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need advice , to fulfil dream.
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This is a caterham 7. A light,fast and legendary track car. They cost around 60k. It may seem stupid to you, but its my dream to own one.
I've got 20k in the bank. What would you suggest would be the best possible way for me to get one? besides doing illegal shit.
Buy used

I don't know the board that well but you might wanna try >>>/o/ as well
Stock market. Options
thats the thing. here in the US the market for caterhams is low, very low. so low that caterham basically has the used market on lockdown. im not gonna find one of these used unless i meet some sort of caterham club
this seemes the most viable to me. what would you suggest (besides bitcoins). also im not against putting it into a long term fund of somesort. but i dont want it to be longer than 5 years
Stop trying to live this pipe dream and invest the money into yourself and for your future.

The vehicle will depreciate and you'll stop feeling so happy while driving it after about 1-2 years.

Purchasing a car this far out of your price range is ridiculous, and this is coming from someone who loves cars. I follow most of the youtubers who actually do spend a good bit of their money on cars (Rob Dahm for instance), but most of them own businesses and invested their time and money wisely to work up to that point.

With $20,000 in the bank you should be spending, at the most, $2,000 on a car. Wait until you have around $600,000 in your bank account before wanting to purchase something like this. That number may sound ridiculous, but it isn't.

You're not trying to purchase a "dream car", you're just trying to fill a void in your life that you think will make you happier. It will, but $60,000 for one to two years of happiness is not worth it at all.

You could travel the fucking world with half that much and you could do something that many people haven't done, see and experience things you've only dreamed of, and it'll leave a lasting impression on you for the rest of your life.

The Caterham is twice as expensive, will probably give you transmission problems from how hard you'd be driving it, it will depreciate, you're buying a go-kart designed for a man-child, and the only lasting impression you will probably receive from it is the bill to fix the fucking thing and the hole in your bank account after buying it.

If I wanted to have a car like this, then I'd wait until I'm worth around $2,000,000 in liquid assets, purchase a used x-bow, purchase a dually truck with trailer to tow it on, and lap it around the track around a few times per year.
Am I correct in assuming that you're aiming for the 480?
YES! im 6'3 though and i think the 480 is the only one ill fit in
i take it your in in the Uk

here in the states that's a kit car called the Lotus 7 you can buy the frame an the body for 11k and you source out other parts brakes, suspension ,drive train .

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this is what i want the kit is 25k
i actually have more in saving and stocks. about 100k worth but i want to get it with the money i have in the bank.
i have already traveled the world and ive come to appreciate the little things in life.
i own a s2k right now and i cant help but smile every time i drive it but i dream of owning a caterham 7.
im in the US
from what i understand the caterham 7 is based on the original super 7 and wouldn't depreciate as much as a kit car. but ill look into your suggestion for sure!
baka.. s2k instead of ls1 swapped miata...
Just build a spec miata type deal for less than 5k and have just as much fun. Hell, turbocharge it to compensate for the extra weight the miata has over the caterham and you'll still be ahead.
Miata are for people who like noodle frames . sure I could make my own but I want it to be the real thing not some model that kinda looks like it. I mean I could go build a kit Ferrari but would it feel the same, no it wouldn't.>>1078406
baka, but the only people who kit Ferraris are poor fags who want to appear to be rich.

It will still be fun and cost you far less.
Or don't listen to /biz/, buy your "dream" car and find out that after a while you've made a huge mistake, whenever you get lapped by the guy in a gutted out turbo'd miata, you'll feel it.

You want it because you're sad. Not because you want a race car.
First of all, you've only got 20k to your name and you want to buy a 60k car.

That's fucking stupid. Fuck your dream until you get some money.

Buy it when your net worth is over 500k
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