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Cosplay design
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2 MB, 3264x2448
A design for the pokemon espeon. Thoughts on this sort of cosplay?

(background : so I have a degree in Costume design and construction. Yes that is actually a university course! I love anime and cosplay but my designson are a little different to what I've seen at comic con. More performance based. I'd just like a few opinions on if you would like to see this sort of cosplay. Or if I'm deluded and wasting my time... I just want to make things for a living! Not work in a kitchen xx
looks like you're gonna be spending a lot more time in that kitchen.
I suggest you trash this design and first google and study how other people have done an Espeon gijinka.
I kind of like it and I especially love the skirt/tail
Hate the bra-triangle part though.

Also, don't expect too much actual helpful and constructive critisism on here, you're better off asking your teachers.
I know I'm gonna sound like a cunt but it's not like your "I like this and hate that" was really that constructive either

But let's get deeper then, shall we op? >>8818821

The only thing currently really reminding Espeon is the ears, wig tufts under them and the head gem. The drape is not easily interpreted as the y-shaped tail, especially if the end result is going to be so long. It's not going to be recognizable.

Then it's the colours. I suspect that you were just working with the colours you had at the time when you drew this, but in case this is your final colour pallette, I suggest you take another look at the original pokemon (pic related).

Espeon's colour pallette is much colder than let's say the drape you have drawn, but not as cold or bold as the hair you put in the design.
The most recognizable parts of the pokemon in question are it's ears, head gem, eyes, tail and it's colouring. If you choose the warm purple, almost wine-ish colour, you risk even more resemblance to the original design.
You can get depth to the colours of the fabric with shades rather than their warmth and also texture, so I recommend you recolour this and look up colour theory just in case.

Right now the colours remind me more of Mismagius or Chandelure; warm purple and really cold lilac/almost blue, so that needs to be fixed.

Dropped pic like an idiot.
This is pretty much why I didn't say anything. I don't like the design as a gijinka, but couldn't really tell why. I mean, if you take away the ears and maybe the tail bit this could work as "dramatic outfit thing". You worded it better than I could, so
Next up is the construction.

I get that you're going for a badass yet sultry look with your design, but all those random holes and triangly lines leading to the crotch make it look unnecessarily slutty. If that's what you want, then fine, but there are better ways to do it than make the gijinka of a pokemon trashy. Move the focus either to the stomach, collarbone or face (preferrably face).

You could go with a more warrior like feel like in pic related (which imo uses too warm shades, but the design is maybe something you should take alook at)
I think it's kinda cool that you made the bra part look like Psychic type logo, but it's really not needed, most people already know Espeon's type and it might be confusing considering the original creature doesn't have eyes on its chest. I suggest you leave that off.

You also might want to design something for the arms, because (and I can't believe I'm saying this) they look really naked. Maybe fingerless sleeves, something flowy and otk-socks for the legs.
Oh, and it's body paint.

why do we have so many shit threads fagging up the board right now?
Please, there's help thread and OC cosplay thread. Take this there, or to a general design area.
Your art and design needs serious work, I'm incredibly surprised you have a degree when your work looks like a hot mess.
How it comes into your head that if Espeon was a human she would look like a half-naked sexy woman? It's so stupid I can't even... Ugh.
File: 1380021261467473.jpg (60 KB, 500x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 500x667
Now, I'm not saying the design is utter shit. Trust me, Espeon is not the easiest pokemon of which to make a gijinka and I've seen some super lazy designs which were basically just a person in an animal hoodie.

I can see the effort made here, but I think you focused too much on designing the dress rather than humanizing the pokemon into recognizable clothes. Right now the overall feel is like you found a great dress and tried to force the pokemon into it so you could use the garment somewhere.

Correcting the colour of the wig will help too, and I wouldn't add such an off blue colour for makeup. Cold lilac is good but that cyan seems really off place. I also don't see the point of the pompom slipper shoes, they don't seem to match the badass feel at all.

Espeon isn't badass the same way like, let's say Granbull is. They have almost the same colouring but the air about them is completely different, eventhough they both are allegedly based on dogs (Espeon can be debated, but eeveelutions in general are canine). Espeon is more mysterious and unpredictable, so try to incorporate that into the design.

