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To My Younger Self: the Cosplay & Jfash...
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What's something, or multiple things, you would have liked someone to tell you as you were first getting into conventions, cosplay, jfash, etc?

Keep it as board-relevant as possible, but life advice that applies to the hobbies counts as well.

> Bring that stack of ones with you to the hotel. Don't be that embarrassed fool scrambling for small bills when you need to tip housekeeping of valet.
> Keep your head down and your eyes open. Don't spread shit when you've heard about someone behaving badly, but never forget that you heard it.
> Iron it or steam it. No buts.
> If they're cosplaying your favorite character, it's probably a bad idea to date them.
Please for the love of god dont try to make your own cosplay with household items, just get something off amazon please
Buy a goddamn petticoat
And save your money for a few brand pieces instead of buying a bunch of inferior quality bodyline
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>Put down the styrofoam and hot glue, and focus on your studies. You're only 12, cosplay can wait. School can not.
>don't let boys ruin your con for you. Keep your head held high.
>You ain't ready for a big con yet, boo.
>Don't go to a meet up without poses.
>As you get older those Japanese snacks in the dealers room won't agree with your stomach, stop buying that shit. Instead of spending $5 on bread, buy some real food.
Fuck having any artistic hobbies or side pursuits, right? STUDY STUDY STUDY. Remember the 10,000 hour rule. Better to start at your hobbies when you're young.
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There's nothing wrong with having hobbies while you're young. However, /I/ I was obsessed with it to the point where I didn't do my homework and I was failing. That is not okay. Now that I'm in college, I've obviously learned how to balance it all but I mainly put my studies first.
>>Put down the styrofoam and hot glue, and focus on your studies. You're only 12, cosplay can wait. School can not.
no this is fucking retarded. Are you still in high school? Kids need to be having fun, not slaving at school at such a young age.
>inb4 im probably an idiot or something
Im an engineering student. And guess what, i had tons of fun when i was a kid. And making random shit and exploring is much better than learning biased US history.
>For the love of god don't buy wigs at the party store

>Try to plan in advance what you want to see or do at the con, so that you won't wander around and miss everything. A bit of wandering is fine though, you might stumble upon cool stuff

>Don't be afraid of fellow cosplayers just because they have a higher level than yours. This girl you admire and idolize from afar will become your friend one day.

Last one is wishful thinking but
>All these wonderful costumes that make you strive to get better so you can one day reach this level will be destroyed in a few years. Stop being intimidated and try to see them up close before this happens
>V-kei is more than scribbling stuff on your face; your skin is alright, doesn't mean you don't need foundation
>Also, I realize that styling your hair is hard, but if you don't practice you'll never get better
>Look at outfits and break them down, actually invest in clothes made for the fashion because right now you just look like a pretentious emo kid. I know it's expensive; talk to your folks about being responsible for your own economy
>Homestuck really isn't that bad, and taking pride in hating popular stuff is really immature
>If you don't shut up about cosplay quality you will forever be doomed to be elitist, and it WILL fuck up potential friendships
>Seriously, don't ever bring it up at a con
>If it can't be fixed at the spot in five minutes or less, don't point it out
>It's not the end of the world if a costume isn't ready by X con, and it's definitely not worth risking your health over
>That tog who shot at MNC14? He's an incompetent asshole and you deserve way better
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Please read >>8810443
>inb4 im probably an idiot or something
What? Why would I assume that? The only thing I'm assuming is that unlike me, you learned to balance your hobbies.

I'm not anti-fun, I just have a lot of regrets and that happens to be one of them.
>being this angry
dont buy those goddamn replicas you dumb bitch
Getting that halloween clearance tripp coat from hot topic was the best thrifty fashion choice you ever made, but that's the best one, out of countless stupid ugly shit you got because you never dreased properly.
>Makeup: wear it. No ifs, no buts.
>Iron your fucking seams.
>Ironing your costumes would help too.
>Put the polycotton down and save up for some decent fabric.

