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Chili and "chili" thread?
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Chili and "chili" thread?

Making pic related tonight (just bringing it to simmer in pic).

>crushed tomatoes
>tomato puree
>smoked paprika
>dash cinnamon
>dash ginger
>dash chili oil
Shit goes in the pot

Chop and fry:
>3 red peppers (idk what kind they are, they're just called "chilies" here)
>3 green peppers
>1 dried ancho pepper
>5-6 cloves garlic
>2 onions
Fry these cunts a bit, sear the meat afterwards, niggas goes in pot. Deglaze pan with water and splashes of beef stock, reduce and into pot.

Simmer 2.5-3 hours

r8, h8
>not using ground red chile
>not using ground beef


at least you didn't put carrots in it
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>ground beef
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If it ain’t got beans it ain’t chili, it’s just a spicy meat stew.

Yes, but beans go in later, last 10-15 minutes, can't boil beans for hours unless you want porridge.
Am I a pleb for not preferring beans in my chili? I'd honestly just rather have more delicious meat.
>can't boil beans for hours unless you want porridge

You can if they're dry beans rather than canned.
Alright guys Im planning to make chili this weekend.

I bought around 400 grams of beef shank last week and froze it since I didnt have time to do anything with it.

I usually use ground beef and chuck, is shank a good alternative?
Shank will work fine. Just head to town and trade it for some beans.

True, I only had canned at home though, and it's -26C outside so I'm not going back to the store just for that shit.
Nope. You're only a pleb if you base your taste in food on what the random idiots on this board think it should be.

Eat whatever you enjoy and stop giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks.

Any cut will do, the cooking times just differ a bit to make it good. >>7239389 is boneless outside, for example. Shit's like rubber if you don't slow cook it, but it has great taste and is cheap (works well for pulled beef as well, incidentally)

If you don't like bean in chili and the cook used beans, don't bitch about it -- just go make your own.

If the cook didn't put in beans and you want beans, again, don't bitch about it -- just go make your own.

Beans seriously taste like nothing though. It's just filler. It's frugal to use them, but it's not like there is a loss of relevant taste if they are excluded.
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I'm not the greatest cook, but I made a really simple chili that works pretty well.

>3.5 lbs ground beef
>5-7 jalapenos
>2 red bell peppers
>1 whole white onion
>5 cloves of garlic (can substitute garlic powder if you like)
>3 15oz cans of beans (pick whatever you like, but I personally go with large red kidney beans and black beans)
>Chicken stock (I use 4x of the small cans of swanson chicken broth, which are 14oz each)
>1 tbsp Olive oil
>Chili powder
>*Garlic powder (If you aren't using garlic cloves)
>Cayenne pepper
>Black pepper
>A pinch of sugar

For the spices, I haven't really measured it out, but I do a ratio of 2/1/.90 for Chili pepper, cumin, and garlic powder. Use cayenne pepper to your desired heat level.

>Chop your shit up and remove seeds (I prefer my veggies a little thicker, but you can chop them to whatever fineness you want)
>Mix and brown meat in olive oil after a little seasoning with salt and pepper
>Drain meat, but leave some of the liquid
>Add veggies to pot with a little bit more olive oil and let them saute until fragrant
>Add meat back in
>Add spices and mix together
>Add stock and beans
>Add tomato paste and stir well until it's incorporated
>Bring to a boil and then put heat on low and leave simmering for 1.5 to 2 hours, stirring occasionally.

It's pretty much normalfag chili since I've fed it to even really picky eaters and they liked it. I made it like this since all the fancy chili recipes I looked at had ingredients I couldn't find at my barebones supermarket and I didn't feel like driving to another one. Mushrooms go decently with it too. Also add 1-2 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce for a slightly smokier/spicier taste. You can leave the beans out if you're one of "those." And get a big pot. This makes a shitton of food.
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Store had a deal @ 2.99/lb 80/20gb, got cheapest 3lb package. Half or slightly more than half made into chili, the other 1-1.25lb into taco meat.

>1.75lb ground beef

Chili Base (Saute this shit while browning beef)
>1/2-3/4 green pepper, diced
>Enough diced yellow/sweet onion to make a small mound in your hand
>1 Shallot minced
>1/2 largest jalapeno you can find, diced
>1 Habenero, minced
>4-5 cloves of garlic, minced

Once the beef is brown, and this shit sauteed:
mix veggies with beef, start adding
>Salt(better with the grinder type if your rich)
>Black Pepper(^)
>Chili powder
>Lil cumin
>Lil Red pepper flake

fold that stuff in, add 1 can no salt added fire roasted diced tomatos, 1 can blended to a puree no salt added fire roasted diced tomatoes(or tomato paste, prego, whatever)
Cook on a med/slight med high for near an hour, reduce heat by half let it go another couple hours

result will be a drier chili

If you want the taco reciepe let me know slightly different, but same ingredients.

besides spices I've already accumulated, the meat(9.30) and veggies and other shit I bought(beans for beans and rice, not chili) cost $20. Got food for a couple weeks.
Thread replies: 16
Thread images: 5
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