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Hi /Biz/
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Hi /Biz/

I have a Facebook like page with over 10k likes as a fan page for a certain breed of dog.

Old people share pictures of their dogs on my wall and I share them and they all comment on them and shit. I have a website where I get people to send me in pics of their dogs via email.

I often put pics up on my website and post on facebook to make them go to my page which is kind of redundant because they can already see the pic.

My question is, how would you get a load of niched dog fans to spend money on your site?
Sell furry suits and suck dick for $1 each.

Thank you for that valuable insight
How about posting links to your webshop with certaindog-themed parafernalia and dog toys?

You have to get a webshop and buy some supplies though = easy money.
Amazon affiliate, post reviews of dog products then give a link to it at the bottom.

Any other affiliate, more money but harder to sell than amazon products, but write an article of a new method of training puppies then share the link.

Open up a webstore and import cheap dog toys, mark them up and market them. Or just drop ship products from amazon through your site. W/e
Fug I want to do something like this.

How easy was it to get started OP?
Find sponsors. Show your website and fanpage to related companies and persuade them to invest in you.
That Mr. Muscolo could be worth $400. Better monetize it fast.
Hey OP,

The thing that you have is pretty unique, I'd say.

If I were you, I'd start monetizing this shit as hard as possible.

Step 1: Shopify. Create a store there.
Step 2: Find dog wholesale accessories (I have few as I was starting my dog estore few month ago)
Step 3: Start promoting this store on your page
Step 4: ??????????????????????????
Step 5: Profit

Have few contacts of wholesale companies of dog accessories in China.

Can organize for you, if we agree on terms.
Let me know

It was easy mayn, I made a facebook fan page, started it off with a load of photos of my dog which was the breed I made the page out of, and bought my initial few hundred likes. From there, I got people to send me their dogs and I queued them all up on auto post.

Old people love to share cute photos of dogs which kept the likes rolling in and now it's automatic mostly.

I then made a website where I put a form for people to send in even more pics and when I was on top of my shit I posted everyday.

It's currently monetised with affiliate links but it probably will need more.

As a bonus, I made an instagram and tumblr and pinterest with my mass colleciton of doggie pics and started gradually posting them out

So IDK just need to make cash off of it now.

The store idea is good but my fans are mostly in the US and I'm in the UK.


TY all
>dog food

when people run out of it, they buy again
high margins
lot of dropshippers

been a few years since i researched the subject, decided not to go further because of the huge competition. you already have your audience so that's not a problem for you.

start some shitty contest. like: send your cutest dog photo's and win 100$ worth of free dog food. nice way to promote the dog food you want to sell.

wouldn't be surprised you can now get dog food as a subscription service. something to look into to

that's an incredible idea. I will be looking into that shit!
To add value to this thread, one thing I recommend to anyone with a niche page and a landing page is to use society6.com.

You can make a curator account which basically means you search up for designs on shirts in your niche, advertise on your page and you get a cut for selling merch.

For my dogs page, it converts pretty fucking well with minimal effort
>pet insurance affiliates.

pet doctors are expensive. your target audience are older people. it's not that hard to scare them.

create a story about how your dog got sick and the pet doctor bill was very expensive. but now you don't have to worry anymore because you took a insurance

>hey guys, i recommend you also take this insurance. just to be sure. click on this link!

insurance leads can easily make 20/30$. let's say you can convince 1% of your followers. you do the math

That is genius. I am going to have to do this.
Cool man I'll try this out.
Seems like a nice idea since you're not doing anything scammy but also earning a bit for yourself.

I figured it's just one of those things where it's easy once you get rolling but the initial following is hard to get. Kind of like with YouTube, hard as fuck to get first 10-100k subs then once you do you can post shit every week or two weeks and still get views and make bucks.
Thread replies: 16
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