And to save myself heartache and from an abusive relationship:

>Stop falling head over heels for the first con goer that flatters you. Just because you're both nerds doesn't mean it's truw wuv and you're going to live happily ever after.
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>stop using broadcloth for your final projects. Spend your money on fabric worth the time and money. Waiting on a sample from fabric online is worth the time if it looks nice.
>Style your wigs gurl. Bangs covering your eyes make you look like a sheep dog.
I was pretty terrible. I would consider myself bordering average now. I just have to keep reminding myself that every project is a learning experience and that I'll learn things and get better with every project if I keep at it. I need to get a better job of I want to move on to bigger projects.
Adding onto this:
>stop making things simply for recognition and attention. You will enjoy this much more if you're doing it for you and for fun.
I kind of got wrapped up into the idea that this was going to get me noticed or something. It caused a lot of personal frustration with myself. Something just kind of clicked one day that I didn't actually care about notoritey anymore and really enjoyed the fact that cosplay gives me something to do and look forward to.
You may not realize it, but one day you'll thank your friend for talking you out of going to your first would-be lolita meet up ('07) in that damn prom dress. You didn't like her advice and even resented it because you have a shit attitude that surely would've landed you on every wank comm livejournal has to offer, but she really did you a solid. One day you'll be a real lolita, just give it time.
1996-2005 me
>make more than one thing a year. I know you're being a responsible person but cosplay is going to become all about how you look rather than being nerdy. Enjoy that shit while you can. The pretty people are coming and will shove nerds right out of the way.

2005-2010 me
>don't be shy about being a good seamstress. You know it's good manners not to be full of yourself but people overlook those with manners. Learn good photography. You need better photos of yourself.

Be brash. Say what you mean. Again stop being so aware of being nice.
Please post your photos in a timely manner.
Dear Younger me:
Lolita isn't about being a cute anime girl and making friends with other cute anime-like girls.

its a fashion. a fashion where behind everyone's backs people are the harshest bitches. If you partake in the fashion, you'll be their target.
I know its not your fault you dress badly, you don't have access to the computer for reasearch more than 5 minutes a week, and no one will help you. That doesn't matter to them.

Honestly, just wear whatever cute things you want and stay distant from the communities. don't post pictures online, and don't struggle to be a popular lolita. you're not cute, and people will let you know that.
straight cut bangs are horrible, don't get any wigs with them.

honestly, just invest in cosplay, the lolita community will turn you off in someway or another anyway.
>Don't order a wig from oriental trading company
>Don't use dark green hairspray
>Elmer's Glue is terrible for styling wigs
>A playground ball will not make a good wig head

But go ahead and enjoy cosplaying with your friends at the mall at least once. But good job sticking to your guns and refusing to do it at school when the others wanted to.
Your first purchase was aces I gotta give you that. You did a lot of research and put so much effort into your first purchase and thank god you did. I still have everything you bought and I still love them to death.

Please just stay on one substyle though stop thinking you can jump around and buy a ton of different dresses of different styles and think you can coord them however the fuck you want.

Please put effort into buying blouses, socks, shoes, and headwear as opposed to more dresses. I promise you that you will have much better outfits and have many more things that you can use in the long term.
stop buying all that crap. really.
save up all that money so that way, you'll have more money for brand when you're older.
no, gyaru isn't going to be your thing. same with that aomoji kei bullshit. same with fairy kei and pastels. eventually, you're going to give lolita a shot and fall in love and you're going to regret all of your other fashion phases.
> You are pretty enough to cosplay a girl, alright? So stop with these manly men cosplays it doesn't flatter you.
> If you don't know what you're doing find a tutorial. Please stop trying to improvise using household items.
> Just because your in a silly costume doesn't mean people will automatically give you attention.
> Can't learn if you don't try. Don't expect to be "best cosplayer evew!! :3c" if you dont want to learn to sew/style wigs.
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>Learn to sew now
>It's okay to talk to people, it's a con, stop staring at your God-damn feet
>Bring enough water for everyone, they will forget to and you'll be the one hauling them to the medic
>Anime doesn't suck, stinky weeaboos suck
>Take off that V For Vendetta mask you little edgelord
>Also stop whining and take the titty skittles, save yourself the teenage angst and maybe we'll get to finish school

