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Sewing Room/Organization Thread
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Can we have a sewing room inspo thread? I didn't want to shit up the bedroom one.

I'm finally unpacking from my move and I want ideas!!
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You know. I can't really keep my paints and stuff in my sewing room. But you know what I've found is pretty good for organizing my paints and such?

A rolling tool chest. Especially when you get one with lots of drawers. I have one drawer for craft paint, one holds my fabric paint, one my tape, one for larger paint brushes, etc...

The one I own was my dad's old tool chest. It has a cabinet part at the bottom, so I keep stuff like my drill in there.

It may not be the prettiest thing, but it does keep my stuff organized. I've seen Costco selling a nice wooden looking tool chest. It looked like a large jewelry box.
I guess Costco doesn't sell it anymore but it looks like this and you can find it on Amazon and other sites.

You can also Google stuff like "wooden tool chest" and see some options.
Huh, that's pretty clever. I dont have nearly that much to keep track of paint-wise, but I use pic related instead. Holds all my paints, brushes, glues, palletes, and safety gear (goggles, masks, etc for sanding and woodwork) like a charm, and nicely labeled/accessible too!
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Ikea has lots of good stuff for sewing rooms. I painted a couple of little hook racks (from the kitchen section I think?) and use them for scissors. Makes it so much more convenient to have them all in easy reach.
Is this your sewing room anon? Your set-up is gorgeous.

Yeah, that's our work room. It's great to finally have everything organized
Thank god for this thread! I'm currently remodeling my whole sewing den and need inspiration!
Bumping because I want to see more seagull craft areas.
Your craft room is so nice! What do you keep in the boxes above your desk?

My sewing room atm. Its not super fancy. I'm hoping whenever we can get out of apt living I can really go crazy for decorating and what not.
/r/ing some smaller scale crafting corners, don't have the space for a dedicated room right now and could use some inspiration.
>that double desk
>the wall-mounted organization
I'm in love
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dropping my tiny space and seconding ikea for being a god send
It may be tiny but it's nicely organized.

The last time I had a sewing room, I was still living with my parents. Then my mom made me take all my sewing stuff out and turned it into a storage dump. I think I was more mad that she lied to me about it then anything.
Thank you! Mostly fabric, but a few are kept empty so that we can shove various projects into them to keep them away from the cats.
Off topic, but your Philia cosplay looks so nice.
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Dumping some I have saved (sorry if some of these are repeats from previous threads)
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(quilt summoning circle?)
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dropped pic
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this is closest to how i organise my fabrics; the cardboard keeps both small scraps and larger cuts organised well and it's easy to see how much or little you have of which, as well as to sort them by colour and/or type
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pic related is closest to how i organise my fabrics; the cardboard keeps both small scraps and larger cuts organised well and it's easy to see how much or little you have of which, as well as to sort them by colour and/or type
pardon the double post, i was in the middle of trying to delete the one with the dropped photo and my other one autoposted
perhaps i'm too tired to attempt an image dump rn, will continue later

sage for offtopic
I have been debating on doing the same for my trims. What kind of board are you using?
honestly I just cut up a bunch of old cardboard boxes and it works like a charm, but you could probably use any of a variety of nicer looking things instead
I'm a pretty amateur cosplayer without a dedicated space, but I used to live with a very accomplished seamstress. Here's a few things she really liked:

-A standalone garment rack for hanging in-progress stuff
-One of those folding cutting tables from Joann, they give you tons of room to work on big stuff but can fold away if you need the space
-Good lighting is critical and often ignored. Ott-lites are really nice for sewing, especially when hand stitching, because they reduce eyestrain.
-Cheap sets of plastic drawers are great for fabric storage.
-Having a kitchen-sized trashcan for fabric scraps is really nice, and keeps clutter down
-Having a dedicated, easy-access but out of the way place for a laptop or tablet is a godsend. If I were building a dream sewing room, I'd mount a 37" or so TV on the wall so I could put references on it in large-scale.
-Foam dressforms absolutely blow the hard kind away, if they make your size.
-A hardware store "tool caddy" is excellent for moving your commonly-used tools around the room and keeping them organized at the same time.
-Target sells a "laundry cart," which has three hanging fabric "bins" and a top that can be used as an ironing board. It's a very convenient way of storing things and having a surface to press stuff on at the same time.

