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Panel (Horror) Stories
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Every time I've been to a convention I've stuck to the videgame room/arcade, artist alley, and dealer's room, but this year I want to start going to panels. So I want to hear all stories: the good, the bad, and the ugly.all
>Really like Dangit Ron Paul, but have 0 interaction with the fanbase
>Go to a panel sbout it at a con
>Panel is a bunch of teenage girls in bad cosplay acting out their fanfiction
>sit through the whole thing because I felt it would be rude to leave and morbid curiosity

My rule now is guest only panels or bust.
>>sit through the whole thing because I felt it would be rude to leave
pffft... grow some balls and walk out. Just stare at the door and bee line your way out, nobody cares, everybody has a life.

If you want to be rude though, rather blatantly, as you pick up your things and leave put your cellphone up like you have to meet someone and say "yeah I'm on my way, this panel is <insert comment>" I've seen people do that too, only ones who will hear it are the people nearest you as you walk out. Annoying but hey everyone has their own opinion and shit, I'd respect that too.
The only really scary panels are the ones where the hosts don't show up or with audience feedback.
Then every autistic schmuck hogs the mic and talks about that experience they think is really funny but isn't at all.
I went to a yaoi panel as a joke and it was absolutely traumatic yet hysterically funny in a 'I'm absolutely terrified but there is humour in this' kind of way

>Be at yaoi panel
>Panel host asks for participants from audience
>Participants have to stick a cucumber between their legs and pop their partner's balloon which is also in between their legs
>Mfw watching strangers hump and gyrate on each other
>Guy in his late 20s grabs young girl and literally starts piledriving her
>Tears were shed that day
One Anime Boston a couple years back there was an "Ask Organization XIII" panel. I've been a kingdom hearts fag since I was in elementary school, so I put it on my to-do list.
>Find out Panel gets switched to midnight and replaced with Vocaloid 101
>Wait outside room to open up. Hosts aren't even there yet.
> Hosts show up at 12:45.
> Door opens and 6 people sit in the 20+ chairs
> The hosts are a Zexion, some guy in a black hoodie with a buzzcut and Aqua.
> Spend the rest of a two hour panel watching these autists tell each other sexual jokes and beg for audience participation.
> Go back to hotel and consider commiting suicide.
>mfw hosting a dangit ron paul panel at upcoming convention
Having only been to Homestuck panels, 99% of them are the most painful things to sit through. It's amazing that there is still one at nearly every con.
Reposting my favorite panel story. It's old but still makes me laugh.

>Be me at Otakon 2006. Friends check schedule for any interesting panels. Usual weeby shit that was common back in the day, nothing that interesting until:
>Do It Yourself Bukkake: 18+ Workshop.
>No description.
>Everyone is dying to know what the fuck this is. Is it a sex panel? Is it a larp? WHAT IS IT??
>Every time we run into someone, the conversation inevitably becomes "have you heard about this insane workshop? I'm going. Are you going? I'm totally going."
>The workshop time approaches and we show up an hour early. The line is already stretched across the entire 3rd floor.
>Pile into the room. People on the floor, in the isles, chattering away and dying to know what the fuck this is. Everyone is super pumped.
>A lone girl in furry ears and unrecognizable cosplay meanders up to the stage and begins fiddling with papers. She slides a piece of uncolored Wolf's Rain yaoi fanart onto the projector and takes the mic.
>"Yeah so there was a misprint in the program guide. This is actually "Draw It Yourself Bukkake."
>Immediately 1/3 of the room gets up and leaves.
>Stick it out because we sat in line for an hour, how bad can this be?
>For half an hour this chick slides pic after pic of her Wolfs Rain yaoiz onto the projector and describes what makes it an "interesting" piece of art. Goes into great detail about her OC (who she is dressed as) who makes an appearance in half of them.
>Everyone looks like they want to die until she passes out paper and suggests that we draw our own yaois.
>The next thirty minutes is saved by people drawing terrible joke art (Penises on a Plane, gigantic dick people, etc), which she then tries to genuinely evaluate and critique with a serious face.
>Otakon is slightly more picky about panels nowadays.
>free one day university anime con
>oh cool an Okami panel
>sit down in small room made for like 15 people.
>kid in charge gets started. Can barely hear him.
>as he continues with panel he starts sweating more and more profusely
>guy in a long coat walks in the panel halfway through with a real chocolate cake he's been carrying around the con and sits down
>everyone stares
>"it's my son's birthday "
>I'm thinking it's some wierd inside joke or some homefuck stuff
>panel is finished with over a half an hour to spare. Fuck this shit.
If there is any indication of a panel being this autistic I just leave. I don't care if they think I'm rude.

I remember this story.

It's such a good read lol
>Japan Expo USA 2014
>Gen Fucking Urobuchi is guest
>US con is run by French group
>French translator clearly struggling to translate Japanese to French to English and back again
>Fatasses can't seem to see this and ask complex question like "I hear you once struggled with a dark cloud of depression and you managed to escape from the valley of the shadow of death how do you think that has affected your soul and the soul of your art."
>Only panel room in small building that's also shared by the martial arts demo dojo
>Speakers and videos constantly interrupted by martial arts grunts and smacking weapons
Opposite of a horror story
>few years ago
>otakon 2012 (i think)
>be 15
>cosplaying obscure english vocaloid
>go to vocaloid photoshoot
>meet people there who are hosting a panel on the history of vocaloid software
>get invited to help host the panel
Fucking my sides, that's too funny wish I could have seen that.
>be at Sakura con 2015
>stood in line with 5 other buddies
>secret fate/stay night panel
>stood for an hour in line not a clue
>panel starts
>surprise mother fucker
>got to see first 3 episode of fate/stay night unlimited blade before anyone in America.
>no cameras allowed since the show wouldn't come out until couple months later.
>mfw got to see shit before anyone else, and tell the tales to my otaku buddies
Mkay then...
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>tfw you will never go to a Do it Yourself Bukkake Workshop
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>be weeb back in the days
>host "Ask the Orgy XIII" panels
>do this for 2-3 years
>each time getting volunteers a half hour before the panel
>all it entailed was an hour of 'meeting' the volunteers and letting them say/do whatever they wanted while I and co-hosts say snarky 'in character' shit in response
>no clue why I was so proud of this damn panel
>finally quit doing them
>realize when I did so that I actually had fans for it
>get a bunch of gifts from them when they find out it's my last year before I 'retire' from the fandom
>mfw I am the horror for doing this to impressionable youths back in the day
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>Immediately 1/3 of the room gets up and leaves.
>AWA 2015
>looking at panel sheet with friend
>Live Penguin Liposuction!
>u wot mate
>read description
>it's basically they had a penguin volunteer from the local zoo and they're going to perform liposuction surgery on it in front of the audience!
>can't justify staying up until 1-2am to see it
>thankfully a seagull goes
>dude didn't think anyone would show up
>shows penguin videos from Youtube and shares snack foods
>kinda sad I missed it
Does that can say Moon Mist?
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Similar story to yours
>Otakon 2013
>Oreimo S2 finale, 3 episodes back to back
>no cameras allowed because same as what you said
>even the author is there
>room of 500-700 people shouting as girls getting BTFO left and right, fistfights, then imouto marriage
That was one crazy showing
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>I love Django Ranma 1/2
>watched the popularity slowly die as the fandom became worse
>it's a really dark fucking video game series
>every outsider thinks it's a fucking joke because of the fandom
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yeah, it's faygo.
Oh shit that sounds fun as fuck
>went to an hour long Pokemon Panel
>The host spent 10 minutes on anime, manga, TCG and video games
>spent the last 50 minutes talking about Twitch plays Pokemon

I went to a panel on Dank romper back when it was first was picking up popularity. The girls running the panel simultaneously told us nothing about it while also giving out tons of spoilers.
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It really was. The author looked like he was having a ball.

Some good cosplayers there too.

