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Can we have a sellers/buyer rent thread?
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Can we have a sellers/buyer rent thread?

I like reading stories about these, and I'm kinda pissed, I vented a bit in the mail thread, but damn.

>State I'm from Alberta
>Girl in Flo-Rida complains that it's a bit expensive, I tell her that It's out of my reach.
>End up giving up
>Btw, do you take holds
>Girl could have told me this before I went out and checked out the shipping rate wasting my time.
>please buy my stuff!
>I'm sick of looking at this shit!
>this is clogging up my fucking closet
>by the way everything I'm selling is used items at retail why aren't you buying it
>Be me
>In Australia
>Selling beret that I have never used
>$15, just want it gone.
>Get PM from anon on LM
>"Oh Hai anon!! I am interested in buying your beret!! I need it to match my set :3. I was wondering if you could do it for $10 with free postage?"
>Looks up anons location on profile


It's pretty shitty to ask for a discount and free shipping on top. You shouldn't even ask for free shipping. $10 might be okay since you just want it out of your sight but you should explain how free shipping isn't possible and then see if she even wants it.
>still new to lolita and j-fash
>consequently I'm only buying not selling
>no one I buy from secondhand will leave me feedback

Someday I'll want to sell things and I'd kind of like a feedback page.
i sell handmade accessories and have the same problem.
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So excited to see this thread because this happened like a few minutes ago and I really need to complain about it.

I own a dress that has pretzels printed on it and I thought itd be cute to have a pretzel hair clip to go with it. I bought the hair clip on October 22nd and didn't hear from the seller so I contacted them on November 5rd. No big deal it hadn't been that long but I wanted to know what was up with my order. Well they never responded to that message so I contacted them again 3 weeks later and this time I finally got a response saying they didn't have the backing for the clip and that they were waiting on a different one. Okay fine. Well when I finally got the damn hair clip (2 months after I paid for it) the clip on the back is way too big and sticks off the side and is super visible! The resin glaze is really fucking lumpy and uneven on the back too.
So I left a 2 star review basically saying it was bullshit that i had to chase the seller down for information and it would have been fine if they'd been more responsive. Well the seller then contacted me to say that the review I posted was a lie (it wasn't) and could I please change it.

>changed it to a one star review.
kek'd, nice twist
Message them and ask them to. It's not that hard.
I feel like I know the person that wanted your beret and I'm sorry you had to deal with her. If it's who I think it is she's in our comm and thr biggest weab in the world
My problem is that I always end up waiting too long. It might just be my autism talking but I feel like after a couple weeks it would be weird to contact them again.
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This seems like most sales these days, honestly. It's getting tiresome browsing the same overpriced shit every day.

I hate when people pull that stunt. It's not an urgent sale if you don't bother lowering the price. They want the items gone but charge retail or higher. Pick one or the other.
Say $10 is okay but you can't do free shipping.

Then slap the shipping fee + $5 on top, saying that's how much it is
Not really. Just message them like:
"Hey! Hope you're enjoying the (item you sold them)! I was just wondering if you could possibly leave me feedback on (whatever you want feedback on)? It would really help me out as a seller! Thank you!"
That's what I always do, always seems to work. And then always ask if they would like you to leave feedback anywhere for them.
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This shit. I honestly can't stand scalpers. Everyone and their mom tried to sell their Chocolate Rosette stuff right before the release, and now there's a ton of it up on Y!Japan and whatnot.
I hope the rerelease pushes down secondhand prices at least.
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AP dunce-chan.png
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>"Hey anon can I buy this on a 5 month payment plan? And can you drop the shipping fees?"
>She has 0 feedback, looks bad man
>But I'm broke as fuck and need cash so okay.jpg
>Ask for her to purchase the reserved listing and give me her paypal info
>"Oh no anon it's okay, I'll just send it to your paypal account instead"
>Still hasn't bought the listing or paid
>Sent like 5 messages asking her to buy the listing and give me her paypal so I can just invoice her
>"Ok anon, I'll send it over right away!"
>Takes at least 1 week to respond to every message
>STILL hasn't bought the item listing or sent the money
>It's been 2 months

I took the item off hold for her weeks ago, so if she wants it she can pay the full price up front. I wish she'd purchase the listing purely so that I could leave negative feedback saying this person is an absolute fucking walnut to avoid at all costs.
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A girl in our comm is selling a romantic rose letter jsk for $600.

