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Allow me to redpill you on nutrition
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Allow me to redpill you on nutrition

>500mg sodium is all you need, limit intake to 2300mg

4.5-5g sodium intake has the lowest mortality risk. Reducing sodium intake to low levels only reduces blood pressure by ~2%.

And unless you eat seafood daily, 2g (800mg sodium) of added iodized salt ensures you get the minimum 100mcg of iodine each day, which is much more important than a slight decrease in blood pressure.

>Stay out of the sun, you'll get skin cancer! You only need 600 IU Vitamin D

6000 IU has the lowest mortality risk, with 5000 IU being the minimum. You can't get more than 5-10% of that from food. To get 5000 IU you need ~5 minutes full-body exposure at noon in Summer, and ~25 minutes on an overcast winter day (if you're white).

Supplements are insufficient, are not the same chemical form, and cod liver oil has a massive amount of retinol which both inhibits Vit. D and increases mortality.

UV sunlight kills 95%+ of bacteria in 1 minute (reduced acne is an obvious probable benefit), and unlike with supplement intake the body can regulate Vit. D production.

To have good bones, calcium must have Vit. D to go with it.

>Take a vitamin pill goyim!

The vitamins in pills are usually in a different chemical form, are in excessive amounts, are poorly absorbed (1/10th absorption of intravenous, and significantly less than liquid form), and are taken in high unfettered doses the body probably cannot handle.

There is no evidence to suggest that vitamin pills reduce mortality, and it has been shown of some synthetic vitamins that they do not have the same beneficial effects as their natural counterparts.

We have found out the hard way with fructose (diabeetus) and the substitute for it we tried, aspartame (fucks up gut microbiota), as well as with the taking out fiber (diabeetus again) - why would it be any different for vitamins and minerals?
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>Take cod liver oil for Vitamin A and Vitamin D goyim!

You need 3750-5400 IU Vitamin A, but anything above this increases mortality. Most of it should be in the form of beta-carotene, which the body can convert to retinol as it needs to. Retinol intake should be restricted to 400mcg/1333 IU.

It is so easy to get Vit. A (i.e. a single carrot is enough), that it is easy to go over the limit even without supplements. Supplemented Vit. A is usually in retinol form, which will increase mortality.

>45mg Vitamin C is enough

The RDI for Vitamin C is just enough to prevent scurvy, but way too low when it comes to mortality risk. At least 105mg, preferably 120mg or higher is required.

>Don't eat red meat! Go vegetarian!

Red meat is one of the best sources of zinc, which is about as integral to the body as sodium.

I don't think any sane person takes these vegan idiots seriously anymore, but just to ram it even deeper: Plant protein is garbage, and is no substitute for animal protein (chicken is best). A number of minerals and vitamins are inhibited by leafy greens. Vitamin K is a meme vitamin, and while 70mg is preferable, you only need about 10mg.

>Don't drizzle olive oil over everything!

Fats increase the absorption of many vitamins and minerals, and low-fat diets result in the opposite of the desired outcome. Oils are also the easiest way to get high amounts of energy - it is impossible to get enough daily calories through meat & vegetables alone.
my fat fuck friends swear by their supplements. I like to think of my food in terms of color and try to eat every color of the rainbow. (artificial excluded obvi). salt is my one downfall, i'm a sucker for savory.
>it is impossible to get enough daily calories through meat & vegetables alone.
Keto fag detected.

God knows how many more misguided factoids you're laying out here. I'm not even going to read them.

Get fucked kike
feed me moar informations plz.
>meme diets
Take your pseudoscience elsewhere, friendo
>meme vitamin

please stop doing this
>vitamins in pills are usually in a different chemical form
Doesn't matter if it works to cure deficiencies and increase serum levels. See zinc picolinate, gluconate, cholecocalciferol.
>are in excessive amounts, are poorly absorbed
Those contradict. And that's why you can get them in different forms. Nobody takes vitamin D2 or D1 for instances, and nobody should be taking any oxide form of mineral. It's also simple price targeting done by every company ever. That's why stores sell different doses and different forms of the same thing so they can nab price-blind people who have a higher willingness to pay just because they never bother researching.
>1/10th absorption of intravenous
Obviously because nobody is going to be sticking needles in themselves for supplements, not that anyone could afford labgrade forms. Intravenous is usually 100% absorption.
>significantly less than liquid form
They also come in liquid forms.
Sunlight is good but who's going to go outside buttnaked for 20 minutes for his D levels?
>Vitamin K is a meme vitamin
It's alright in its plant form phylloquinone but much better in its MK-7 form for improving calcium resorption and reducing fractures and actually improves vitamin D by clearing excess calcium from arteries.
>Don't eat red meat
WHO released a paper recently documenting that it actually does increase cancer. I don't know if they bothered using grassfed meats that got to graze. Although GMOs have been pretty good byproducts from industrialization, meats have gotten worse. That said meat still tastes good and everyone already knew it increased your risk.

I also don't understand your obsession with mortality rates. Commuting is safer than riding a car. Access to basic medical care and hygiene much more readily improves mortality than knowing the cliffnotes of a nutritionist's lecture. If anything, I just have better cliffnotes.
Other than that, supplements are just that. Supplements. Only idiots tout them as replacements for a decent diet. And if you can't afford supplements, your source of income should be of higher priority than your health. If anything, the only vitamin anyone should supplement is D and it's dirt cheap. Only vitamin D has optimal levels that are never achieved from diet alone, barring sun exposure (even then there's winter). The average person will be content with reaching RDI from diet. Anyone interested in other benefits will likely search on their own.

For you to note:
>Don't rely on mortality rates. Biomarkers for diseases like homocysteine, triglyceride levels, cholesterol levels, things like bloodwork and actual improvements against illness from randomized controlled trials are all anyone should look at.
>Lots of supplements are crap. Some are good. Generalizations help no one.
>Knowing exactly what is the healthiest choice is a long and hard road, not meant for anyone like you or me with just general knowledge

The basics have always been the same. Sleep well, eat right, and exercise. Not too much, not too little. Worrying should be left for the tinkerers and experts but if you really wanted to know more, just take a course in biochemistry or physiology then get subscriptions to online journals or scour the free journal articles around. Examine.com has been a pretty decent place to look at though for convenient wiki-tier knowledge.

You are also touting a low-carb diet in /ck/. All the varieties of rice, (red, black, wild), the many breads, oats, quinoa, pasta - all of these increase risk for mortality? Carbs come in many forms and have many different effects depending on their source. Beta-glucans in oats, anthocyanins in black and red rice, and everything else you can do with them after fermenting - gone just because of a mortality comparison?

Knowledge is a good thing. But incomplete knowledge is either dangerous, or more likely, irritatingly useless.
Good thread. My favourite part was when I bumped it from page 10.
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