Why are you posting in this thread?
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>Animethon panel, panel on Tales
>Cosplaying as obscure Tales character
>Goes to panel
>VA cannot talk about Tales because of contract
>Super awkward first half of panel where she is clearly improvising and has no idea what to do
>Second half hijacked by League assholes asking League questions when there are several League panels later that day the VA will be at

I wanted to leave but I didn't want to be rude. Still, know better than to go to a panel like that ever again...
Man, there are like no good Tales panels. I feel your pain anon. I went to one quiz show Tales panel at AWA 2014 and it was okay, but the room was huge and they basically didnt have microphones. I left after like 20 minutes.

Later on I went to a local con (still large though) where this way overweight girl cosplaying Muzet was hosting some Tales events. I went to the panel. They couldnt get the equipment working for like the first 20 minutes and there were only like 10 people in there anyway. She had next to no content planned. I would have left if I wasnt sitting in the 2nd row. The only good thing about the panel was that the guy they had running their slideshows was a huge Tales nerd, could pull trivia questions out of thin air about pretty much every game. But again, there were only like 10 attendees, one of them dressed as 'modern day' Mikleo months before Zestiria came out.


Just curious, are you going to try to go to Aselia con someday?
I live all the way up in Canadaland so probably not. I hear it's good though, so it's kind of a shame.
Yeah, I live in Florida so Texas is pretty far for me too. Especially transporting Tales cosplays, which have a tendency to have delicate props/weapons or designs. I'd still like to go someday, though.
My Arria staff broke after driving to and back from a convention in another city. I know that pain, man.

We're kinda getting off topic here though.
The funny part is that most of them either read the LP or watched the anime. Rarely if ever will you find someone who's actually played the damn game.
To be fair for a while the LP was all anyone had to understand the series. There's no excuse now though not to play it

Another similar story, tho not in con

>Madoka Magica movies 1&2 just came out in Japan
>There's a special madoka night with both movies in a movie theater in my city (my city is a great city)
>ofc it turns out as a huge madokafags meetup
>90% of the audience already knew the anime by heart (spoilers incoming)
>whole theater starts laughing at each kyubey line
>a wave starts when mami gets eaten
>the crowd explodes when homura kills kyubey with the shotgun
>homufags start chanting her name
>the day after, on facebook
>attention whore complains that she couldn't enjoy the movie because of us
I hate spoiling the first time people see a great movie but ... it felt so awesome atm.

>yesterday, kizumonogatari premiere in my city
>try to focus and enjoy the movies
>stupid assholes keep laughing out loud and shouting
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???? You realize you're complaining about the same shit you took part in and just finished bragging about??
Kek, this comment made my day.

I was one of the girls that did the cosplay specifically for that event, the author was DYING at how everyone was reacting to the finale.
Three years panelist for an Evangelion panel. Half the audience is cosplaying. People laugh and learn more about the series. We take it seriously but have a great time.
It was a pleasant experience and I wanted to share it with you
>Supernatural con
>Matt and Richard doing their panel
>some girl 'asks a question' which is just her shouting DID YOU KNOW TODAY IS WORLD TURTLE DAY? and generally being autistic about fucking turtles

>Jensen comes on
>Girl gets given the mic and proceeds to have a 'panic attack'

I s2g these girls must read the tumblr stories about guests giving them a hug or whatever and try to get them to do it. Same thing happened to Tom Felton except the girl didn't even have a question, she just cried and said 'I want to marry you'
>run overview style panel on popular series
>fill room twice over
>well received, decide to run again next year
>ask politely for larger room
>get to room
>not even half size of previous room
>turn away at least 3/4 of line, feel terrible
>mention to panel staff politely
>"oh, we booked a second panel on the series late tonight"
>ok, sounds fair, share the love
>check out other panel, also overview/intro style
>11 pm
>4 other people in audience
>panelists just talk about their waifus for an hour

I know room scheduling is hard but it sucked
I want to go to a supernatural con so bad but I fear not having any fun because of secondhand spaghetti
I think that's the point. They know. That's why they feel bad.
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I think I may have taken a photo of you...

Meduka is understanding because it's already aired and you know what's gonna happen. Kind of annoying for Kizu though, some people have waited years for it.
The worst thing I ever experienced was standing in line and waiting for a photo with Benedict Cumberbatch, the people in front of me were in shitting Sherlock and John cosplays and one girl was like 'I'M HYPERVENTILATING I'M GOING TO FAINT'

The supernatural con I went to was really good, most questions were streamed beforehand. If you can and you're in Australia try AHBL, but Matt and Richard didn't screen questions, they just ran around the whole room, hence turtle day.

I suppose I can drop a positive story about the BC panel just to keep on topic
>organisers fucked up the time
>panel was meant to be first, obviously
>'we've changed it! photos first, then autographs, then panel!'
>which makes it super awkward and a lot of people missed the photos because they hadn't put up an official time
>end of the night
>'And this is going to be the last question'
>BC: 'No it's not! Shout out your questions'
He continued with no mics until the organisers gave up and he pushed it back for about an hour. The organisers were so shitty though except that they banned questions about shipping, relationships, religion and politics which lead to some really interesting and actually good discussions.
Can you not read that this is for horror stories not fuzzy bunny feel good stories?
I've been to several Supernatural cons and they've been pretty chill, mainly full of middle aged women and teens. It depends on which state you are in I guess. I go to the one in Vegas and its already expensive as hell so it weeds out the majority of the cringe fest.
>So I want to hear all stories: the good, the bad, and the ugly
read the op before you behave like a thundercunt
>very small con (like its pretty much just three hallways in a hotel)
>friend talks me into attending yaoi panel/showing
>its literally the last thing going on that night at 2 am
>there's only like three staff people left up at this point
>one is running front badge check, one running ID check and giving out 18+ bracelets, and one standing at yaoi panel door checking for bracelets
>at some point just before panel starts, a huge surge of people come in all proudly and energetically waving their 18+ bracelets at the staff at door
>they are super clearly underaged but they do have the bracelets and the staff clearly just wants to get done and go to sleep so they get let in
>its even rowdier than normal yaoi panels with extra screaming and giggling
>there's a boy in a misa costume next to me maybe 13/14 years old, looking horrified yet entranced by the super graphic bizarre yaoi clips they found to play
>next day end up running into some kids talking about it next day during a photoshoot
>turns out the ID check staff was half asleep and/or drunk and was just letting people take bracelets without checking anything
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First (and worst) panel experience.
>AN 2010
>friend convinces me to come onto the One Piece panel, eh why not
>all goes well until the manga discussion
>major character death, audience is very somber.
>unintentionally made a fisting joke to a room of 100+ people to lighten the mood
>big mistake
>room goes dead silent
>saw two 12 year old girls sitting three rows from the front, ask their dad what "fisting" meant.
>dads face turned pale as a sheet instantly
>thank god the panel ended a few seconds later
>make a beeline for the exit.
>avoided the panel area for the rest of the con
>Having to explain fisting to your children, knowing well that they'll look it up themselves if you don't.
Ah. The joys of parenting.
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>>saw two 12 year old girls sitting three rows from the front, ask their dad what "fisting" meant.
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>AAC 2013
>go through con panel list, something catches my eye
>Ponies After Dark: The Clopocalypse 2: Clop Til' You Drop (yes that was the actual name of the panel)
>decide why the fuck not and go to it with one of my friends
>9pm which was pretty early for 18+ panels
>go in to room
>bunch of fat guys hosting panel
>they proceed to show this slide which my friend took a picture of
>the guys start to show my little pony porn on the screen as they tell us how hot the pictures are
>eventually some dude in a pony kigurumi humps one of the guys hosting the panel
>me and my friend sitting in the back laughing our fucking asses off

we still talk about this panel to this day because it was just so surreal
>Is clop contagious?

My fucking sides.
Anon I am so sorry for what I'm about to post but let's just hope it was someone from /mlp/ trolling for our the sake of our sanity.