This is what the back looks like. She says it's been professionally altered...
does she not know that altering shit brings down the value of about everything.
Did she alter the dress into a bedsheet or what? Because that's all what I see.
It looks like she expanded the shirring panel somehow? But she had to have added something to the skirt as well to do that, right? I think I've seen people do similar things before by adding a bustle back to the skirt. More pics if you can, anon, if you please.
Ughh, I really want to buy RRL, but seeing this scares me off.
There are more photos in the plus size sales group
It's ok, there is almost always one. I wasn't really that pissed off to be honest, just shocked, frustrated, annoyed and bemused at how out of touch this girl was.
I recently bought a dress for a little more than I should have paid for it, but it was a dream dress so I happily paid it. I finally got it but the front waist is stretched out. Pretty upset by it as the seller didn't list the fault, and of her pictures none showed it as she placed the waist bow over it.

Does anyone know if steaming the area will tighten/ relax the fabric back to the original position?

It looks like pic attached of an oldie in the Aus sales comm, It could be yours for a mere $35!!
Sorry just thought I would clarify, the Bodyline dress wasn't my dream dress, just one example of the many kek worthy posts a girl makes that I thought would make y'all cringe a bit.
>be on b/s/t fb group
>secondhand lolita post appears
>person is selling a sundress and labelling it as lolita
> It clearly IS a sundress too the only "lolita" thing on it is a lace trim
>they're selling it for brand prices
you can always try but this is not the best place to ask, try dumb questions or the general
Post pics
>tfw trying to get stuff out of my fucking closet
>tfw much of it is NWOT or in really good shape with no damages
>tfw it doesn't even sell when priced low
>blouses at $15 starting bid and $50 BIN
>dresses at $30 starting bid and $70 BIN
>nothing fucking sells

I don't know if I just don't have any visibility, or what. I don't even get people asking about shipping costs any more.
Is your shit really that ugly/unpopular?

Late to the party, but as a seller I generally wait for buyers to leave me feedback. Then I'd go find their feedback page or leave them feedback (if they don't message me first, most of them do). Most of the seller horror stories have the buyer try to pull a chargeback or open a claim after the item has been received, so it really doesn't make sense for me to leave a glowing feedback only to have the buyer pull that shit two weeks later, especially on LM the mod doesn't seem to care about changing your feedback if you made a mistake. If the buyer leaves a favourable feedback then at least I know for sure they aren't going to pull some shady nonsense afterwards.

So pretty much, message your sellers and let them know you want feedback. Return the favour and give them feedback as well.

Honestly I thought this should be really obvious but now I'm wondering if half the items I sold go to buyers who are sitting and waiting for feedback, while I'm sitting here and waiting for their feedback too.
It really must be. Most of it is just generic staple stuff (IW, AATP, a couple Meta blouses) and older IW stuff. Nothing horribly offensively ugly, but nothing that would be on anyone's wishlists, I guess.

I mean, hell. I managed to sell an Emmalina JSK last year, and that thing was probably the worst item I had listed. Since then? Next to nothing has sold in nearly 12 months.
Went to pick up my order 400$ worth of poly foam from supplier. Waiting for almost 30 mins. Girl at counter with first day badge says the delivery wasalalready paid for and picked up.
Yes I paid for it, in advance,and I didn't pick it up.
Girl. It says here u picked it up yesterday.
Store isn't open on Sundays.
Ask for manager.
He says same squawk.
Demand to see security footage.
Give me run around.
Call lawyer.
Management says I picked up order. Can't be true because I was still on board my flight from jfk to lax. Sooo. Went ape shit and waiting for lawyer to sort this cluster fu!! Out
As a seller, I only leave feedback after the buyer does. If the buyer doesn't contact me in some way letting me know that everything arrived okay, I don't feel like the whole transaction is "finished" in a way.
I've also had really shitty buyers leave me bad feedback long after without any attempt to communicate to me, and the fact that I had already left them good feedback (they'd been fine before that) made the mods pause when they were looking into it all.
Basically, if you're a buyer, leave feedback first and send them a message saying "hey, just wanted to know I left you (positive) feedback, I'd really appreciate if you could leave me fb as well!"

