact and it's about what you make it.
>healthy recipes
>pasta with cheese and butter
>not too many veggies
There are girls who cook, but they tend to have their own cookie-cutter blogs which have the words "healthy" "natural" and "mom" in the title and attempt to pass off recipes painstakingly copy-pasted from allrecipes.com as their own.

Nobody without a Y chromosome watches your shitty Chinese cartoons.
Sliced cheddar cheese is like fucking wax on its own and its more expensive than kraft singles
>and most importantly - foolproof recipe

This is baby's first thread.

I dont expect her to make wild mushroom arancini with mozarella.
/ck/ is filled with obese people so don't expect many healthy recipes.
beans (with tomato paste, spices and water) and bread
Except for baking.
You need to be pretty exact to get things to taste right when baking.
Black beans, brown rice and sliced sausage.
Add fresh red onions.cuban seasoning is good too.

Cheap, easy, healthy and tasty
If you want to go really simple to the point where it's barely even cooking:

Throw some (boneless, skinless) chicken breasts on a sheet of parchment paper on a baking tray. Add a little lemon juice, then whatever seasonings seem like a good idea (rosemary is a good choice, pepper, basil, pretty much anything that you think would taste alright with chicken). Put in oven 20 mins on each side at 350F. Maybe steam some veggies on the side (buy a bag of frozen veggies, follow directions), and (people call me crazy) but I think a handful of sliced peaches goes really well with it. Rice is also good.

Really basic simple dish, you might already be beyond this point, but if not it's a good thing to build on.
Love this site.
>mangled the English language

Yeah, it was so indecipherable. If you were able to tell what the "error" was to the point of divining what she actually meant, it's not really a noteworthy error, is it?

Look who's the piece of shit idiot now.
I'll second this. When I'm tired or lazy my go to meal is a piece of meat (fish or chicken is my go-to, sometimes steaks) and a bunch of frozen veggies. Normally I just parboil the veggies but sometimes I roast them (almost as easy). It's very little effort, incredibly cheap (like 1-2$ a meal for very good nutrition).

Then if you want carbs take it easy and just bake a potato or something to start off (super easy, just throw it in the oven and wait). Then move up to rice, and finally the world is your oyster.

In case that's not specific enough, here is my go to:
1) Pre-heat oven to 375
2) Take 1 frozen salmon filet (usually half a fish) and toss it on non-stick baking pan. Toss in oven when it's heated and cook for time it says on package (usually 20-30 mins).
3) In sauce-pan/something that can hold boiling water and be heated add water and heat it until it's boiling (like really boiling hard).
4) Salt the water a little bit. Pour in frozen veggies (for parboil things like peas and mixed veggies work well, just stay away from frozen peppers/mushrooms/onions).
5) Let boil only until they gain colour and are hot. You don't want to cook them too long or they become mushy.

That's it.
>look for authenticity. ..
You dont even need lemon, some olive oil or even egg whites work too
Heres a cooking tip for a beginner.

Besides spices or water, if the recipe calls for more than 8 ingredients, its generally going to be out of your ability.

Practice a bunch. Watch shows about cooking. Watch tutorials on how to cut veggies or how to bake meat and desserts
Honestly you don't need anything really, all of those will give it a nice (and different) flavour though.

Also wondering wtf seasoning is on there. Doesn't look like basil or rosemary.
Looks like garlic, red pepper flakes, cardomum seeds and black pepper
You type like a soccer mom
Add mayo, lettuce, tomato, turkey and cheese between two pieces of bread.

Then dont leave the kitchen
I posted that, good eye Anon..
I thibk it's fennel, not cardamom
Was totally cardamom.

Also as an aside, the smell of freshly ground cardamom (I buy them taken out of the pds but still whole seeds and grind them in a mortar and pestle) really does something for me.
A nice little tofu salad my mom always makes.