>see a panel on cosplay videos so kinda interested
>bunch of teenage girls in Hetalia cosplay running the panel
>they show off their music videos featuring more Hetalia
>filmed in the middle of the park with people walking their dogs behind them staring
>another filmed on someone's stairs in their house
>mostly crappy dancing around and horrendous acting
>no lighting
>no effort to even correct the colour or contrast in post
>find out they were using the same equipment and software I was using 10 years ago which makes it even more embarrassing that they can't use it properly
>cringe at how proud they are of their shit and their tiny audience is worshipping them

My friend and I were sitting there the entire time giving each other that "are you serious?" side-glance constantly. That was definitely one of the worst panels I've been to. The second-hand embarrassment was real.
Kuroneko is either really in character or fully aware she is surrounded by the worst cosplayers at the convention.
>That pregnant Pan tshirt
>dance in the vampire bund

oh shit, I'm not sure if they're trolling or not, but it kind of seems like they might be embellishing a little bit at least.
I just got home from the smallest and most surreal con experiences of my life. Green text to come.
>At this small con at penn state with roommates
>roommates are both film majors and ond of their thesis films is on cosplay
>other roommate and myself are dragged along
>"Lets go to the masquerade"
>sure anon lets go
>Literally everyone in the con is in this room
>the same MC for every single major panel
>He's dead inside and you can tell
>Masquerade starts
>I zoned out for most of it, but there are three that stood out to me the most
>Mid 30s Sango
>She meekly makes her way onto the stage
>MC hands her Mic
>whispers into mic
>"i was supposed....to do this....with my husband....but there was...."
>"....a malfunction..."
>music starts
> "I want you to want me" by cheap trick karaoke version starts playing
> Begins to sing meek and quiet version but changed "trying" to "flirting"
>chorus part for three minutes
>less than 200 people in this room
>Know if i laugh everyone is going to hear
>roommate is doing this dumbass dance to the song
>Stare into the abyss
>Girl dressed as either mion or shion from higurashi
>Comes onto stage with a folding chair
>Girl begins to lip sync to pre recorded shit from the show then laughs in her real voice at the top of her lungs
>Butt rock begins to play
>for the next three minutes this girl swung her legs violently all around the stage, did the splits, slammed her chair on the ground several times, jumped off the chair, spread eagled her legs more than four times, attempted to do gymnastics.
>only wearing one shoe
>Every time she lands the entire stage shakes because she's as dense as a collapsing star
>Ends the skit by laughing even louder while standing on the chair and then jumping down off of it onto her knees
>walks off stage in a huff
>Snake and Rose have to do a dance off because there's so little people at this con that the MC had to choose two random people from the audience to come up
>Rose is disgusting
>Mr.Universe shirt
>White trash bedazzled ripped jeans
>Wearing two wigs stacked together
>The Rose proceeds to get extremely violent
>pushes the snake off the stage
>which is more like a raised platform
>he can't see cuz he's in the snake box or whatever
>get gets kinda back on stage when she's busy walking around in circles shaking her ass
>She pushes him off the stage again, this time punching a considerable sized hole in the snake's box prop
>Audience boos
>Snake wins dance off
>all of this took place in less than an hour
>Briefly apart of the Homestuck craze that hit cons around that time.
>Decide to attend a late night Homestuck panel with a few friends.
>No con moderator.
>No one carding at the door
>Proceed to watch poorly painted teenagers make sex jokes and preform sexual acts on each other.
>An overweight Dave cosplayer took off his shirt and had his nipple licked by a girl in the audience.
>Dave proceeded to hand out business cards for his xvideo account.

I still can't believe I witnessed this monstrosity at such a small convention.
>last month at Ikkicon
>decide to check out the "Confidence in Cosplay" panel because hey, why not, I could use some self-esteem pointers today
>room opens up on time but the host is fifteen minutes late, saying she got stuck in traffic and her co-host got sick at the last minute
>proceeds to speedread the fuck out of her presentation, which essentially boiled down to "~*cosplay is for everybody dont be a bully guyz*~" and going into stuff like padding and body shapers and excessive makeup, which are hilariously contradictory points
>panel is over in 15-20 minutes
>the most interesting thing I saw in that panel was an Osomatsu-san cosplayer practicing dance moves outside our window with some Love Live girls
>California conventions
>American Anime Otaku shows up and loudly makes commentary over panelists
>forces his business cards down everyone's throats
>tries to take over panel
>does not understand what a complete aspie he is and ignores warnings from staff and convention attendees telling him to shut the fuck up
>"Manga series you must read"
>All people don't fit in the room
>All the mangakas host mentions are/were drawing yaoi
>Would like to leave but friend wants to stay till the end
>Later find out the host is HC yaoi fan
>Hentai Night panel at small con
>play a hilariously stupid, badly dubbed hentai first as a tradition to get some laughs before playing new stuff, which is usually just as ridiculous
>one year, staff running panel gets drunk and loses flash drive with the hentai on it
>95% of people attending are there to laugh and have attended the panel traditionally in the past
>one girl raises her hand and says she can play stuff on her external harddrive
>plugs it into the projector
>she starts playing yaoi and yuri with romantic serious plotlines and is intently watching with her friends during sex scenes
>crowd gets bored and starts calling out for her to play something more silly
>girl literally stands up, picks up her chair and throws it, absolutely furious
>people tell her to calm down and fuck off
>storms off with her friends, bursting into tears while they console her
>staff still doesn't have the flash drive, panel is ruined for the first time in years
We should invent a new STD named The Clop.
"Dude, stay away from the bronies, I heard they have the clop"
I feel a little bad for her.
>host leatherworking workshop panel
>third one in series on detailing
>have work table set up so everyone can hammer/press designs into circular leather medallions
>pile of medallions in center
>was too busy helping set up AV to notice this 10 y/o girl hamming little concentric circles into each medallion center


>workshop panel was ruined because no fresh leather medallions
>call con security
>con security loses his shit when he sees this young girl with 30 boob medallions hanging from her neck
>girl starts crying
>where the fuck are parents
>parents were there whole time watching
Saw some costumed couple fondling eachother back in 2013 during a cosmetics panel. To this day I still can't figure out their gender because their costumes were full body. /cgl/ informed me it was from some light novel. Pg-13 stuff but still something that stuck with me

AAC is where bad panels go to die, holy shit.
Supernatural fans have been the most annoying fans at panels I've ever encountered. The worst one was when Mark Sheppard came for a panel. He was amazing, but if someone asked a non-Supernatural question, the Supernatural fans would talk straight through it about the last question/the photo they took of him just now/whatever they planned to ask him when it was their turn, and it was really fucking annoying. The number of obnoxious Supernatural fans in the room (as opposed to fans of other things he's done, or respectful Supernatural fans) was quite high, and they were all pretty young. A good chunk of the room was basically talking over him if he wasn't talking about Supernatural, including the two clusters of girls on either side of me and my friends.

At one point, he actually told a couple of people to shut up while he was answering another fan's question, because they were "really being quite rude". The quiet after that remark lasted a few minutes at best.
So did the parents say/do anything?
Why didn't she just title it accordingly? It wouldn't be cringe if she just called it "Yaoi manga series you must read"
I went to a late night homestuck panel. It was exactly like you'd expect it to be. The hosts were removed from the con after about half a hour when someone reported the clearly underage drinking they were openly partinking in mid panel.
>Second ever convention
>Convince photographer friend to come along
>Her first convention ever, just there to take photos
>"Let's go to this 16+ game panel!"
>She's not into it
>We go anyway
>In line we meet an L cosplayer
>He is 1/10 greasy af with stained white shirt, acne, gel-spiked hair, and yellow teeth
>Why am I gonna judge this random dude?
>He compliments my cosplay
>Calls me pretty
>10/10 compliment I'm 16 and like the ego boost
>Get into panel
>He sits next to me, pulls his chair up closer so he's slightly in front of me
>Probably so he can turn around and talk, okay, whatever
>His 3/10 girlfriend shows up late dressed as Misa, also with acne and poorly styled hair
>She straddles his lap mid panel
>They start making out
>Everyone starts cheering them on
>I'm so young, so innocent
>First time I've seen people kiss with tongues
>And I meant their tongues are EVERYWHERE
>And they're six inches from my face
>He pauses to look at me
>"Uhhh okay friend let's go"
>We leave the panel early
>Rush down the hall
>Trying to lighten the mood, I turn to friend
>"Have you gotten any interesting pictures so far?"
>Dead stare
>"Only the image now burned into my mind"

We never talked about it again and I just sort of pretended it didn't happen. San Japan's panels are pretty shit anyway so I don't go to many of them.
Lmao for a second I thought you were gonna say she took pics of the makeouts
Aw. This is sort of sad.

