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any /biz/ bros here in Ivey? How is it? I...
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any /biz/ bros here in Ivey? How is it? I applied for AEO status 2 weeks ago. I want to get in but I think my essays werent the best.
>He fell for the Ivey marketing meme
Just apply to Lakehead for the B.A. in Economics program...
He lives in Oakville where every fucking person here goes to Western so that they can perpetuate their high school drama
Western is such a meme except for lifesci
*tips iron cross in your direction*
queens > western
uofT> western
waterloo > western
You forgot Wlu > Queen's

Enjoy that cucklike tuition and no reputation outside Ontario!
you mean wlu, the high school?
>this is how queens cucks delude themselves

Lmao. I'm doing my co-op at barometer capital, where's yours? Oh right you don't have them in QC.
WLU is Waterwoos retarded little brother
>>implying I went to queens for undergrad and not the uw/wlu double degree in math/biz. I already know wlu is just a high school

Now, I'm at their downtown toronto location doing the part time Masters in Analytics, already have offers for $100K data science jobs while you serve coffee to barocuck.

>>muh wlu alumni
No it's not.

It does suck for everything except business and econ tho
How exactly is it a "highschool" in any way?

You're not even giving any reasons, just >it sux because I decided so
its a place for students to extend their high school lives with bird majors like communication studies, english lit, history, psych.

Even the biz students at wlu wouldn't last a term at uw...the grilled cheese you get at their student centre was great though
So? There's hot chicks, good co-op and it's pretty cozy.

The meme majors you mentioned are the same at any school, worthless and easy. Plus it's a lot easier to stand out when it's "easy" as you say rather than Rotman at SG where a 3.8 is only top 40% of class.
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CAD is down so we are forced to shitpost more
At Ivey rn
What's up?
wlu used to be good pre 2009. that was before the financial crisis ruined their endowment so they had to lower their standards and increase enrollment by the 100s in their so called prestigious biz program. so now you have 1000s competing for a small no. of co-ops
If you have over 10.5 GPA you are pretty much guaranteed a co-op though.

It's really underrated. Kind of like Schulich at an otherwise subpar school.

Looking at any hedgefund in Toronto or PE firm there's always a few Wlu bba grads.
I fell for the McGill cheap tuition meme

>no coop (for biz)
>easiest placements are local, but you have to either know french or are willing to learn it
>enforced curve to 65-74.99 (2.7-3.3), profs are more likely to make exams hella hard and curve up, this fucks with my ego because i leave exams thinking "shit i failed" but i see my transcripts and it says A-
>this curve makes people extremely competitive/aggressive towards each other
>academic clubs are plagued with nepotism, ie my gpa is top 10% and my work experience involves working on hundred million dollar projects for multinational energy companies but I can't even land an interview to join the consulting club
>sooooo many internationals that barely speak english
>if you want high grades you basically have to do group work yourself, rip sleep schedule

haven't had much luck with any financial services firms that actively recruit on my campus, but I've interviewed with most of the top 25 oil companies in alberta and they pay twice as much as the big 4 do
Should've went to WLU. With equal work ethic you'd be top 1% of class.
Funny story, I had a class in high school where I had to "plan" out what I would do after graduating. I made a presentation about how I would go to wilfred laurier because shimmycocopuffs went to WU and i wanted to meet him

only reason I didn't apply to any ontario universities was because I was piss poor and didn't want to front the upfront fee / deal with OUAC, I was a major pleb in high school that gamed 24/7

if my parents had paid for my application fees I would have done the shotgun approach. I reallllllllllllly wish I went through a coop program, not for the money (it is helpful) but for the experience
Yeah man co-op is invaluable.

It's funny actually that you mention McGill. I know a family friend who's son unironically did his MBA at Harvard and the only Canadian school they knew was McGill. Apparently it's the only recognizable school along with UofT in the US and other parts of the world lol. Probably due to being top in every rating.
>West coast
>no jobs
how do people around you survive then

get competitive
what even is WLU?
who cares
t. queens grad
Ivey's new MSc Data analytics program is god-tier, that's pretty much it. Other MSc streams are a joke (ehhh on international biz).
Is it hard? Do you like it?
Did you also apply to Schulich?
Yea I applied to Schulich

Already got into Laurier
what at ryerson? I got accepted for accounting & finance yesterday, too bad the whole school is a joke lmao
Lol shit I got in as well I just checked.
bachelor of commerce
ayy senpai
whats ur second choice after ivey?
queen commie
then rottiepottie
then shitlich
did u do either interviews for schulich/rotman? I did the schulich one & it was p intense. Have yet to do the rotman one tho
I did a practice run for both. What were the questions senpai?
2nd was describe 1 time leadership succeeded, one time it failed
3rd was favourite way to spend weekend lol
I was thinking about it, I have marks for AEO.
I want to travel for school but its costly.

Would attending Waterloo for CompSci be worth the living expense and the same matter for Ivey AEO and engineering (kek)
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