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Sup /biz/. I'm planning on growing psilocybin...
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Sup /biz/. I'm planning on growing psilocybin mushrooms and selling them in my local area (maybe grow and sell weed if things go well). Any tips on logistics? How to make stashes how to make a secure website (am i gonna need tor?), avoid getting caught, etc.
1) Tell literally no one. Not even best bro.

If you can't do this, just quit now.
But I'm still gonna need someone to distribute, I don't think I can do all the work alone.
Besides, why would a trustworthy person be a liability since we're in this together?
OK. I'm with you, you'll have to finnd someone you really trust. Someone you'd trust with your vehicle for a month. That level of trust.
you're involving a website somehow for what exactly? drug dealing isnt exactly hard. dealers dont get stuck with drugs, its opposite.

enjoy your short lived feeling equal to that of a legit, successful business owner coupled with your even longer stint in jail + being involved with the law.
buy spores from the hawkseye dot com
brown rice
lights for flowering
sell on tor markets why the fuck would you make ur own website. there are literally ten drug amazon dot coms on tor right now
You ever grown shrooms before?
If not then you should worry about successfully growing something you can sell first. Once you achieve that, then worry about moving them.
That's why it's done by stashing drugs somewhere and then giving the coordinates to the client. Sending it by mail isn't exactly safe also.
I doubt there are any "amazons" in my country
I have a small colony, it's no problem growing more
dude its an international black market. They ship to all countries unless you live in like south america or africa . in that case you won't make much off shrooms and you are better off selling coke/opiates
Dont sell to underaged kids
the people that learn to sell 20 bucks worth easily figure out how to do 100, then graduate to 1-2000 sometimes - all before getting busted.

why are you asking us for tips on transporting?

youre a loser.
Drug dealing and black market accounts for 1% of world trade. There's more money in a lot more markets than crime. I just do drugs I don't sell me. My advice sell weed real quick to gain capital then move to a more lucrative market.
>growing something for pennies on the dollar
>not lucrative
>muh basement exonomics
How to make stashes? What fuckin movies do you watch? Just keep the money and drugs separate. Don't let anyone see your main stash of either. Protip: the first time someone sees your working stash, give hem extra but also casually show off a handgun.
Airlines are a multi-billion dollar industry that barely break even.A $5 shot of vodka is a 250% margin.The size of a sector and it's profitability are unrelated.

Crime represents way more than 1% of world GDP, if you go back to your cute little wikipedia page (pic related) you'll see 1% is the drug trade, which is only a portion of crime.

You say drug is not lucrative but then say to do it to generate capital for more lucrative markets, which somehow fail at generating capital as easily as a "less profitable" drug activity?

You not only know nothing about drugs or basic economics, you also fail at elementary logical consistency.

>I just do drugs I don't sell.
I could have guessed, your brain is a fucking mess.
check our the law where you live reeealy well, there may be a way to stay legal.
>>growing something for pennies on the dollar
>>not lucrative


>Not addictive or habit forming in any way
>Only people already into that stuff would be inclined to buy it, and those ones already have reliable dealers
>Hard to find customers unless you build a huge network of the type of people who would do this

It's really not good. It's basically selling drugs without all the aspects that make drugs good money in the first place.
He could grow mario mushrooms. Amanita muscaria instead of psilocyben cibensis. Usually not illegal.

Tgose trips though. Thats not recreational at all. So you wont have repeat customers unless you become the source for some cult

>there are literally ten drug amazon dot coms on tor right now

such as?

Cmon man you wholesale. To build up a "huge network" of these types of people would increase your exposure/risk of getting caught.

The ideal in this case, and for most drugs that you can produce and not middleman for, is to exhaust your bulk to one or two people you trust and have them distribute amongst the "network".
And how will you do that?

You do realize this "drug" is not exactly in high demand by any means right? Any old retard can grow this shit if an idiotic 4chan NEET can.
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Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Drugs are bad,
and so are you.

you're a fool and know nothing about shrooms or selling drugs if you believe that. Stop giving advice about things you don't know about.

>not in high demand because i am a NEET who doesn't know people who shroom and cannot see outside my limited life experiecnes
>hurr any retard can grow this shit!!

go ahead and try a Tek. oh wait, you won't, because you're an unmotivated tard who would rather speak out his ass about shit he knows nothing about. and that is precisely the reason why people would rather purchase it than grow it themselves, retards like yourself included.
This drug is not addictive and not habit-forming. It is also not particularly popular outside of the "psychedelic community".

Where exactly does the high volume come in here?