I haven't seen any blouses hanging around LM with 15 dollar starting bids, so are you exaggerating your low prices?
Ohh shittt, be sure and give us the next update. It sounds like the business is hiding something. Is it possible to reverse or cancel the payment from your credit card?
I've had buyers flat out ignore me when I message them about feedback. It's frustrating but if they don't want to leave it, they won't.
A sew!anon here. Actually, you don't have to add to the skirt at all, you just have to undo more and rearrange. Any cupcake skirt has darts and tucking and is essentially made with almost as much fabric as the bottom, they just pull it in evenly so it gives a round look. If you expand, you slightly lose a bit of that round look but not much at all.

So for this, they just added a new panel and rearranged the skirt, but it's so obvious with the second color that it looks pretty bad and obvious. If you're larger and going to stretch it, you'll have go hide that otherwise people will know.
this only works if people don't look at how much the shipping charge was on the postage slip. I've had girls try to overcharge me on shipping by $5-8 and I've told them to refund me.
>selling stuff
>"open to offers" stated in the descriptions
>see buyer with no feedback message me
>"hi anon, since you are open to offers, how low are you willing to sell this dress for?"
I don't think you know what haggling means.

Another sale:
>selling an accessory
>like a headbow or wristcuffs, something really cheap and small
>listing sold, buyer paid, item sent
>buyer proceeds spam me with about 20 messages
>all about the sob story of her life
>her grammar is way worse than mine
>she's from US and I'm not a native speaker
I would even understand her urge to talk if it was a bigger transaction, like a 600$ dress, but an accessory? Seriously?
It's probably something as simple as some idiot gave your stuff to someone else because they thought it was that person's stuff. Other person probably didn't know what was going on and thought they were just getting free shit. Some third person marks it as cleared because it's not there anymore. Manager agrees because he doesn't actually know what's going on and wants to trust his worker.

Tldr do not automatically attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity
>Sell custom fandom jewelry on etsy. All of it looks exactly like the stock photo since I use the same materials for each piece
>Woman buys necklace for daughter
>Receive email demanding a refund, calling it a "piece of junk" and not what her daughter wanted

Oooookay? I do give refunds but I refuse to eat the shipping costs just because this rude woman or her kid changed her mind.
I hope you didn't refund her until she provided pictures of the product she received and then showed her the picture of the item she purchased so she knew how stupid she was.
I'm going to refund her minus the shipping once I have the item back in hand - I have no issues with that as long as it's still in new condition. I'm not holding my breath though - shipping wasn't cheap since I only send priority for the insurance.
Well at least you'll get it back. Hope it doesn't come back trashed though.
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Update on this
>I can pay by Thursday
>It is now Monday
>Sorry can't pay, but do you do trades.
What a terrible buyer. Hope you find someone better, anon!
My biggest peeve about being a seller: people who badger me for an item hold and then ignore me.

>Can you please put this on hold for me? I'll 100% pay! I'm just waiting on my paycheck/item to sell/get home from a trip/etc.
I can do 48 hours for you.
>Sure! That'll be fine!
Oh hey, you have 24 hour hours left on your hold.
>message marked as read, no reply
Hey, just reminding you again that your hold ends today.
>message marked as read, no reply
Your item hold has ended. I've put it back up for sale.
>message marked as read, still no reply

This is why I finally just said no, I only do 24 hour holds. Buyers actually get mad at me for it but seriously, if you don't have the money right now then why are you even looking at stuff to buy?
Your BIN is too high on the blouses compared to starting bid. Usually a 15$ difference between the two will get me sales
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"What's the measurement on this?"
>It's XXcm fully stretched.
"What about unstretched?"
>It's YYcm
"That's too small to fit. Thanks anyway."

