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Feels Thread
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Old one died and I needed to get this out

>Have friend
>Sweetest girl ever talented UX designer
>But also overweight and makes terrible cosplay choices
>She posts progress photos for Miss Monochrome costume made purely from duct tape
>Pretty much as bad as it sounds

I'm caught in this weird feeling of I know this is a failure that deserves to be shared on cgl. but if she ever found out she got posted and ridiculed she would be humiliated. But her costumes are never really good and we aren't close enough to the point I should be trying to guide her. She's unfortunately also being influenced by this terrifying local hambeast cosplayer with a ton of chubby chaser followers who loves making duct tape cosplays of things that don't deserve to be duct tape. I'm just rambling now but it really is terrible. Imagine a duct tape dress form for a short obese girl but it's made to look like Rin Kagamine's Meltdown dress.
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>found out a friend of mine is also a cosplayer
>go on her cosplay page
>some really cute cosplays
>but mostly lingerie shoots with FiveRings
>replies to thirst comments on her photos with flirty comments and winking faces
>mfw she goes out of her way to tell me that it's for her own pleasure and not for male validation despite that I didn't even question her about it.
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>tfw awaiting packages
I went looking through old cosplay photos tonight after years and years. Most of them come from back when I struggled with an eating disorder. I realize now how very thin I was and hate that I spent so much time obsessing over feeling otherwise when I might have been able to appreciate my cute little figure had I not, you know, had a disorder.

But I also feel kind of gross now. I've put on weight, both fat and muscle, as I've gotten better over time, and while I'm a healthier weight now, I would never look as good in some of these costumes. I feel fat and mostly hide that in lolita these days. I miss cosplay but am afraid I'd get weird and obsessive again if I tried to slim down, like I'd constantly be comparing to when I was sick but small.
>I would never look as good in some of these costumes.
You need more therapy anon. Statements like these prove you're not out of the mental thicket yet.
I mean, that's just a fact. I'll never look as good in skin tight animu character costumes (like Evangelion and whatnot where they are stick people) now that my thighs touch a bit and I'm soft all over.
And I don't know that people recovered from ED ever completely stop feeling that way. I'm fine and never do anything destructive, but I'm pretty sure I'll always have moments where I think I'm fat. I just don't let it take over my life anymore. I think that's how it works for most people with body dysmorphia issues and "overcoming" them, but I guess I could be wrong.
That's your perspective, the perspective of someone who clearly has self-image issues. Not trying to be a dick, but consider outside perspectives. There have been non-stick thin cosplays of plugsuits and they look more than fine.
>> lend costume to friend for con last year
>> still haven't got it back
>> contact them all the time about picking it up
>> never a reply or "sorry anon I'm busy that day"
>> just want costume back because i worked hard on it
>Don't feel compelled to go to local cosplay/lolita meetups anymore.
>Or any cons.
>Used to be super stoaked for these, now just indifference.
>Not misanthropy or depression, I just don't find it worth the effort.
>Still enjoy cosplay/lolita and interacting with online communities related to such.

I dunno. Maybe I've grown out of the con scene at the ripe old age of 23. Maybe I just need to find better people to share my hobbies with or better cons to go to. It just feels weird to be so neutral about something that used to be your only joy in life.
>went to my first lolita event at an anime con wearing my first coord a month ago
>didn't really know anyone there and too shy to ask for someone to take my picture
>didn't worry about it because there were a few people taking a ton of pictures and one of them even said he would upload them all to fbook
>obsessively check con's fb page for photos
> no one has posted any photos of the lolita event only of stupid cosplayers
Maybe they were referring to the comm page and not the con's page?
Idk, it was a dude who didn't seem to be into lolita walking around with an old point and shoot camera. he was kind of creepy desu but he took lots of group shots.
i don't get why they had us line up for group photos if they weren't going to post them anywhere
It seems like there has been a sudden influx of itas in my comm. I used to think we were mostly well-dressed, but now I hate looking at meet up photos. Wherever you came from, itas, please return until you don't look like such garbage.
>wanted to compete in a specific cosplay competition for years
>worked on my craft, finally on the level I could consider good enough
>thinking if I should try this year or next
>come up with a skit and character that'd fit
>tell my friend, really excited, maybe I'll try this year
>"but anon, I thought we were going to compete together..."
>both have competed solo before and we've talked about doing duo, but couldn't think of a good skit
>"anon, you'll just stress yourself out and don't want to ever compete again, what if you win, don't do it"
"it's a good skit and you'd probably place, but don't do it"
>t-thanks for the support
>really bummed for a while, but now even more determined to compete

I know she wants the best for me, but it was really a letdown she'd be so against it. Hopefully I can soften her up before the registration starts, I'd hate to participate if she's going to be even a little bitter.
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>realise I've never actually done an anime cosplay, despite going to anime cons, just vidya cosplays
I'm disappointed in myself
Anon, I'm the same age and realized my interests just changed a little. I still enjoy talking to people at cons and cosplay, but really I just enjoy the dealers hall/aa

I just think most anime fans are fucking awful now that I'm not a weeb, and don't find that much enjoyment in going.
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>big boobs, big ass, big thighs
>can't wear cute J-Fashion clothes without looking like a prostitute
>never look good in skirts or dresses because of tree trunk legs
>wear baggy clothes to conceal fat, end up looking fatter
kill me and end my suffering.
Do you ever go to friend's house for anything? Try to make plans to hang out (make sure you stop by her place, either for hanging or to pick her up), and then after the plans are finalized say "oh hey also can I pick up the costume while I'm there". Alternatively, tell her you need it for x weekend for a photoshoot or some shit. She needs to either stop being lazy or fess up if she broke something.
Screw her, and just do it! Just do it! Don't let your dreams be dreams just do it!
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>cosplaying for the first time for Anime Next
>big uneducated nerd when it comes to wigs
>have been wanting to try wigs with himekaji
>better late then never
>buy super cheap wig on eBay to practice styling, trimming, etc. so I don't fuck up the real deal
>mess up here and there but I get the hang of it
>trash wig
>some weeks later
>stepmom sees me when I come home from work
>"Come I have something to show you!"
>she shows me this long gorgeous black styled wig
>"I couldn't really salvage the one I found in the trash but this one is a lot better quality! You wanted the bangs like yours right?"
>in shock
>starts crying like a fucking loser

She's a hairstylist and we're always talking about how wigs are a way better alternative than dying your hair so she probably knew the old one was mine. It was such a strong act of just being a genuinely fucking nice person and it really got to me.
Can relate at male a level.
>get into lolita
>only thing that helps my depression
>start wearing toned down outfits casually

I am pretty shy and hate attention but this is the only thing that I enjoy anymore. It's worth it being embarrassed.
Hello, me. I hope you can get the help with depression you may need.
>recently got into a game
>really want to cosplay my Husbando
>someone posted some cosplay pic in game's group
>the cosplay was actually good
>normies who don't understand cosplay make fun of that cosplayer
>Ex. Some dude said his face isn't suited for that character in very rude way
>mfw that cosplayer is also in the group and he probably mad
>"it's just a joke, why you're so mad"

Now I'm afraid that if my cosplay pics popped up on that group I'll end up like that cosplayer, And decided to not cosplay my husbando anymore.
>Place Bodyline order last september
>After 2 months, it still hadn't even left Japan
>They filed a claim for me
>Never heard back from them
>Checked tracking info again today out of curiosity
>Still hasn't left Japan

Is it a waste of time to ask for a refund? Never ordered from bodyline before, no longer have an interest in the shit I ordered but don't know if I can be fucked to get pissy with them if they refuse to help any further.
Shitty retail feels man.
Dude anon that's amazing. People are always telling noobs to bring their wigs to hairtylists but I've never heard about it working out so well.
So last week I missed out on buying my dream dress because I was broke thanks to school and everything. Well today my bf came in with a package and said "you owe me when you get your tax returns" and threw the dress at me. I can't even begin to describe how happy I am. I really love him he's so understanding and supportive of my hobbies. I can't wait to put together a coord for this dress. I'm taking that fucker to a nice ass restaurant or something too when I get my tax returns.
I have a hairdresser friend and she does kickass work. Needed to get a wig styled for Kamui at Katsucon, she knocked it out of the park. Totally worth the 4 house worth of driving .


it's like being sober at a party because you're the DD.
I used to go to therapy and they hospitalized me twice because I was honest about having suicidal ideation. Fuck therapists. Nothing they did helped, not even the medicine. Life just isn't enjoyable and I'm constantly fucking up everything I do. At least cute dresses give me something to focus on and feel good about. I kind of don't want to ever try therapy again if I have to lie about my feelings to avoid being thrown in the hospital
I let my hairdresser cut the bangs for my lolita wigs, she hasa higher chance of succes.
I know that feel.
Okay. I never said go see a therapist, so chill? Just that I hope help comes, and I meant in whatever form. And whether or not you go back, idk how your therapists were, but I've never had any try to put me in a hospital for being honest about being suicidal. Like, do you, I'm sorry for your experiences, but some therapists can and do help people. Whatever it takes, I hope things get better for you.
>Go to CT for the first time to bid on auction
>Kind of dream dress
>Bid in usd even though I knew to bid yen
>CT sends email saying I made a typo
>Didn't fix it in time
>Don't know who won the dress
>Buy different dress on cc
>CT says to wait to pay
>Have to sit on several hundred dollars without touching it

Wow, this is totally what it's like.

I feel like I grew up and so many of the people I know somehow never did.

I think the worst place is room parties, I go to them and wonder how I ever enjoyed it. We're not 19 anymore, how do all of these guys enjoy standing around in a hot, overcrowded room where it's too loud to hold a conversation and getting trashed on shitty booze?

>fuck therapists for doing their job

They can actually get sued and their licenses taken away if they don't hospitalize people they feel have a good chance of committing suicide. Sorry your experience sucked though. I can see why you hated that experience, but at the same time, there's not much they can do once you admit to SI.
there's a huge difference between saying 'i want to kill myself' and being endanger of doing so tho.
Exactly. I don't even want to kill myself, I just think about it a lot for some reason. I can't shake these thoughts and I've been having them for over a decade. Even as a little kid I was fascinated with death and dying. Sorry to sound like an edgy faggot and sage for OT
>be me
>going to anime expo is one of the only things that makes me happy
>do income taxes
>won't have enough to go this year
just fuck my shit up senpai
Bet you anything she broke something on it or stained it

Hence why I said 'they feel have a good chance of committing suicide.' They look at contextual clues, if you have a plan, if you've started doing certain things to reach the end point. It's not an easy decision to make.

Think about it from their end. If someone seems dangerously close to suicide, would you want to do everything in your power to have them not commit suicide? That's the choice a therapist has and it's a pretty grim one.

Again, my condolences it was a shitty experience, but see it from their view. They have to decide if you're safe to go home or not. And a lot of the times, people who have let people who eventually committed suicide go home have had the experience haunt them. They can be very coldly clinical about this, but in the end, they're people too and most of them don't want to see lives being taken because they as therapists didn't do enough.
>girl in my comm was making small talk about up coming meet up
>not sure which one exactly maybe its a private one
>smile and nod
>towards the end of the convo realize shes saying ita as "it-ah"
>kek the whole metro ride home as i recall her bragging about speaking japanese at work
We don't really hang outside of conventions. I wouldn't be mad if they broke something but I'm willing to drive 2+ hours to pick it up. I'm never lending anything to anyone again.
>feel like I'm developing a real shopping problem
>impulsively buy so much shit
>want to talk to someone about it but I've bought all my close friends presents within the past 2 weeks and they'd feel guilty
Are you me, anon? I usually buy stuff whenever I'm bored, which is often. My mind starts to wander and I go to a random website and start putting stuff on my cart.