I think I couldn't be in a room with 14 year old me for more than five minutes.
Buy it in black. It looks better in black. Pink does not suit you.
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>Buy lolita while you can. You're moving to a place with a much higher cost of living. I know you love cons and cosplay, but you can skip the cons you hate for dresses you love. You can afford it.
>Overall, stop going to cons you hate. It's a waste of money, even if you get the badge for free.
>Drag your best friend to a con. He loves spending time with you, he wants to dress up, and you only have a short amount of time with him.
>Don't waste your time on a friend group that replaces you last minute for every other cosplay group. I don't care if they're popular and fun, you deserve better.
>and you only have a short amount of time with him

Oh no.
Wait he didn't die did he?
Buy that dress. I know it's a bit expensive for a beginner but you will never see it for sale again and you will still be thinking about it after 9 years.
>that $10 eBay wig is too thin for Lolita and shiny af despite what your sweet comm members say
>don't buy stuff because it's cheap especially on EGL
>don't trust any "friends" who steal from other friends of friends. They'll steal from you too even if you are BFFs
>don't buy any kawaii stuff at Claire's. It's not Lolita
>don't buy long skirts they're not Lolita
>floral skirts aren't either
>that XL blouse was too big for you
>every bow you come across won't be useable in Lolita
>go on cgl before you call it Lolita or wear it to a meet.

semi- Unrelated
>that hot topic outfit looked horrible especially for a Christmas photo with your family
>you'll lose friends to jealously. I'm glad you took it well
>get off /b/, don't talk about 4chan, don't enable friends to post nudes
Your mom was right about the teal
Honey cake not being your color. You should've gone with Ivory
I know cats are cute, but don't buy three pairs of cat ears from a single con, especially not from yaya.
>be weary of being close to people to people in the cosplay community, a lot are nice but some of the ones you felt very close to are the horrible ones
>that Halloween cat outfit was weeab as fuck
>make to sure to %150 commit to your cosplay and know your skill level for it
>even though you were such a goddamn weeab, I'm glad you didn't care about the outside world as much
>I'm glad you grew and became self aware with cosplay
>pick up sewing right now, you'll be thankful trust me
> keep at Gothic, your sweet phase is just weird
> don't be afraid of other styles, you look good in gyaru
You will not have nerd panties dropping for being a mech/armour/masked cosplayers... They want the pretty boys and to this day we still ugly AF. But you'll make cool friends and your props will help their cosplay don't be afraid to be the frame for flowers it's still fulfilling.
Also, photography for cosplay is like cooking. You could pay someone to do it for you but you're better off knowing how to do it yourself.... Buy the camera
Dear Past me,
Color in your fucking eyebrows. You look like a retard with a full face of makeup except eyebrows. You look literally retarded because your eyebrows are transparent.
Don't buy that shitty maid costume. Or the shitty sailor Moon costume.
Stop wearing foundation several shades darker than your skin to look normal. You're a ginger, you look stupid when you neck is white and your face is tan.
Don't try to pierce your own lip.
Stop wishing you were Asian so bad, and stop dying your hair black to seem more so.
Your eating disorder isn't making you look prettier, it's making you look Ill.
Don't date that shitty guy because he gives you attention. He is a horrible person. Bad boys in real life aren't like the ones in anime who change.
Save up for a con and don't let your anxiety get the best of you.
Say goodbye to Damien before he leaves the hospital, you won't be able to say goodbye ever again.

(I was a troubled teen)
>Say goodbye to Damien before he leaves the hospital
>you won't be able to say goodbye ever again.
...thats some deep shit anon. sorry about your loss.
Don't pick a Digimon as your first cosplay because you saw someone, who has way more skill and experience at it, cosplay it on the internet well. You looked like an idiot in a onesie at a time when onesies weren't cute.
Thanks anon, he took his life 5 years ago. I think of him every day, suicide is a terrible thing.
>This is the third shitty Bodyline 'petticoat'. When the fuck are you planning to buy a decent one finally?

