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So i'm doing some Linkedin stalking...
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Literally every Corporate Finance/Investment Banking graduate is an ivy league Aryan Chad with an aesthetic profile pic.

Every one seems to come from similar backgrounds - private high school, high GPA, top ranked school, multiple internships, good looking, won numerous competitions, charity work for most of their lives, and so on.

When will it be my turn?
try r9k
Yeah, jocks do finance degrees. Lucky you one upped them by getting a quantitative degree.

You did do that, right?
the whole point of LinkedIn is to suck yourself off. work on yours for a bit, take a nice profile pic, spin your accomplishments a bit, and you'll be up there with he rest of us
lol fuck off retard, go into computer science like me

don't have a linkdin, don't have a fagbook, have nothing online about me
>inb4 muh github

making plenty and literally have people begging me to work for them. why try to be something you're not? just learn to code and be anti social . work from home, make bank, marry an asian
why didntg you major in math
>no chads
>no cometitions for few chicks in class
>200k starting out of university
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I'm majoring in math and comp sci.

>just learn to code and be anti social
>work from home
>make bank
>marry an asian

Don't you say those things if they're not true.

I would also accept one of those weird sexy Eastern European chicks, as long as she doesn't have those euronigger prominent jawlines.
I had to put on a somewhat normal facade for a while on my first job, but once I got a little experience it's all true enough. At my current job I talk to maybe two people a week on the phone and the rest is email. I haven't left my house for over 2 hours at a time in a month. And I did marry an Asian, recently had a baby

Once you hit 5 years experience you're set
Those things are not true for the vast majority of people in that industry. Lower your expectations.
>charity work
Kek. Why do Americans waste their time with this shit? Arguing that this makes you "well rounded" is retarded.
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>got a degree in urban planning
>doing some good stuff, working with the newest development controls and law as it comes out
>getting involved with the courts, thinking maybe i'll try for my law degree in future
>making around 80k a year, which i fucking love considering i'm only 3 years out of uni
>lining up some humanitarian work over in asia for next year, doing infrastructure planning for their developing cities
>things are looking great

then i see all these fuckwit real estate faggots, and financiers, and bankers, and corporate fuckwit developers i have to deal with all the time, screwing people in the courts every day and getting 5x the pay i get
>euronigger prominent jawlines
>he doesn't like aryan jaws
>he likes rabbit-faced women

yall are dumb. arguing that someone might actually want to do charity work for themselves as moral fiber. we need more people like that
>$80k in urban planning after three years
Who do you work for?
Hopefully your chart isnt just made up by some delusional neet.
Age 45 here i come
>The top jobs go to the top people
Wait what no way OP you just blew my mind.
private planning firm in australia

council planners can get anywhere from 40-60k straight out of uni, but the firm i work for has been lucky enough to get some big contracts, else i'd be sitting at 60k, even in private.
Be happy that you have a job at all.
Where I am urban development is deader than architecture.

Which is why I switched to engineering after the first year. Engineering is rather boring, but there are jobs wherever you go and it is easier to start a small business as an engineer than as an urban planner.
Wow, I'm jealous. Here in the US you never get more than $40K starting, and it's usually closer to 30.

opposite here, too much work, not enough planners. lucky to get a small DA done within 6 months, though i don't know if that will last through to 2017.

meanwhile engineers are dropping out and getting jobs labouring.
well, our dollar is sitting at 70 fucking cents after all, and the cost of living is outrageous.

only place with a worse overall housing market is canada.
Guess that's the free market at work.
The German administration has an aversion to giving building permits. Bet some war profiteers sneak some projects through due to the 3rd world invasion currently going on.
>When will it be my turn?
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>Do a profession where pre-employment prestige is what happens the most, while being middle class
You went full retard right there.
Should've picked one where college performance is what matters and where there is a shortage of people. If you're not a complete slacker you shouldn't have a problem
>Source: Working in medicine industry on a side where corporation are on their knees to get you to work for them with a six figure sallary if you have a good GPA
What is that?
Not bme
i wouldnt even register to linkedin if i was a autistic ugly failior or/and had poor CV. its truly a place for >8/10 people.
I want to get into biomedical engineering as a geneticist
how is the job environment currently
Not a bme grad but just Google it, everyone says no jobs.
Maybe just a degree in genetics would be better.
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