(Pic related is a well drawn picture, but admittedly one of those "person in an animal hoodie" designs. This picture however has that great Espeon's colour)

because >>8818826 and >>8819285 were really that much more constructive than my "i like this and i hate that"
Yes, what you wrote is much more helpful than what I wrote but I didn't have the time or the knowledge to write an entire essay. I just wanted to say something because OP already got two replies senselessly knocking her down.
I'm gonna post a few picture examples for insp.

Pic related is a well thought design with a theme that carries through the whole outfit. Now I do admit that this is not obviously recognizable as Espeon, but more so than OP's picture when it comes to a complete design.

Using layers, textures and accessories tastefully, maintaining a familiar colour pallet while incorporating as many of the key elements of the original creature as possible, you can achieve a cohesive and a great looking gijinka.


Not OP or even a cosplayer (into j fashion ) but your replies were definitely an interesting and insightful read into costume/outfit design

Now this is more outfit and theme design rather than character design as it only has a few of Espeon's signature features (red gem, ear tufts, colour).

But you can see how it is cohesive and though more of an inspired outfit than a gijinka, it's still utilizes a certain colour scheme and theme.

Thanks, this has been fun to write and analyze, hope OP and why not others get something out of this.

Pic related is a cosplay of the pervious design and you can see how well it translates to a real costume. Now try to imagine yours and compare, think of what can you do otherwise.

6/7 (?)
It wasn't senseless. Her design is shit.
When designing a gijinka or an outfit around a pokemon, it's sometimes really hard to figure out the real colour of the creature in question. Take pic related. Clearly an Espeon gijinka, right? Or is it.

The original art work I posted in >>8819337 shows Espeon's coat to be cold lilac, lavender even, while this picture is more of a pink hue.
Sometimes the source material can vary, and while each original picture of an Espeon can be equally right, it's best to choose the most used and thus most recognizable version, in this case the colder hue. (unless you go for a shiny gijinka, but that's a different thing)

I for one first thought this wasn't even a pokemon until I spotted the tufts and the tail. So an unlikely colour can throw you design off completely, which is why I advised to change the shade of the drape and hair.
So I get it that people see colours differently and there are many variations of source material, but at that point is very good to compare the original art, what people have already done and your own work. Ask a teacher/friend if needed and you're not sure of the colours.

(Lol I lied, I have a few more pics so 7/8)
Sometimes using complimentary colours as accents (in this case yellow and gold) in the costume design looks much better than changing the hue from cold to warm like pic related. (Though to be honest I don't like this cosplay much either, but it isn't completely shit, so meh)

This concludes my flood of gijinka knowledge. Now go forth, compare colours, study earlier costumes and a complete theme and create a better design.

Whew, this was fun, hope this helps, I'm out.

File: Espeon.png (98 KB, 1156x1104) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98 KB, 1156x1104

And when designing a gijinka, the most important thing is what?


Thank you, now I'm really out.
File: 10028576849.png (628 KB, 1160x630) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
628 KB, 1160x630
Can this be a geneal gijinka/original designs thread?
>another Pokemon armor
Go with mage robes or something like >>8819395 instead since Espeon is psychic.
Pokemon armor (and really a lot of crossover armor) is overdone and looks cliche.
>I have a degree in Costume design and construction
From where? Did you compete an internship somewhere, do you have a job in your field? A portfolio? I don't know how your example pic relates to what you would present as a finished piece but if you already have a degree you should be making smarter choices than what's shown there.
Probably not.
>Yes that is actually a university course!
Gives off more than the shit design itself.
File: 1426111871437.gif (149 KB, 180x283) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 KB, 180x283
The design isn't remotely elegant enough. You need to focus more on accurate colors than shit eye shadow and 90's stripper attire. I agree with >>8818826 keep your real job. Good job for trying. Lurk more.

holy shit I love this
>right click, save
Sounds like one of those online, for profit schools.
Damn anon, you write about this subject really well!
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