These wooden chests are cheap at Harbor Freight and are great for scissors, thread, etc. Definitely worth checking out for a sewing room, and not so "industrial" looking that they're totally out of place in one.
haha thank you! I'm excited to cosplay her at magfest!
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my mum and i share a sewing space so it's absolutely chockers and even though it's quite small we manage to make it work; my dad put in the floor to ceiling shelves on both ends of the room. if i had to hazard a guess, i'd say there's at least 400 patterns and 300-500 meters of fabric stashed in here.
I just bought a desk and drawer yesterday. I think it works perfectly. Enough room for the sewing machine, scale (for weighing things before shipping), and a convient place for the drawer to keep the scissors and extra thread.
In the thumbnail, I thought your power cord was an old fashioned treadle/foot pump. I thought you'd put a modern machine on an old table and got excited.

... still looks good. Just not what I expected.
I'm working on renovating my sewing space, since I moved into a house with a "bonus room" that I use for sewing and crafting. Once I have it painted I plan on redoing like all the storage and shelving in there, and adding shelves to the closet so I can actually find things.
Ooh, that is a good idea. I can also use my filing cabinets for my thread cones, too. My family used to own a sewing company so we have literally storage boxes filled with thread.
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I have returned with more energy and more pics to dump, enjoy!
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not so much inspiration as something to drool over; i love this sewing desk to pieces, especially the pull-out laptop panel for references, etc (though i'd probably knock it over far too many times while sewing)
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table setup.jpg
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Okay so this is excellent inspiration on how I want to reorganize my sewing room once it's renovated/painted. I've been planning on painting it purple, too.

Pic is my current setup. The cubbies are nice, but it's hard getting to the lower ones because of the tables. Which are also currently covered in stuff.
We're the cubbies and table two seperate pieces and you attached them together with the brackets?

Because I'm thinking, maybe you could raise the cubbies up on something like this(but in white), that way you have access to more cubbies, but still have storage underneath. Maybe for larger folds of fabric, your sewing machine/serger/etc... Or a few baskets for misc stuff.
Yeah, it came all together as a kit from Ikea. I wouldn't put it on top of anything else, honestly. And the cubbies are way too small to fit my sewing machine or serger. I have a couple of the boxes that go in them for smaller projects that are finished that I sell on Etsy, so they don't get mixed up or dirty from anything on the floor.
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the stock photo of the kit on the Ikea site
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I have to store some of my sewing stuff in the garage. I have a grey plastic storage cabinet out there.

I go over to daiso and buy their gift boxes and label them.

Sorry about the shitty photo. I'm working on reorganizing things. Stuff was starting to pile up in the office and I picked up some more daiso boxes and plastic shoe boxes to organize stuff today.
OP here, this thread has helped so much! Thank you so far.
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Any ideas for thread storage? Mine's in a fishing tackle box right now, but I'm wondering about something that could stand on my sewing desk since I'm not allowed anything on the walls. So far I've seen freestanding racks and drawers with thread holders in them - basically I want something where it's easier to see at a glance what thread colours I have, and also difficult to mess up (I am often guilty of chucking bobbins and thread back into the bottom of the tackle box rather than into the little slots)

The vertical racks are great. You can easily drill a couple small holes and put it on the wall. Some of them would be good to store bobbins on too, but I keep mine in a clear-lidded tin on the magnetboard in front of my desk, since I only have a few
I'm not allowed to put anything on the wall (brand new paint, so they don't even want 3M hooks) which is why I'm looking for stuff that's freestanding. It looks like the vertical ones are good though, so I might go with that. I have enough thread for a whole medium sized tackle box...
I keep my modern machine on an old singer and it's really nice because I get to use the drawerers but it can be frustrating sometimes because I think the vibrations have caused the foot pedal to come loose and move sometimes. It's a bit of a bother considering I keep my modern footpedal ontop of the table's pedal (since it's so big and putting it elsewhere can be uncomfortable). 5/10 wouldn't suggest desu lol.
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My corner is nothing pretty so no pictures, but one thing I did that's a godsend is hammer up a couple nails and hang up one of those over the door shoe holders. It gives me about thirty pockets to store notions and tools and stuff, which is really helpful because I don't have the floor space for a dedicated cabinet or anything.
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my mom got me this for Christmas, since I don't have wall space for more vertical racks. It comes with a spool of each color in the photo, but has room to hold up to 3 spools of each. It's great for organizing. All of my sewing machines have come with little racks built into them for my bobbins, so that's where I keep them once I've wound them.
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this is almost exactly my dream room holy shit

seeing this thread makes me wanna redecorate but i'm constantly going between my dorm and my parents' home. definitely saving some pics as inspo for when i move out though!
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(probably better for quilters but could work if you have small cuts of fabric vs. huge bolts)
>them tags on boxes
THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVER. I could never come up with a way to label mine
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They're a cute idea. They're a lot cuter then what I have on my boxes. >>8853439

Google cute printable labels seems to bring up a lot of free options. I even saw stuff for Canon's Japanese site with rilakkuma.
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