I've probably bought more gifts to my friends than I've ever receive in my entire life. They get gifts on birthdays, christmas, easter, random dates... Whenever I see something I know one of them would like I instant buy it.
As someone whose favorite thing every year is AX I'm so sorry :C
>In Uni computer labs not doing work and browsing lolita stores instead
>Class demo sees and starts conversation about lolita and cosplay
>"Ive always wanted to try lolita but too scared + I could never spend $300 on a dress"
>"Just buy a cheaper dress and if it doesnt work for you sell it on"
>She buys dress and ends up loving lolita
>After a month or so buying brand at full price

>tfw she quit cosplay and joined lolita and I finally have a lolita friend nearby
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>tfw you are posted in a lolita thread for inspo
i've come a long way anons... a looooong way.
I think we're in the same comm, friend.
>I've probably bought more gifts to my friends than I've ever receive in my entire life.

That's extremely sweet of you, anon. I'm sure they really appreciate it.
>Studying Sustainable Environmental Management at Uni
>Learning about the manufacturing process
>Section comes up about how lace is one of the most carbon intensive materials to manufacture
>Think of my wardrobe at home full of lace
>Suddenly feel super guilty

If you need me I'll be over here attempting to recycle every scrap of paper so I can offset the guilt.
>Con me and my GF had our first date at coming up
>Valentines day at the con
>She can't attend because of financial issues

>browsing secondhand shops
>sees full set for Vintage Cameo a bit below retail price in BIN option
>buys immediately

Yesss. Vintage Cameo has always been a wishlist dress of mine.
Aye, at least you have a gf.

Unless she's faking financial issues to get out of seeing you...

...so that she can see someone else on Valentine's Day.

I'm sure she isn't though. :D
I'm too ugly and old for anime cosplay.

I'm losing weight and feeling really great about my body, but I hate my face and I'm already in my mid-20s.
/r9k/ pls go
She's saving up to go visit her long time best friend who recently moved out of the continent, so I don't blame her. I'll be seeing her the weekend before but it's still a bummer because couple cosplay and valentines and anniversaries...
Plz sound more like a stright edge neet
>Watching The Flash with gf whos a southern belle debutante normie
>Her first real exposure to something superhero related (had only watched Thor because Chris Hemsworth)
>Is legitimately enjoying the goofiness and loves the actors
>Knows that I cosplay Captain Cold
>After wrapping up season 1 with her she shyly asks if I would help her with a Golden Glider cosplay so we could go to local cons together
>"Yeah of course! Its so cool that you would even think of that!"
>She then follows up if we could do stuff while in costume
>Cold and Glider are siblings

>Really like Monster Hunter
>Own art books, toys, plush, clothes, etc
>Planning on doing some Monster Hunter cosplay
>…but I've actually never played more than 10min of MH3U
>Own a couple games, just don't have the time to play them
>So scared this makes me a "fake fan" and someone will find out
My work schedule is pretty rough, so I could either make the cosplay or play the game, not both, and I'd really like to make this costume. I've watched random hunts b/c they're easy to put on in the background and although I'm not expert I know a bunch about the game, but I almost feel like I don't have "the right" to cosplay from it since I haven't really played any.
Menhera has helped me come to terms with my past struggles and mental illnesses.
I've always been doing art taken from things i'm going through, but now with this fashion i'm able to express myself through that too.

I wouldn't say I romanticize it, more like, come to terms with it and I'm ok with displaying it.

Tumblr needs to stop whining about the fashion trend. its pretty much just creepy cute anyway.
I've played monster hunter for hours and when i wear my palico kigu when people ask me about monster hunter- and keep in mind, some of these people are guys trying to gauge if im i fake nerd girl- they only ask "what weapon did you use?"

so just research weapons, say why you like said weapon.

I say "I like the bug staff since mounting monsters is great"

follow your dreams anon.
Considering the fact many tumblr teens crap their pants at the use of words like "stupid" because it's ~*ableist*~ while completely and utterly trampling actually ill and disabled people, I wouldn't give their opinion the time of day.
Enjoy menhera to your heart's content, anon, do what makes you happy.
How the fuck do you like a thing you never played?
I kind of know this feel. I love the concept of the MH games, have spent quite some time reading through wikis and watching gameplay vids and while I’m not into cosplay I do like designing MH-style armours for funsies. However I absolutely suck at the games. The main one I’ve played so far is MH3U for the 3DS and goddamn I can’t see what’s going on half the time and why does the camera keep doing the opposite of what I want and where did that monster just come from what no I didn’t mean to use that potion WHAT IS HAPPENING oh look I’m dead
I do kind of suck at 3DS action games in general. Should I try the Wii version instead?

It’s a similar story with the Silent Hill series, but in that case the reason I haven’t played the games has less to do with the gameplay and more with me being a gigantic pussy who screams and throws the controller halfway through the room at every jumpscare.
posted last thread but elaborated urghhh
>buy youngest sister bodyline dress and matching one, mother rejects it on my visit over christmas and demands a matching one for lil sis and me
>also moving back closer to family
>she chooses this impossible to coord well dress with an ugly yoke for me and my sis to wear
>buy little sister blouse, shoes, petticoat
>lil sis immediately wears it to church
>calls it "bodyline fashion" because of course, left the tags and container around it
>go to church with family for new years eve, have to match my sister
>look like age player, and my sister refuses to wear the petticoat or shoes "the petticoat is itchy" "the shoes are ugly" "knee socks are weird"
>she wears those autist elastic mary janes, crew socks pulled up to her knees, and no petticoat, and refuses to do hair or anything
>me, nearly unable to coordinate it because ugly dress
>family tells everyone it's "lolita" and my sister calls it "bodyline fashion"
>definitely not moving closer to family now
Make no mistake you are a fake fan.

However, I believe that should not stop you from cosplaying, but prepare for the backlash.

Its up to you, anon.
>is con mom
>always the one to book rooms
>always the one reminding friends to prereg for cons
>always the one playing diplomat to reduce con drama
>always the one to offering extra food, booze and rides since friends forget

Don't get me wrong i love being a con mom. I actually do get a sense of enjoyment from helping others out. The only downside is my friends always look to me before helping themselves out. If they're bored they will ask me what the plan is before they attempt to find thier own fun. If some drama pops off, I'm the bellwether for how it should be handled. I appreciate the respect but it can become very tiring.
>Be obsessed with a game character
>Talk like her. Dye and cut my hair like her. Fucked up my grades because a joke is that she's an idiot.
>Finally get to cosplay her
>Really happy
>Gets to be called -game characters name-
>Really feels like the character and all is good
>Someone else cosplays her, and her body is the perfect height and her face looks younger than mine.
>Unable to change my own.
>Returns to feeling like life is boring and awful
I-Im the worst and such a pussy
Hi are you me
I've been into guro as a weird "coping mechanism" for my abuse, doing a lot of weird vent art, I discovered menhera just recently and I'm feeling like this too
I'm slowly building up a menhera wardrobe and it's a good outlet to express myself for and I hate the fact Tumblr wants to silence me, an actually ~mentally ill~ person for liking menhera
Probably shouldn't be calling concerning impulsive behavior "sweet"
People around here always use "sweet" when they hear a story about someone buying lots of expensive stuff for others. Seriously, it's like always that specific word.

I think it's because they're just so materialistic they think love and affection can only be measured in $$$
But love can be measured in money.
this guy i was supposed to go out on a third date with this friday just cancelled on me because his ex texted him. kind of beat up about it but it's probably for the best seeing that he pretty much said he hated lolita in casual conversation. on the bright side i should have a vm jsk arriving on friday so at least i have that to make me feel better.

brand before man forever.
>Look only average without makeup, have genetic problem skin (cannot go on Acutane because cousin was hospitalized after her liver started to fail on it and probably also have rosacea and genetic dark circles)
>Put on makeup, look a lot better, maybe even pretty
>Makeup almost certainly makes skin worse
>Looks worse without makeup so wears it more
>Skin remains bad even with me attempting skin routines

Lolita-related because when meets happen I'm always conscious about my skin and how gross it really is under all the makeup.
>hating lolita
I'll take you out on a date.

To stay on topic, I'm getting frustrated because I can't find a new character I want to cosplay. There's a couple of idle thoughts I've had like genderbent Mami but the new anime ive seen so far have 0 interesting male design. Then again, I need to watch more anime.
Maybe if the only thing you love in life is material possessions.

Which honestly is a lot of people here I suppose.
what character?
amen anon
File: 1392640736058.jpg (15 KB, 396x298) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>bought items from tokyo rebel and btssb in nyc
>last friday
>knew bc of the blizzard they probably wouldn't ship until monday
>still haven't shipped
>mfw as an ex resident of nyc I know they're using the blizzard to be lazy and it bothers me
You're not allowed to say that when you're the one who got dumped you know.
was more talking about how if someone is saying they're upset with their impulsive spending habits you shouldn't tell them they're nice for being impulsive and buying stuff for people. It undermines the problem.
lmao rekt again.
>friend offers to let me borrow cosplay because of semi-last minute group
>says she's never going to wear it again so i can even have it afterwards
>4 days before con
>"so guess what i can't find the cosplay lol i'll keep looking though"
>tell group there's a chance i can't make it
>scramble to pull together last minute cosplay so i have something to wear day two of con

i should have expected this honestly. she tends to be a slob and is pretty lazy when it actually comes to looking for things. so really it's my fault for trusting her. oh well.
Why is the janitor on such a needless rampage though? There have always been OT posts in feels threads.
Yet troll threads solely for arguing about sluts n camwhores like >>8830267 still manage to persist.
Just cosplay it, you're dedicated enough to buy a bunch of merch of it and also cosplay. Shame that you can't play the game tho, I love soloing in that series.
>friend has been thinking of cosplaying my husbando
>excited because they really like the character and would be good as them
>tell them that
>no plans on pressuring them or anything
>tell me they're still thinking but would love if i cosplayed character husbando is shipped with if they did
>not even an hour later
>other friend makes post about how character is their husbando
>immediately they say they've been wanting to cosplay them forever but never had a reason to until now!
>they haven't said anything to me about cosplaying together
>feel kind of like shit now
Mods secretly hate the board and everyone on it and intentionally let trolls run rampant to fuck with them.
File: Hnnnnnnnggg.png (334 KB, 628x568) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
334 KB, 628x568
Don't let your dreams be dreams, just do it

>tfw you are to fat to cosplay so you quit cosplay all together
Yeah I was temp banned for one post attempting to help someone in an old feels thread
Janitors are dicks
File: 266.png (75 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 500x500
>horrible body image and very self-conscious
>cosplaying somewhat helps with this
>working on one of my dream cosplays
>made the mistake of looking up others cosplaying it
>all 10/10 near-model faced hot girls and most younger than me
>rinse and repeat with every other cosplay I'm planning

I know it's childish and I shouldn't be bothered by it so much. Cosplaying is about fun etc but ever since it's become such a popularity/beauty contest I'm intensely self-depreciating. I don't know how to overcome this.
i'm in the exact same boat as you

>get into an anime
>favourite character is rarely cosplayed
>decide to cosplay my waifu
>look up other cosplays for reference
>only 3 cosplayers of this character are tall, thin girls with nice features
>tfw i am fat and uggo

the only downside were their wigs, but the actual costumes and the props made me feel bad for even thinking about cosplaying her, especially since i'm such a noob...
one can dream...
>always wanted to do a couple/group cosplay
>whenever someone says they'll cosplay __ with me they back out last minute
>no local cosplay friends i could cosplay with
>if they live near, they don't have the same interests

i'm so jelly when i see photos of couple cosplays or big groups.
I know this is probably very hard for you anon, and I'm so sorry. Have you ever tried going without makeup and seeing how much your skin clears? I have a friend with what sound like similar skin problems who, after a long time of trying to hide under makeup, finally decided to stop wearing it altogether. She was embarrassed at first, but her skin is so much nicer now, she doesn't even really need makeup. Just a thought.
>this eternal feel
Maybe someday we'll find our people, anon.
Im just saying id rather cry in a mansion than a box on the street.
I'd just apologize to your group. If a cosplay isnt ready a week before a con scraping one togetger wont look very good.
>all girls in comm are friends
>go places and do stuff and never invite me

I like how my bf puts it. Money can't buy love, but it can sure subsidize it.

It makes life a lot easier for us in an LDR. More weekend trips. More time together.

So yeah, money is pretty good.
Lol, are you still in high school or what?