Being mocked for your interests sucks, especially if they're already super fringe.

At the same time it's pretty hilarious.
>>Dave proceeded to hand out business cards for his xvideo account.
what the actual fuck?
Was this from Setsucon this year?
This is like a gender bend Anime Club comic
not OP but yup. the setsu masquerade has never been good though so these stories are par for the course honestly
Yikes. Good thing I didn't attend this year.
>Be me at PAX East
>Panel, "Starting a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign"
>I want to start one, sounds relevant to my interests
>Decide to go
>Panel comes in - including a girl
>Me being girl thinks nothing of it
>During introductions, apparently she wrote some book about being a female dungeon master
>O-okay... (Why not just a dungeon master? Wait a minute...)
>Clench my buttcheeks, preparing for the oppressed feminism gamer girl agenda I mistakenly signed up for
>The whole panel is dedicated to this woman going on and on about how "Girls can play D&D too!!! It's not just for boys!! I'm like, a way harsher DM than da boyz!! My character is a sexy female sorceress :3~"
>Literally, they don't let up on the fact that "girls can play D&D too
>Other male panelists are white knighting talking about how great female D&D players are
>I am so aggravated the entire time
>Leave before the panel is over
>Never learned how to create a character or start a campaign
>Bought a D&D starter book later that day and read it
>Learned more than panel
>Never went back to PAX
>...A malfunction
What does this mean? What the fuck happened to her husband?
>Django Ranma 1/2

Is this Boktai? The Gameboy Advanced series about vampire hunting, right? The one whose game cartridges had solar sensors as a gimmick?
>At AX
>Hentai fandubbing panel
>Don't know what to expect
>Go with my boyfriend
>Shits hilarious
>Egg the couple next to us into volunteering
>The girl gets offended we told her to do it and it disgusted
>The host of the panel tells people to raise their hands
>She raises her hand and jumps up and down yelling "PICK ME"


>They didn't get chose
>Girl that was chosen goes up
>Kareoke-style hentai scene dubbing commences
>Girl gets super into it
>Starts making up dialogue and moaning when it shouldn't be there
>Everyone is dying
>Panel host is like "lol what the fuck"
>Eventually get kicked out of the panel by staff because it was too full
you didn't miss much but for me i'm an alumni so i had a great time with old friends and that's about it. at this point i wouldn't recommend the con for somebody actually trying to have a larger than life con experience if that makes sense
Maybe she meant her husband had a wardrobe malfunction? Something broke/ripped on his costume so he refused to participate?
Dangan Ronpa, anon.
Damn it's nice to see someone else that knows about that game. I have the DS one but it's pretty hard, lots of grinding. I'm pretty sad that I didn't have a DSLite by then so that I could actually do the Gameboy light thing.
Not the person you're replying to but thanks, it was nice to see one good experience in this thread.
I was curious about that too. Where did he post it?
File: Capturee.png (14 KB, 1326x169) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I think the same panel was hosted at animefest last year. unfortunately the panel hosts didn't have a very good grasp on basic audio tech (videos too loud, microphones too quiet + mumbling a lot, probably due to alcohol) plus it was a really big room and by the midway point we had decided to leave just because it was getting incomprehensible, but shit was still hilarious.
as much as i love hs i really really really dont want to go to another panel about it
no matter how great it sounds or how good the cosplay is it always ends up with socially awkward teenagers doing god awful voices of the characters and making references to some other cancerous fandom

anyone got any horror stories of homestuck panels while were at it?
>>go to small con, dressed as Panty and Stocking with friend.
>>some girls tell us to definitely come to their PSG panel later, we agree
>>can't find any info about the panel other than its time and place
>>assume its a fan panel discussion about PSG since its been so long since the show aired
>>get into panel...its a Q&A
>>girls aren't in PSG cosplays, they're in random school uniforms (not PSG uniforms, just random ebay ones), panty has light blonde wavy wig
>>they have nothing scripted, enter awkward silence since no one knew it was a Q&A so no one has any questions
>>there are some other PSG cosplayers in the room that we plan on getting pics with after
>>one asks about the scene where panty sees briefs at the dance thing
>>"oh, I never finished the show"
>>they ask stocking something
>>"oh, its been years since I've seen it so I don't really remember...we probably could have watched it before the con, haha."
>>ppl start leaving the panel
>>other cosplayers are trying to salvage this for the two panel runners, who don't know or remember enough about the show to salvage this
>>we get the hell out of dodge

why the hell would you do a Q&A panel about a show you didn't finish or haven't watched in years?
I fucking hate Q&A, this is bullshit.
OH hey I have a Supernatural con story too.

>roommate goes to Supernatural con
>they hold a cosplay contest
>almost every single "costume" is underage girls dressed as Dean and Castiel
>practically all of the pairs walk onto the stage and makeout

>roommate gets drunk and goes to the auction
>agressively bids on a giant wallscroll of Jared Padelecki's face that will be signed
>doesn't actually want it, but just wants to win
>she wins and it turns out to be 6ft by 6ft
>calls me and tells me not to be mad when I stop by the dorm
>I come back from vacation to the entire living room wall covered with this huge ass wall scroll of Jared Padelecki's face
>RA nearly pisses herself from laughter when she sees it
>MTAC some years back
>there's a panel called "ask a girl anything"
>friend shows up to it, hoping that it will highlight some things that girls face in the nerd community
>me and my normie friend go with
>its the cosplay deviant girls talking about their sexual adventures the entire time
>panel should have been "ask a slut anything"
>Normie friend now thinks all cosplayers are like this

same con there was a "how to become a slant eye" panel or some shit like that. I'm curious about how that went.
As bad as that is, it can get even worse. Official panel. Emma Caulfield shared the stage with Nicholas Brendon. Obviously, all the Buffy fans show up to ask questions, since she's been writing under a pseudonym for years and no one knew until recently, and that's her most memorable nerd role. She remembered nothing about the show. Every question she was asked, she replied with "I don't remember" or "Gosh, it's been years!" There was a particularly awkward portion of the panel where she had a pre-teen boy sitting in her lap, waving his arms around like a puppet to distract from how shit the rest of things was going.

Meanwhile, he was stoned as fuck on cold meds, alcohol, and whatever other cocktail he'd ingested at the time. At one point, Nicholas lifted his shades, stared up at the semi translucent skylights making up ceiling and said "wait, are we outside? Is it raining?"

I like your roommate. I can only imagine the bitter tears of fangirls who didn't win, and that makes it totally worth it.
I would be pissed too. I've always wanted to get into D&D and if a panel was supposed to introduce me to the game and then turned into cringey "girlz can b gamerz 2" discussion I would be embarrassed for my gender.
How was PAX, as a con outside of that horrible pannel? I was considering going.
Oh believe me, there were so many tears. Apparently some girl started to scream at her and sob about it. She also accidentally stood in the Misha Collins line and somehow wound up with a free signed photo of him so we framed it and put it on top of the toaster oven.
I choked laughing at your roommate winning that wall scroll and the mental image of it taking up an entire wall.
Beautiful. Just beautiful.

If you're still close, go give your roommate a hug for me, please.
>in panel with only person I trust to do hilarious, original, well planned ask a ____ panels after doing a bunch of other awesome panels for them
>in late night panel like the others at small con
>one of main cast drops day of, is replaced by an acquaintance of leader
>funny, these dont look like adults in the audience
>room mod is AWOL, entire panel is fucking booked with fujoshits
>the sub fucking forces his tongue down someone's throat in a STAGE KISS
>the kids fucking lose it, nothing can tame these wild weaboos any longer
>panel mod continues to try and make it somewhat successful
>kids keep rushing the panelists, forcing our smaller panelists into sexual poses and screaming like banshees
>eternally grateful I'm a female manga only character, only got asked one tame question out of pity from fujoshits
>I end up overwhelmed, make it through panel and break down in the hallway from the chaos after we are finished
>absent fucking room mod shows up to call me crazy where I can hear
>where the absolute fuck were you asshole
>chick in our panel tells con CEO I was drugged by the water in panel and that's what caused me to break down, tries to get my friend banned from con
>explain that nobody did their jobs including the chick who reported it and was on staff. She had their number and ignored the problem during panel.
>police are called in for the false alarm and the chick gets banned from con for lying instead

How can so much shit happen in such a short amount of time. None of the audience looked over 16 save ten people in back who left when it got out of hand. My friend still feels bad to this day over it I'm sure, but we all know its not their fault shit got out of hand. The con got a good screaming at as well for letting children into a hard core adult panel.