I still don't have one. I have to stop buying main pieces and invest my money better, ugh.
>don't be so scared of trying new things. i know you don't have any friends in your fandom. stop looking enviously at photos of cosplayers online and make your own.
>go to that con. even though none of your friends that are going invited you. go by yourself, go anyways. you'll make friends there and be glad you found your passion three years earlier in life.
>the internet is good but irl friends are way more important. stop neglecting everything around you including your own health for a good rp. it's not worth it.
>stay in therapy. moving away to college is not an excuse. find a therapist there because maybe then you wouldn't have dropped out
>yes, having a girlfriend is great. but stop ignoring everyone else at cons/meetups just because she's there, you'll regret it once you realize she's your only friend
>talk to k and a more. k will become one of the best friends you've ever had and don't be afraid to let her get close. and your time with a will be shorter than you think so make the most of it, because you'll definitely regret it when she's gone
>take better care of your appearance. Learn to do hair and make up and work out instead of starving yourself.
>be patient with sewing and learn good habits. Do things the right way before jumping in with a bunch of "short cuts" that just end in more seam ripping.
>don't let someone be shitty to you over cosplay and cons, even if they're your friend and you don't want to rock the boat. Call them out on it.
>try harder to make friends in the community instead of feeling so shy and insecure. You're not half as awkward or messed up as some of the people you'll know.
>abort the decora phase. Just say no until you have any eye whatsoever for fashion.
>don't date cosplay J. You aren't ready and won't treat him well.
Don't even fucking try to make that duct tape Pokemon dress, you idiot, you'll waste so much money and never finish it.
A lot of the advice I have for younger-me is stuff I'm still improving on current-me:
>Finish what you started.
How about you finish the dozens of projects you currently have in progress instead of picking up another?
>Good deals will always come again.
It may be a good deal but do you really need it? Unless it was an item you were actively searching for, quell the impulse to buy it just because the price is appealing.
>Don't forget about your social life.
Hermit-mode is okay every now and then, but not every weekend for half a year. This is why you lost touch with a lot of your friends.
>I know how consuming anime as your main media source has warped your view of what normal behaviour is
>But you're 12 (and look your age), those older guys are NOT just being friendly when giving you a hug
>And that boob/ass grab wasn't an accident
Please just lose weight already. You deserve too, and being able to wear the clothes you want to is going to bring you incredible confidence and happiness.
>Take more chances, you have the money saved so go to that con that you want to go to.
>Be more confident! You were invited to hang out with people, don't wuss out because you are too timid to go through with it
>Tell your parents to fuck off more. Seriously, don't let them guilt trip you about your hobies. You are not weird for dressing up as a cartoon character, and you are not weird for liking cartoons and video games, despite being a girl and young adult.
>Seriously, tell them to fuck off and finish sewing that costume. You will regret dropping out of every group.

I wish I had half the confidence as a teenager that I do now. I feel like I missed out on so much of the con-going experience.
Dont buy bodyline and low quality stuff. It will look like crap on you. Save for yo dreams, girl.
>stop neglecting everything around you including your own health for a good rp. it's not worth it.
>don't date cosplay J. You aren't ready and won't treat him well.

>Down to the J
A-Are you guys me.

>I know you're not used to it, but one day people will look up to you. Your words will have a lot of power; please be careful about what you say
>You don't have to be the best. Being inviting and generous is much more fun than being bitter and sarcastic
>Cosplay isn't a solid foundation for a relationship, it might help, but don't base your entire relationship on it
>Do more stuff at the cons you attend
>Don't try too hard to make your way into other people's friend groups, you'll just be disappointed when you realize you're not "one of them"
>When J decides to turn his back on you, you will lose friends. It will be awful, but it's not the end of the world. There's already people much closer to you than you might think, and they actually deserve your time and emotions
You are going to divorce him in 3 months anyway, buy that Lolita dress! You won't re-discover it for another 5 years and the dream dresses are indy and gone...
To Younger Me:

You're going to be insecure about your looks for the remainder of your life, so just find your good photo angle already. Make friends and stop feeling inferior because someone older than you cosplayed the same character.

You'll have acne forever, so learn how to put on makeup and stop worrying about it. Don't be afraid of cameras - photoshoots aren't the end of the world.

