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Tips to get on Wall Street (IB)
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Hey /biz/, so long story short I sort of fucked around after High School being a dumb kid, but I've decided I don't want to be mediocre and I have goals of getting into Investment banking on Wall St.

I'll be starting UVA in the fall, good school but I'm not sure it's good enough.

Anyway, once I'm there, what sort of things should I do to maximize my chances of achieving my goal? Do you think i should try an transfer to another school once I'm there?

Any tips from people that actually work on Wall Street would also be greatly appreciated
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Hey calm down.

The system needs losers like this.

We take the money of suckers like this and get rich.

This is how we win. People like this moron here lose.
This is the first time I've posted this thread. And would you really consider UVA a dogshit college? It's ranked the number 2 public University in the nation.

Well what background do you come from that makes me a moron and you a winner?
>Well what background do you come from that makes me a moron and you a winner?
The fact that your asking for career advice here. If you're going to a target school, you should be able to fucking ask the recruiters. Speaking of which,

>It's ranked the number 2 public University in the nation
According to whom?



Do you really think that someone from fucking UVA is able to compete with students from Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, etc with 3.7+ GPAs? (Pro tip: You can't)
I was referring to these
also this: (darden is the business school):https://news.virginia.edu/content/uva-s-darden-school-rises-no-2-world-economist-s-rankings

>you should be able to ask the recruiters
I haven't even started school yet

Anyway, so your advice would be to try and transfer to a Target/ feeder school?
Yes. And get an amazing GPA. And try your ass off to land an internship.

Why do you want to go to wallstreet? Why do you even want to get into IB?
Yes, try and transfer to an Ivy League school (or a "target" school). That is literally the best thing you could do.

Research prominent banks and figure out what their target schools are, and then transfer there. UVA is good, regardless of what faggots here say, but it's not a target for most banks.

Work you ass off Freshman year with the intention of transferring, network with schools, make friends with a professor who could recommend you, etc.
Oh, and do understand that you are in for a world of hurt if you're not used to working hard. Expect 100 hour work weeks at minimum, intense competition, and constant interaction with assholes. If you can't do well in your first year as a freshman, consider finance outside of Wall Street.
You can get into IB without going to an Ivy.

Yes, but it is very, very difficult and basically impossible if your GPA is below a 3.5
By having connections. Since this is 4chan, the chances of OP having any connections with people on wallstreet are abysmal.
Get a graduate degree in mathematics and learn to program in C, MATLAB and Java.
My university (Indiana) has a program dedicated to investment banking. Although most don't end up at Goldman, a lot go to places like JP Morgan or BAML. I figure better schools may have something similar.
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To make money. I feel like two sure ways to be wealthy are Wall St. and Silicon Valley, and I'm not naturally inclined to working in any sort of tech field.

Thanks. I went to a pretty hardcore Military Prep School and came out of there with a 3.6 GPA so I just need to learn to work hard*er*

Thanks for the advice but I know my limitations, i would fail miserable at learning some sort of Programming language.
>To make money. I feel like two sure ways to be wealthy are Wall St. and Silicon Valley
You'd be surprised. Most people give up on wallstreet within a few years because the money isn't actually that great when you factor in the sheer amount of hours you work per week.
If you can get into a great school, you'll have enough job opportunities outside of wallstreet. Even if you don't start off making 100k+ per year, you'll have such a low cost of living in comparison to anything remotely near wallstreet, that you'll have more money in your account at the end of the month.
Any specific recommendations? You've definitely piqued my interest. I'd be lying if I said there isn't a certain allure to the possibility of being able to say I work on Wall St.- but I'm reasonable enough to know that's not a very good reason
Stop going for IB, lower your expectations and go for Tech or Ops. Many jobs (tech does not = programming), less competition, great salary.

Now that your expectations are realistic:
Do a fucking ton at university outside of academics (sports, clubs), maintain a high GPA, attend networking events and try your fucking hardest to get an internship.

Also this >>1040744
Wall St is not the only place where you can make money, it's stupid to think otherwise. There's loads of good careers out there which you can look for yourself.
Look into some better known boutique banks if you're looking to get into IB. I'm not from the US so I don't really have any recommendations, but this is a rather extensive list. I'm sure you can find a few banks that fit your needs.

I know people who have made millions by running plumbing companies. You just need to do something that you enjoy and that has at least some career prospects. If you're willing to work 80+ hours a week like on Wall St and have a good degree with a great GPA, you're set.
Thanks boys
You know. Thats the problem with USA. USA is a single country, therefore either you're from the Ivy League or literally are the TOP 1 of you're promotion.

In Europe there are a lot of different countries so for instance big countries like UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain each have target schools, and therefore it's easy to get in. If I would have been living in the USA I would never had managed to get the IB internship I'm doing next summer, for sure.
Thankfully the future is looking different for the financial industry. Quantitative analysis is only growing and in this field what you know is much more valuable to a firm than where you're from.

Just check linkedin for who has snagged a data analytics/ quant job.. They're all the type of people who come from no name chinese and indian schools who just happen to know their way around R, C++, Python, and Machine Learning. These guys put IBs to shame and take far less time to do so.

You just have to stay in your bedroom all day learning how to code the most effective algorithms and count cards.
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