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/biz/ related question here.
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/biz/ related question here.

My fiancée and myself are forming a business together. Her family bring the capital investment and resources which we will be selling.

I will honestly be doing all the hard work while she sits in her ass being an administrator which is fine. I don't care.

She wants the business in her name since her family is bring all the investment and resources and encase of divorce she wants to protect her assets. I do not want her families assets and I totally agree I should not be in the position to take them.

But is there a way to form our business where I get some kind of stake in the company where I cannot take her investments and make it fair?

Because is she is preparing for the worst shouldnt I? imagine I work for 20 years running and growing the business to just end up with a divorce. I would haven nothing to show for it and all I would have done it earn her equity.

I would literally walk away with no equity from the business which I grew from the ground up.

Is this fair or me to ask or am I being greedy?
Future cuck
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dumb fuck getting used by a slut
kill her and run your own business, does any of this even sound logical to you.

you do all the work and she sits on her flabby ass


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Top cuck
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Or wise investor.

Her family are millionaires in China.

I believe these would be considered marital assets would they not?

So we start a business and I have no stake. It grows and say... has a value of $1,000,000.

I would then have 50% of that after a divorce due to it being a marriage asset. Regardless if my name was on it and if it was made before the marriage.

No, just a cuck

She's already talking about divorce before it even begins.

If you weren't a cuck, you'd demand to be an equal partner in this business and of they refuse, then you need to call off the marriage, because that's your red flag that they will fuck you over

Bet you're taking her last name too
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please just go

from the sounds of it you dont even like youre fiance, the richer get richer cause they get cucks like you to work for them and fire you once the dirtys been done

>trust me guise I have tons of fun watching my wife with her bull
She has pretty much support me financially for the last 2 years while I finished university. She is is preparing for a divorce because she is protecting her families money.

Any sane person would do the same. She has no reason to fuck me over because she already has money and legally I believe business would be a marital asset.

Not sure why you keep saying cuck because she would get nothing from me.

I have nothing now and anything I make would be due to her family and their connections.
>You're a cuck haha!

>protecting family money
>by completely excluding her husband

Whatever you have to tell yourself.

The virgins in /r9k/ have fucked your mind over.

Prenups are not healthy for a marriage and anyone that thinks they need a prenup shouldn't be getting married to begin with.

Tip your fedora all you want, but it's the truth.

You don't even understand how massive of a red flag this is.
Reverse the roles.

I am a man who is very wealthy due to my family who have a net worth of 20-40million USD.

I have multiple properties in my name as well as a $100,000 car.

>I met a girl who has nothing and no family. She is a great person and love her.

I will marry this girl without protecting my families wealth and the millions of dollars they have given me.

Anyone who did this would be a fool.


>I tell the girl I want a prenup of the assetsI have before marriage
>She does not marry me

Gold digger avoided and marriage would not last


>She says thats fair and she is not marrying me for money and proves it by signing. She will live the high life as long as she is loyal with me.
hypocrite much.

You would shout and scream at any man who would not have a prenup before marriage to avoid gold diggers but if a woman does it?

Hilarious meme man.

Even if you sign a prenup, chances are if they are very wealthy before marriage you would leave the marriage extremely well off any ways due to how much money you would make while together regardless of assets.
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Why the fuck are you even here if youre convincing yourself youre not a cuck. Go and be a wage slave for that chink
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Go back to your robinhood and bitcoin threads
Female pls go

No, I've told guys on /biz/ and /fit/ the same thing.

If you feel you need a prenup, then you need to find another girl to marry or just stay with and not marry the one you're with

For a man, the prenup only gives the illusion of security, because they are almost always thrown out, and it creates distrust from the beginning.

In this case, you're essentially signing a document that excludes you from future inheritance and makes you a legal wage slave to a "family" business that doesn't include you.

You better believe that no judge would allow that to happen to the woman of the roles were reversed.

You can do whatever the fuck you want, but it is a major red flag that you ate not an equal partner in this new business as the husband

But keep calling me a hypocrite if it makes you feel better about being a cuck
>I would then have 50% of that after a divorce due to it being a marriage asset
Except you already said you have 0% equity. How are you a "wise investor" again, if you need help setting up a partnership?

Incorporate, and make sure everyone agrees to the equity amounts
>Except you already said you have 0% equity. How are you a "wise investor" again

Because if the business is formed while we are formed and even if it's formed prior to marriage. I am entitled to whatever it turns into if we divorce since its considered a marriage asset.

Lmao @ your life

You honestly don't realize that they're going to fuck you over with the pnup.

You said yourself that you have no equity in it and they will probably put it under her parents so it won't even be a marital asset

Top cuck mate

She'll be having a nigger baby by the end of the year
Don't ask here. Talk to "rocket lawyers" or similar - relatively inexpensive 30 min consultations. Your fiance is right, but so are you if youre gonna be putting in majority of the work.
I don't use the word cuck liberally, but you're an honest to god cuck.
I assume you're in the USA. I don't know how corporations work there, but in Canada is reality easy to set up a share structure whereby you both retain your initial investment in the company (preferred shares, or shareholders loan), and get the benefit of any labour/work contributions you make along the way. You should talk to a corporate layer or accountant, tell them exactly what you're trying to do and what your concerns are, then follow their advice.
Being yelled cuck because I agree to a prenup is not anyway to help form a decision.

I am in Australia.

I am more concerned now about what happens if the business is put into a Trust.

Would I be entitled to anything that I contributed to the business in a trust?
Don't listen to the angry virgins OP, just make you sure you do what this guy said >>1058847 and speak to a lawyer
Talk to a lawyer/accountant.

Trusts are very specific entities. If you're a benificiary, you may be entitled to something. But maybe not. Talk to a laywer. It's a 30 minute discussion.
if the business grew while you were married, you'd be entitled to half.
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