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Can we get a /biz/ness thread going? I and...
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Can we get a /biz/ness thread going? I and probably many of you will want to be your own boss but the trouble is what business to start desu, let's crack some ideas!!!
shitpostage consultantcy
So like delivering shit?
Ethereum shillniggery
Crypto is banned from this thread, business only my friend
I've been on the lookout for ideas over the past few and I've come to realize you don't need to get a brilliant "aha!" idea to make money. Despite Internet, even first world countries, are pretty isolated as far as day-to-day knowledge of whats going on elsewhere. For example, most people in Europe don't know what the Cheesecake Factory is, and no one out of France knows about L'Entrecote restaurant chain. Both are the most succesful restaurant concepts of their area in the last ten years.

So not an idea so much as a strategy to find one.Pick an industry, preferably one you have some expertise in, and just soak up as much info as you can about what is done in other countries, sign up for every blog, forum, what not , loosely connected to your domain.

There is a 2-5 year window between the moment the original company clearly shows the potential of the concept, and adoption abroad. If you're the first one to copy a concept in your market, it's as good as coming up with the idea yourself.

From what I see, you need to have investors and partners ready at hand so that when you see something you can move fast. Setting up your network from scratch when you spot something promising generally means someone will get in before you.
>crypto is banned

Are you a retarded NEET or something? I mean ETH is only go up. Best of all it recently just got a little more adorable. Trust me. It's going back up. If you missed your chance nows the time to get in. You want to be your own boss right? Your gonna need some studying capital for that business my friend
What about vending machines, senpai? For wagecuck like me, seems low effort enough to start off with, no?

>rent a machine
>buy shitty ass drinks or food
>find good spot to park the machine
>reload every so often
>roll in newly made capital

Anybody had any experience with vending machines?
Every goddamn thread. Fuck off with your shillniggery faggot
So this is just an observation, you haven't actually done it yourself?

Maybe the 2-5 year window of adoption isn't in businesses but consumers? Interesting concept though, localising ideas could be lucrative in the right fields.
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Guys don't listen to him. A id changing NEET who just same fags all day. Listen to me. Your local ETH shiller. Buying ETH ensures everything from long term wealth to orgasmic pleasure
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Are you tired of being s NEET? Are you sick of everyone laughing at you and your sorry ass? Then invest whats left of that 20 dollars your parents gave you to "get you out of the house for the first time sense you graduated high school" into ETH. Soon you to can live a normal life. Or at least be able to watch hentai in your own house

sup OP, I'll actually try and reply seriously.

I'm currently setting up a business to buy and sell second hand furniture. Facebook just started this 'sales group' page that makes it easy for users to find people to buy/sell things with locally. There are lots of people selling goods (I'm mostly interested in furniture) way below intrinsic value, mostly because they don't have the capacity to get rid of it themselves.

For example, if you buy a sofa and need to get rid of the old one, usually you have to pay someone to take it away. It's a simple buy-low-sell-high model that you can start with a very limited budget, all you really need is a van. It's not world changing nor will I be able to buy a boat eventually but I don't see why it can't provide me with a nice income.
Terrible idea. Take that money and invest in ETH
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sigh, now I remember why I always lurk, never post.
I sell console accessories!
I've never done it myself, I don't have the ressource (yet) , and I come from nothing so getting the network took time.

As you might have guessed from my post, my field is hospitality management, so my outlook is pretty focused on consumers rather than B2B. I have been working in different areas of the world over the last few years, and this 2-5 year window is what struck me in my field, even in B2B businesses.

Opentable distribution software is number one in the U.S, created late 90's. Same market in Southern Europe is dominated by TheFork network, exactly the same thing, created in 2005. When Opentable did the move towards Europe late 2000's, half the market was already taken by a copycat.

I'll admit I have little examples in other areas, but hospitality entrepreneurs are by nature a pretty mobile bunch, so I'd bet the kind of isolation from foreign ideas I'm describing is even more pronounced in other fields.
don't you need a license for that? they wont let you park the machine on private ground
Thread replies: 18
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