What con was this anon?
File: 00001.gif (16 KB, 650x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Back when Homestuck first started picking up, had no idea what it was outside of MS Paint Adventures. Like the beginning part where the kid's in his room and hs had to find his arms?
>Con friends are obsessed
>Decide to tag along with them to Homestuck meetup/panel
>Meet up is two groups, underaged kids screaming memes and drunk adults discussing illegal stuff. Stand there awkwardly as friends ditch me, but people are nice enough and try to include me in the conversations.
>Finally ask wtf is Homestuck
>Drunk people try to explain it to me
>It makes absolutely no sense, and was apparently way off. This was my basic understanding of Homestuck for years
>Everyone piles into panel thing. It's a meetup where you draw apparently? And hang out
>Popular fanarts are there or something
>I just sit there by myself as my friends get wasted. Everyone but me is in some form of body paint or costume. I'm wearing a sundress
>Fanartists come up to me and pet my hair and tell me I'm cute. They also feed me snacks. Everyone is now drunk, even the underaged kids. There is at leas 200 people at this thing.
>Someone gives me a horsehead and tells me to wear it since it was a character. This way I wouldn't feel left out from my lack of costume.
>Everyone thinks it's super hilarious. I'm stuck wearing a horsehead and sundress for the next two hours.
>Someone asks who my favorite character is. Say Dave, because that is the only name I know. 5 minutes later I am showed this sketch of me, with a horsehead, and Dave holding hands. The artist then gives me candy.
>Con security kicks everyone out since it's super late and the con center is closing
>I still have the horsehead. Some rando dressed like Bro takes it.

It was one of the most surreal experiences I have had because not only was it super late at night, but I also had no idea (and still don't really know) about anything relating to Homestuck.
I need pictures of this wallscroll.
It was the scariest thing because you'd walk in late at night and giant ass eyes would stare at you from around the corner. This thing was ginormous, it honestly took up the entire wall. It also didn't help that across from it we had these Final Fantasy 7 posters but gave everyone a party hat. And Misha Collins was on top of the toaster oven.

Haha, I'm the Kuroneko and that's pretty much just my face. Kirino was the best out of all of us IMHO.
That fucking chin though.
File: hwat.png (227 KB, 500x362) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
227 KB, 500x362
looked it up. the panel was actually called
"how to pick up a slant eye"

It's probably just because of the angle and the face she's making?

Excuse my disgusting knees - they look like gremlins trying to escape my body in this picture.

fuck. dropped pic.
Another MTAC
panel on shibari the art of Japanese rope tying.
No stage, only front row can she the few times she isn't standing directly in front of the model saying "then do this". DO WHAT? GRRRRR.
can see*
I gotta stop using my phone on here
I'm laughing so hard at this because you just sound so confused by the entire thing.
>Dangit Ron Paul

What's that?
I was there fo part of it. That was great. I'm sad I had to leave early to go back to the hotel room with my now-ex. The oreimo cosplayers were p good though
Super cute.

I can haz?
File: HelpMe.jpg (59 KB, 640x446) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>First con ever, cosplaying a State Alchemist
>Decided it'd be fun to go to an In-depth look-type FMA panel
>I take my seat, shortly after a group of 4 girls in FMA costumes sit directly in front of me
>They start chattering, I ignore it for the most part and try to enjoy the panel
>They stop clamoring, a large Winry with a mustard stain on the front of her shirt turns around and looks directly at me and says:
>"I want to masturbate with your nose."
>At this point all 4 of them have turned to me and are grinning like fucking maniacs
>I get up and bolt for the exit as quickly as possible, they give chase
>The 4 of them pile onto me outside of the panel room and one of them puts a dog collar with a leash on me
>I rip it off as quickly as possible, break free from their pile of filth and make a mad dash down the hallway
>They chase me, yet again

The following part isn't horrific, quite the oppose, but it's part of the story either way.

>As they're chasing me, out of a side hallway, an all black-clad ninja cosplayer jumps out in front of the girls
>Looks back for a brief second, yells "GO" and holds all 4 of them back
>I get to the elevators and jump inside
>As the doors close I see the 4 of them show up at the elevators and look inside like they were about to devour my very being
>I get to my hotel room, change out of the costume and never wear it again
Things that never even happened in your nightmares for $100, Alex.
Obviously I've got no way to prove it actually happened, since it probably comes off as horrifically grandiose. I swear on on my left nut it's true though.
>At PAX south this year
>go upstairs looking for a panel my friends and I want to see
>find a room called the "diversity lounge"
>it's a room full of vendors of lgbt, poc, sjw merch
>rainbows everywhere
>apparently they are having panels
>okay no thanks
>my friends and I leave and never look back
>it's the third day of the con and we are out of things to do so we decide, fuck it, let's check out this diversity panel
>"Lets really talk diversity"
>80% of the audience is white women
>the panel starts off with them talking about gamer gate and the most predictable feminist bullshit
>the one woman on the panel raves on and on about how wet Bioware makes her
>everyone talks over each other about how hard it was not being able to relate to video game characters
>"I go on Reddit and it is just a cesspool of misogyny"
>audience cheers

>bitch keeps talking about Bioware
>after an hour of complaining it's time for the Q&A
>more than half of the audience lines up
>first person is up to ask
>"Hi I'm ___, I prefer She/her pronouns"
>she goes on and on about her struggles
>never asks a question but talks for what feels like an eternity
>next person is a mtf transsexual who had been carrying around a trans pride flag all con
>goes on somehow even longer than the last woman as the line eagerly waits behind her
>"alright well looks like we are out of time"
>out of a line of at least 25 people only two had the chance to talk because they wouldn't stop repeating themselves
>the auditorium clears, but the people remain in line
>some day they are still waiting to this day
Nigga are you talking Columbus?

>This girl in class yesterday was talking about how horrible it was seeing Eva 3 because it was "smelly and full of obnoxious weeaboos who yelled or laughed at every line this one I guess kinda gay character said"
>yeah probably cuz literally every line Kaworu said was actually really homo and therefore funny
>"I'm not familiar with Evangelion I just went with my bf"
>well there you go
Unbridled enthusiasm is both the best and worst part of any hobby. Be it sports, comics, cosplay, whatever.

Best, because you can just let go and get into it with your friends and enjoy yourself. Worst, because you turn into obnoxious children and piss everyone off around you who isn't into the thing you're into/are subjected to the obnoxiousness of fans of things you're not into yourself.
>tfw I was one of the people laughing at it
Watching anime in a movie theatre is hilarious no matter what
>>"I go on Reddit and it is just a cesspool of misogyny"

You have to actively hunt down the right subreddits to find misogyny on Reddit, why are they complaining?
>People question this story >>8849839 but believe this story >>8850028

Am I crazy or is it /cgl/?
>>Fanartists come up to me and pet my hair and tell me I'm cute. They also feed me snacks. Everyone is now drunk, even the underaged kids. There is at leas 200 people at this thing.
>>Someone gives me a horsehead and tells me to wear it since it was a character. This way I wouldn't feel left out from my lack of costume.
>>Everyone thinks it's super hilarious. I'm stuck wearing a horsehead and sundress for the next two hours.
>>Someone asks who my favorite character is. Say Dave, because that is the only name I know. 5 minutes later I am showed this sketch of me, with a horsehead, and Dave holding hands. The artist then gives me candy.
why is this so hilarious
The best part is that this is completely believable.
I am pretty sure most of them are just joking or playing along, since this story is so appaling and sticks out. I just went along because I am a fan of daddyxdaughter stuff...not diapers though. So picturing this scenerio amused me greatly fake or not.
But no one believed it? They all said it was bait except one person who asked a question about it, probably just to joke around.
File: 1417896284165.gif (2 MB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x500
I just checked an upcoming con's event schedule and panels include
>"Not Just a Tragic Backstory: Mental Illness in Anime"
>"Love Your Cosplay Body"
>and last but not least "No Matter How I Look at It, It's Social Anxiety's Fault I'm Not Popular"

