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Red pill me on private shool. How is it superior...
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Red pill me on private shool. How is it superior to public school? Will it give your spawn the socio economic connections they need?
Depends on their field. If you're in STEM it's throwing money away. Business fields should get you decent connections, the humanities will get you a teaching spot wherever you want but won't help much outside of academia (which is true for most public schools anyways).
>Forge connections.
>10 students to a teacher instead of 30
>Have a better chance for offspring to get into better colleges/universities.
>All the kids are smart because entry tests
>All the kids are pressured into doing well because parents
>Extracurriculars such as shooting, horse-riding and language learning.
>Offspring can be sent away to private school so you can enjoy your life for a while.
>chance for offspring to marry into old money if mixed school (would recommend, single sex schools practically breed gay).

It's almost like you don't want your kids to become patricians if you don't want them to go to private school.
Isnt there the argument you have to start small w a chip on your shoulder. The rich private school kids I know have zero drive.
Bill Gates:
>go to public school until age 9
>parents think he's too smart for it
>enroll him in a prestigious private school
>Gates says he loved it there
>he meets Paul Allen
>he becomes rich

Lets be real here.

Unless you want to go Ivy, High School doesn't matter.

If you want to go Ivy, only high school and college matter.

You can ship your shoulder all the way there as long as you don't live in an inner city with unaccredited schools.
private schools are more important than ever. majority being white or well mannerd non-whites. thats all you need

I agree. I attend a private university in London with approximately 1,500 students and although I'm not extraordinary wealthy like others, I learn and develop myself as a person more here in comparison to if i were attending a public university.

I've been to public school, where people would be consumed about the last episode of whatever, gossip, and jealousy. Now we discuss politics, ideas, etc. Definitely a positive correlation between wealth and intelligence.

Even though I could've attended a 'better' university in academic sense, I learn more here as a person. In today's world, with copious information and intelligence available 24/7; I believe growing as a person is more important than studying books (still highly relevant, particularly STEM).

Also, I obtained numerous connections and if I would require funding at some point, that wouldn't be an issue at all.

Easy choice if you ask me.
I was lucky enough to go to a private school.

It wasn't so much making connections, I had very nice friends that would fit in with anyone, though I did have a friend that later moved to the school Tony Blair went to - i'm sure he'd make 'connections'

What I probably got most out of it was being taught very indirectly what to aim for in life - be it financially or through relationships.

There was a hard working ethos and people realised that doing well in school was a priority.
It depends on your country and location.

For the US public schools are only good depending on the income of the district. For instance my district is rather wealthy, so our schools are well equpid, have good teachers, and students ready to learn. Change your environment to an inner city with security issues and suddenly the public system falls apart. So if you're in a poor urban city attend private, if your district is wealthy attend public.

Also keep in mind paying tuition for private school and taxes on top of that is a lot of money to spend. Highschool is highschool, if there's no AP credits in it for you, its not worth 10,000 or more dollars a year.
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Fuck man. It seems so awesome and fun. I really wish I had an opportunity to go.

I hated my shitty highschool
The debt is definitely superior
>Taking out loans to go to private school

I don't think you realize what it is senpai
Let me give you an anecdotal comparison

My gf in high school went to an extremely prestigious private school.
I went to a public school with 60% dindu nuffins

The Spanish teacher at her school actually served as a translator at the UN
My Spanish teacher openly admitted she wasn't fluent in the language.

Average SAT at her school was 1350 (When it was still scored out of 1600)
Average SAT at my school was ~850

One of her math teachers worked at NASA when he was younger
My math teacher got fired for sexually harassing a student.

Her school had a 100% college acceptance rate, over 20% to IVY
My school wouldn't even publish that statistic

Her school had a gourmet chef that made meals for every student
My school called ketchup on pita bread "pizza"

Counting crows performed at her prom
My prom had a cheap ass stereo playing User's "Yeah" on repeat for 3 hours
fuck off man stop making me feel like shit.

>TFW you'll never be able to go back and have your parents be wealthier and enroll you in a private highschool

FUCK MAN I just want this feel.

>tfw would hear all the cool stories of stuff private school kids did and how much fun they had
i mean who even cares if you make it at least you can give ur kids a good experience
It just feel as though my life could've went 5x better if I had attended private school. Had a really awful time in my highschool which set me back a significant amount. Kind of sucks.

