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why did ETH peak in august and why it went down again?
why it should be different this time?
Because it's the future of money, etc ,etc. Just buy it already you'll become a billionaire guaranteed
no satisfying awnser
you're better off putting your money in doge than this shitcoin
i dont want investing advices. there are enough of these here.
just awnser my questions pls
>what is a pump and dump?
Come on OP. This is basic
Why is this one different? Well its too big for one person to be pumping and dumping.

Too much volume traded for that to be a plausible explanation.

I think that it is gaining new people. People like the idea of a mainstream crypto with a less shady associations than bitcoin.

It has the potential to get really really big because it is a DAPP platform and 2016 is tge year when the software will be in a more complete state and major dapps are being released this year.
ok i get it now
thank you
Also the rumours that major banks and financial insitutions are using it are becoming firmer and firmer as time goes on

Look in to ethcore, its a startup by the lead dev gavin wood that helps companies build dapps. Seriously exciting stuff.

Also all the main devs that have left ethereum are building their startups around the platform and these people know people who know people who, well you get the idea. It's growing.

As a long term eth holder im getting more and more excited by these developments. What we were promised years ago is actually becoming real, we are starting to change the world. Exciting times.
You're welcome. Still the same pump and dump it always was. Also, don't listen to shills that say banks are using it. They tested a bunch of blockchains along with BTC and Ripple but are not USING them. Don't fall for bullshit.
i think it makes a difference that ethereum is actually more than a currency

will invest as soon as possible
i dont believe anything just because somebody told on 4chan haha
just try to get an image
About the "dump" part. I believe that most of the early funders were drawn to fund it because vitalik buterin is a massive autist who talks about crypto with huge enthusiasm.

Since like attracts like, most of the ICO investors are massive autists as well who will hold their coins because they care not for the money.

Anyone who wanted to dump their coins already had the chance ages ago. So most of the coins are in the tight grip of infinitely patient autists who dont care what the price is.

Check out the ethereum subreddit it is a haven of autism in a sea of idiots.
Also, at least one of these autists has taken it upon himself to hack the whole of reddit and send pro ethereum spam to all the bitcoiners just because he lost an internet argument on r/bitcoin.

If it attracts people that have the l33t skillz to do that sort of thing then who knows what they can achieve.
do you know why you can only get it through bitcons?
I think kraken or someone might be working on a coinbase type serup for ether so it will be as easy to get as bitcoin is currently.

But it involves getting a huge amount of legal shit sorted out.
Sorry in august? I misread your OP. I honestly have no idea. I think there was a developer conference around then, and a few devs and other companies invested in ether, maybe some devs who were planning to build a dapp on the platform. That is my theory anyway.
i see.
crypto currencies seem to be something like the future investing thing. and things like ethereum seem to be like the future internet
i think its great
I reccomend getting some ether because you never know what could happen. These nerds could actually do what they say they are going to do.
Oh wow this whole conversation is really bad. I think I'm going to have to leave this place for a while. Just when you think it's getting better and the shitcoin posts die down, a whole new generation of shitposters spring up. At this rate I'm thinking /biz/ will always be shit.
You won't be missed nocoiner.
/biz/, as any other board on 4chan has always been satire and just for fun. It's not to be taken seriously.

I usually just post from my phone to pretend like I bought some Ethereum and want to know what to do next to entertain the stupid shills.
Will you also pretend to be richer than nazis when ethereum hits the moon or will you come back into our threads and deny that the banknotes we sleep on at night are "not real money"?
It won't happen.

The same was said about many coins on /biz/.

Bitcoin was said to be "GOING TO $2000 ANY DAY NOW(tm)", Pnd and Doge were heading so far to the moon they went past it and burned up in the atmosphere and more.

Until Ethereum actually gets anywhere solid it's just a pipedream of /r9k/ neets.
Three things led to the August peak and drop.

1.Prior to August Ether wasn't even tradable because all the coins were still frozen in the Genesis block. Someone however created a coin called "Ethercoin" that worked on the idea that if you bought those coins the seller would give you actual Ether after the thawing period ended. Ethercoin was tradable on Polo I believe
2. The IPO price averaged around 40 cents, however it had happened over a year prior to the Genesis thawing. Those initial investors had not been able to touch the money since that time.
3. Users had to manually unthaw there coins by installing frontier and importing there .JSON files before they could even sell coins.

So basically the "Ethercoin" had been speculatively traded and got pretty high priced. Then the Genisis thaw happened and a ton of IPO invested dumped because they were looking at nearly a 10x profit, so price crashed. Then as the network came online everyone who wasn't an IPO invested started to buy in and the price pumped. Finally people realized, "oh ya we can't actually do anything with this stuff yet", and the price crashed a little more slowly.

In short it was a unique time period that was kinda a one time thing.
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>Go to Kraken
>Takes 3 days to get verified (Hurr anonimity)
>Takes another 2 days to link bank account to upload cash
>Go to their Reddit looking for news
>Threats of class action lawsuit everywhere

LOL, these fucking shitcoins are all a joke. Including BTC.
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