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So is my credit score permafucked?
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>Go to school
>Fall for the "seek help meme"
>Go to school counseling out of concern I might be depressed
>Get ejected from campus for the semester for being "At risk of self harm"(17; didn't have the legal protection to decide for my self if I wanted that to happen).
>Hospital charges me (but I don't know)
>$2500 for an ambulance ride and getting let out within 12 hours due to realizing nobody actually wants to help you
>Return to school
>All this time, there's been a loan taken out in my name (also from when I was 17) that the Uni did not inform me of and I never got mail for because my parents had taken it out and weren't giving me the mail for it.
>Check credit score
>Discover loan
>413 score
>Confront parents
>Can't get loan removed from my name
>Get in contact with credit bureaus
>Won't get loan removed from my name
>Get loan caught up
>Get mail one day
>Hospital had billed me for months, never got mail
>In collection
>Talking to financial aid to take out a loan to cover a semester gap in financial aid
>Parents tell me not to worry; they'll pay it as a gift
>Go that semester
>Try to enroll next semester
>Parents never paid
>Can't get loans to cover debts from a past semester at my uni
>Credit too shot for a private loan
>Lose all financial aid
>Bill for last semester (since it wasn't actually paid for) in collection
>Entire expected path for life a non-option
>Want to die every day
>But can't seek help

Wat do? STEM student, 3.0 GPA, so all this trouble wasn't even for a basket weaving degree.
1. Get lawyer
2. Sue school for irreparably damaging your academic career and thus future forever
3. Sue them for all the lost revenue from your PhD in mathematics career they fucked up.
4. ????
5. Profit

Basically this:

You're an American aren't you, suing the fuck out of whoever you can is the American way.
Jesus Christ Amerifriend, Britain may be cucked but at least we don't have this usual occurrence of snowballing medical bills out of absolutely nowhere that you can't even stop.

Also, do the American thing like the others said and seek legal help.
I thought had to be of legal age to take out school loans, unless you co-signed. Did you co-sign a loan with your parents (who are clearly financially negligent)?

Might as well apply for bankruptcy. Clear at least the hospital bills. Work and live in poverty for the next few years, then try again
I don't recall taking out any kind of loan at all, though; that's the thing. It was either automatically taken out upon enrollment (and they just used mail to verify, but my parents intercepted the mail) or one of my parents took it out in my name, which I can see, considering they used my school-issued email before when I left my phone at home.
Didn't you make this thread like 6 times before? Or is that someone else who has the same situation?
Same person, new bill. Still equally don't know what to do aside from work at my cruddy job, though.

That and the venting keeps me just in a perpetual melancholy and not a seething rage.
>get help
You deserved it, pussy
I know this now.
Jesus man. Sounds like your parents royally screwed you over. You're telling me you can't get financial aid with a 3.0 gpa? I mean shit, the government gives out student loans like it's fucking candy. It's free money for them that you're not even allowed to default on after all.
Chezuz crust what a broken system.
>land of the free
Why haven't you murdered your parents yet?

Or at the very least pressed on their fucking unfulfilled promise.
Your only option left is to be a leech.
The world doesn't want you to be a productive member of society, so you must become a NEET.
Refuse to leave your parents home, eat up all their food, punch holes in the walls, poop in a big jug and never empty it, post on tumblr and get advice on mooching government monies for your fake mental illnesses, never improve, never take responsibility. It's the only card you have left. Use it.
I didn't see "lawyer" anywhere in your post, OP.
Seriously OP, talk with a lawyer. If your parents did that shit that's fucking identity theft.
He's over 18 now, they can kick him out and have the police remove him if he refuses.
Your parents can do all that shit and more if you're under 18.

I recall reading a similar thread on plebbit where tons of people were fucked hard by their parents opening credit under their names and taking all their money, and people who did seek legal advice were told there's nothing they could do. I think you're not even legally allowed to own anything if you're under 18 and working, all your money is legally theirs.
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u aint fucked bro

I'll save you the ungodly long task of seeking hermetic knowledge as a NEET
what happened to you p. much happened to me (ambulance ride and everything) and I bounced back.

I was one dumb 20 yr old.

3 years later of being a NEET this is what I have compiled. There is no reason to give up and become a NEET, what I learned is that normies profit off your misery. they want you to be upset. it benefits them.
they want to single out the weirdo and vampirically leech off you because they know you are a threat. there's strength in numbers.

you seem bright, being Truly smart is a hinderance from ages 17-23, but then you figure things out and start earning interest from your hard work and can actually delve into studying the things you enjoy.
They can't. It's fraud.
Any source I look states that parents can be theives, so no, they cannot legally take a loan out or do anything with their child's SSN. OP should talk to a lawyer and those guys you have mentioned should have gotten new lawyers and contacted their local bar because those fuckwads aren't worth the chairs they sit on.
Also, with your lawyer, talk to the local credit bureau and see if you can negotiate some forgiveness. Worst comes to worst, you wait 7 years and you start again.
Here's a plebbit thread, by the way, with a success story.
The lawyers I spoke to said that even if they could get a good case, it would cost me more than I'd win in their time.
So Sue for damages and for legal fees
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