How much do you make selling this?
>selling them in my local area
Sell on the darknet, make way more bitcoin. Just invest in a vacuum sealer and you're golden. Check the DarkNetMarkets board on Reddit.

>This drug is not addictive and not habit-forming.

What site did you pull that off of? Be honest. I know that didn't come with direct experience.

Anything that can be consumed and elicit a positive response in a human being can become addictive and habit forming.

>Where exactly does the high volume come in here?

There are drugs that have greater potential for repeat customers for sure, such as cocaine or opiates, but just because a drug may not have that same potential does not mean it is not in high demand. For example, Group A consists of 6 friends and they want to shroom on Saturday, that's at least half an ounce to 3/4 an ounce sold right there. Multiply that by a few groups, and lets say a festival is coming up, you're selling ounces if not pounds easy.

>How much do you make selling this?

Depends on how much bulk I am selling at a time, and if I choose sell much cheaper to friends.
Past time grower... Droppin knowledge.

Okay so first thing is first. What you are doing is the equivalence of manslaughter. That is how serious you must be about not telling anyone about where you grow. Don't even tell your partner.

1. Buy two of the largest pressure cookers that you can.
2. Pay for all your shit in cash.
3. Build two rooms with wooden frames and plastic walls. Hang a fluorescent light in each of them.
4. Buy or build a flowhood.
5. Find an online OMC that you trust and like. Don't expect people there to really spend time answering your questions. Try not to post often.
6. The hawkseye is good. Probably the best. I like B+ it is the most widely used strain. I would say that it is highly adapted to indoor cultivation.
7. Sterility is key. Sterilize everything and keep everything clean. Remember to never open contaminated things indoors.
8. Dispose of all waste somewhere off the property.
9. There is a nitrogen-like smell during colonization, so get some glade air fresheners.
10. Pasteurize your substrates and spawn to bulk. This is the best method.
11. Figure out your method for preparing lots and lots of grains. You will need a clean window screen, a fan, and patience.
12. Download the lets grow mushrooms dvd off the pirate bay.
13. The best lids are synthetic filter discs underneath a metal lid that has a hole punched in the metal. Open the lid and squirt the inoculant in it. Doing it this way instead of making self healing inoculation ports or polyfill or other methods is a waste of time and money.
14. Get a misting bottle.
15. Learn the stages of mushroom growth.
16. Pasty Plates, Coir, manure, gypsum and vermiculite bulk subs, rye berries, Quart jars, polyfill, 64 quart sterilite bins, tin foil, alcohol, scalpel, mini propane torch, gloves... these are some of the things you want.
17. Use a timer.
18. Use a hygrometer and learn how to set it.
19. Use a thermometer to find room temp.
Getting the ratio of spawn to sub will be hard. You want a 1 to 1 ratio of spawn to sub. The sub should be at least three inches in height. It needs to re colonize like grain jars do. Make sure that it sits in the dark, and wait two weeks for it to fully re-colonize.

Strain isolation is very important. All of those syringes that are sold have a small amount of bacteria in them. It doesn't matter how reputable the seller is. Make sure you learn how to plate things out and isolate the strain from any potential bacteria.

You will need to buy MEA agar and scalpels.

Learn what field capacity is.

Use passive air flow on your bins. Never blow air into them and never open the bin for too long, unless you are harvesting in your clean room.

Make a fresh change of clothes, get a hospital mask, a baseball cap, and eye protection as well as tyvek arm covers and rubber gloves.

Remember to alcohol the needle and then flame it. Never the opposite. Watch the end of the needle in order to make sure it does not come in contact with anything. Plate out your spores because the syringes don't last very long.


Also, take everything that you read on the OMC'S with a grain of salt. One of the major goals is to get you buying their products as much as possible. Remember that the way that they fund their sites is with gullible people.

Also... if you have the time, patience, and a secret area, growing outside will yield way too many shrooms.

Lastly, you should buy a food dehydrator and learn the right setting to use it. Remember that people that want to buy shrooms will notice if the weight of them drops because they dry out. They need to be crispy dry.

Also, and the last tip that I will give for now is that the best way to sell them is to powder them in a coffee grinder and load them into pills. They are nearly undetectable and tiny. You will also need to learn the proper dosages. However, this method keeps them hidden.
yeah only sell to overaged kids.
You need a new identity.
I'd suggest calling yourself "Dragonhunter1986xxx" but that's taken.
Do *not* tell your distributors from *whence* you acquire your product; just hit them off in bulk once or twice a month, claiming it's from someone you know out-of-state.
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Thread images: 3
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