I can't figure out why they asked for the unstretched measurement to begin with if it was already too small?
Recently bought a dress off LM
>seller says they'll ship in two days
>doesn't respond to messages for an additional three days
>mention if they can't ship soon, i'll need to cancel
>messages me saying they'll ship the next day with faster shipping
>message again for an update
>they ship the next day, using the slower shipping instead of what they said
>item isn't going to make it in time

I guess I'll just leave negative feedback about the shipping, but man, am I pissed.
please post pics
>yfw anon is lying
lying isn't nice u know
not too much of a rant, but my seller was acting so weird (It was that one girl who got posted on BTB's about a leaving Lolita sale)

>buy petticoat
>seller invoices right away, I pay right away
>3 days pass with no update, ask her when she can send it out
>next day or two
>sounds good to me, very polite to seller and don't mind waiting a bit
>another 6 days later and no update
>send a message and try to be as polite as possible but I'm wondering what the walnut is going on
>So sorry! I feel really bad, but I broke my foot. I'll have my mom ship it out tomorrow!
>Feel sad for her - broken bones suck. Genuinely tell her to get some rest, no rush.
>Three days later she messages me saying her mom is the hospital and she can't ship it out
>I request a refund, she's very understanding and helpful
>receive refund
>week later
>petticoat arrives at my apartment
>notice it's marked posted two days after refund was received
>ask seller
>"Oh it must have gotten posted anyway!"
>Pay for it again

I don't even know what happened. She was nice but the transaction felt weird and I had to skip a meet because it took so long. I hope she's feeling better, desu.
She probably felt guilty and lied to you. Maybe she didn't expect her refund back? I don't know...It all sounds odd but I'm glad it worked out.
Let me tell you the bullshit that happened to me this morning.

>Sell MAC lipstick to UK girl, it was a trial sample from a friend who works with MAC
>Girl messages me this morning saying that she thinks it's fake, already made a refund request so I'm negative in PayPal balance
>Ask MAC friend about it so I can post screenshots
>Girl asks friends on her account and gets opinions
>"Anon, they're telling me it's real, sorry, I'll cancel the request!"
>Mfw this bitch but yay, won't lose money

Fast forward an hour later.

>"Anon, now others are saying it might be fake, I don't know what to do!"
>Go back and forth with MAC friend about it being real and post more screenshots
>Start calling her out for her shitty behavior
>"I'll drop it because it's not worth the hassle, hun! x"
>Respond that I'm done and hate her wishy-washy attitude and to enjoy her lipstick, block her ass

This is why I hate selling sometimes, now I don't want to ship outside the country for a while if this is what I get.
You're nicer than me. I would have put her on a public bad buyers list.

I'm from the UK and I've found only dumb as fuck normalfags and itas use this term when dealing with transactions.

As somebody who puts things on hold sometimes, people who fuck with seller's trust like this piss me off and make it that much harder for trustworthy people to get items held.
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>Selling a cosplay that I never got to wear because I gained weight and got a little taller while it was being made.
>no offers for months
>"hey anon is this still for sale?"
>I'm the happiest motherfucker alive
>"YES. are you interested?"
>no reply back
At least she bailed before it got serious or anything. But still, I got hyped.
>selling cosplay
>state that the cosplay comes with dress, hoop skirt, and small accessory in description, no props included
>buyer messages me
>'hey does this include the props?? can i buy those without the dress??'
>the description is 3 sentences long and takes way less effort to read that than to send a PM
alot of people say it passive aggressivley
>buyers who ask if item is available then vanish into the wind

I've had this so many times and it just baffles me. You spared the time to ask if something was available, I reply that it is, and then you just go on your merry way never to speak of it again? Don't even get a thank you for answering.
I just made a post screenshotting her profile and the messages we sent, I hope people see this and avoid her.
Damn, I hate to sell international

>sells some makeup
>like 50$
>description states delivery time is between 15-25 days outside my country
>arrived in 10 days
>buyer opened a claim on PP, now I have 50$ on negative
>I remenber her by PP the tracking number, which says it was delivered
>change the reason to "item so different as described"
>ok sure I totally believe you
>PP ends she must sent back the items to me
>she messages me by mail crying I must close the claim , because sending back the items with tracking number is so expensive
>enjoy expending 30$ for nothing
>when shipping costs 5$ to me
Fuck off stupid bitch
More of a customs story, but anyway
>parcel from overseas
>tell seller to please mark down the value to 20€
>"sure Anon"
>status is "in delivery" on the 24th of december
>"Sweet, the present for myself will actually arrive in time for Christmas!"
>parcel gets delivered to the custom office
>turns out seller marked down the parcel
>but it landed in customs anyway even though at this value I wouldn't even pay any taxes
Fuck you, Germany.

