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Marijuana in Canada
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>There are 27 liscenced marijuna producers in Canada.
> It is estimated that the medical industry alone can support 1000 full-time commercial growers (5000-20000 sq/ft per grower).
>there are 2000 new marihuana prescriptions being issued each month.
> average monthly profit on a 5000 sq/ft grow up is $130k/month.

I'm an accountant. I've looked at long term projections, and when weed is finally legalized, it will be a billion dollar industry. My investors and I are waiting on approval health Canada to commence commercial growing.

What are your thoughts Anons? If you're Amercan, I'd love to hear how legal weed is benifiting the market in the "legal" states.
Weed will not become legal in Canada.

Haven't you heard Trudeau saying he can't do it?
That's an opinion piece, not an actual quote. International treaties can be withdrawn from, it's happened before.
the Reds have had something ready on this file since 1999. He'll table the bill for debate a bit before May 27, 2017, barring any huge scandals before then. He only gets to distract us with it once, and he'll get as much milage out of it as possible.
It will take a few years, but it will happen. He won't win the next election otherwise.
First step is decriminalize - that will be in 2 years. Full legalization will happen just before the next Federal election, 4-5 years.
Pure degenerate. I hope it never gets legalized here. Who doesn't know a drug dealer, who doesn't have a friend that knows a drug dealer to 'score' pot should probably corpse out.

What I heard was $20 a gram through licensed liquor sellers, way cheaper on the street or through the internet. Come on it is 2016.

Justin Fagdeau already said he can't legalize it. The guy got the lowest common denominator out to vote for weed and he has already more or less failed them. Fuck democracy when you get jack asses like Goofdeau in office.
Can you post your projections I'm interested
Hi OP, I am a Minnesotan that will soon have his Bachelors of Science in Horticulture. If you would like to get in contact, I would love to speak with you further about your industry. You are going to need a grower. I also would like to possibly leave my country. It is getting crazy here, and canada is closer that colorado and other legal states.

I will post a throwaway email if you are interested.
LOL calling OP a degenerate when he supports it to be legalized. If it is no longer a crime to consume something that is safer than alcohol and tobacco, then I would assume that would be less of a degeneration than a drunkard or tobacco consumer.
>bachelors degree
>worth anything at all
nah kid
Anyone who relies on an external substance to find positive emotions in life is a degenerate.
It shows dedication and experience. Not having a bachelors degree is the equivalence of not having a high school degree.

That's like your opinion, man. However, some people find medicinal benefits from cannabis that they couldn't find from pharmaceuticals that are commonly prescribed. Also the racists at /pol/ are calling you to post in their trump threads.
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>all the other industries have been wiped out and the private sector is fleeing the country thanks to Trudeau's retarded socialist policies
>the only thing canada has going is weed selling
kek can this country get any more pathetic?

producing marijuana in canada isn't going to be a profitable industry either
1)tons of bureaucracy as usual like with everything else in Canada which is going to shave off a few hundred million dollars
2)no way to compete with cheaper marijuana grown in Mexico and street prices so they are going to be forced to sell it like how they sell alcohol + tobacco which as we know is a complete failure
3)the government will be forced to make strict laws for selling marijuana outside the system or else they're they won't be able to profit. This means more arrests for illegal trafficking and driving while high
3)billion dollar industry? more like a hundred million where most of it is going to go to pay off the salaries of entitled social workers which are rising in number due to faltering private sector.

I wouldn't be very optimistic about it OP, from my experiences dealing with Canada they NEVER get anything right and it always ends up turning to shit.
>tons of jobs
>oh do native cigarettes out-compete legal ones?
>oh does basement moonshine out-compete liquor stores?
>what is weed tourism?
I don't think so. The only reason his handlers let him peddle that line was to attract the young dumb full of cum vote and to install a fascist system that will be completely bloated on the top end with cronyism.

In the end it will probably just be imported or create a massive black market. I don't think people actually need the states permission or help to grow a weed and most smokers would come to that conclusion long before waiting for that turd and his handlers.
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