Get to a fucking therapist already, self harm and crying isn't just "teenager things."
Don't try sweet. Don't do it. I know it's the most easily accessible style available, but don't do it. Don't be shy about asking that nice girl in the next town over for advice. She knows all the goth brand shopping tricks already and can help you. Do it now while the exchange rate isn't fuckin' shit.
>Trust him a little more, he's going to be your best friend for a very long time (and he's great at getting through crowds at cons)

>Don't cosplay that OC. Don't do it. God dammit, you did it. Just don't do it ever again, that was stupid

>Save your money at the dealers room. Look for it online later if you really have to have it

>Learn how to do your damned makeup, and learn how to seal it and bodypaint. Don't be one of those people

>Don't be upset just because he doesn't cosplay. Cosplay =/= a relationship. He's going to stick around for a long time, though. Don't worry

>Just because it is a bought costume, it is not inferior to that shit fest you call a costume. Improve your own skills before you judge others

>Don't waste money on terribad wigs. They're more expensive to fix than it would have been to just buy a better one

>Yes, you suck now. You will get better, I promise
Learn your fabrics girl. Tulle is stupid for trying to use like chiffon. Also learn about fabric glue you novice.
Don't dye or bleach your hair.
Don't buy that wig from arda.
Don't go with those so-called friends to those cons, they're just freeloaders who don't care about you.
Don't buy any stuff from those artist alley halls, Hot Topic or that Chinese store in the mall since they're just over-priced junk.
Don't buy as much manga/anime since you can read/view most of it online for free.
And for the love of god hide your power-level and avoid those that also don't hide their power-levels, they're mostly just weirdos so don't associate with them or you'll regret it.
I know you fucked up badly a couple of years ago so here I am to stop you before your friends comes and gives you the talk about how you are becoming a problem at the cons and put you on a greylist.

You couldnt go to the con in another country and you going to become an arrogant douchebag with a fixation for kpop and hiphop and shove it in eberybodys face. I want to tell you this: Get into cosplay now. Seriously do it and you can fit in quite well

That guy who told you about the girl who was easy? She is taken, dont waste money on booze trying to ask her out. Plenty of fish out there.

On maid cafes, dont touch them or take free photos. Seriously fucking dont since its a business. You ask for photos and you need to do a kabe-don. Ask me for what is an acceptable kabedon before you go full on douchebag.

Learn new things at the con. I know you got a lot of creative energy so learn how to ballroom dance and get to know people better.

Brush up on Comedy routines for improv. Read an adult comedy guide. You are not fit for it so far
>just because the Otakon room is in his name doesn't mean you have to date him for an entire year
>stop comparing yourself to her. She will one day be famous and you'll remain unknown. But that doesn't mean you are worthless. You two cosplay for completely different reasons and one day you'll realize that.
>STOP volunteering to "help" people with their costumes. You are literally doing all the work yourself. Seriously why did it take so many years for you to realize that?
>spend the extra money on makeup. Foundation and pencil eyeliner can only do so much.
Don't buy Bodyline.
Don't buy Bodyline.
>If they're cosplaying your favorite character, it's probably a bad idea to date them.

I feel like there's a story there. Please share?
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>Wash your ass and wear deodorant.
>Wear make up. You're not to good for it.
>Wash your face every day
>Stop frying your hair.
>You aren't better than everyone.
>Learn how to fucking dress yourself.
>Never wear that batman jacket in public.
>Stop giving girls the evil-eye. You're going to like them ten years later and you'll be a decade behind in the growing-up process.
>Be more social. Join the geeky clubs. Boy Scouts will work out, but skip track.
>It's okay, Dad is not Old Testament Abraham, you don't need to please him in everything.
>A: Community college is not too good for you. or B: Get some damn ear plugs, get sleep.
>Most importantly, do not write that damn manifesto. Find a shrink.
>brush your teeth so they pretty and white
>try different hair styles when you are young because when you are older you can't change it because of your job [including unnatural colors]
>workout and make gym in school feel like fun, not work
>keep up with a hobby that matters to you
>learn how to fight properly, not just take cheap shots when people aren't looking

There are so many things I wish I knew when I was younger, but now I'm 26, old, and it's all too late.
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guess what, you can fuck whoever you want now!!!! even girls!!