Can't wait
Was that the one in Murfeesboro? They had to lock the door to the room because of some city ordinance they considered it basically a "Live Sex Show" or Stripper show something.
Also could >>8849048 have been at 2013 with the MyGeekGoddesses? That wouldn't surprise me one bit. I didn't get to go to their late night panel due to some drama but I went to the day time panel and it was basically the same and pimping their nude photoshoot. Pic Related
File: fu.jpg (705 KB, 1080x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
705 KB, 1080x1080
>Q&A Panel with some cosplayer on prop making and costume making
>held in a small room that sits 30 people max
>only 15 or so people show up
>Panel host sits down and asks if anyone has any questions
>a few people ask run of the mill "how to make X" questions
>No more questions afterwards
>Panel was scheduled to be an hour long
>Ends in 15 minutes
>first con
>see "batman pj party/trivia game" listed as a panel
>that sounds hilarious and adorable lets do it
>this was right after Dark Knight came out mind you so everyone was going nuts over Joker
>there's a bunch of horrible to decent jokers at con
>and nooooone of them are at the panel
>in fact, only three people at the panel are in batman related costumes
>the panel runner, myself, and some kid dressed as scarecrow
>i'm the only one in anything resembling pjs
>the panel runner is dressed as "Harley cosplaying the Joker" and thus is in a bad fitting suit with her hair in pigtails and messy makeup
>the trivia game is just a powerpoint on her laptop, not on a projector but just like, on a table in front of her
>everyone just screeches out their answers
>about four questions in someone brings up that the whole game seems solely based off the movies and has nothing cartoon, comic, or even 60s tv show related in it
>"yeah i've only seen the movies"
>while (supposedly) dressed as one of the only major villains to, as of then, never be in a movie
>theres's only one question in the whole game that wasn't Nolan, Burton, or Shumacher related
>and it was literally just
>"What is the Joker's Girlfriend named?"
>every correct answer she pelts the winner with candy

>scarecrow kid, btw, never speaks at all and just stands next to the door the entire time
>panel is a Q&A for guest designer from Japan who does girlie gothic stuff
>ok questions at first
>"what are your inspirations?"
>"how did you come to have this job? did you go to school for fashion?"
>so on
>eventually, questions turn to the typical shit that non-jfashion followers pelt designers with at cons
>"why don't you make more than one size? why can't you make American plus-sizes?"
>"why don't you make men's clothing?"
>"I'm in a wheelchair and can't wear full jackets, would you consider tailoring things for people with disabilities?"
>designer is very polite to every single one of these questions, but most of the replies can be summed up by a nicer version of "you are not our market, Japanese teenagers are our market"
>con volunteer at the door suddenly asks a question because people are clearly disappointed by the responses they're getting
>"So like. I'm a Christian? And like. You use a lot of crosses in your designs. So I wouldn't wear them. I find them offensive. So like. I really think you should consider removing crosses from your designs, because you're missing out on a whoooole demographic."
>translator clearly has issues relaying this statement without it being as rude as what was actually said
>hems and haws and finally whispers something to the designer
>designer kind of laughs, nods, gives her answer into the mic, which the translator relates as something like
>"The cross in Japan means something very different to the west. We don't have the same history of Christians. It's a gothic motif because we associate it with suffering and punishment, not redemption."
>con volunteer has the weirdest mix of rage and embarrassment on her face
>panel ends soon after
Was this ALW?
>same con, different panel
>different designer, this time Japanese male who specialises in men's gothic clothing
>same questions about expanding sizing lines, etc. etc. etc. as in the other panel
>more men present this time, but room is still mostly female, mostly the same audience as last time
>suddenly, tiny little girl of like 14 gets the mic
>"um, what kind of girls do you like?"
>audience full of girls tittering
>answer is vague, that he likes a stylish, confident girl who doesn't need to be too attached to him
>room continues tittering, you can practically see every girl in the room imagining herself as his ideal
>floodgates have opened, rest of panel questions are about his love life, or trying to get hugs from him
I don't know what that is, so I'm gonna say no. It was a PA con but I can't even remember the name now, its the only time I went to that particular one.
>panel about "growing up geek" aimed at parents with nerdy hobbies
>attend because curious, some friends have recently started having kids and are discussing how much involvement they want them to have in their hobbies
>trying to find that balance between sharing a passion, and overwhelming/indoctrinating
>panellists discuss things like enrichment via shared hobbies, and importance of balance in raising your kids
>actual data from studies on kids whose parents encouraged them them to engage in other hobbies (eg: sports, youth groups, and such) after their own interest had waned
>one panellist holds a PhD in child development and pretty clearly knows her shit
>lots of things to think about and relay to new-parent-friends
>panel then opens for Q&A
>every single fucker to take the mic isn't there to ask a question, but reminisce about growing up and sharing hobbies with their parents, and how they can't wait to share that with their (hypothetical) brood
>completely ignores everything the panel discussed about balance, proper development of other interests, etc.
>one guy waxes on for about three or four minutes about watching Star Trek with his dad growing up, and even puts his feet up to get comfier in his chair for storytime
>no question, no point, just this dude rambling about all the things he and his dad did that his mother "didn't understand" and how he'll never find a woman to have kids with, because they don't "get it" either
>someone at the back of the room shouts: "Maybe you wouldn't be so lonely if you'd just shut the fuck up and let somebody else talk!"
>room goes dead silent
>moderator jumps in to say "well, time is almost up! Let's get one last question in!"
>last question is actually a question, but so little time is left that it isn't fully answered before con staff ask for the room to clear for the next panel
This is a shot in the dark but do you know the girl on the far right? Is her name Addison?
>I just went along because I am a fan of daddyxdaughter stuff
keep that stuff to yourself you degenerate
>be me
>regular con-goer
>hosting a panel for the first time at a small convention about an obscure bl visual novel
>not expecting a lot of people to show up but still work hard on my presentation
>1 a.m. saturday night
>wait 20 minutes for a projector and a microphone that never comes
>three people show up
>know nothing about the game
>all of them are pleasant and genuinely curious
>say fuck the presentation and have them gather around my table
>tell them about the game
>give each of them an artbook
>have them play a few minutes of it on my laptop
>everyone’s having fun even though it’s just the four of us in a room together
>feels good man
Bless the person who told him to shut up. Also why would you go to a panel about child rearing when you don't even have a partner to consider having children with?
idk about this year, but I went to PAX south last year and the people in the diversity lounge were pretty cool

I found it when I was looking for a quiet room to chill in and they gave me a pretty lavender lanyard
Glad it worked out in the end, anon!
>"Not Just a Tragic Backstory: Mental Illness in Anime"

This... might be interesting? Maybe? If it is actually handled well? It could be a discussion on the differences between well written depictions of mental illness in anime (Welcome to the NHK, etc) as opposed to shitty cop out writing.

It will probably be horrible, though.
yep. that's the one.
man, i was thinking about joining geek goddesses due to a cosplay exihibition fetish i have but after a panel like that, nope.
>>someone at the back of the room shouts: "Maybe you wouldn't be so lonely if you'd just shut the fuck up and let somebody else talk!"
My hero.
>tfw my mom was the one that got me into nerdy shit
Honestly? I think he, and several others who got on the mic during the Q&A, seemed to think it was some kind of panel to talk about your personal childhood and how it shaped you as a grown-up geek. They didn't seem to grasp that the panel was actually aimed at current (or near-to-the-future) parents. Most people's kids weren't present for the con at all, and that probably added to their inability to read panel descriptions. Maybe if some people had rocked up with their toddlers in tow, it would have gone a bit differently.

A lot of the panels that day went kind of similarly.