I'm far from straight edge or a NEET, I'd just rather go hang out with my friends at the hotel bar and be able to have nice cocktails or beers and talk, rather than cramming myself into some overheated sausagefest and choking on warm Jack&Cokes.

I'm sure I'd enjoy a room party if I actually liked the people, but nowadays it seems like it's always the same standard cast of greasy fedora vape guy, poke autist, 5'4" gym rat in a wifebeater, out of place rave guy, random crossdresser, overly enthusiastic brony, etc, repeated over and over again at every party, and there's only ever like 2 girls in a room with 30 guys.
Not that anon but I wish I had a dollar for every time someone told me that. I can go without makeup for a month and still break out, I have cystic acne. Might as well wear makeup since nothing worked, even two courses of accutane. Stress makes it worse, I always get twice as bad before meetups
I will do illegal things to afford lolita
I'm a poor college student who can't even find a student job no matter how much i search, same for babysitting i barely ever get any. And i desperately need money for lolita. I just...need it.
I consider doing illegal things but i don't know what could i do to bring some money?
I'm sick of being honest,i've tried being honest a lot and i've been told that when you're good good things eventually happen to you, yet no matter how nice i tried to be,no matter how honest and kind i was thinking "it's more pleasant to be kind to people and be a good person", yet i always had shit happening to me so now i'm just...done.
Help me gulls. I would do anything, just not something that involves having sex or being really dangerous.

Here is a funny image for listening to my rant, thanks
>buy beret from China
>waiting patiently
>stupid eBay doesn't show stuff you've bought longer than a month
>finally track down original page for the beret
>bought in October, supposed to arrive in December
>money back has passed, can't get a refund
>beret just never turned up, no tracking info
>open up eBay complaint.
Now we wait. It only cost a few quid but I needed it to complete a coord. I don't care about the money but godamn I wasted so much time waiting for it to turn up.
Have you guys actually been diagnosed with acne by a doctor?

If not, it may be worth seeing if it's actually a similar-looking but different skin condition. My ex struggled with what she thought was acne for years, no treatments or anything worked, and then she finally found out that it was actually Rosacea. Her skin was clear and perfect within weeks of getting on the correct treatment, and never broke out again.
I have, it doesn't clear at all. Sadly it's not makeup causing the problem but rather making it just a little bit worse. I should probably go on rosacea meds, really, but this time my mother got horribly sick when on a certain one so I'd have to shop around for one. (What is with my family reacting so poorly to medication I wonder)

I'm so sorry, anon. I'm fortunate enough at least to not have cystic acne. I feel for you.
And of course anon posts at the same time as I do. In my case it probably is rosacea because my mother has it, but like I said in my previous post she got really sick on the default meds and needed to try like four different kinds before she found something that worked without making her violently ill.

I'll probably ask to go see her dermatologist, see if I can get the same meds as she has.
Anon you fucking hug your stepmom and you bond like fuck with her! Tell her she's amazing and you're glad you have her in your life and you appreciate all the effort she's putting it. Goddamn I wish I had feels like this.
I think about suicide a lot lately
>am all alone because trust issues and fear of being left/abused/... again
>lolita is the only thing i really like but i can't afford shit because i study at distance and don't have a "student statut" necessary for a student job
>babysitting or any kind of job like that is a pain to find,tons of people are asking too so..
>i feel bored of everything,nothing seems amusing
>was called ugly a lot in high school and extremely bullied for no reason besides being the "kinda weird" kid
>i get therapy and i was going better but lately i'm sinking

And the worst is, i see fucking spoiled brats around me with a closet full of brand and stuff like that, some even complaining about how life is difficult. Even if i only had money, i would be so much happier, to know i'm financially stable...
I'm just so tired of this shit world revolving around money and stuff,so tired of being alone and crying myself to sleep every night. I barely find any joy in things anymore and just obsessed over getting money and see all the spoiled brats around me posting their next purchases on facebook.. makes me even more frustrated and angry and just sad.

Why even live anymore? Even my own parents resent me, i'm trying so hard to get better...I think about killing myself next month. Even cutesy anime or series don't work anymore. I really think about just killing myself
If I recall correctly, my ex used an over-the-counter external cream and didn't take any internal meds for her Rosacea,
There's this cosplayer I used to shoot with quite a bit, and had to stop.. She's not famous, but she's very attractive and totally my type. Whenever we'd shoot, we'd make it about 10 minutes before it would degenerate into flirting, her poses would start getting more and more lewd, she'd start "accidentally" giving me pantyshots or blatantly letting herself have wardrobe malfunctions. She'd get too close when coming to look at photos on the back of my camera, her hugs would be too tight and last too long when we were done, etc. She'd drop out of the blue really lewd comments randomly. ("Wouldn't it be funny if I wasn't wearing any panties?")

So, what's the problem? She's the long-term girlfriend of one of my best friends, and back in the days when we hung out and shot together a lot, was close friends with the girl I was dating at the time.
I feel like I'm the only person on this board that likes dreamy planetarium.
I like Dreamy Planetarium.
Even the sailor jsk?
You're not alone, anon.
That's probably my least favourite cut, but I wouldn't be salty over others wearing it. Wear what you like, anon.
That sucks, but I gotta say you're a really decent guy for backing off there. Too many guys I know would have taken advantage of that and gone behind their friend's back, then blamed it all on the girl after it blew up in their faces.

This is still a tricky situation, though. Do you tell your friend about his girlfriend's behaviour or not? I personally wouldn't know what to do.
I never told him straight out. I've also seen her around a lot of other guys and she NEVER does anything like it with them, it's only me that she ever acted so flirty with. Whenever she and I interact, there's kind of this cloud hanging over it, this feeling of "if we'd both been single when we met we'd be dating."

It's been several years since anything like that happened, and at this point saying anything to my friend would just hurt their relationship for no reason.

It's not really an issue anymore, a random post elsewhere just reminded me of it and the fact that it still bothers me. She's not the only "friend's girlfriend" that stuff like this has happened with, it's sadly common for me and frustrating that I seem to get 10x more interest from "taken" girls than from single ones. I guess it kind of makes sense though, my friends and I tend to be cut from the same cloth and so it's not that surprising that girls who have chemistry with them would also have it with me.
Dreamy Planetarium is the closest existing thing to my dream tumblr dress. the JSK in sax is prob one of my dream dresses and I also love the sailor JSK in lavender and galaxy...
>had baby
>about to miss my only con for the first time since I started going
>everyone's going without me, including the father, also including other friends that also have babies
>missing out on seeing friends I only see at the con once a year

Well, fuck. I kind of want to drive up for a day, but I can't justify leaving the baby with family for that long. And I don't think it would be wise to take him with me.
so I guess I'm not going to the local Japanese film festival this year, just so I could avoid my 2 local harassers
>guy 1
>random person who struck up a conversation with me at con because of my cosplay
>added him on steam since he seemed ok
>talk a bit, he wants to meet up all the time
>one day going to mandatory theatre visit with course
>right before leaving the house the guy messages me
>reply, mention I'm going to the theatre
>'oh anon I'm right around there I'll be there!!'
>try to explain that it's not a good idea, I'm essentially playing babysitter for our entire group, handing out tickets etc
>'no no no no I'll be there, lmk when you're showing up!'
I just ignored him at that point and went offline, he luckily never showed up. he has recently found my twitter and is stalking it, and I haven't dared to block him yet
Sorry guys, didn't mean to cause a ruckus. I just have a friend who always gets me something for my birthday,Christmas, every holiday, and I think it's really kind of her to do. Sorry for "being materialistic" or "undermining a serious problem" or whatever you have your bloomers in a bunch about.
Hey friend, I just want you to know I'm in the same boat as you are. I really am.

Please try to get through school. I believe in you. Things will be different some day.
Something like your choice of significant other will rarely if ever result in such extreme difference in lifestyle.

You're just posting anonymously on the Internet, why's it so hard to just admit you're a soulless shell of a human being driven only by an insatiable hunger for material possessions? It's not like your boyfriend will find out and cut off your regular supply of free money and gifts that you demand in exchange for your "love".
Anyone have that pic with the story the WoW guildmate dying in a car crash? Warhammer was referenced.
Break up with the father if he doesn't stick with you, then he isn't worth it. He sounds like a dick for leaving you and go alone to the con, fuck him.
I will do my best anon, i will try. Thank you...
Please hang in there too!
We're still young too,i'm only 19, my grandmother used to tell me i have an entire world of possibilities.
You sound like a horrible person hope you end up alone. They maybe leading them self on or you are friend zoning them. The least thing you can do is tell them the truth to fuck off. So they can move on.
Christ, what horrible immature advice.

Dating any girl from /cgl/ must be an absolute nightmare. I've never seen women so incredibly whinny, entitled, and trigger-happy with breakups the instant ANYTHING doesn't go their way before.
you're on the opposite side of the problem here
>dream tumblr dress
Man, I'm so bummed that galaxy print was ruined by tumblr bc I actually enjoy space themed stuff... but now everytime I like something it just gets called tumblr and it's like everyone hates all the things I love.

I just got the sax version of the sailor cut, just waiting on chibitenshi to get it.
Yeah everyone hated it but at least that makes it easy for me to get a hold of.
Maybe now I can hunt for a proper dolly cat.
this is bad advice desu. the guy does sound like a bit of a dick, but you'd seriously advise someone who just had a baby to break up with someone over something as insignificant as attending a con without you? what the fuck? you realize this means that baby would grow up without a father, which can affect development?
i'd say just talk it out with the husband and encourage him to stay for the baby's sake if not just her own - maybe they could plan something that's still fun to do together while everyone else is gone instead.

while i agree it's horrible immature advice, /r9k/ please leave
No I never tried a Dr, I bought my two full courses of accutane from a gas station. Wtf. I've been seeing a dermatologist for about 13 years.
I have honestly gotten a lot of very ruthless and honest advice here, more than I have gotten anywhere else. Of course there are going to be people that will be a lot nicer than others, but the same amount of people will either be trolls or people laying down the truth/facts they got from what anon told them. But okay, whatever makes you sleep at night hun.
I was raised without a dad and I am fine. It's natural to over react to everything we are woman's aren't we?
This place has too many tumblrtards who hate men and believe all children should be raised without fathers in spite of evidence that it increases the risk of lots of bad shit.

Not every child that gets dropped on their head develops problems. Does that mean parents should just stop trying to avoid dropping their kids on their heads?
Just try to stop and think for a second.

What exactly does unbiased mean? How does one give or find unbiased viewpoints? The answer to that is distance and indifference. The further away and less personally attached to the issue or the people involved somebody is, the more unbiased their viewpoint is likely to be.

So how exactly is only asking for advice from people who you know are as similar to you as possible, usually being the same gender, age group, into the same hobbies and part of the same community as you, looking for unbiased advice?
>comm is full of 25+ all working and can affords burandos
>never going to meets
>coz I'm struggle college student who can only afford taobao brands.
>so no lolitas friends
>try created a small group to go for a con
>only find cheapass dress itas by far

Help me anon.
>everyone else has burando but I only have taobao dresses
>won't hang out with those other lolis cause they have cheap ita dresses
See the problem here? I wouldn't want to be friends with a shallow, hypocritical person either.
>I don't want to get banned
This isn't as big of a deal as you think it is. I fucking get banned all the time for using my phone to post. 4chan thought I was a tripfag once.
Not only that but most people that get banned here just wait for their IP to change or change it themselves. Unless you can't do that and you know for sure you can't or you live in an area that's small enough to get banned entirely.
I was in Fresno, CA recently and I guess someone got that region banned cause it wouldn't let me post and had some regional thing with the IP adress.

Don't sweat it, anon. Also lurk more.
Okay, this is going to be long because its almost 8 months in the making now and its becoming Mr Bones Wild Ride on crack.

