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>tl;dr: $42k wut do?
>be me
>go with uncle to attorney
>after an eternity in probate, will finally executes
>listen to attorney
>he tells me the concerns he shares with my uncle that the "estate" (just the remainder of my late mom & dad's liquidated assets) didn't give me my quarter in the form of a trust in order to prevent me from pissing through it or losing it to hustlers or just living off it like a fat pig.
>thank him for his concern
>asks me my plans for my lump sum
>tell him my plan to immediately short as much wti as possible because it's going down to ten dollars a barrel
>he warns me to be careful
>ask him to recommend a good good financial advisor
>jodi something
>thank uncle & him for the check
>now holding about five times more money than I've ever held
>don't feel any different at all, like it's just a reasonably high score, so no emotional component to this
>carefully considering options
>don't even have bank account
>considering credit union
>considering taking out loan against sum as principle
>considering all reasonable considerations
hey you should definitely open a bank account and sit on that money for a little bit and some adequate research before investing it and most importantly don't follow almost anything posted by /biz/

or you could just say fuck it and buy DWTI after the inevitable sucker rally :^)
100% S&P 500.
are you a goddamn lunatic it's not going to 10. just wait until it hits 25 and then buy. you'll get a near guaranteed 400% return if you're willing to wait a couple years
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I'd honestly like your advice on which bank or credit union to get an account with so I can keep this windfall safe while I figure out how to invest it. Suggestions, please?
Shove it into a money market account so it gathers interest while you decide what to do. A CD is also OK- shoto for a six month one. Yeah, it's lower than what you could get by other investment types, but it gives you some interest and growth while you are sitting there deciding what you want to do with it and it's safe in there nomatter what as it's under 50k.

Personally, I like small-scale peer to peer lending. It doesn't take a lot to get started (5k is a beast!) and you can easily double it if you choose reliable folks to lend to.

Mutual funds are pretty safe as well- way safer than trying to play stocks when you're a noob. Protip: stocks are a great way to lose your money. Paper trade (NO CASH) for six months and see if you suck before you add money to it. Same for forex, currency trading, and bitcoin/altcoin swaps. By the way bots are you friend in these, especially for bitcoin/altcoin.

You could also just buy bitcoin miners and resell the coins. It's, again, not the most stable thing but if you buy at the right time you can get some nice machines. Check when the halving is going to happen next and buy a little after it happens for cheaper machines *or* buy the best you can not long after halving for better machines.

Either way Don't waste your cash by jumping right away. Money doesn't vanish unless you spend it. Research and practice first!
Get any bank with FDIC backing. That means government insurance your money is safe in case anything goes wrong (not likely).

Credit unions are great if you don't go anywhere as they typically have less fees and better rates of return. I actually use credit unions for most of my banking due to the better returns and lack of fees.

Bigger banks often have lots of fees, especially if you dip lower than 1k at any point. That said, if you travel outside of your home area bigger banks actually might have branches where you go. I personally like BB&T over Wells Fargo, but that's just personal preference. Look at the fees and *ask* about them straight up, researching again, before you jump.
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Also to clarify, by bitcoin miners I mean you physically buy and own the machines. Actually owning and running a bitcoin miner is the only way to actually profit off of bitcoin mining.

"Cloud mining" is a SCAM. You would never profit from it as then the company wouldn't be making money due to costs and overhead and would go out of business. This is why "Cloud Mining Companies" keep folding- they're all scams paying old customers bitcoins the new ones sent them before folding up and vanishing. "Cloud Mining" is for suckers and anyone who says otherwise either drank the kool aid and will be feeling the collapse themselves soon enough or is running a cloud mining company and wants to sucker you.
Thank you for the good advice! (Please continue.) I'll check this thread after I get out of work tonight (security at a live music venue) (and, yes, I have other jobs/sources-of-income).

>I really feel that *soon* it's going to be an *amazing* time to make some serious moves.
Seconded on credit union anon. Also don't put it all in one place. Give it a couple of different avenues to make it work best for you. I play the market but I have money tucked away all over the place.
You could buy like a quarter million dollar trailer park with that down payment. Id go just above 100k for half and use the other half for improvements if I were you

Im not talking lonnie deals im saying buy the park
>I really feel that *soon* it's going to be an *amazing* time to make some serious moves.

You're correct there, but, for future reference, go off of research and what you know and not feelings. Feelings will make you lose out. Yes, "bored" is a feeling, so be careful what you pick!

Bitcoins always drop starting around December and ending around February, rebounding after March. This is because people are selling off to get a tax break. The only reason we saw a jump was serious instability in the EU. The regular drop is starting up now.

Oil is nose-diving so look at alternative energies. Land prices are up, but income isn't so we may be looking at another land/housing bubble soon (provided the Chinese don't snap everything up and stop it). Land bubbles are likely to be area-dependent so look at future trends for WATER and weather before buying. Avoid the plains and California.

As to the rest? It peaks and dips and peaks again. Look at the news at large and in time you'll see how it relates to trends. Also, for the love of god, do NOT buy anything advertised on TV or talked about on the News. It's being blown up in a bubble so people talking about it who already own it can profit and the noobs can lose!

I'd say to check in the local prices and laws on that. Also talk to people who actually own and run trailer parks.

Where I live trailer parks have suddenly gotten super expensive to run as the city is trying to run them out of business for "gentrification" reasons. Also eviction is a pain in the ass that can take up to two years to complete and, even then, you may never see your money AND you will have to foot the repair bill to rent things out again. Yes, that's two years of some guy wrecking the place and living rent free. The law sucks sometimes.
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