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How to get a shit-tier job?
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I am taking a couple years off before going to University to save some money so that I can actually pay for it and not have to suck dicks to make up the difference between living costs and how much OSAP gives me. I am in Ontario Canada.

I was just wondering how to best get a shit-tier job or two? What exactly should my resume/interview look like? I know this is all easily google-able and yes I've seen the infographics but it really feels as though that's more for people who already graduated University and have experience/skills and doesn't really seem applicable to jobs at grocery stores and such.
1. take a shit
2. use the toilet paper to write a shitty resume
3. smear shit on the door handle of the place you are applying for, optional clothes
4. buy mc donalds or mc maples in canada
5. go online while taking a shit and apply for the shittiest jobs around
Thanks, good advice.

But really though, I know there's tons of resources online for how to conduct interviews for investment banking and shit but what about just a plain old regular job to earn some extra scratch?
bump desu...
Hey man, I live in Ontario too. What kind of job experience do you have? Have you ever worked before?

Costco hires a lot of people , especially around Christmas, and they pay very well too.

Another option is to find a few moving companies in your local area for the summer. That is where I work and to be honest it is shit work, but you will get fuck tons of hours. I worked 70+ hours a week, for every week in July.
Op here, on phone.

I've had a few jobs, all min or close to min wage and only for a few months/part time.

Yeah I wqw considering the moving company thing actually! Seems quite a bit better pay than similar unskilled labor.

I'm just wondering how to look good in interviews and on resume so I don't look autistic wearing a Boss suit and doing 50 hours of research on each company as it says on the internet.

Basically, how do I look good while having little to no experience.
Oh BTW did you get overtime? Cus that's a crazy amount of dough if so.
I did get overtime. It was pretty boss.

Really don't worry too much about the interview, and try to look up examples of resumes online. As long as you are confident when you go in there and just make it look like you are interested in working.

That whole "suit and 50 hours of research" thing is more for when you are looking for a career type job, not something for a few years before university.

Another thing to try if possible is to ask your parents, and your parents and their friends, or anyone older that you know, if they need an extra hand. Old people love when you do that kind of shit, and if they have an opening at their work they will probably help you get in.
>TFW no friends, no relatives and parents don't like you

Feels not hood pham.
The problem with taking a couple of years off is you're going to miss out on the OSAP grant. If you know what you want to do, take the hit and go to university. OSAP grant (30%) only applies after your first 4 years in high school. You'll be missing out on 2500-5000 dollars for free. If you don't know what you want to do yet, take an extra year of high school just so you could get experience, learn what you wanna do and probably improve your grades to learn. Even if you have to go part-time and work full-time, do it.

I make my resumes here


Usually do medium graduation CV

Managed to land me a good government job. Also managed to land me 2 more interviews (1 im still waiting to do, the other just finished), for 70k and 90k respectively. I don't even have a degree yet and make more than most my friends that do have their degree.

Honestly, the best way to get a shit-tier job is through friend/family referral. I worked at mcdonalds, and it was pretty much impossible to get a job there without a friend/family member already working there
I would be going within 4 years though.
You'd lose 1.3k-2k for every year you missed
What? Since when?

Well fuck then I am not getting shit lol
What I mean is, the grant is only allowed after the first 4 years of being in high school. If you took 2 years off, the grant would only be allowed for your first 2 years of university
Fuck. That sucks then.

What about if it took you longer to graduate highschool? Does that count or is it only for if you graduate on time when it starts ticking.?
kicks in after high school, so if you took a victory lap, it's fine
By shit-tier you mean retail/hospo? You could do volunteering (old peoples home cafe -> real cafe) to get experience and then transition to those shit jobs if you dont have relevant sales/burger flipping exp on your resume.

If you've got a car or physique go do factory work or a labour job. If you have zero shame and a mouth go do door-to-door or call centre shit.
What about if I re-did some courses? Or does it only count if full-time school?
Go to a callcenter.
It will suck the life out of you
T-there is a couple I've seen that literally hire at all times and seem to be fulltime.

It's a collections agency or some shit, should I try? Seems like it'd be a pain in the ass but I could always quit and it's probably better then min wage physical labor.
This is nigger logic. Waste 3 years making shit pay to pay for uni, or work those 3 years with a degree and make close to 3 times more per year. HMMM
Maybe because I can't decide what I want to study or do?

There's tons of people who get bachelors, hell even Master's degrees and then end up not working in that sector.

Seems a lot better to think long and hard about it rather than just "I'll get degree le quick" without much thought put in. I want to make sure I choose the best option for me before I sink tons of time + money into it and then realize towards the end of it that I don't want this.

I'm on a gap year right now, I can only get 3 years of OSAP? Source?
Read OSAP page. He's r-right ;-;

It's ok im here if you need some comfort bro. I have no friends you can be my first one.
Where dude? I haven't seen that
Literally google the osap page.

It will say "Who is OSAP for", then basically say it's for undergraduate students in Ontario for a smooth transition from highschool, saying that you're only eligible for first 4 years from HS unless you have a disability or other reason in which case it's 6 years or maybe more exemptions.

Get diagnosed with a disability I guess. Not sure which one counts, maybe something everyone can get like "depression" or ADHD is enough but I'm not sure.
>tfw been practicing acting to pretend to have schizophrenia

Brb NEETbux coming my way senpaitachi!
fuck this shit man

im living with parents who are about to die on that ODSP bux and a 25 year old brother that is a drug addict and a security guard

man fuck my life, i just want to take loans
don't want to*
Lol know feel.