>J is childhood friend, known her since 12, really eccentric, charismatic, outgoing- no problems
>Start bringing her to my #1 con in 2012, she's getting along with my con friends really well and becomes a major part of our crew
>June 2015, she meets C. The girl who runs our room and introduced me to the con, E, really likes C.
>J finds out, adorably apologizes to E for talking to C. E says its fine, just that she really likes C so don't flirt with him.
>Post-con, J starts messaging me about how she's been talking to C, she really likes him and feels there's a huge connection. I say I won't tell E. Whatever happens, happens, but I don't want to be directly involved if there's a falling out between J and E over C because ew, boy drama.
>She tells me her boyfriend, S, "pinned her down and started cutting himself on top of her" That's... uh...
>She says he's getting help but they're broken up, I'm taking it with a grain of salt. She has embellished things when we were teens but I didn't know if she still did it.
>Soon, she starts getting really upset in my inbox about something I apparently said when we were 15. We're 26 now. I don't even remember this.
>I tell her to not worry about stuff from high school, she agrees.
>Now in July, she's criticizing my decision to cosplay a character because my character is apparently in direct conflict with one she just started talking about cosplaying? Even though hers is from the TV series and mine is from the movie and they never interact with each other?? But are just potential pairings for the main character???
>Actually convinced I chose my character to spite her, I spent 10 whole minutes calming her and explaining I've wanted to cosplay this character for a long time.
>Next thing I know, she's also convinced I'm talking to C. I... have no interest in him and we don't even talk.
Most of the burando people won't care that you're wearing taobao dresses as long as you're not ita. Maybe try going to a meet? I was the same way for a while but everyone in my comm was curious about my dresses because they'd never seen them before and were all nice about it.

You can get some burando for quite cheap, too, if you want to start acquiring it.
desu those peoples aren't real lolitas, they're just some weeb itas, cheap ass wigs, lace monster dresses, nekomimi etc.

Thank, I saw one of them wearing bodyline so I'll tried attend once.
>August is hell. My dad loses his battle with cancer, a week later a HS friend of J and I takes his own life.
>J has now taken it upon herself to inundate me with novel-length FB messages.
>We're now soulmates, apparently.
>"I know you don't like girls, and I respect that" yet she keeps bringing it up.
>C and I are the same zodiac sign, so now she's convinced she's going to be with a Gemini
>Still bringing up the paranoia about C and I talking. Cue another 10 minute explanation to her, about how we literally cannot be together.
>I go away from FB for a while, and come back to 6-7 full phonescreen sized messages from her. Me not replying, viewing, or being online means I was consciously ignoring her. I hate her, and she should "end her miserable life".
>I talk her out of it... in like one minute. Like she just instantly snapped out of her suicidal depression just because I replied.
>Another 6-7 message novel pep talking herself
>September, her grandma dies. No severe changes to her mood, but I'm getting the same old clingy, psychotic rambles and I no longer no how to reply because once again, it feels like she's just using the suicide threats as a way to get me to pay attention to her
>I have Tumblr set to post on FB sometimes. I didn't explicitly give her my Tumblr, but she apparently has like 3/4 of my blogs bookmarked and checks them (she doesn't have Tumblr).
>I reblog captioned screencaps from an anime where a character is teasing another character about their singing.
>Hours later she's going off in my inbox "I hope that wasn't directed at me, I should have you know I'm a very good singer. You haven't even heard my singing."
>Uhhhhhhhhhhhh. What. The fuck.
>October, same old. Suicide threats, stalking, paranoia about talking to C. My grandmother dies.
File: gethelp.jpg (170 KB, 549x508) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
170 KB, 549x508
Pic related is some of her messages to one of us.

>I have my own stuff to deal with esp after losing 2 family members. The next months are usually rough for me. I can't keep bending over backwards for J, I can't keep trying to pull her out of her suicidal rampages.
>I have a minor breakdown, mention some really bad stuff from my past in a semi-private FB post.
>J's response? To post extensive detail about her life trying to "one up" my struggles.
>K now I'm mad.
>Find out she's been talking to other people. C told E she was talking to him, but E doesn't know she had feelings for him.
>J was telling C they were, I shit you not, literally wolves who were going to run off into the forests together.
>No seriously
>I've been pushing her to seek professional help since like... August. She gives the usual "Oh it doesn't work so nah." response.
>Nov, now -her- dad dies of a heart attack at work
>The entire con crew pitches in to get her this 100$ giant plush of her favourite animal. It was E's idea.
>She's super appreciative, super happy, but inevitably is back to her old ways the next week, but 100x worse.
>I contact the teachers of our old small private high school (they maintain contact with students), I explain what's been goign on, forward them screenshots of our conversation incl her suicide threats, ask them if she's working with them.
>"Yes, and we agree she needs extensive help."
>These are the type of people who would never give up on anyone unless its really bad.
>Dec, she actually threatens suicide on a FB status of mine, after personally attacking me, because she once again though something completely arbitrary was about her.
>I'm fucking done.
>Send her a long message, gently telling her that was inappropriate, urging her to look back on her actions. I beg her to get professional help, but say I can no longer try to help her if she's only going to get worse and do things like that, and will keep tabs on her through others.
>tfw you make a post about getting a warning for not making a cgl-related post in a feels thread
>tfw said posts and replies gets deleted

So a post about cgl is not cgl-related either?
(also fwiw, this ended up being longer than I wanted and dragging off into non-cgl stuff so I'll make it short and get back to the con part of it.

>She starts freaking out to E and other friends about how I don't want her to come back to out con. I tell E the con is half a year away. If she's better by then, absolutely. I want her to be happy. If she's the same, absolutely not. She needs help, not coddling.
>Get a message last night from E. C now has her blocked.
>She was lowkey stalking him. Telling him she was going to come out to his town to visit him.
>She pulled his number from his FB to text him when he wasn't replying to her messages.
>Took one of his posts personally and let loose on him about how she "totally is a wolf"
>Next day, get another message from E. J has now gone to another member of our con crew, T, telling blatant lies about E, and C, and me.
>Telling T she really needs to just go to a con so if he has any in mind...
>Hours later realize she knows I was supposed to go to a con with T.
>Its 2 hours from her

File: superthumb.gif (53 KB, 300x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
53 KB, 300x250
>Leave for con tomorrow
>Only have to sew the bias on a sailor fuku and hem the skirt up an inch or so
>So excite
>Needle hits a pin I forgot to remove
>Then suddenly remember a dinky portable sewing machine a family member gave mea s a present
>Know it doesnt have a bobbin anymore
>But wait holy fuck
>It fits
>Cry happy tears while sewing

I feel like the cosplay gods cursed me then blessed me right after.
>Even cutesy anime or series don't work anymore. I really think about just killing myself
Have you tried video games? I know it sounds ridiculous but I was in a big depressive rut, no animes were hooking me, even my upcoming convention wasn't fixing my mood

My friend decided to get me into the Ace Attorney series and I found something to preoccupy myself with, something to get me inspired again, even got me thinking about becoming a paralegal because when I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer at one point and the college I plan on going to has paralegal courses

A few months later I ended up getting into the Persona series after my mom bought me Persona 4 Arena as a gift and I was always meaning to get into it and now I'm hopelessly addicted to the series and am planning a couple cosplay with my best friend

idk it kinda sounds cheesy to say video games broke my out of depression rut but they really did.

I'm gonna be straight up, it "doesn't get better" like everyone else tries to say, but things do clear up and get a bit less shittier

I'm willing to talk with you or anything if you need advice or just a place to vent to because I know how bad it feels when you're like that
I've been feeling really weird lately. Like, I feel like I'm not allowed to have certain husbandos because my friends like them too. And I feel like they deserve that character more than I do? I don't really know how to explain it without sounding pathetic and looney.

Maybe I've been single too long or something I don't fucking know.
You're right, you do sound pathetic and looney.

It's a goddamn cartoon character that you pretend to be dating or in love with as a joke. if you or any of your friends genuinely take it so seriously you probably have worse problems going on than husbandos.
I am so confused and can't keep anyone you're talking about straight. So E is a guy, and J has mental issues, so why is C blocking E? And why don't people realize by now that fake names are easier to keep up with than letters?

I was trying to follow your story, but you lost me several times.
The Elder Scrolls IV saved my life, mate.
Everybody in my comm is super extroverted, and I'm very introverted, however I occasionally like going to meets. It gives me an opportunity to wear my clothes with people who share my interest in lolita and eat nice food. I just wish I could make friends with somebody enough to fetch them home and play video games, watch anime and eat take-out, rather than go out to a club or go drink alcohol at some bar.

I'm 20, but being surrounded by so many people who like to party is making me feel like a child just because I don't want to do all that stuff.
How do people even make friends at this age?

I just feel like I'm bothering every person I try to talk to. Maybe the people I try to talk to are too cool for me. I don't know anymore.

The older I get, the more hopeless I feel.
Hey anon, I know that feel. If I lived in your comm, I'd love to hang out with you and watch some anime and play video games.
Fuuuuuuck, anon. Where are you from?
File: orders.png (9 KB, 416x183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>stupid eBay doesn't show stuff you've bought longer than a month
Yes it does
Sorry to hear about the beret though
In the west, where you at?
guy 1 has seen me with an ex, and guy 2 knows I'm in a relationship (even though I've since broken up with that person, I don't bring it up unless someone explicitly asks). fish harder.

no idea why my second post was deleted, guess the janitors are PMSing again? I mean, after all it was very unrelated to cgl what with being an anime festival where people cosplay...

congrats, I hope you love yours. I have quite a few dresses I'm prioritising over it but I'm really hoping I can get it one day
Betas will still try to get with a girl even if they are taken. Just saying if nothing ever happen tell them so they can move on.
Update: I sat down with my friend and talked about this. It wasn't nice.
I also shoud've mentioned this before: the competition I'd want to participate in is the qualifiers for an international one.

>friend is still against me taking part, try to figure out why
>finally admits that she'd feel jealous of my experiences and opportunities (getting to know new people, representig our country etc.) because she'd want to do those things too
>doesn't want to compete against me but with me, wants to be known as a unit instead of individuals (we've done quite a few couple costumes)
>I feel like I don't have an identity as a cosplayer out of being her friend so I really want to do this one thing on my own, she gets snarky how I don't really make an effort to stand out
>start crying when I try to tell her how much this competition means to me and her support would be pretty important
>admits that she'd prefer to see me to LOSE
>admits that she'd gotten MAD at the thought of me representing our country
>thinks that I'd somehow forget about her and just hang out with the more popular cosplayers
>thinks that rather than wanting to fulfill one of my big dreams I just don't want to cosplay with her anymore
>tries to claim that I wouldn't make a good representative (I'm shy, not fucking socially retarted like she almost made me sound like)
>whole conversation ends in her passive-aggressive "fine do whatever you like"

I'm not sure if I should be sad or mad. She has pretty much destroyed any excitement I had for participating and I just want to scrap everything and give up. At the same time I'm fucking furious because her reasoning is basically "I don't want you to compete because I'd feel bad about it". I knew she liked the attention she gets at cons, but I never figured she'd be this bitter about the thought of me getting some too. We've been friends for almost ten years and this is a side of her I've never seen.

I'm crying again. Fuck everything.
Not the story anon, but why do people always bitch about this? It's basic reading comprehension. How retard do you have to be to struggle with this? If it's that hard for you, make up names from the letters for yourself. And C was blocking J, not E. E was just updating anon on the situation. Ta da.
Cosplay brought out this weirdly competitive and jealous side of someone who used to be one of my closest friends. We barely talk anymore. I hope your friend calms down and sees how shitty she's being, but ultimately, she's being an awful friend about playing dress up. I hope you choose to go ahead and compete like you want to.
I guess, I try to be as non-confrontational as possible because no matter what I say in these situation the end result is always the guy raging, calling me a bitch or something and blocking me/trying to publicly shame me. I should probably just grow a spine, block the creep and try to make the second guy back off, but it feels shitty of me

she's being kindergarten tier petty. she's afraid that you will win and forget or eclipse her. please please please ignore her. she's being such a bitch and you seem like someone who is really honest and motivated and I'd really love if you did well. I know it's an awful situation to be in but she's proven that cosfame is more important to her than your friendship
Because it's been well established and people generally have an easier time with names over letters, and it's not hard to name them Apple, Banana, Strawberry, etc.
West of US?
I'm from the UK.
A few months ago, my friend/roommate was showing me photos of her and her friends on facebook at AX and I mentioned the Satsuki was really cute. Roommate tags Satsuki with the whole "My roommate thinks you're cute!" and I was super embarrassed, but whatever. Compliments can make someone's day and I didn't think anything would come of it. She replied to the comment with the "Oh thanks! Does your roommate cosplay klk too?" and we sort of talk in the facebook replies and then exchange numbers. Fast forward, seeing my girlfriend in person for the first time at ALA this weekend.
that's so freaking cute, anon!