And now I know that no matter what I do I'll never be able to re-live those years.

that is now a state school

used to be an independent school which is what you'd call a private school in the US...

(public schools are the top independent schools int he UK)

a private university is a bit pointless in London - the elite London universities - LSE, UCL, Imperial and London Business School are all public
Wow you people all talking about private schools in London and USA, i feel like shit..i was born in Argentina and attempt a private school in primary (private means a little better not such as the things you are telling) but my family didn't have more money and in high school send me to a public school and fuck,i've just finished it,im 18 now.
Sometimes i feel really sad while reading this like that,i wish i would attempt a private school in London or USA so i could have some really good future secure but now im heading towards university,here anyway we have a good one called "UBA" which is international recognized but anyway...i wish i would attempt to some uni in USA

who the fuck is going to chose me for a job in some europe country or USA (i mean a really good job that pays really good,i always dreamed about being in wallstreet or being in a big company) if anyway they have the people of their universitys that are extremely qualified,im study accounting anyway and heard that in USA it's not even a good career (here it is a really good one but i dont want to stay here) and that it takes there like 2 years and here like 6 and half,

Im really really disapointed with my life in general but fuck the future is the future and some others have lucky..some others no.
he means you will go in debt in order to fund your children's tuition in private schools.
But the people who go to private schools do not take out loans for it. It's because they can already afford it with their income.
Remember that the USA was once a shithole lawless country as well and by the hard work of its people it became great. Work to make Argentina as good as you can and you'll have done well.
It may have been easier in a way for people like me but that doesn't matter we don't have to put in the work - anyway, I'd recommend you not to study accounting, particularly since it takes 6 and a half years. By then, accounting will be completely automated leaving you jobless unless you study finance or economics with it. Have fun attending uni for 13 years.

Btw my captcha was selecting all steaks - at least you have some of the best steaks in the world right
Mother fucker,

I hate first generation immigrants that expect to be CEO right off the bat. It takes generations of good offspring with out producing a NEET to reach the high levels the USA has to offer.

You just have to out do your parents in your life, they will be happy and then pass it on to your own kids to out do you.

But accounting in my country does have finance and economics with it,another thing is the Economic Analist,that's another career and here in Argentina an accounter makes lot more

See the subjets that i have: It's in english


my parents were idiots and poor, i don't want to be like them and i don't want to be a fucking CEO of SHELL i mean i want to be a business man in a good country,you don't know how hard it is to live in a country where ever 10 years there is a crisis and everything goes to hell,now inflation is 40% here

>going to private school to be outdone by public school people who massively outnumber me and get into ivy league schools on Affirmative Action
Private school recruiter please go
North Jersey Private School Master Race
Seton Hall Prep and Delbarton grads make way more than your average highschool grad
I went to a sort-of private school. It was a military school and we had to pay tuition, but the state also partially funded the school.

So glad I went there. Great education and helped me get into a great school.
Check em
>parents aren't wealthy but are both public school teachers so they know how shitty the education system is
>attend private school K-12
>become a well-rounded person
>played trumpet in the band, varsity for volleyball and football, become president of debate team, and take a bunch of AP classes
>go to college and join the real world
>realize people specialize
>people can't study, play music, play sports, and talked humanities/social science, it's either one or the other
>thank parents frequently for the awesome opportunity

It was a positive experience and I plan on sending my kids to at least private high school. With that said, it takes a while to lose your "stuck-up" attitude. I would say 70% of my friends still have it and I didn't realize I had it until I was 21 years old where I promptly humble myself. Alslo, no fights in the school but the passive-aggressiveness made office politics look like child's play.
>grew up being sent to a private school, friends with most people, not very outgoing socially, shy af
>grade 9 mum and dad get divorced, get sent to public school over financial reasons
>decide new school new start, make the most of it by reinventing my self
>new school decide to just make friends with everyone and be outgoing from day one
>graduate with pretty good grades and friends with over half the school
>still kept connections with old private school mates too
>fast forward 5 years, running my own online business, starting my own ventures with friends I met from both schools

If anything going to both opened to my eyes to both sides of the spectrum, I feel you can be sheltered at a private school while although it taught me alot academically, I learnt way more in terms of social development at a public school
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