Another story
>buy a dress from LM
>seller messages me
>"Thanks for buying! I usually don't like payment plans, but since you bought the dress anyway, it's okay..."
>confused as fuck bc I didn't ask for a payment plan?
>see the comment section on dress
>three people asking for payment plans
>tell seller I can pay immediately without payment plan
>she seems pretty relieved and everything went well
Nothing against payment plans in general, but the amount of people who buy expensive dresses without having any money is frightening.
>Buy dream dress LM
>So happy
>Sitting on my PC refreshing checking messages regularly.
>Cause I just want to pay for my dress!! Then it can be sent out sooner.
>Don't really want to be waiting around on my PC all day so go get stuff done
>come back, still no reply
>Irrationally impatient since I purchased the listing almost as soon as it went up I thought seller would have seen it.
>But I am being irrational cause dream dress and I know it.
>24hours later still no message.
>Log on to FB, 2 messages.
>1 message: 24 hour payment period is up why haven't you paid your invoice??
>2nd: Your late, pay asap or I leave bad feedback.
>Sinking feeling in my stomach, also, wtf.jpeg
>She sent the invoice almost as soon as I hit buy, without actually messaging me to tell me she had done so.

I don't know if my e-mail is on my profile page or if I had bought from her previously, but really? Doesn't hurt to say "hello, oh btw pay me" at the very least.

After venting, this doesn't really seem that bad.

>tfw too chicken shit to give less than 5 stars in communication.
Your paypal email is given on the LM listing after you purchase it/win the auction. How did you not know that?
Seller still needs to communicate better, but for future reference, an email will be sent to the linked account, too, so maybe check that once in a while?
>potential customer approaches
>"Hey, I really love your stuff and I want to get something like X. Could you do that? How much would it cost? I reeeeeally want it!"
>go through my entire commission process back and forth with them
>materials, details, price quotes etc
>"Okay wow! That sounds great I can't wait until it's done!"
>I'm all ready to get started and just need that sweet cash before I can fully commit and then-
>"Oh, haha, I can't buy it now! I just wanted to know. But omg your stuff is sooooo good I'll be back for it!"
>Immakillabitch you just wasted so much of my time going back and forth with you
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>Want to order something from US seller
>Shipping is out the ass expensive to my corner of the world
>talking over $150 expensive
>Seller offering free shipping until Jan 1st
>order a bunch of stuff 4free
>mfw just thinking about the owner seeing the shipping rates to here
Feel kinda bad but you shouldn't promise if you can't deliver
Odds are she won't even contact you back.
I know she won't. This happens with like, 1 in every 3 customers I get contacting me and they never come back. I had one tell me last June "I'll get it when my parents give me birthday money in September" and it's New Years. I also had someone ask me after a convention if they could commission me, and then pick it up and pay for it at the same convention next year. Lol no. I'm not holding your shit for an entire year and I don't even know if I'll have a booth here again.
Steaming has helped on some pieces, but I don't know if you'll be able to get them all out. I'd complain and try for a partial refund if I were you.
What the fuck. Which country was this dumbass in? Sounds like she needed the money back and didn't know how to get it without being a total idiot. Glad she ended up paying for the shipping though.
Where do you live?
I take pics of everything I ship out, with the shipping address clearly visible, and send them to the buyer if they request it. So far nothing this ridiculous has happened to me, but that might be because I let people know that I take pics with timestamps and that might put off the scammers.
She was from Mexico. I'm thinking on stop selling to south america, I always have problems with them, as well as some sellers I've talked to
You should really just have a ready typed bunch of info for that sort of situation to paste in and maybe add a bit to
>Puts up listing that with shipping amounts to roughly $40
>Message buyer about invoicing
>"Oh I forgot about shipping, can't pay it right now! Can you do a hold?"
>I do the hold because I want more to get rid of the item than the money
>No response
>Notify buyer that the hold it going to end
>No response

I really want to put it up again, but I'd feel bad. like, what if she got sick or died or something?
It's kind of hard with plush because the price depends on what they want. But that is a good idea and I could try to make a kind of copy/paste form or something with base prices.
Do it, they're the worst
If she's dead she can't use it anyway.
I have the same problem. Even after thanking them for the item and saying it's wonderful and leaving them feedback and requesting they leave feedback, many don't. It's super annoying.
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german customs are the biggest fuckers around. I really envy all you non-eurofags for not having to deal with that shit.
>mfw I see all those cute huge TB orders in the taobao thread
>mfw impossible for me because custom would catch it and it would add a fortune ontop

sage for offtopic
but was it a real pretzel underneath the resin
I once got asked for a 13 month payment plan.

