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Could I possibly get a bit of help here?...
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Could I possibly get a bit of help here? Ive been touching up the ol resume as my current job is drawing to a close soon.

Problem is, its been years since I had to have an actual resume. Almost all my jobs ive had since college I got by networking and knowing someone.

I just cant seem to get this thing down to 2 pages or less. Ive also been told in 2 interviews that I come off cocky (1 specifically mentioned my resume)
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And page 2
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Annnnd lastly page 3
>3 pages
>Summary of qualifications

Wayyyy too boring and long. No one has time to read this all man. Make your points concise and relevant.

You don't need to what you're currently studying and thinking of in a paragraph. Just bullet points so it's quick and easy. They'll ask you more questions if they care.
Just do:
Company, location. Date
-I accomplished ABC
-my responsibilities were xyz
-I [job outline]

Also you font need to list your last 10 jobs. Just the ones relevant to what you're applying for and if they ask why there's a gap then you say you were employed.

where are you from? cut down non-relevant and smaller experiences. (adjust based on the position you are applying for)

remove 'project i am most proud of'. that will work its way into an interview or cover letter.

summary seems CV material.
>>1053907 again
woops, saw chicago lol. just wanted to know cause your resume format seemed different.

chicago here as well bearsbro

I've always been told 5 years or 5 jobs. If I cut it down to the 2 relevant jobs it only shows 3 years employment, but noted for sure.

BTW this IS cut down. It started off as 5 solid pages. The problem is to get all the relevant information and skills in there the accomplishments and responsibilities for each job take up a ton of room

Thank you, I think?

I did a lot of hiring at my last 2 jobs. I sort of developed the format from reading a few thousand resumes over the years and structuring it how I would want to see it.

Im afraid to take the project section out only because it's one of the few places I can actually show personality, heart, and drive. If I were applying for braindead networking jobs at Rackspace in Elk Grove or Microsoft down town I could make it 2 pages no problem.

However I am applying for jobs at places like Wargaming in the city, the Mercantile Exchange down town, and boutique vCIO companies where their interviews are much more personality and culture based.
What value did you add to the company? Think about it that way and you'll find that you only write maybe 1 to 2 GOOD bullet points per job.

As it is, it is WAY too long and garbage. No one cares what stupid specific router you know - unless it is specifically mentioned in the job you are applying to.
Keywords. Even medium sized business use programs to pick a few dozen resumes. Those keywords are almost always product names and certain skills.

No one is going to find "database management" But SQL Administration will get pulled on 7 out of 10 searches.

Same thing for routers, switches, and WAPs. Say Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, etc and it gets yanked every time.

Noted though. I might be able to take 1-3 lines out of each job, but that is at most only going to save me 1/4 of a page

Completely get you. But, these places you apply to, dont they have an additional attachments section in their online applications?

Make a presentation, write an essay. It's the classic give them what they want and then some of what you want mentality. Keep your resume traditional but be creative about how you want to give other information about yourself.

In my case (engineering), I usually attach personal projects like CAD models and include project results (non-prop) in the additional attachments.
>The problem is to get all the relevant information and skills

Are you applying for a job as a dock worker, bruv? What about an electrician? If not, why are they in your resume? The resume is a seduction, not a meet the parents moment.

What you need to get forward in the resume is:
1) I will make/save your company lot's of money.
2) I am better than the other candidates.

That's all.

CME downtown does. Wargaming is nothing buy a resume, and if they call you, THEN they want your life history even as far as what video games you play and a description of the first video game mod you ever created

vCIO companies can range from "we want a full on CV" to "send a resume to this email with XYZ in the subject line"

Ive had interviews and gotten side projects over coffee at Dunkin Donuts. I was specifically told at one interview they wouldnt be hiring me because I wore a suit, and even their executives wear jeans to work. Ive also had more traditional interviews where its more like an 8 person interrogation.

Finding the perfect job at high end companies is almost a dam coin toss on what they are looking for.

Duely noted. I carry my CV with me to every interview anyway so a question about "where are your other employment dates" would be easy to answer
>truck driver/dock worker

might wanna take that off lmao

- Tailor your resume to every job specifically (worth the 30-45 minutes of additional application time)
- Network so you can reduce the "coin toss" situation by asking the right questions
- As far as attire, its something you shouldn't feel afraid to ask before the interview. Ask questions (within reason) and be more prepared.
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