My feel:
>friends all cosplay when we're all teens
>I'm from a poor family so I never had the money to cosplay or go to cons
>always dream about cosplaying, spend all my time browsing cosplay related websites
>fast forward 8 years, we're all in our early 20's now, friends no longer cosplay
>I finally have the money to really just focus on my hobbies so I start cosplaying and going to cons
>at first it's just me and my bf
>but then my friends get their cosplay spark back and start coming to cons with us
>never have to cosplay alone because there's always someone willing to do a couple cosplay
>it's so much fun and I feel like I'm fullfilling all my teenage weeaboo dreams
Ignore ex-friend, because friends don't act like that. Compete. Shine like a mother fucking star, then let her know that _if_ she decides to stop being a salty cunt she can be your friend again.

Are you in Sweden by any chance. I don't recognise you or anything but there's a competition exactly like the one you're describing coming up .

Anyways, I'd say this should be motivation to compete. we're all people and it's ok for her to hold jelly thoughts, but wth kinda way is that to treat your friends?
Are you me?
Learn to read, and you won't struggle with simple comprehension tasks.

I'm not going to ditch the father of my child over a convention, I'm just feeling a little sad and left out. He wants me to come with him and leave the baby with my parents, but I can't do that with a clean conscience. Babies are a lot of work and would put their lives almost on hold, and they're busy people. So he's going, and I'm staying behind.
you've got a great mindset. hope you can go next year.
>been working on cosplay for pax prime with boyfriend and roommate
>all super excited to go out to Seattle and visit and old friend
>start to lose a little motivation
>oh must be because I've been procrastinating get meds. Easy fix. Back to normal ok
>"sorry there are no refills left on this medication, please contact your doctor"
>new year meant I had to renew Medicare
>because of kind of recent pay raise, no longer qualify and can't go to my doctor
>get bill from last visit $245. I literally just went to get my meds changed
>start to have a really bad anxiety attack
>buy klonopin from friend instead of dealing with adult stuff.
>cry because I feel like I'll never finish these costumes
I feel this way too. I rarely start conversations because I fear I'm being a bother. I'm very much the type that will start saying something and someone interrupts and everyone pays attention to them so I just sorta finish my story in a hushed voice. Was my story too long? Too boring? Why does everyone cut me off? And if I try to be assertive and ask them not to interrupt it becomes "ohhhh look at little miss fierce!" (...Even if I'm not being angry and I ask kindly.)

Now most of my friends are made on twitter, for better or worse. …though strangely enough, the ones I've met in person have been way more friendly and way better listeners to most of the friends I've met offline???

But I'm sure you'll be able to get some good friends! I'd say "you just need self-confidence!" But I have no idea. I don't have much myself. I'm sure if you keep at it, it'll work out?
File: DagashiKashi_Ah.png (40 KB, 238x340) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>In high school, see picture of some little kid character (anime, manga, game, I don't remember)
>They look adorable so I exclaim "Oh, they're sooooo cute!"
>Friends look at me like I've announced I'm the second coming of Hitler
>"That's awful, Jacuzzi. I didn't know you were a pedophile."
>Huh? I'm not, why would you…
>"You just drooled all over this picture of this little kid!"
>All I said was that there were really cute.
>"Ughhh, pedo…"
>It's a little kid character DESIGNED to be cute. I don't want to have sex with them or anything.
>"Sure, pedo, sure."
>Later, I decide to cosplay a young boy.
>"Trying to attract little kids by pretending to be a little kid? Wow…"
>Please stop
>"We're just trying to protect the kids!"
For the rest of high school, any time I'd have some positive comment about something young or say it was cute, my friends would go off on how I wanted to get in its pants. They'd say it loudly. In public. About ANYTHING YOUNG. Babies, elementary school kids, kittens, puppies, shoots of grass, you name it. They're totally just messing with me, but it's not funny and definitely not appreciated it. I say this, but they continue.
>Years pass, we've been out of school for so long we have classmates with kids in school now.
>Meet up with a bunch of them for the first time in ages
>Everything is great, having a lot of fun
>Friend shows me some baby animal pictures
>Oh they're sooooo cute—
>No. Oh no, I've sprung their trap.
>"Hey there, pedo…"
If you had confidence in your abilities before this, please don't let a shitty friend ruin it for you. Honestly even if you convince her to support you, do you really want a friend who actively tries to make you feel like shit about yourself because she's jealous? She admitted to it for God's sake. You are not a unit, and she sounds fucking crazy. If my friend thought they could compete on a national level I would go batshit crazy for them and do everything in my power to make sure it turned out perfect. Honestly, you should deeply consider completely leaving her behind now. If you don't have any cosplay friends you can talk to besides her I could give you a throwaway email. Good luck, I really hope you can get your spirits back up
I too feel this feel anon

The biggest bitch I know has loads of friends but even when I try to be more assertive people just brush me off
Maybe you can just call your doctor and have them renew your meds? I'm not sure how much they would be out of pocket but at least you wouldn't have to pay for an appointment too. In your free time maybe try shopping around for a cheaper insurance? I know it's super stressful but I promise you'll get it settled soon, maybe try going out with your roommate and doing something low stress and fun to kind of renew your excitement about the costumes? Sounds like you need a bit of a break

The worst is when those girls barely put any work into their costumes (mostly bought anyway) let alone take any decent pics and just whip out "costests" for all the characters I love and get tons of recognition and I'm sitting here putting my heart and soul into my stuff and I can't enjoy it because I'm not perfect.
I had a mormon friend interested in lolita and had nearly the same result.
>Chooses terrible jsk
>wears a t-shirt under it
>Knee socks instead of tights even though tights cover more
>shitty sweater jacket over it all
I bought socks from them and they shipped it in the largest possible box.
I knew they would, they used a flat rate box for like 20 dollars.
>it would fit with plenty room in a 5 dollar box
that's exactly it, though
there are approximately 3 cosplays of this character i love, and all of them have horrible wigs and one has an outfit that isn't even accurate to the character's
two of them have amazing props, however, so it's clear they put more effort into the props
i just... feel i can't cosplay this character 'right' because i can't make extravagant props and i'm not tall and thin
Anon, maybe consider commissioning the props? Unless you're competing.

I've recently come to terms with the fact that I'm not that great at props and have been looking into commissioning a few. It's less stress than worrying about how you're going to pull it together.
This is gonna sound horribly stupid but please understand I come from several homes where I wasn't allowed to clean my room or wash dishes... I know this sounds strange but both of my parents were horribly abusive and we don't need to go into details.

Anyway. I started lolita last year and got my first AP dress. I'm well on my way to having almost 3 done coords so I'm super excited and I've been taking pictures of my progress.
Unfortunately I'm one of those girls that has a mess behind them in photos. I've learned from this board that I at least need to clean everything out of the bg for mirror shots but my bf and I had a discussion about our house because I have to sign a lease to actually move in. He's tired of being the only person cleaning the house. I want to help as much as I can and I've started taking out trash and stuff but idk what else to do besides that and doing dishes.

We have a lot of clutter but most of that is his.
So my question is, how do I clean my house?

Again, I know it sounds stupid but I really don't know what to do and since you guys are so hard on those who don't clean up their rooms I figured you'd guys have some ideas, at least things you do on your own places?

Also has anyone here gone from complete mess to spotless? Because I need to get to that before summer (bug season).

Get a large garbage bag. Collect trash from off floor, surfaces, etc.

Sort clothing. Put dirty clothing in hamper (or garbage bag), put clean clothes into pile.

Wash dirty clothes.

Fold clean clothes and put them away in dresser. If you don't have one, there are some cheap ones you can get from ikea or target.

Clean off floor. Pick up anything you want to keep, put them where appropriate. Books to bookshelf, etc. If you can't decide where to put them, put them on a surface you will use to sort stuff later. A bed usually works.

Begin clearing surfaces. Start with one surface at a time, organize the stuff on it, file important papers, throw away trash, move things that go elsewhere to their home. Once you have cleared it off clutter, get a washrag with appropriate cleaner (if in doubt, warm soapy water usually works) and wipe off the dust and any spills or other debris. If it's unsealed wood, dry it with a dry towel.

Repeat with other surfaces. If it becomes difficult due to too many knickknacks, consider sorting through them, and putting some in storage (like in the attic, basement, or closet), or donating or just throwing them out.

Once surfaces are cleaned, vacuum, or if it's not carpet, sweep, then clean the floor with a mop or rag.

Finally, make your bed. You have now cleaned your room successfully.

For other chores, consider cleaning the dishes or cleaning the kitchen or the bathroom.
Oh god, thank you so much!!
>Betas will still try to get with a girl even if they are taken

That doesn't even make any goddamn sense. If they were "beta" then why would they be doing something that's significantly more difficult and riskier than going after a single girl?

Just call them "unattractive" like the reason actually is. You're not fooling anyone by pretending to not just be shallow.

Oh and not to mention women are the ones who start becoming way more attracted to someone if they find out they're already taken.
There are beta guys who try to convince girls that their bf is a douche and doesn't appreciate her. They would never confront the bf directly.
Betas are cucks they both the same you aren't a guy, you don't know the feels or struggle.
I used to be a guy like that, but I learned to move on. Onities can really screw with your head.

Cosplay is fun.
Guess every girl in these threads is a beta guy then since 99% of all response when someone mentions their boyfriend here is "he's an asshole dump him".
She seems to have calmed down to her normal self but I don't want to bring up the competition again just yet. She's otherwise a wonderful friend and I really don't want to lose her because of this.

Not from Sweden, sorry.

I don't want to and honestly even couldn't leave her now since we're roommates and I can't afford to live alone (I moved to a bigger city because of school about 18 months ago and don't have any family here). Most of my social circles are also through her and if we were to separate I'd be left with pretty much no friends. It's a difficult situation to be in but at this moment it really can't be helped.
Also, if you really wanted to give me your info, it'd be really nice since our group is cosplaywise pretty casual outside the two of us, and I honestly don't have that many people to talk to.

Thank you, anons. I've calmed down too and feel more positive about competing again, but this whole thing has left me little paranoid. Never thought I'd get more support from /cgl/ than one of my best friends, and that just sucks.
>have gf
>have otp that happens to be sibling incest
>she's fine with dressing up as them and fucking me in costume
Careful, she might try and steal your idea to make herself look better than you
So I've been having a lot of health problems recently and lately I've been unable to keep on weight. Right now I'm 5'9" and about 110 lbs which is way under, and I've lost most of the muscle mass I had previously.

I used to be happy about being thin since I was a chubby teen and it's easier to fit into jfashion this way, and I worry that the combo of gaining weight +being tall will make it too hard to find lolita that fits.
Physical exams and blood tests have shown that this is actually really bad and there is a large possibility of me having leukemia. I have to get a bone marrow biopsy which is scary, and yknow the whole probably having cancer thing is scary too.

I wish I got into lolita when I was healthier because now when I'm putting together coords it feels kind of pointless. feelin pretty shitty all the time.
File: 1446307907153.gif (1004 KB, 499x359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I wish we were in the same comm, anon.

All I want are lolita friends- other girls I can dress up with, but also casually hang out with, go to the movies, sleepovers, video games, etc. I joined my states comm this year, to try and make friends but I'm terrified to ask any of them if they actually want to start hanging out as friends, because I don't want to be seen as clingy?