Panel would be about topic A, but people would get on the mic to rant about topic B that was somehow tangentially related. It was kind of frustrating, really, and has turned me off of panels that have a Q&A section listed in the description.
o fuck im going to this con too and the last one made me roll my eyes so fuckin hard. i mean can i get a SURE, JAN
If that last one is about an analytical breakdown of Watamote, I'd go in a heartbeat.
Agreed, it has a lot of potential. A lot of popular animes have some sort of tragic backstory thing going on, and it'd be great to have a panel talking about the impact those backstories have on the character and plot. It'd be especially great if they had a few cop-out examples too, because a lot of the people who'd show up probably wouldn't be able to see (or wouldn't care about) the differences. It could also help remove a few of the bullshit ideas about mental health from the minds of impressionable weebs, such as 'mental illness needs blankies and love uwu' or 'I have autism and PTSD because my parents never gave me a pony, and I now realize that if I had been neurotypical and not thrown a tantrum I would have gotten one'.
Unfortunately, it's probably going to be a lot of SJWs talking about how every character is autistic and trans and has stretchmarks, as headcanoned by them and their fat fakeboi friends, and it's impossible not to get a few butthurt SJWs in the audience with a panel like this.
It wasn't Starfury Events who did the Benedict Cumberbatch thing? Or was it Massive Events/Showmasters?
Was this Dublin Comic Con?
Sadly, they can't all be What Panel.

I am crying.

Surprisingly no. I briefly went into the on this previous connecticon but it was meh. Just another ask panel but they were decent enough to [sort of] ask for no shipping questions. There was agood chunk of people who I knew to be cringe inducing so I left as soon as I found my friends.

That is terrifying.

The saddest thing is the Hetalians have made some good videos too.

Oh god. I think I've seen this person before. If I'm right they have a kid who they dress up as Shippo.

What con, I need to know what horror this was located at.

Ugh, I can't say I'm really in the business of having kids but I still have the absolute plan that if I did that I'd set aside a room to work on cosplay or whatever and let my kid decide for themselves what interests them. Forcing nerdy things on your kids is just as bad as the dads who force sports on their sons.
Kek I was also at Setsu the masquerade was hilariously bad
OzCC Syd a couple years back. Right before he went to rehab. So I wouldn't be surprised if this shit had happened more than once.
File: 1409695205297.gif (228 KB, 480x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
228 KB, 480x270
I'm honestly surprised that the fistfighting didn't extend off the screen and into the crowd, such was the glorious shitstorm of the Oremio finale.
File: chair.jpg (8 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 480x360
I was honestly thinking it was about to with all the shouting and tears that day
Mmmaybe? I know it was fall of 2008, because I remember getting some gag props for another costume at a Halloween store and obv that Dark Knight had come out that year. But I have long ago lost all the pics and whatnot from it and don't remember too much else, other than it being kinda shit and small.

If you're not the guy who got told to shut up, then you're even worse.

Can you describe the panel anon? I'm curious about what an in-depth look-type FMA panel would be since I so rarely see FMA panels at cons.
This is so cute! What a sweet experience.
You're all scaring me. I'm doing a panel at AnimeBoston, my first, and now I'm certifiably terrified.
What kind of panel is it? We can give pointers at least. A lot of these stories are the result of NOT having had anyone give you pointers.
It's about the history of Christianity in Japan, and its impact on anime. I basically just took my undergrad research paper and turned it into a panel. It got accepted, and then I realized I have to compress 500 years of history into an hour, along with mixing in anime. I don't know what to give more focus to, because there's so little time.
im triggered
Academic panels are always interesting, but you're probably not going to have a huge audience. Best advice I can give you is not to have a Q&A session. Treat it like a masters/PhD panel where you're presenting your research TO the panel, rather than on the panel yourself. Make sense?

Fellow research anon here. I decided to do a panel on the religious symbolism of a specific show and it seemed like a great idea in the planning stages, but when it came to presenting it I was SO unprepared for all the questions the first time.
My advice would be similar to >>8855044 , take it slow, be prepared to lose some time to questions. I like to take questions between each "segment" of my panel, because they kind of build on one another and I like to make sure everyone is on the same page before we move on. Just make sure to only allow questions related to the topic at hand, not just general ones. Save those for the end.

Also, you might be surprised at the amount of people you draw! I managed to pull a full room early on a sunday, people are really interested in potentially well researched work!
It was at ALA 2006, so it was before Brotherhood was even out. Essentially it was a look at the primary differences between the anime and the manga, since the two at the time were fairly different from one-another.

Also, I'm afraid my powerpoint looks horrible (it does) and that I'll sacrifice the anime part for the history, and bore people.

I would be down to look at your powerpoint for you if you're really that concerned about it? I'm sure it's just fine, I usually stick to using pictures from the show in my powerpoints versus pictures from scripture/historical art, because I've found that that's when people start to doze off. I dropped a throwaway if you wanna get in touch.
Man, I wish something lik that happened here. I would have taked advantage of that confused boy and made his dream come true
[spoiler]I'm just shitposting, btw[/spoiler]
What kind of person actually wants to watch hentai with a bunch of strangers? And I bet she was getting wet too, right?
I'll be showing up to this for sure
File: 74968564.jpg (93 KB, 533x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93 KB, 533x300
>Go to ASTL, I don't remember the year but it was either 2009 or 2010 probably (I have a shit memory with dates)
>I'm a Hetalia fan
>I even cosplayed Russia because I was in highschool and terrible
>Go to Hetalia panel with best friend
>Holy shit
>Tiny room packed with people
>Many are in groups on the floor
>"Naked" France cosplayer is humping an America cosplayer
>Haha this can only go up from here right?
>Friend leaves to go to the bathroom
>Apparently she got stopped for an interview with other cosplayers or something
>All by myself
>"We're going to play a game! Pair up with whoever is beside you!"
>Look over
>Some quiet guy that seems either shaken or bored, I can't tell
>I try to play the game with him (it was a trivia sheet... thing?), but he's not super into it
>Wander out at the end in a daze
>Friend comes back
>"Sorry I got caught up. How was it?"

It wasn't the worst thing to ever happen ever, but it's the one real negative panel experience I can recall. I will never forget that naked France.
Was that the year they shared the convention center with the gun show?
Toppest of kek
Ty anon
Oh god I think I've seen pics of that naked france.
As a batman fan and big gjuy (4u) who has read a lot of batman comics, and knowing how easy Morrison made it to get into his backstory and everything, I feel offended that kind of people still exist
Sounds like /v/ desu, senpai
No, although I was there for that one! This one was after that. It wasn't the same convention center, it was a smaller one... I remember the one with the gun show was pretty large in comparison.

I can't for the life of me remember the name of the suburb this was in. I do remember, though, that our hotel got robbed when we were staying there. Our parents were pretty adamant about not letting us walk back and forth to the con after that...

I'm gonna be really embarrassed if this wasn't ASTL but I'm 98% certain it was...

I'm almost positive they were posted on here afterwards, it was pretty... awful. Hell, I might have had a picture way back then and posted it myself. I do remember taking a picture of the humping (that or the image was burned into my brain with such clarity that I'm tricking myself into thinking I took an actual picture) but I don't have it anymore.
I went to a religious symbolism in Evangelion panel once it was pretty cool but my friends called to go to lunch about 20 min into the panel.