no but seriously, i wish you the best getting through your divorce & that lots o money comes your way
this is a good one
File: image.jpg (586 KB, 1388x1736) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just get a few cheap rockabilly ones or the fluffy two-tone chinese ones on eBay, you don't have to break the bank for lasting poof and can layer differently or each dress.
>bodyline items can be good but for the love of God don't buy those ugly pieces just because they're cheap. That skirt is $20 for a reason.
>get a real petticoat. Don't try to make one.
>for the love of God don't post those videos on YouTube you're going to forget the login and they'll be there forever and you'll be stuck forever scared of seeing them pop up in a cringe thread.
>Don't cosplay to school. Ever.
>Smile for once, fucklord
>Don't try to be a people pleaser. You're being taken advantage of, you fucking idiot.
>No, your cosplay won't look better if you starve yourself. If you do a couple of sit ups, though,
>find some friends who appreciate who you are and what you do. Don't get walked on.
>ASK FOR HELP. Seriously.
>Be yourself. Sure, having big tits and being able to sew catsuits will make you decently popular (with the wrong crowd, no less) the sooner you realize you're happier dressing and identifying as a male, the better.
>T fucking rocks. We look awesome.
>don't be a dumbshit and selfpost on 4chan - it's anonymous for a reason.
>don't buy stuff you think is cheap with the plans to resell it later, you're going to be holding on to some of this crap for years because nobody else wants it.
>You want to impress everyone with a buttload of burando, but you should be investing in a solid basic wardrobe rather than spending all of your money on main pieces and foregoing everything else.
>Don't be a dumbshit
>Don't get caught up in the "bitchy lolita" stereotype, there's more to life than trying to fit in.

Stop wearing sweet lolita. You look like absolutely shit in pink and it does nothing for your skin tone.
Stop wearing puffy sleeves, you're shoulders are too broad for that and it's not cute.
>do not write that damn manifesto
>Get out of the fucking closet, you know what you are and you need to fucking admit it
>Try and be a decent human being to your mom, tell her what the fuck you're going through because she'll actually stop being so harsh on you and your relationship will get better with her.
>Don't get on depo you fucking faggot you nearly bled through an all white cosplay because it didn't work
>Don't make any weeb friends freshman year. They end up making you have to get into homeschooling due to bullying. Stick with normies.
>It's hard holding out for a wig when your mom refuses to buy them for you and you can't work for your own money, but that just means you have to sacrifice your birthday/christmas/income tax presents to buy wigs and costumes. It's not a cheap hobby.
>Don't listen to what the older weebs from your middle/high school said about M.S. She's a kindred soul like you and is one of your closest friends. Don't harass her on deviantart either you dumbshit, you never even met her.
>You and B's dumb fight is just that: a dumb fight. Make up with her. She's one of the most accepting people when it comes to your gender. Plus you only ever get to see her at cons anymore. Treasure the times you get to see her.
>Play the Persona games you've been meaning to do it forever, you will fucking love them, especially P2.
>Learn some sewing skills NOW because you're gonna regret not learning when you get crippling migraines and get put on pills that make you forget shit constantly

kinda poured out a lot there
>Don't enable people who don't really want to learn what you are trying to teach them (sewing)
>They want you to give up in frustration and make their costume for them.
>Don't take care of the same person's fucking cat for two years and was not worth a psychotic episode.
>Moving on will be hard after you've never cosplayed without that person but there are better people out there and you will find them.
>the people you call friends aren't really your friends, drop them before they damage your property.
>soon your brother will develop full blown schizophrenia, talk to him, play more video games and do that cosplay you wanted to do with him before he forgets your name.
>stop falling for cosplay boys, so many of them are irresponsible.
>stop caring about what other people think of your sewing abilities.. You're like, 16.. You're not going to be great right away.
>don't get into Lolita, it's a waste of money for you and not fulfilling at all and you'll feel like you can't stop
Hey little me,
>Wigs ARE important.
>So is makeup, but look into the wig thing first.
>Don't jump into any group you're asked to join. People suck, they'll drop you like a hot potato. Spend time making what you want instead of something you don't care about for a group
>There's nothing wrong with fursuits, it's just a different type of costume. No matter what, some people will hate it, but don't let them ruin your fun.
>Take on less work as you gain respect in your job. That'll become your life and you'll struggle to have time for your hobbies. More money is nice, but it's not the loss of all your free time.
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