Also, most of the girls are younger than me (26) and I'm afraid they'll think I'm too old to hang out with them. I just want buddies dammit.
your dramu aside, I think you're doing the right thing in possibly cutting off J. Though if I were you I would have cut her off for good from the first suicide threats. if I were you I'd also cut off anyone who supports J's side of the story over yours, especially if they don't even let you tell your side of the story. Drama like that is shit and can very well also continue to affect both your mental and even physical health.
You sound mentally ill, anon.
>Find a fanfic
>This thing is at least 104 chapter slong, still updating, and over 1100 pages.
>Decide to read it
>Do absolutely nothing for the last two days but read this fic
>Flashbacks to when I decided to read all of One Piece
>Did nothing but eat, sleep, and read

God, I still have like 30 chapters left to go. Why the fuck do I do this to myself?
>Supposed to be getting shit together for a cosplay
>Spot some beautiful rocking horse boots for cheap
>Immediate impulse buy
>Realize that different RHS would be better
Fuck, I'm a dumbass.
I'm kinda scared my lolita YT got posted to somewhere like 4chan because I got 1k views in the last 2 months for no reason and I only have 3 videos. As in "look at this horrible noob not playing up sweetness for the camera, yuck." Or something like that.
I can't be happy about it, I'm just suspicious. Something is wrong with me
I don't know why I'm venting here, but I don't have anyone else to talk to about this.

Lolita is really the only thing that keeps me going right now.

I'm a failure regarding college, I'm rarely do anything and I'm already 1 year due, I don't know if I can master it at all.

My co-workers slowly realize that I'm not that good at all and I fear that they'll give me a bad recommendation letter when I'll leave this summer. Oh yeah, I'll be unemployed in a few months.

I had a big fight with my boyfriend yesterday, because our sex life is horrible since over a year because my sex drive is basically non-existent. We agreed that I'll try to change but I know that he'll leave me if I don't and I'm currently financially dependent on him.

Lately I'm just putting on a show, that I'm alright and happy when in reality I'm just feeling empty.
The only thing that makes me happy are my lolita dresses. But not being able to wear them and waiting for a certain dress to be shipped for so long now devours me, like even my hobby is starting to make me sad.

Sometimes, I feel like it'd be easier to just end it all. I wouldn't really do it, but if there was like a button to make me disappear I would want to push it.
Get professional help. No, really, if your libido is affected that's pretty serious depression. I might end up being a chemical balance that only needs a few months of pills to correct or it might be a lifetime of therapy like myself, but no one is going to be able to help you as much as a professional. Do it. Just try it. What do you have to lose?
Anon... have you literally said the words "Please stop, I'm being serious, this really bothers me" in a serious conversation? It sounds like your friend thinks it's a supr drrrprrr funneh inside joke as opposed to anything malicious, so if they're really a friend they'll stop the second you tell them not to. It really dumbfounds me that you went for years just "putting up" with this.

>My friendcircle started joking about one of our friends being an enormous creature from a show because he's tall as fuck
>Start nicknaming him after the critter
>A day later friend tells us he doesn't like it because he's insecure about his weight
>Nobody ever does it again
>Funny how that works
Professional help usually costs money.
Well I guess there's no way to fix this ever and you'll have to be miserable for the rest of your life! Oh well!
It'll be short. It's okay.
May as well waste the rest of it pandering for attention on an anonymous board instead of actually trying to fix your life.
This is a lie you feed yourself to not take action and responsibility for your life. There are lots of free support groups and clinics. Did you know you can talk to a regular doctor about depression that is affecting your libido? Call the suicide help line and see if they can help you find resources in your area.
And if you even starting to become unhappy because of lolita then skip the next release and use that money for some fucking therapy.
None of us can fix this for you, only you can do something about it.
You're going to lose what little you have left in life (that boyfriend who's been fucking supporting your self absorbed ass for over a fucking year- cause btw if you didn't buy lolita you might could financially survive without him, you sound a bit like a user) if you don't.
For god's sake do it for him at least. I would hate to be with a girl that was staying with me just for financial support while she blew all her wad on clothes. You never even mentioned actually caring about him or what you're putting him through.
Me too, i realized i should get a job that involve lots of interaction to know new friends since when at university people i know seems bothered to talk sometimes, sigh or we don't have nothing in common. Or they have a bf while i'm the eternal single or they are too busy with job or study. Meh.
>I-I just want to have a lolita best friend and dress up with
>my lolita will rot in the closet
Wish i can find a friend like you, i'm super introverted and it's really hard for me to substain friendships unless people are similar to me.
I'm the OP, why are you pretending to be me?
Unless if you have a sudden spike in dislikes I wouldn't worry about it anon
I'm already trying to get help, but my therapist has a long waiting list, so I have to get by myself atm.

Like I said, some anon was trolling and pretending to be me.
Anyway, I'm not spending all my money on dresses, I just got one after christmas. And my boyfriend means the world to me, I just feel like he could do better and I'm clinging to him.
Nevermind, I was just venting.
i hope everything turns out alright anon, please let us know how it goes! i'm rooting for you!
Liking the lore and style, I'm assuming.
>genuine enjoyment of a title
>fake fan

Pick one. If you like it, you're a fan. It's literally that simple and yet people still fuck it up.
You're in college. Sell pot to friends. Easy returns and im sure one of your friends knows a connection that wont throw you in jail. Just be careful and trust no strangers.
You're a right proper cunt.
can't you see the demographics of your watchers? if they are around teens to thirties they may be legit, and if you are not getting dislikes or bad comments there is no reason to worry.
least I don't wanna kill myself ;)
>Most of my social circles are also through her and if we were to separate I'd be left with pretty much no friends.

I've been in your situation (roommate and friend circle) and I can tell you, you need to stand up for yourself now and don't let her walk all over you. This is a sign, not necessarily that it won't get better, but it certainly won't if you don't keep a backbone about it. When I stood up to my friend, I lost them for 3 years but in that time I gained and grew my own social circle. You find out quick who actually saw you as you and not 'friend's friend'. But I'm not saying it would come down to that. I'm just saying that your friend needs a wakeup call as to how she's treating you, and this codependency in your social life can get toxic if you let it.
This fat shitty cosplayer gave me a llama on Deviant Art and when I tried returning the favor I accidentally clicked the watch button on her page. I immediately unwatched her within a split second but apparently she saw it and wrote this long thank you comment about how much my watch meant to her.

I'm not sure if I should ignore her since her cosplays are horrible and watching her was an accident, or if I should rewatch her to not seem like a bitch.
I always rewatch the person for a few days and then unfollow to make it seem unrelated
I feel you so hard
I considered selling my old psych meds so I could afford more cosplays. Then I realized cosplay wasn't worth the consequences of being caught.
Yeah but pills are a bit tricky to move unlike street drugs.
You people are insane. Seek help
I tend to choose all of my bfs and I's cosplays, and he loves being a part of it and doing it with me, but I feel like he's getting sick of me seeing a lot of media as things to cosplay from.
>tfw we recently finished a game together
>We look exactly like two of the characters in it who are an implied couple
>I can almost feel him thinking "don't say it"
As a disclaimer, I don't think he minds the idea of us cosplaying a lot of characters, so much as we already have so many planned ones we haven't gotten to yet.
Me as fuck. I always go on ebay sprees when I have some spare cash. It's just cheap shit, but the volume of what I bought makes me panic that I massively overspent because once I ended up spending like £120 on miscellaneous cute shit and Korean skincare stuff. Worth it imo, but wow was that a shock.
That's great! It's so nice to find people who enjoy the same niche hobby.
Sure is /r9k/ in here today. Bitter about Valentines?
Same, anon. I've learnt how to pitch my voice so people don't interrupt me as much, but wow did those school years suck.
What fic was it? I'm going to stay with family so I don't have to pay for a hotel room and need something to distract me from their endless drama.
If he's enough of an asshole to think it's hilarious to accuse someone of pedophilia in public, he'll think it's Christmas all over again if they say that. There's a chance he was being an asshole in school, but it sounds like he hasn't grown out of it.
About what exactly, NOT having to spend hundreds of dollars on some ungrateful person with no intention of every doing or giving anything in return?

I'm good actually.
File: 1447645134405.png (168 KB, 383x302) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>plan a all-inclusive photoshoot/meet up for indie games for fun
>make posts etc about it to gauge interest
>some genuinely friendly people seem to be interested, cool stuff
>one tumblrina in particular is especially interested
>check blog
>offended by literally everything, otherkin, etc

I'm glad people are showing interest, but I really don't want to be responsible for "triggering" this person or potentially case any drama. I'm probably worried over nothing, but their internet persona seriously worries me.

I'm one of those people who can't sleep right unless the room is spotless so here's what I do.

Do bed first, now that the central part of the bedroom is done it will bother you that the rest is a mess. Sort through laundry next, the clean one goes on the bed, the dirty on the floor. Put all the dirty things in a laundry basket.

Now that the central part of the room is cluttered, you must clean that, so put all the clean clothing away. Then the clutter around the bed goes next, and as anon said, organize knicknacks.

So pretty much, pick a main thing to focus on, something right on the center or large for each room. For the kitchen it could be the table, for the living room it could be the largest couch etc. Now that you've picked one object, focus on making it look good.

It's easier to clean when you focus on one thing than to think "I have to clean ALL these things?". I don't know if it makes sense but hope it helps! Leave vacuuming and mopping or sweeping til the end, I dance around with the vacuum or broom so it's a little silly reward for doing a good job.
Your bed is in the middle of your room? Most people have their bed against at least one wall.
If two people sleep on the bed and the bed is against a wall, one of them can't get out of it without disturbing the other.

For example.
the headboard is still against a wall usually...
Ah, true, did not think of that.
File: 1453942443734.jpg (57 KB, 593x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You should.
Hi, I used to be in your boat with your thoughts. I thought everyone buying brand and cosplay didn't realize how great they had it and couldn't understand why they'd feel sad. Well, now that I can afford brand and such believe me when I tell you that buying all of those shiny things only fills the void for so long before they become droning. Instead of being bitter about material things you can't have, you need to find a greater purpose for yourself and learn not to dislike others so much. Many of them are probably feeling like you even if they're rich.
>make lolita New Year's resolution to focus on filling out my wardrobe instead of buying new main pieces
>first purchase this year is new main piece
>overpaid for it by about 50$, too

To be fair, it was an item at the top of my wishlist and one I'd never seen up for sale before, and I dont really feel bad, but part of me is side eyeing myself a little. NOW I'll focus on everything, me, I promise.
>unless another rare wishlist dress comes along, of course
>make good money
>still hate myself and am suicidal
Guess what, even wealthy people can have mental illnesses, you twat. Which is what it sounds like is going on with you. See someone if you can. And I'm second in video games, or just finding something new to get excited about, if possible. Getting into video games and lolita in the past year have made things a little easier for me, but I still need to start seeing someone. Good luck.
Wishlist items, especially rare ones, are there exception, anon. Glad you got your dress!
>live in the middle of nowhere
>every product mentioned in skincare/makeup threads are from brands that are not available at my local stores
>tfw waiting for that one day someone mentions a brand I dont have to buy online
I've tried, but it doesn't work. Maybe I don't sound serious enough? Luckily it had been years between them calling me a pedo, so hopefully it'll be years before it happens again (though hopefully it won't). It's just frustrating.
>want to cosplay and wear cute clothes
>know I'll never look that cute, pretty, and thin
>why even try losing weight

However I"m still trying even if I'm rather pessimistic. Only issue right now is that I'm so used to eating emotionally it's really hard to control binges but I"m slowly getting there.

Oh and I can't afford going to a gym, which is the only place where I feel motivated enough to actually work out.

>inb4 just control yourself

well yeah if I was good at that I wouldn't be an obese fuck in the first place
This is really good advice. The biggest thing is having a "home" for all of your items. Have a dresser for your clothes, hamper for dirty clothes, a bookshelf for your books/dvds, plastic boxes for craft items, small baskets/containers for misc items like makeup, etc.

If your items' "home" is full and you have leftover items, consider going through the items and getting rid of some. If you really can't and the stuff is important, get something bigger to store things away. Invest in plastic totes to store items in, cardboard boxes are an invitation for pests and don't protect your items very well. They also have a tendency to collapse/fall apart.

