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Fellow /ck/ brothers, I come to you in my...
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Fellow /ck/ brothers, I come to you in my hour of need.
I've been offered the pastry chef job at my work.
Provided, I can melt some faces with a stellar V-day dessert.
Anyone have suggestions?
Sky's the limit.
I suggest you seek another line of work if you need the slackjawed morons on /ck/ to assist you with something like this.
I'd do profiteroles with strawberry, chocolate, and maybe something almond in/with it.
maybe something like a strawberry mille-feuille?
Thank you for your constructive commentary.
In all seriousness, this is abuot the shittiest place you could ask for advice.....i don't even know why I come to this shit tier board anymore desu
Me either.
I'm just here for a wall of ideas, from which I will spawn my own scheme.
And just to put it out there, I've never done something like this before.
But it's my life dream, and I've been offered a chance.
I have to take it, you know?
Carpe diem and whatnot

Well, try making a thin version of the macaroon biscuit dyed pink and shaped into hearts. Then use two of them to sandwich a layer of raspberries topped with cream. It should look quite pretty, and the heart shapes are thematic.
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Those desserts look like dessert mimics. See how there are fangs between each raspberry? I wouldn't bite those, they would bite back.

For your super-impressive Valentine's Day job-winning dessert, you should make a prinsesstarta with pink tint instead of green.
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heart shaped churro ice cream sandwiches

valentines is just an excuse to eat like a fat ass as long as it looks like a heart and is red color
It's really more an excuse to insist that your boyfriend doesn't get you anything and then sulk for a month when he doesn't.
U mad whiteboi?
How hard is this?
I mean, I'm of the opinion that as long as you can follow directions, it's all easy, but you know what I mean
The closest thing to a hard part is draping the marzipan top over the cake. This was extremely difficult for me because I was a dumbass who tried to make marzipan in a blender. However, if you use properly prepared marzipan, it should roll out smoothly and drape evenly.
Draping marzipan is an essential skill for making even the shittiest cake look good.
marzipan > fondant any day of the week
Pick three of the following which you think will most likely impress your pissant colleagues:
>stabilised foams
>wafer sculpture
>sugar ribbons
>high school chemistry demonstrations
>chocolate work
>liquid gels
>aerosolised oils
>awkwardly seasonal produce
>visual-gustatory pranks, bro
>foraging / "locavore"

For bonus points, explain how the dish really speaks to a hardship you experienced growing up, such as that time some doctor thought your mother might have cancer but after a test he ordered it turned out he'd simply made a completely prudent decision.
I really want to get into sugar ribboning, actually
I got you, OP. I apprenticed to a pastry chef when I was young (as part of a two year apprenticeship to both a chef de cuisine and a pastry chef.)

Anyway, one of the most popular Valentine's desserts I ever made was pretty simple. There were two versions of it, one was called Hot Lips, and the other was called Honey Lips. I
baked a sheet of dense flourless chocolate torte (once it was flavored with Grand Mariner, once it was flavored with Goldschlager). Then I made cut outs using a large cookie cutter shaped like Lips. Then make a stiff cream filling (flavored either orange and honey for the Honey Lips or crystallized ginger for the Hot Lips), or you can do both and offer two versions). Sandwich the cream fillings between two torte lips, and refrigerate. Meanwhile, make a smooth chocolate ganache (again you can flavor this, I like to add a hint of lavender for the Honey Lips, and a hint of Cardamom or more cinnamon for the Hot Lips). Pour ganache over the cakes and let set. Then pipe either orange or red respectively to outline the lips. You can also use gold foil to fill in the Hot Lips, to match the Goldschlager flavoring.
So much this. Marzipan is a gift from the gods to both bakers and lovers of all good things.
Fondant looks beautiful, but has zero taste value, unless you like shit taste.
Thread replies: 21
Thread images: 3
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