>Emmelina JSK
I managed to get that dress twice in different lucky packs.
Why is it so impossible for Japanese sellers to offer international shipping? Is it incredibly difficult to do customs or something?
Because they don't care.
I had a bad time today

>on business trip in little resort town in Colorado, one bank and no services or chains of anything
>buy a 325$ dress off LM
>have 3,000 cash on hand and 250$ in bank account
>head to bank, tired, been working long hours
>wait a second it's New Years
>frantically message seller asking for one day extension to pay
>"sure, no problem"
>sweet relief
>get ready to go to bank the next day, look up hours
>head to bank around two hours before "close" which is supposedly 2
>as I'm on my way, call and make sure cash will be available right away
>"all good, come on down! We can help you right away ma'am~"
>sounds good, arrive at bank a couple minutes later
>they're locking the doors
>it's 11:58
>knock on door and start pleading
>woman shrugs at me behind the glass and walks away
>run back to hotel
>as I'm entering my room, it's really dark from the blinds being totally shut
>maids haven't cleaned my room and I trip over last nights room service
>get mashed potatoes on my new 500$ jacket and 400$ pencil skirt
>land on my foot just wrong
>not seriously hurt but it makes walking slightly painful
>at this point I'm on my hands and knees with an injured foot, cold gross mashed potatoes on me, and a debt I can't pay until Monday - and I just start crying
>hobble over to phone, ask them to send somebody up to have my clothes laundered
>there's no laundry service on Saturday

Sorry for the blog post. I get so damn anxious about things, and I HATE having debts. I'm just lying in bed wondering where everything went so wrong. I'm scared to message the seller. I'm a terrible buyer.
it's okay, just message them, apologise and explain that the bank's hours were listed wrong and I'm sure they'll get it.
So I bought a pair of shoes from overseas,
bad idea.
>get shoes in mail finally, try on.
>smaller than should be and the size listed is what i usually am.
>decide to return shoes.
>i go to pay shipping and it comes up to around 30 untracked.
>send them a pic of order paper with exchange reason, and receipt of shipping.
>ask them asking if they received my shoes sometime later, they haven't.
>get an email about a refund
>tell them i asked for an exchange, they tell me they will get it sorted out.
>okay great
>they email me telling they refunded me and that i can order through them again

idk what to do, i've lost like $50 from shipping all together already.
Mexico is in North America though.
That's what they meant, moron
Don't worry, most sellers are super cool about that stuff so long as the person actually buys their items. Just let them know what happened.
I'm done selling to underage buyers, who can't even conjure up 20$ to pay for something. Jesus Christ.
>buy dress
>seller says they'll invoice me in the next day or two
>sounds great!
>it's been several weeks with no contact from seller

I've seen a few other gulls having issues like this, probably due to the holidays, but I'm not sure how much longer to wait. It's easy to drop buyers quickly if they aren't responsive but it's hard to tell with sellers.

>message seller on LM asking for more photos of an item, or even just to confirm the color since photo wasn't clear
>message was read but no reply was sent
>item sells later