I feel the same way about Steven Universe. I love the show but the idea of going to the panels scares the crap out of me. I'm honestly worried that if I go somebody will start yelling "Who let in the cis male?"
>Religious symbolism in Evangelion
I actually think it was just religious symbolism in anime but the part I remember most was the Evangelion especially because it was big that year due to Cartoon Network
Not sure if this would help because I went to Pax Australia but I found that it was pretty good. I went as an enforcer which was also a good experience because it's free and you get to be a part of things. Would recommend but only if you're into gaming a lot.
What happened with the hotel robbery? Was it the front desk or something or was it your room? Either way it sounds pretty nasty.
>>"We're going to play a game! Pair up with whoever is beside you!"
>>Look over
>>Some quiet guy that seems either shaken or bored, I can't tell
>>I try to play the game with him (it was a trivia sheet... thing?), but he's not super into it

You'd think this would be perfect creeper opportunity, but you lucked out.
Academic panels are awesome, I wish cons had more of them.
AnimeBoston actually has specific academic programming now, which is probably why I even got accepted at all.
Is there a character with a horsehead? I was told that there is aliens and they summon item things called irregularities, like puppets and weapons. And the one character had a horsehead.
I wrote my final paper for my Judaic Literature class on religious symbolism in Eva, and then ended the paper with "but all of this was added just because it looked cool. It doesn't actually mean anything." I learned a lot about the Kabbalah though.
Ex homestuck here. Pretty sure that's not a thing. Then again I didn't understand half the shit I read and its been on hiatus since like October.
File: jinx88kc-549.png (2 MB, 960x806) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 960x806
I still control + F and search these threads for a horrible panel I held when I was 14.
At least it was 8 years ago.
At least it was only boring as well.
There's a character that is super into horsemen...
>hungover and tired
>dragged to hentai panel
>boring af, not anything as promised
>decide to lay down since everyone was on the floor
>get kicked out for sleeping at the hentai panel
>fire alarm
>whole hotel evacuates. Panel over. God is good.
Damn, it might be time to start going back there.
it was probably an obnoxious dirk cosplayer. he likes horses a bit and it's mentioned like once so the fandom obviously interprets this as evidence he is spiritkin with one
Yeah, last year they had "Anime and Manga as Teaching Tools" presented by two PhDs, "Japanese Portrayal in Hollywood", and "War Planes of WWII"
>"Japanese Portrayal in Hollywood",

I hope this didn't get all SJWified.
It very much did not. She examined WWII movies from the 40s, 60s, and now, and how the Japanese in those movies went from cruel and evil barbarians, to a few token good Japanese, and then to people brainwashed by Nationalism and portrayed as human beings.
>Going to an anime convention cosplayed as Hetalia character
>Seeing a bunch of cosplayers inviting me to come to their panel
>I join in, tiny room; filled with about 75% Hetalia cosplayers
>Sit down, watching the panel take place
>People allowed to ask questions
>Fans asking awkward shipping stuff
>Cosplayers start to do weird things like scream, laugh out too loud, jump into eachother, pretend to kill eachother, pretend to butt rape each other, strip and other indecent actions
>I felt like the whole Hetalia community changed
>shit used to be a tad more decent but the new kids are so sickingly obsessed with the whole yaoi, sex culture
>Left halfway the panel with a handful of people joining right after me
>Got tired of the Hetalia fandom
Ctcon '13
>Get roped into attending "Gender Identity at a convention"
>Apparently it's suppose to be a 3 panelist time
> The 'non binary' and 'pansexual' don't show up
>It's being hosted by the mtf lesbian who won't actually tell us anything about identity at the con just WOE IS MY LIFE I'M OPPRESSED
>Start to see why the other two didn't show up
>This chick legit starts bitching about how another friend got her full top and bottom done.
>But HOW DARE she be happy with the panelist hasn't gotten hers done yet.
>Actively admits to a packed room of fakers and SJWS she hates the other for not being considerate of HER FEELINGS
>Cracking up in the back as the homestuckers talk about how it is to cope with their clearly tumblr centric made up genders.
>Whenever the panelist gets a genuine question she dislikes she screeches. "DON'T BE A DICK!!!"
File: 1379968168522.gif (1 MB, 224x168) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 224x168
>Running a panel for the first time this year
>mfw this thread

I'm pretty good at presentations, but holy shit I am terrified it's going to suck now.
File: heh.gif (178 KB, 500x411) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178 KB, 500x411
oh my god, you couldnt fucking pay me to attend a panel named "gender Identity at a convention". that was bound to be absolute tumblr trash from the get go.
Got one from a few years back,
I'm doing a panel and there's some pretty solid buzz on the con's forums about it, so much so that the staff are bending over backwards to make sure I've got everything, which is pretty damn cool.
Unfortunately the panel on before me was one being held by 4-5 weebies in various cosplays doing an "Ask me Anything" thing as their characters, good idea on paper but they made it super cringey. Worst thing was, when people started showing up for my panel, they just kept fucking going, getting excited cause they think all the people coming in after their hour was up were for them.
Went on 20 minutes over time, until the staff actually had to cut off their fucking mics.
The half panel I got to do was still cool but that shit got really under my skin.

Don't worry about it anon, panel audiences are usually super chill in my experience
Oh hell man it was a trip to say the least. Just a bunch of well off SJW types whining about their privileged lives. There was Trans Representation in Magic the Gathering but missed that one.

I've noticed over the last few years at Arisia that it's very easy for academic panels to get SJWified and useless, as that seems to be the current trend in academia these days.

Then again, I've avoided the most SJWy looking panels, so maybe I'm wrong about the useless part. The ones I did attend were surprisingly good.
The only time I got pregnant release screening it was the first few minutes of Aku no hana.
Needless to say that wasn't exactly what people were expecting...
A release screening got you preggers?

The girl who runs it is autistic as fuck and half the time she was fumbling her words and forgetting what she was going to say. The small room this panel was in was dead silent most of the time, no one left because we didn't want to be rude.

I thought it was going to be a funny panel but I was dead wrong.
It was the lobby. It was super late at night (we slept through it) but in the morning, we somehow found out, and that's when our parents were dead set on driving us back and forth after that point.

Ha! I was kinda worried about it at the time, but nah. I don't even think he really talked to me at all. Poor guy, I hope the rest of his con went well.
>What poor choices have I made to be sitting in this panel right now?

My. Fucking. Sides
Arisa is a hellhole of SJW panels lately I avoid like the plague

This...was possibly/probably my panel. I hope you liked it.
(My panel addresses that Anno was lying when he said he picked the name arbitrarily, or was at least deflecting from the religious parts of Evangelion. There's too much judeo-christian reference for him to be telling the truth.)

sage for OT
Sorry for late reply, but D&D is super surprisingly easy to get into.
/tg/ normally hosts some pickup groups done through skype and some website, and they're super enthusiastic about teaching new players.
This is hilarious, I would have genuinely enjoyed that. It's shit like this that makes me want to film panels.
I wonder if that's why I was immediately accepted for my panel about one specific writer. It'll be my first time, so hopefully I prepare enough.
yep i just go mainly for marketplace and AAs

Never went to Anime Boston, but I think it was on Anime USA or maybe last year's Katsucon. Looks like I dodged a bullet.
This isn't a much cringe but I want to tell this story.

>panel about video games in general and the mechanics behind them ( don't remember the panel name) in Katsu 2015 or Magfest 2015 (I went to both so my memories kind of merge, maybe it was magfest
>go to it because I had nothing else to do
>actually have a really good discussion about video games, focus turned out to be fighting games which I love
>everyone talks about their favorite games and their local scene
>this small group of people kept on talking about women in video games or tropes against them or something
>what the fuck, I thought I quit going to /v/
>literally everyone just shrugs and ignores them or hosts give half-hearted answers to their questions like "Yeah that sucks, so about Ryu as a beginner character..."
>they get madder and madder as the panel goes on
>eventually stomp around really loudly as they leave the place and slam the door
>host shrugs and continues on

It was weird, actually talking about video games and enjoying the discussion.
dont worry man, people are pretty chill even if stuff goes wrong. people were pretty cool when my shit laptop ate my lolita powerpoint.
I would of shot the author on site after that shit show. Fuck him to hell
>tldr older of local homestuck group, sorta looked up to (2013)
>host panel with friend and cosplayer, we Eridan and Vriska, whole lineup
>two mics for sixteen people but whatevs
>"VRISKA WHY ARE YOU SUCH A BITCH?" from a winged Rufioh, made my day, ended up dating her
>after panel taking pics of ourselves
>tagged to Facebook

My Scout leader saw. He saw me in a cape and gray paint brandishing a wicker wand and fir spar harpoon gun.

>he still awarded me my Eagle badge
Our RA gave us a painted poster of Kylie to keep in our room since the ones in the halls got ripped and people stop by a lot.
So I am understandably losing it right now.
>it's 4'*4'
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