1 garlic clove
1 cucumber
1/5 green onion
1 packaged tofu, firm

Blend soy sauce, vinegar, a bit of sugar to taste in a bowl. Slice the cucumber into thin strips, I think the proper term is julienne strips. Mince the garlic. Toss into the bowl and add the tofu. Blend together, don't mess the tofu up too much, keep it in bite sized chunks. sprinkle green onion on top. If you want it spicy, add some Chinese chili sauce.
Let me start off by saying I fucking sucked at cooking until my French gf showed me that I was just over-complicating things. Anon's gf's recipe of ease; impossible to fuck up:


>Mushrooms of any kind you like
>Olive Oil

>Basil (dried is fine)

>Do whatever it is the spaghetti packet tells you to do
>Cut up mushrooms into chunks or slivers
>Heat a fry pan with olive oil on medium heat, add garlic now
>Once its hot throw in the mushrooms, cook until you think they're done, once cooked take the pan off the heat
>If the pan goes dry before the mushrooms are done, add more olive oil so it doesn't burn
>Leave to cool down for a minute so the pan doesn't explode when you add the cream
>Add the cream, as much as you think necessary for the quantity of spaghetti you made
>Put pan onto a low heat until the cream goes grey from the mushrooms (should be about 30-60 seconds)
>Taste and add salt if needed
>Put sauce ontop of spaghetti and grate cheese if you want
I should add that you can put anything else you like in as well, just add it during the mushroom frying stage; spinach goes well I think.

Fried Rice or Stir Fry is easy as well.

>Heat up a pan to medium
>Cook any vegetables, egg, tofu or meat you want in a pan (if you're having meat cook that first obviously)
>Put soy sauce, honey, garlic etc. in whilst cooking this
>Once you think everything is adequately cooked chuck the cooked rice or noodles into the pan tossing and stirring as you go
>taste it, does it need more soy sauce or honey?
>needing directions to stir fry
Another easy one:

Japanese Fried Panko Tofu

>Crumb the tofu with panko bread crumbs (google if you don't know how)
>Fry over medium heat until both sides are a golden brown
>serve over rice and leafy green mix (can buy premixed from the supermarket)
>Put on teriyaki, miso or soy sauce and mayonaise

Sushi is easy and cheap as well, just look up a youtube video it's too hard to describe with text
>tfw normies talk about 'grammar'
Here are some tips:
1. Do not over season, go easy and season, taste season taste until it is right. Over seasoning is the most common rookie mistake.
2. If you over salt then pour out liquid and replace with water. Forget about adding potatoes or bread to remove salt. It doesn’t work.
3. Do not try and rush things. Cooking is chemistry and sometimes you need low heat and time for things to work out properly.
4. Use sauces to add flavor, color and texture.
5. Presentation of the meal is as important as the cooking.
6. Avoid over cooking veggies. Asparagus or broccoli are much nicer with a crunch instead of mush.
7. Use the right oil for the right cooking method. Canola oil or peanut oil are best for high temperature frying. Olive oil adds flavor but scorches at high heat.
8. If you boil veggies much of the nutrition leaches into the water. So, use this liquid for a sauce or stock for soup.
9. The best dishes are not necessarily the hardest or the most expensive.
10. A good veggie cook will have a blender, a heavy duty grater, a mandolin slicer and a high quality knife.
"me and my husband" is correct dipshit
I add cardamom seeds to my jasmine and basmati rice. Old indian chef taught me that at his little grocery store.
Honey is optional. Also a good tbsp of toasty sesame seed oil really work well with stir fry.
Cube up 2 avocados, slice 2 cups of mozzarella cheese balls and a pack of cherry tomatoes.

Pour about a quarter cup of balsmic vinegrette and quarter cup olive oil.

Season with a tuscan seasoning mix or herbs de provance. Just a pinch or two.

you're gonna screw up the first time you try anything, never mind your first attempt at cooking. it's all an essential part of learning to do anything. what you should do rather after every new dish is isolate what's exactly wrong with it, what makes it taste off, where did you go wrong in the process. then try to fix those mistakes next time you try it and in no time you'll have a great tasting new recipe under your belt.
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