I realize the item could've sold before the seller had a chance to take photos but I was pretty annoyed
Same here anon, waiting on a seller to contact me. I would give it another week or so, but I agree that it's harder to tell what will happen with sellers than with buyers. It is a little weird that she told you a somewhat specific timeframe though and hasn't gotten back to you, so maybe something happened? Do they have good feedback?
>>Mfw I'm for mexico and the worts that I have done as a buyer is not pick up an order
To be fair some shit happen the day of the pick up and I didn't really have the chance to reschedule and I feel so bad that I didn't ask for a refund either so the seller keep the money
Amen. If someone needs a freaking payment plan for anything under like $100 they shouldn't be asking about commissions in the first place.
Amen. I don't care if your parents will ttly let u buy the £70 skirt you clearly can't afford, I won't hold it for a week for you while you talk to your mum about cleaning your room for cash. Feel free to look, just don't shit up the page with endless whines punctuated by XDs.
>selling old cosplay, someone says they can buy it asap and to PM them
>they commented overnight so about 9 hour delay
>shoot them a PM
>"Yeah, how much was it again?"
>ok I guess it's not hard to forget a price overnight
>tell them price, they take ages to respond
>"Do you have any more photos of it?"
>my listing had about five photos from every angle and up close details
>they ask me for my paypal, by now it's nearing midnight
>tell them to let me know when they've paid since I'm headed to bed soon
>marked as read, no response
>been over 24 hours since I first messaged them
>still no payment, no response, nothing

I guess if they don't reply by tonight I can cancel the transaction?
Not sure if this is the right thread to ask this; does anyone know if LM automatically adds feedback or not? I left and asked for feedback last night and the seller told me a few hours ago that she already did. It's not appearing on my page yet though but I can already see the feedback I left on hers.

I'm a bit antsy since I'm new to LM and still have 0 feedback (I left and asked for feedback from another seller before and she straight up ignored me, even though I gave her a stellar one). I want future buyers/sellers to know that I won't scam them, dammit
Yes, it's totally automatic.
Can this also be a commission vent thread? I'd think that counts as buyer/seller in a way
you should make a document on the process you can just link to people so you don't have to constantly go over it and waste your time, normally only serious people will need extra info
If you can, try washing it and then steam it. Washing woven fabrics always make it shrink a little so it could help
Definitely. Share your pain, anon.
Bought my htf dream dress on lacemarket. Got the confirmation screen... but then another user got the dress somehow
This helps a lot, but people who would waste your time anyway still send questions you've clearly explained the answers to. My best advice is block anyone who asks more than 1 stupid question, because they are pretty much guaranteed to give you grief if you go through with it.
eBay is deranging me. Why the fuck do I get so many watchers and then no sales, I want to murder something.
At least my payments are finally coming through on time. I don't know why they suddenly started clearing instantly, I don't have 25 seller feedbacks yet.
Was it also up for bid? They might have bid the "bin" price. So technically they bought it first.

If not up for bid as well I have no idea what happened
Sometimes people put things on their watch list to keep an eye on the prices, or to see how quickly it sells, or to have something to compare other items to in terms of price and condition. It's annoying and frustrating, but if it makes you feel better, I finally bought an item I've had on my watchlist for months after the price went down a bit (by about 10% or so) because I could finally justify buying it.
What are you selling, btw?
>sister buys me some cute commissioned stickers for christmas
>one is through a pro printing company in the US, arrives on time in a typical cardboard folder
>second one is MIA for two weeks
>finally comes
>I don't recognize it immediately
>in padded, floppy envelope (??) with a corrected zip code
>shoved into mailbox like a taco
>stickers within are crushed
>but it came with a hand-drawn "thank you for your support" business card so I can't be that mad
Sorry but can you give me the name of that US sticker company? Interested in buying from them too ha.
>trying to buy item off a b/t/s group
>messages seller asking for other photos to prove the item is authentic etc etc, but that im 100% committed to buying it, in fact i was willing to pick it up the next day.
>seen, no reply.
>two hours later
>"oh sorry anon i took you photos but someone else has just offered to buy it so its not available anymore"

>sold a dress to this girl on Lacemarket a while back.
>She messages me to say she hasn't received it.
>It was already signed for when I checked the tracking.

>I notice that she has one negative feedback recently for not paying a seller.

I hope she isn't just trying to get her money back from me because fuck that shit. Any advice on how to deal with any PayPal claim she might file?
Take screenshots of the tracking updates, especially the signed part. Then show them to her. That should prevent a paypal claim but if she goes through with it anyway, just show that info to Paypal.
Make sure to get a partial refund if the slower shipping was cheaper
Last update on OP story.
Girl ended up not replying at all, and I'm pissed. I just want to sell shit I don't use, and you can't even afford to fucking pay it.

Weirdly enough, I had better sales off of cgl than actual FB sales/website sites.
Love you, you anonymous fatties.
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