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Freeze Dried Food for Mountain House
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So I got a little cabin that I go to, I normally bring hot dogs and ground beef for burgers. Want to try stocking it with freeze dried/powdered goods. For something easy I'm gonna try stocking it with the stuff to make Kraft Mac and Cheese, so I'd need a powdered cheese mix, powdered milk, and powered butter. They sell these big cans of it to survivalists and I was thinking of getting in on that.

What does /ck/ think? Worth while to start stocking up on this kind of stuff or am I insane?
with almost 500 reviews and 4.5 stars still on Amazon I would say go for it. Worst that happens is you don't like it. It's not like you can keep a stock of fresh fruit and vegetables without them going bad quickly and if it's a place you just visit once in a while you can't tend a garden or anything.
This is the same I think and has almost 500 reviews if you didn't see it

What about the powdered milk and butter? Just go for it? I don't see a ton of recipes on using this stuff or even how to convert it to normal measurements
I would buy it and do testing at home in free time and see what the results are honestly. I'm sure you can find some combination you like and write it down or remember it. Then just stock up on elbow macaroni I guess which is super cheap and those containers would make a lot.
Thanks thats the idea, was gonna try the mac and cheese and the freeze dried egg crumble + sausage. Probably get some onions to go long with it
I would also try the powdered milk in grocery stores that you can mix in with water and see how it compares to that brand or one similar. It's way cheaper if it works out the same. Onions are good because they can last a good long time without any really bad consequences and they can bring up flavor in just about anything. You have me wanting to try the same for when I get out camping again, honestly. I would premeasure it all and put the cheese/seasoning mixture in a small ziploc bag and the right amount of elbow mac or whatever in another. That way I wouldn't be carrying a bunch of plastic containers taking up room. But for a cabin it's probably not that important
Camping/back packing is also gonna be the end goal. I really love the Mountain House dinners but i'm looking for a cheaper way to do it + control the salt content more. Idea being to get some ziplock Mylar bags, load it up, then just add hot water on the trail.

Truth me told even while i'm at the cabin i got other stuff I want to be doing besides cooking so the freeze dried meals seem like a good idea.
Got to go to work for now but if this thread is up later on today I'll come back because we can share ideas.
Sounds good, ordered the cheese, butter, and milk off amazon. Gonna mess around to see whats up.
/g/ here, trying to work out this freeze drying thing.
So lets start with ice cream.
You have to keep it cold so it doesn't loose form, then you put it under pressure so it sublimates.
You can either use a cold bit of pipe to catch the water, or a water absorbent polymer.
Then when you turn the vacuum on, under low pressure the water turns straight into gas, then gets absorbed by the polymer or condenses in the tube.

Now, let's say I wanna do the same for strawberries.
I don't need to freeze them so they don't melt, I attach a vacuum pump and either a cold trap or water absorbent polymer to suck up the water, then I put it under pressure so the water sublimates, then the water goes into the absorbent.

Is there any reason to do the second process in a freezer? It seems like it should work just fine without one.

I've even seen videos of people putting ice cream under heat lamps to get it to sublimate faster.

Wait, if the strawberries aren't frozen then the water won't sublimate, just evaporate.
So is the only difference between the two that one evaporates from wet water and the other doesn't go wet so it keeps its form better?
Can you dehydrate just by putting something under low pressure?
Just a bump to keep this alive
Got home later than expected. If this is still up in the morning I will come back. Otherwise I will start one with your OP photo this weekend and see if you're around.

> powdered butter

Why would you get this over canned butter?
Packs smaller, is lighter, and lasts a bit longer.
Did Guy fucking Fieri write that Amazon description?

>knock it out of the park

AFAICS it's the lattice of solids which form during sublimation which give astronaut icecream it's structure, with evaporation stuff which is in solution will just concentrate into the remaining liquid.

I saw the bit about hiking too late, guess it's useful for that.

If it comes in aluminized carton packaging I wouldn't count on it lasting longer than butter in a proper tin though.
Thread replies: 18
Thread images: 1
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