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How do you keep up with current business...
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How do you keep up with current business news and market news?

Anyone else addicted to Bloomberg?
I watch Surveillance, Go and With All Due Respect every day.
That's 6 hours of business/politics news every day.
I'm completely addicted to it.

Am I the only one?
Does anyone have any other free live streaming news that they watch instead? Help me get off the BloomJew train.
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bumping with my waifu the hottest reporter/analyst in the biz

>spending 6 hours of your precious time each day watching business news

Jesus Christ OP, that is a sad waste.
Subscribe to feeds from Wsj, Forbes, Fortune, FT, NYT, SeekingAlpha etc on twitter.
I just read the FT, WSJ and Economist Espresso daily, check bloomberg and investing.com a few times a day, plus whatever feeds I get.
I'm a programmer.
I have 2 screens and I prop up an ipad mini and watch it on that.
Then I watch it whilst i make breakfast, i watch it whilst i eat breakfast and then i do the same for dinner.

I used to spend just as much time browsing 4chan /vg/ threads every day at least that shitty habit has been replaced with intelligent people talking to each other.

Also stephanie ruhle is awesome.
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No Betty Liu? Come on guys. When she gets talking about volatility in the markets with Alix Steel I get diamonds.
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Alix steel is a cute! A CUTE!
I like francine and vonnie more than Betty Liu and Alix though I'm biased because i rarely ever watch "what'd you miss" or "bloomberg markets"
But they're all pretty good tbph.

pic related is who i miss Olivia Sterns was my #2 waifu reporter until she left/fired and went to MSNBC

I rate male bloomberg reporters, Tom Keene > Matt Miller > Mark halperinn/John Hileman(they're insufferable by themselves but somehow become good together) > Hans Nicohls > Mark Barton >>>>powergap>>>> david weston

i rate female bloomberg reporters, Stephanie Ruhle >>>>powergap>>>> the rest.

fuck i watch too much bloomberg
Learn to read the market asshole. The market tells you everything you everything that matters in the world.

Also dat dere tastytrade is like an ongoing coaching session every day.
jo ling kent, all day long baby.
if you can't bring'em in with the content, bring'em in with the tail.
Right there with you, totally addicted to the markets.
I watch CNBC when my schedule permits but not as much as I would like. I listen to some podcasts Andrew Horowitz and Frank Curzio are the two I like the best but also check out Stacking Benjamins and Planet Money depending on if it's a topic I'm interested in.
Check the headlines on Benzinga daily. Follow the markets on an app but it's shit so I'm not going to give it a plug.
>Stephanie Ruhle

Her ditzy voice makes me want to punt a newborn

Why the fuck are women even on the BUSINESS channel. Jesus fuck. Literally none of the female anchors contribute anything of value to the discussion.
This shovel-faced whore is so fucking ugly

I actually avert my gaze when she's on the screen
Francine is fucking hideous. She literally looks retarded. British genetics- not even once.

I actually like vonnie because she keeps her whore mouth shut. Also 'mirin that facial bone structure. 10/10 would breed with
Steel is literally braindead retarded and has no understanding of fucking anything

She is probably the worst anchor on the entire fucking network

I'd still like to smack her around though and viciously hatefuck her
Sterns was a hideous bitch who couldn't handle working with based Tom Keene
i know i used to hate stephanie ruhle so much and avoided Market Makers because of her
then i actually watched some of her interviews and every so often she completely shuts down the people she's interviewing's bullshit and it's pretty awesome when it happens. That last interview with gary cohn during davos is a perfect example where he's just giving her the standard sales pitch of goldman sachs to a question she asked and then just "nup, nuh uh, try again gary" and then finished the interview with "and that advertisement brought to you by goldman sachs".
i dunno she just grew on me and now she's my favourite because she's pretty based and as energetic and spastic as she can sound she actually knows her shit
>Prior to joining Bloomberg, Ruhle spent 14 years working in the finance industry. While in college, she spent a summer interning for Merrill Lynch.[23] In 1997, she joined Credit Suisse where she spent six years working in hedge fund sales. During her time at Credit Suisse First Boston, she served as a vice president and became the highest producing credit derivatives salesperson in the United States.[2][24]

Francine knows her shit and I like her cute french interviews

Alix Steel literally is the worst on the network but she's clearly there with that other guy just for the millennial analysts
I'd say she's definitely one of the most well-informed women on the network

Looking back she isn't bad in one-on-one interviews but she is absolutely insufferable in Bloomberg GO.

Yeah Steele covers le epic tech meme stocks with that young kike Joel
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>insufferable in Bloomberg GO
yea the first few weeks of bloomberg go was like she went insane and i couldn't handle her voice, i think the change to the large open area made her talk louder or something, couldn't watch it and stuck to surveillance but she's dialled it back a bit
she's just based, day after super bowl she said on air "We teach our kids that being a good sports person is better than being good at sports, there's no more cam newton jerseys in my house" which no-one else would ever say.

>"nup, nuh uh, try again gary"
I listen to Bloomberg surveillance every morning on their radio app. It's good shit
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