If you're bad about it consider making a schedule once you do a major cleanup. Monday is dusting, Tuesday is washing clothes, Wednesday is vacuuming, etc. Also have a daily routine. For example, make sure all the dishes are washed and put away before I go to bed. Take the trash out every evening.

You can also break your space down into rooms, corners, or just simply say you'll clean a piece of furniture every day- ex: clean your desk area one day, your dresser the next, a shelf the next.
I love it a lot, wish i could do a uchuu kei lolita outfit so bad. Ah another print i love and no one does is Dreamy Horoscope. The latest galaxy AP print compared to this is too boring and Taobao-ish.
>i just want to be an alien lolita but no money to spend for lolita right now
Gym at home. Use videos to exercise, the supporting voices will help. And post progress pics, it'll help with the esteem and show you a physical change of your body.
Thank you again. This is helpful but unfortunately I have a full time job, and I'm usually gone from 8 or 9 am till 8:30 or 9:30 pm.
I kind of have to clean up on my two days off but one of those days I have therapy which requires me to travel downtown which is an hour both ways. Fucking blows. But at least I can afford brand and get mental health.

Seriously tho, thanks.
File: sadnessblanket.jpg (73 KB, 495x636) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>meet qt online (she lives about 25 miles away)
>play vidya together, really enjoy each others company
>friend each other on fb
>she sends me a couple of small gifts
>lets me know that she really likes me but is afraid if we ever meet I'll think she's ugly and will never talk to her again
>thinks now that she's said that, I won't be her friend because I won't ever get to sleep with her
>she thinks she has no value except for sex
>tell her that's not the case
>she has a panic attack because she thinks I'm gonna abandon her regardless of what I say
>next day
>give her a call to make sure she's doing okay
>she's drunk as fuck
>she seems alright but I am concerned because she's never been one for solo binge drinking

From what I can tell, she wants to be with me, but her self esteem problems are holding her back. I am totally fine with being just friends though.

I want to help her feel better, but I just have no clue what to do in this situation
Sounds like you can't make her feel better compared to medication or a therapist. If she's freaking out and not accepting the fact that you want to stay as friends at least then I can't imagine the contact being good for you or her. They'll start to depend on you too much or get emotionally manipulative.
I know it's hard since you care about them but you shouldn't let their emotions effect you too deeply when they're not even listening to you. Just express that the friendship is the most important thing and you're not going to judge her by her appearance. Her self esteem issues aren't going to just disappear though so I imagine situations like that will keep on happening if she is interested in you even if you're just friends.
I was contemplating professional help, but I don't want to outright say "go to a therapist" to her, because she might think that I think she's crazy.
I might suggest a counselor because that sounds more casual than full on psychiatric help.

She has very few friends (one other than me as far as I know), so I'm wondering if she could make some more, that she'd feel less shitty about herself.
When she's sober and maybe confiding in you, you could ask if she's ever spoken to anyone like that before. Don't pressure her into it but maybe suggest it like you've heard of it helping others.
It might be hard for her to make friends with her self esteem. Suggesting her to make some could make her more emotional as it's not something that just happens unless she puts herself in an uncomfortable situation. I don't know her but I doubt she's going to be the one to go up to people. If she only has you two then she will be dependent on your friendship so it would be healthy for her to get more but that's not going to change how she perceives herself. She has Facebook though so she must have some people shes in contact with.
You must be me, anon.
If you're obese and manage to lose a bunch of weight, you'll have loose skin to deal with, but that's not to say you won't look adorable in cosplay. Saying "I'll never make it" is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You'll never get anywhere with that shitty attitude.

I know this is contrary to most advice, but I weigh myself at the same time almost every day. Seeing the pounds gradually fall off keeps me motivated throughout the week. I work out at home.
>Buy adjustable mannequin to see mistakes easier and not to have to try on the garment all the time
>My body is so shit so still have to try them on time to time

Some things I could just pad but like neck is too wide for me even on the smallest setting
I'm really fucking pissed because I am in con crunch mode and my so called friend decided to dump his drunken problems on me so quickly that I couldn't stop it. Now I'm sleep deprived unable to sleep in my own bed, and I got almost nothing done on my project last night.
Fucking pissed. They're gonna get a stern talking to because I don't have time for this, nor the energy.
Just go away for a few months and think about it.
>family friend of my in laws' died yesterday
>funeral is today
>i have to go
>it's 5 hours long
>sunday is usually my day for sitting around the house in lolita
>feel terrible because i'm so fixated on it
>doesn't matter, still annoyed

It makes me feel like a sociopath, but it's really the only time I get to dress up anymore.
Mine was really expensive, too. The bust/waist/hip measurements are good but the neck and underbust are way too thick and the hips are completely the wrong shape. I could pad the butt area to improve it a bit, but it's not like I could chip bits off where it is too wide. Damn my lumpy body.
At least it's great for display.
File: gothic629.jpg (77 KB, 780x780) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 780x780
This is my dream. But instead
>wear very toned down casual lolita to uni
>two girls in my department have been whispering behind my back and giggling for a while
>assume they’re making fun of me but don’t really give a fuck
>regularly check out brand websites and online secondhand stores for deals
>two girls come up behind me while I’m browsing CC on my laptop, freak out
>turns out they love lolita but mostly know it from cons and anime
>one says she would never actually dress that way but the other, who dresses kind of rockabilly/gothy is very excited
>“I’ve never seen a rorida in real life before anon! I wish I could dress kuhway like you!”
>minor red flags go up but fuck it, we were all new once and it would be awesome to have a lolita friend in the same department!
>show her some brand websites, then second hand websites when she complains that it’s all too expensive
>second hand brand is also too expensive, so I show her BL and Taobao along with my preferred SS
>nope, still too expensive, even after I explain cost of custom materials + labour-intensive designs + small company overhead etc.
>kind of annoyed but decide to let her think it all over for a while because maybe she’ll come around like your friend did
>week later she comes running up to me
>turns out she’s discovered eBay “lolita” and some Milanoo clone
>she’s upset with me for keeping these wonderful sources from her
>insinuates that she’ll look much hotter than I do in the clothes and I’ll be jealous of the attention she’ll get
>shows me a listing of something similar to this, except with tons of cleavage and a much shorter skirt
>tells me she’s going to hand-embroider something about Loki on the back because she’s part of “Loki’s army” or “Loki’s wenches” or whatever
>I guess that means no lolita friend for me
what did I do to deserve this, anons
>feel like dressing up
>try 5-6 outfits, it's never quite right
>hating myself
>slip back into my sweater and socks, leaving a pile of frills behind me
I don't understand. I have gorgeous brand that fit, I lost weight, got better at makeup, got a good hair cut and refined my style yet I can't like myself in lolita anymore. I spent all my energy trying to have fun today and it just ruined my mood. I just feel so down.
Im sick of feeling cold in my house. It's usually 16°C/60°F at the highest and I'm usually wearing pj's in the house. I live with my mum and her boyfriend still and they refuse to put the heating on and assure me "it's not cold" even though I've offered to pay more towards heating bills time and time again. Is it just me, or is it really the temperature? I've read that room temperature is 20°C time and time again, and I feel fine at that temperature. I just want to know if I should go to the doctors or if I'm going to look silly turning up and telling them my situation.
what the fuck, 16 degrees is practically abuse
you are completely right to complain. 18 degrees is normal room temp imo, up to 23 or so
File: 1438286517574.jpg (148 KB, 500x335) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
148 KB, 500x335
It's on the chilly side, but you should be perfectly fine with a sweater or something. My parents' and inlaws both tend to have their house at 16-18°C because in both cases there's one person who gets very uncomfortable at higher temperatures and it's easier and less wasteful to put a sweater on if you think it's too cold imo. Maybe it's because I grew up in a colder house but 20°C is too warm for me personally.

>get dressed up in 16°C bedroom
>meetup venue is >22°C
>huffing and puffing and trying not to sweat on my brand
Yeah I tend to be fine with a sweater on. My hands get very cold though. My old house used to be a steady 18°C - 21°C and that's what I felt most comfortable at. I just like to be able to wear pj's in my house without having to put extra layers on or a blanket.

Should I head to the doctors?
Its really just that people's norms are different. You like it warmer than they do. Just put a sweater on and deal because that is what you do when you live with people, compromise.
Yeah, I get that. Just my mother has changed into a completely different person since she moved in with her boyfriend. I contribute to paying the bills, so I'd like the heating on every now and again. I'm not the only one who should be compromising.
>in con crunch mode
>girlfriend complaining to me about having trouble with one of her cosplays
>one of the main issues being that she didn't even pattern, just glanced at a tutorial and tried to wing it
>offer to send her a good tutorial i saw a while ago for a similar outfit
>ask if she wants to take pictures of what she's having trouble with and send to me so i can give suggestions, seeing as i'm better at sewing than her and we both know it
>"no anon this is MY problem and i'll FIX IT MYSELF"
>well okay then sorry for trying to be understanding/helpful i guess??

she does this all the time ugh. she has really low self esteem and has trouble working on cosplays because sewing really does not come easily to her. all her stuff ends up looking totally fine when she's done with it but trying to reassure her and help make things easier just makes her get mad at me for no reason. her sister (who she lives with) even owns a sewing machine and she refuses to learn to use it even though it'd make her life a million times easier. she's so stubborn and snaps at me over the smallest things it's frustrating

i feel bad being so annoyed by all this because we've been together a long time and she's always been really great towards my admittedly bad mental health issues, and she's stuck by me through two hospitalizations, a suicide attempt, and all my bullshit of trying to make her hate me and break up with me because i feel like i don't deserve her

but shit like this is just. why

sorry for blog post i have nowhere to vent about this bc she follows me/regularly checks on all my social media
I post my feels in the feel thread in hope I'll feel less alone, but my feels are so lame I never get a single response.
You could have poor circulation. See a vein doctor. I would also recommend getting an iron count done. It could be naturally low then reduced further (assuming female, because its most common) during menstruation. In the meantime, thin gloves?
i feel this feel
>If you're obese and manage to lose a bunch of weight, you'll have loose skin to deal with,

I know it's stupid but of all things this de-motivates me the worst. Loose skin looks disgusting and I'll never be able to afford to get it removed.
>being this entitled to responses

>what are corsets and compressors
>what are corsets and compressors
What about when people see you naked.
Seriously shut up.
So you'd rather show people that you're a fat, lazy slob who can't take care of them self than show people you're a hard worker who puts time and effort into improving yourself. I mean, if that's your choice, then whatever floats your boat I guess.
Because in the end the moment people find out you have loose skin they still think you're a fat lazy slob
This. Jesus.
>implying you even know what alone means
So you're going to take the easy way out. Got it.
You could try losing weight slowly. Aim for a pound a week and make sure to drink a lot of water. This could be helpful. http://vitals.lifehacker.com/how-to-minimize-loose-skin-during-weight-loss-1696145766
Look, I AM working on it, I AM working my ass off to loose weight but that doesn't mean I can't ever feel unmotivated or worry about stuff.

The thing is, if you've been fat ever, that's all people will remember. Nobody gives a fuck you actually lost weight, except that you used to be really fat once.

Thanks for the link anon!
Stop being a stupid cunt
>inb4 you can't fathom more than two anons thinking you're a twat
File: 1452199998212.jpg (44 KB, 341x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 341x600
>go to a party
>get high for the first time, not pleasant
>this guy hangs out with me the whole time and helps keep me calm
>find out he's actually really cool and we have stuff in common
>he outright says that he likes that I wear alt/Jap fashion and that's what attracted him to me in the first place
>we message each other from time to time after that, but don't talk or hang out much otherwise
>meet him at another party
>we hang out for a bit, play beer pong, etc
>"Anon, I have to leave very soon"
>"Oh, you're leaving?"
>"Yeah, but there's one thing I have to do first"
>he kisses me on the lips
>am too bewildered to react in any way other than frozen shock
>he just walks off after the fact
>think "???? what the fuck that was my first kiss what the fuck what the fuck ??? the fuck ??? what"
>the next day, he messages me and says he was very drunk
>I tell him it's fine, but it weirded me out
>he says sorry, then I say not to worry about it and we just talk normally
Two days later, I mulled over what happened at that party, and realized I was perfectly fine with him kissing me, but if it were anyone else I would've hated it. If he did it again, I wouldn't mind, either, but I don't know how to tell him. What do I do?
I just bought my first lucky pack and I'm nervous about spending so much money not knowing exactly what I might get.
Tell him that you weren't weirded out by what he did, but by the surprise of what he did combined with it being your first kiss and tell him that you're actually glad he did it. If being drunk was just an excuse he made to bow out of it gracefully because you hadn't responded positively then you'd like to start something together, assuming that's how you feel.
idk he already confessed to you basically so its not like the feelings arent mutual
Just tell him.