>Tfw because I have money in my TFSA I will likely be mostly ineligible for grants and OSAP loans

I might unironically spend it all on bitcoin or whatever. Or just keep it and get myself a student line of credit if anything. Kinda sucks tho
why don't you look into warehouse jobs? you get a solid 40 hours and it's usually 12.50

go to a temp agency
I tried going to a temp agency but it seemed degenerate as fuck. Really shit-tier jobs and the people there looked like degenerates.

Not really down to work on a factory assembling dildos for 14 hours a day.
Hey dog,

For these kinda jobs, just go straight to the manager. Shit tier jobs usually means shit tier employees, so if you just explain what's up to the manager they should be happy to have a reliable non drug addict, drunk worker for a year or two. Don't bother with the stupid long online application until you talk with the main boss.

Temp work can lead to steady construction work, and construction can be a much better gig than checking out groceries all day.
>Don't bother with the stupid long online application until you talk with the main boss.

They never take the shit tho. They just say "Yeah apply online or fill out this application" I can't really force them to let me talk to a manager and even those usually don't care.

I'm just gonna spam that shit and apply to like 20 places per day. That should work desu.
That's how I got my job at Lowe's

I applied to all the jobs which were all night shifts. They called and asked if I could do night crew I'm like nah. Then they're like we have a cashier job are you interested.

So yeah just spam your resume everywhere and you'll get lucky
nah as long as youre back in school
True senpai.

That's what I'm gonna do. I'll just apply every single place possible and not waste time asking to speak to manager and shit.

The time I spend asking to speak to one manager I would probably be able to apply at 3 different places.
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Your logic is correct, no point stacking mad bank if you're miserable. But delaying college to work a soul crushing job as an insurance plan for happiness is a terrible plan too.

The first two years of college are pretty much the same for everyone.
Just don't take gimme classes instead of the real courses that transfer across majors.
For example

Psych or Bio
psych accepts college algebra as the math requirement but will take Calc1, bio does not accept college algebra as a math requirement.
therefore take calculus because you're in both.

MEANWHILE the most direct way to figuring out is talking to people with interesting jobs and taking them out to lunch or shadowing them for a week or so. To figure out what you'd like to do.

Do this twice a month and you'll have experienced 8 careers per semester. by the time you finish all your prereqs in 2 years or so thats 32 careers. If you didn't figure it out by then, than you can take time off. but you'll have an associates and can walk right into an assistant management position at most wageslave jobs.

That is a proactive approach to seeking gainful employment.
Taking two years off to rapidly microwave sandwiches or pick up boxes is not gonna get you closer to finding a dream job.

Once you find it apply for internships early.

check out triple maximum wageslave and do the figure it out section.
>Taking two years off to rapidly microwave sandwiches or pick up boxes is not gonna get you closer to finding a dream job.

Well what I've been doing is doing research on different majors and career paths and studying into some of what I want to do.

For example I was looking at syllabuses of some classes and reading through the books we'd be using as well as doing MIT courseware for stuff like Microeconomics and such to get a pretty thorugh understanding of it before _ACTUALLY_ studying it.
That is also not going to help you decide on the career. 90% of any job is Soft Skills. 10% is know how. if you align the 90% part with who you are and your natural tenancies and talents then you'll go far.
The only way to figure out what you'll do on a day to day basis or in critical moments is to expose yourself to it.
Its the quality of your research that counts not the quantity.
You can't choose the syllabus, you can't choose the coursework. Those are foregone conclusions when you've decided on a career. Reading up on them is a waste of time and do not help you reach a level of certainty and commitment.

Commitment and a destination first, then a map, then an encyclopedia and travel guide.

What are your most interesting choices right now?
Considering Economics -> Masters of Economics or BBA/Bcomm with either specialization in Finance or Marketing.(Finance is certainly more lucarative but marketing seems a lot more chill especially if you get a nice internship)

I guess there's just nothing I'm "super crazy" about. I kind of just do things like "OK this is alright, I will invest a moderate amount of effort into this" or "I probably wouldn't mind doing this regularly, I do not hate it". I'd definitely want to be able to switch my career up relatively easily though. - I do not think I'd be able to do one thing for 10+ years.
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Okay, now go on LinkedIn and find people with those degrees and get their job titles.

Once you have the job titles, do further research into the day to day responsibilities.
Come monday call them up and invite them out for coffee/lunch to talk about what they do.

Come back with the two job titles per major that seem interesting.
I'll do that but I'm not sure I have the ability to make a non-autistic meeting with these people.

Seems kind of weird to invite some strangers out to lunch and start interrogating them with questions.
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You're paying for their lunch so that you can ask them questions.

The only way to not be an autist is to increase your social experience. Can't level up in conversation without having conversation. Most self described autists are just level 1 conversation plebs, while most real autistic people can get their ideas across quite handily.

Hell most people are starving for young perspectives and ideas. throw out a few good ones and they'll likely buy you lunch.
I-i'll try in the summer maybe.

I got no idea how to not make it awkward and say normal shit tho
I see your point, but where was this thinking when you were in HS? From what I saw during my HS days, people who either victory lapped, or took a few years off had next to zero motivation to go study in university after. May I ask what courses you took in gr12, and what your average was?
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