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ITT: Everything eBay
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ITT: Everything eBay

> selling item
> buyer leaves negative feedback
> says item is counterfeit
> never contact me in regards
> call ebay get neg removed

What are the odds this cunt will open a case?
If they do they'll probably lose it
>list an OEM GPS unit for $250
>surprisingly popular, get over 100 views in less than a week
>fielding questions left and right
>everyone wants to know my return policy
>let them know that it's sold as is, with only 10 days if they can prove it doesn't work
>one faggot badgering me to lower it by $100
>sell the next day for asking price, no questions asked
Never mind I was already getting offers for $200 and more.
If they start a case, remain calm and state your side of the case. You will absolutely have to state that the buyer did not keep *an open line of communication*, let alone give you the opportunity to make amends. eBay seller protection does exist, but it only works for the level-headed sellers who know how to communicate their case effectively.

What were you selling, by the way? Counterfeits are a huge problem in e-commerce in general. It is, after all, your responsibility to know and disclose the authenticity of your items.

I hate lowball offers and people that don't read the fine details of the listing.
Is there some sort of comprehensive guide to selling on Ebay for a complete newbie? I'm cleaning out my childhood bedroom before I move off to start my first post-college big boy job and I reckon that I've got a few thousand dollars worth of video games alone that I could easily get rid of. Any tips?
>I've got a few thousand dollars worth of video games alone
What do you have? There are millions of video games on the 'Bay from each different console. You'll be facing all sorts of competition, in both volume and price.

Ever sold your video games at Gamestop?
>bring in loads of titles
>expect loadsamoney
>end up with $20-something in my pocket
>leave disappointed

There's nothing wrong in unloading your video games, but you need to maintain some realistic expectations here:
>there are a thousand other sellers with this exact title
>most of these guys will be selling for dirt cheap
>you'll end up making just a few bucks on each title

Selling on eBay is dogshit easy, and you don't need a step-by-step guide, you're a smart guy. This is what I'd do:
>look up title on Amazon
>copy and paste the listing's title, this is shows up on Google and other SEs
>price match the lowest used price on Amazon
>offer first class shipping within the US for a flat rate of $3.00
>copy and paste the listing details from Amazon to your listing, this saves time
>use stock photos if you must, this saves time
>accurately describe the physical condition of each disk, and the packaging
>invest in ethereum

▲ ▲
>>invest in ethereum
most important step.
>>offer first class shipping within the US for a flat rate of $3.00

What the fuck are you doing holy shit?

Free shipping > Not free shipping.

Buyers don't want to do math, free shipping increases your sales by 10+ % and give you higher item visibility by qualifying for 'fast & free'
maybe he doesn't want to LOSE money idiot??????????
You simply increase the price to cover the average shipping cost of your product.

You lose a little on people who live in the sticks and you make a little on people who live an hour away.

Thank you.

Cunt didn't open case, was mad though.

I sell iPhone related accessories.
Is buying stuff from eBay worth it or are you all scammers?

I buy stuff for my motorbike because I live in the middle of nowhere and its cheaper but I feel like its not quality products just because its from eBay.
No item I have received has been dodgy in any way it just feels that way when I purchase the items.
you get what you pay for pretty much, unless you're getting scammed.
Yeah, I had the feeling that they were wanting to install it in a car that didn't come with a GPS unit from the factory and wanted to adapt it. Nevermind that is next to impossible because of a bunch of extra wiring that's hidden throughout the vehicle to make it work. They probably wanted to try it and see if they can make it work, and then return it claiming it wasn't functional.
ebay is so stacked against the seller it's ridiculous. You can put a claim in for almost anything and they'll side with you.
I bought a power supply from newegg for 10 dollars and I want to flip it for 52 in ebay or amazon.
but it came with a rebate so I need to cut the upc code and send it, how do I list the item? like-new and box has a hole?
>buyer opens return request
>thought the item was a different variant from what it is
>the listing clearly describes what it is and the buyer essentially made up extra information in their head and now they're mad about it

should I just accept that eBay will fuck me anyway and refund them now, or do I actually have a chance?
I'll list them for you bud for a only a 15% cut of the gross profit. I did the same thing when I moved to college - started small by selling my old Pokemon cards 1 by 1 to garner some feedback, then sold all my old toys/video games.

Let me know if you're interested. I have an eBay account with 99% positive feedback and thousands of ratings. Almost a decade of experience.
Accept that eBay will screw you anyway.

>be buyer
>ordered an item as a gift
>it was the wrong size so I ordered another from the same seller
>let seller know I would return the first
>get the second item as described and fits
>return the first item
>seller gets confused, thinks i want exchange and sends out another via regular (non-tracked) mail
>let seller know I wanted a refund, not exchange
>open buyer protection case
>they rule in my favor for full refund (plus shipping) the same day and i got two items

So the seller got screwed with giving an item for free, original shipping, return shipping and reshipping plus the full cost of one of the items.

I have no shame.
You fucking retard


>bought a pair of nike running shoes a few weeks ago on ebay for $40
>didn't realize nike running shoes typically run a half size too small
>have to stuff my foot into them
>ask seller if i can return them
>no sorry
>decide to relist them to try to break even
>sell them for $75

Another one

>get pair of running shoes on Amazon for $100 and free returns
>seller on ebay selling same pair of running shoes "New Without Box" for $80
>I have a $50 ebay coupon
>buy same shoes from the ebay seller
>receive shoes
>they are clearly not new
>luckily can literally compare them right there to a legit new pair of shoes
>sole all stretched out, heel fabric all wilted, toe bent upwards and to shit
>doesn't fucking fit at all
>send long detailed message with pictures about how they aren't new at all
>his original listing said "no returns all sales final" and after I send the message he says "w-w-w-w-well i guarantee they are new but if you aren't happy i will issue full refund"

But then the guy is going to just relist them as the same new without box trying to screw over another person

i love counterfeit items i got no problem with it
as long as your not selling it at the real price
What if you sell an item and buyer charges back after a few hours/days because purchase was made from a stolen PP/cc?

Should I ignore buyers with low rep then? Especially if i'm a new seller myself.
As a buyer on eBay I look for most for books and games

>Actual photos of item
>If no photos the description detailing if it's complete and the condition (Fucking tell me if a book has a dust jacket)
>Lowest price.

Free shipping isn't really a concern for me since many times paying shipping is still cheaper than a listing with free shipping
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>EBay seller accidentally refunds me $20 instead of 20% of what I paid
>The item cost like $26
how can i better persuade my costumers to leave positive feedback instead of no feedback?

atm i leave a nice little note in the package
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