Alcohol reduces inhibitions but it won't make you do things you didn't want to do in the first place. He tried to save face when he messaged you about it.
He probably hoped you'd say something along the lines of:

>oh no it was totally fine, I loved the kiss

or some shit.
If you tell him now that you actually liked it and like being with him, what's the worst thing that can happen?

You do like him, don't you?
Does loose skin really look worse than a fat body, unless you are super obese or lose weight quickly by crash dieting it's rarely that noticeable.
If you are the same anon who said you can't afford the gym and can't afford surgery it sounds like you need to budget better. While surgery I understand not being able to afford but a gym membership costs like 20 bucks a month you probably spend that much on junk food
I live at home so I spend nothing on food. Also I have no job (yet) so there's nothing to really budget.
If you're in the US and get a decent job, you might actually be able to finance a tummy tuck or something using CareCredit. There are other options, CareCredit just comes to mind first. I'm planning on getting a mommy makeover financed when I can, I had a baby and my body has been dumpy as fuck ever since.

Just an option to keep in the back pocket. Cosmetic surgery isn't only for rich people these days. Just have good credit.
Holy shit you can use Care Credit for plastic surgery? I'm using them for my wisdom teeth atm. I had no idea they did cosmetic stuff.
Yup, I just found that out myself. If you look at local plastic surgeons, check out what financing options they accept. Most of the ones I've looked at take CareCredit.
>"Grow out" of being a weeaboo/con goer
>go to a local con in Wichita every year
>do half assed closet cosplays and shit
>start watching anime again recently
>start feeling nostalgic Early 2000s feels for being a weeb

I finally put my mind to it guys, and Im gonna do a real actual fucking cosplay. I wanna do Venom Snake from MGS

>tfw no strong handsome face for it

Fuck it though, right?
>the only way to be fat is to eat junk food
Ughhhhhhhh. As if overeating and drinking calories from otherwise healthy food in smaller portions certainly couldn't contribute to weight gain. Cmon, the twinkie argument is old for everyone.
>Stop being a stupid cunt
I'm sorry if it triggers you

>>inb4 you can't fathom more than two anons thinking you're a twat
How presumptuous of you.
Thanks, seagulls. Just sent him something along the lines of >>8841444. Now I wait.
File: 1425077924477.jpg (14 KB, 310x464) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 310x464
>Tfw you realize you don't want to go to a con you've already paid for
Didn't say that, I mean anyone could easily spend $20 on junk food without realising. If you don't watch what you eat you don't want what you spend your money on.
Stop consuming alcohol and dairy and anyone could lose weight easy
I've learned from an experience similar to this that you can't help people who don't want to be helped. You did nothing to deserve this anon, some people just have to learn the hard way.
Sell the tickets, make back some money.
>alcohol and dairy
And carbs, and saturated fats, and any sneaky sugars that are found in innocent things like excess consumption of fruit.
Yet one of the header images of a thread up right now is mocking a cosplayer who did just that, in an unflattering pose
Con is out of state and I have to show my ID to pick up my badge..
I guess this is a pretty /cgl/ feel:

I had a last-minute group photoshoot come up at ALA, and one of the girls was such a perfect match for me that I can't stop thinking about her. I'm just sitting here waiting for her friend request on FB and hoping I don't see "In a Relationship With:" when it comes up. I feel like a freaking teenager again, I can't even begin to figure out how many years it's been since I so quickly clicked with a girl, much less a cosplayer.
Look up freelance writing jobs online. The pay is shit a lot of the time, but it's better than nothing. You just need a paypal account usually. I don't know what the new site is called, but if you google ODesk, you'll find what they turned it into and if it still functions like ODesk did, you can find people asking for articles to be written, things to be drawn, etc. and sometimes the pay is shit, sometimes it's good. Give that a shot.
Do it, buddy. Have some fun.
I don't think anyone other than your parents has seen you naked if that's your response, holy shit.
dated a decently overweight guy. stretch marks and acne everywhere. fucking loved him all the same. broke up (my fault, got bored), he started getting fit. want him back way harder, he looks fucking awesome (who doesn't internet stalk their ex at times).
loose skin will ALWAYS look better than rolls of fat. you are making excuses to be lazy. (and odds are you're still in early 20s, where you can get the skin to still naturally turn back to some degree.)
You make so many excuses for yourself that it's hard to sympathize with you. If you genuinely have no self-control, try to find a low cost/free therapist to help you work through that. You could absolutely make at least ten bucks per week doing odd jobs, even online, that the cheapest care typically costs. Similarly, you could easily make 20/month for the gym doing the same shit. "I live at home and don't work" is an excuse. Write shitty articles, check out Fiver, etc. TRY.

Sitting around saying "I can't " won't get you anywhere. If you catch yourself doing something you shouldn't be like overeating or skipping work outs, make yourself stop. You have to want it badly enough to change. Most people don't.

And no, not everyone only remembers you as being that fatty. And if they do, meet new people. Amazing how that works. Don't let judgmental people keep you from doing what you want. That's another dumb excuse.

Good luck, anon. Be stronger. You can do it.
>women excusing fat guys
Wow, novel.

>Does loose skin really look worse than a fat body

On cgl? Yes. People will just make fun of you for looking like a sad, deflated balloon because you don't have taut, beautiful skin. Duh.
>cute girl wearing some subtle gothic lolita stuff in my data structures class
>want to talk to her
>scared of her complimenting her outfits and she doesn't know what I'm talking about

fuck my crippling autism
No planet fitness near you? $10 initiation and $10 monthly.

I mean it's a shit-tier chain gym but it's got what you need to lose weight.

And as a dude who could never bring himself to do cardio while at the gym, hitting up craigslist for an exercise bike went a long way. i have it set up with a small TV linked to a HTPC and now use it virtually every day.
Planet fitness is not a gym. It's designed to sabotage and keep the money of people who want to say they go to the gym, but don't want to go to a gym.
Trust me, I know. I've heard about the pizza and bagel days. 'Judgment free zones' and 'lunk alarms' are also retarded.

But if you can't afford the $299 costco deal (I think that's how much it was) for a year of 24hr fitness, there aren't really many cheaper options. Though I haven't looked at the market in a while, I have a grandfathered-in $100/year deal with 24hr fitness for being there since the early 2000s (was $50/year but those fuckers raised it last renewal).
Is it normal to wear lolita to class like that? I really want to wear lolita to class I even brought my whole wardrobe with me to college but I wimp out every time i plan on wearing it because last semester i wore it once for a presentation I did that was related to lolita and i overheard some people talking who thought i was cosplaying and now i'm scared to wear it because I don't want people to think I'm some giant weeb wearing a cosplay to class. I wasn't even wearing anything ott and i had no wig on either

(I am >>8842928)
On second thought though, you're right. Someone with as little self control and as many excuses as >>8839540 can't get results at PF and needs a more structured, controlled environment.
Keep telling yourself that, robot friend. One day you'll believe it.
If he's being a tit about it again just call him maggot dick and yell about how he wants to fuck corpses because he walked through a graveyard once, idk. If he's gonna be an asshole be an even bigger, more irrelevant asshole, and annoy him into stopping.
Against the back wall but the end or foot area lands in the middle ish of the room. When you walk in it's the first thing you notice because it's /right there/ and it's usually the biggest thing in a bedroom.
File: conv_animedetour.jpg (6 KB, 148x81) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 148x81
>be Minnesota
>not huge cosplay/con scene
>biggest con in area is Anime Detour
>getting excited about it
>only threads made are of cons in popular states
>no threads about Anime Detour

Isn't Anime Detour supposed to be the biggest in the Mid West? Yet I never see a thread about it and it's that way every year.
I'm just jealous that other people are able to talk about their own con and do meet ups.
then make a fucking thread about it and stop complaining jesus
I wouldn't say its normal per se, but I go to a huge school, so people dressed alternatively are all over the place, nobody really bats an eye.
People are gonna think you're a fucking weirdo whether they mistake it for cosplay, youre wearing a wig or anything else.
I'm this anon. I moved too fast by doing this and I think I scared him away. What do I do now?
find a better boy with balls
Probably thinks you're weird that you'd never kissed a guy before
Then don't post pictures of yourself naked on /cgl/.
File: sadkoto.png (283 KB, 588x351) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
283 KB, 588x351
Only mildly /cgl/ related:
>Anniversary is coming up (met bf on /cgl/ so it's /cgl/ related ok)
>Decide to make him a scarf (It will help me cosplay so still /cgl/ related ok)
>Try to get into knitting, it seems difficult but I will try
>Search for supplies
Only 9 days to our anniversary and I haven't even bought the supplies because I honestly don't know how or where to start. Also I'm so bad at sewing and sew-related things that I fear I won't succeed and this little adventure will be a waste of money and I won't even have a gift for him on time. I am feeling like a failure and a terrible girlfriend over this which is stupid but I can't do anything.
lol. every time somebody mentions boyfriends (or potential ones) in these threads and mention him being or doing anything thats less than absolutely perfect you all recommend to dump him. it's like all of /cgl/ is 13 year old girls raised by bitter divorced mothers and disillusioned by fantasies of disney princes and boybands. they can just never understand that nobody is perfect (especially not themselves) and sometimes in a relationship you both have to contribute, not just jumping from guy to guy demanding he do everything and leaving the instant it's not perfect.
I didn't tell him I'd never kissed a guy before, I left that bit out.
he could tell.
if she scared him away whats the point in still having feelings for him?
gotta move on anon
Not everyone likes to abandon every endeavor they take on in life the instant they encounter a single instance of resistance or difficulty.
>tfw I have a friend who cosplays a lot, makes a ton of new costumes each year
>sometimes the craftmanship is a little iffy, but she has fun and I really support that attitude
>Me, finally getting back into cosplay after a few years of taking a break
>I mostly finish a project, just a few tweaking of details left
>she posts pictures of the same outfit that she's planning for the same con as me
>it looks significantly better than mine
>kinda don't want to bring mine to the convention anymore...
I've tried so hard to steer away from the "have to be best" feelings that were why I took a break in the first place but... what a blow to the ego. I'm being a little bit of a baby about it, but it sucks that I was really proud of this project and now suddenly, in my eyes, it looks lackluster
Where I live every single otaku douche fancies himself a photographer.

They buy expensive equipment and cameras and go around cons doing mini photoshoots of cosplayers, like asking them to pose for 5-10 photos. Then they upload these god awful pictures at their pages and pat themselves on the back. Like, they look like crap not only because they suck at being photographers but also because they suck at editing, blurring everybody's faces and maxing out the contrast setting.

I get upset because I don't wanna seem like a stuck up bitch by refusing them and end up posing for some pictures, then later I feel terrible looking at them because they straight up suck and make me look bad by proxy.
They have NO IDEA how to take a picture so it seems they always use the most awful angles and lightning.
i frequent /fit/ where guys give each other the same response to any girlfriend trouble: pump and dump.

don't be naive.
>laptop just died
>lost all my dream dress lists
>lost my inspiration pictures
>won't be able to buy the next 1,600 dollars worth of dressessential I want to replace it.
Fuck me.
I mean dresses, wtf is dressessential phone. No.
>have a waifu and really adored her.
>want to do the cosplay.
>her outfits's nearly nude.
>being afraid of get called attention whore at con.
>ended up not cosplay her.
He sounds like a dick break up with him.
Tell him you like to go out with him but he gots to join the jap fashion club kek.
Just do it have fun and when you think back you can just cringe, just like me. Good old embarrassing memories.
Which con? Maybe just go.
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