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sell in amazon or ebay? which can get sellers...
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hello biznez

I don't know much about selling in the internet
but I don't see many random people like me selling (I haven't yet sold anything) smart phones in amazon,
is there anything wrong in doing that?

I want to sell some Iphone 6s, note 4 and galaxy s6.

I'd like to know my chances of getting these sold at like 10% discount from actual samsung.

rooted ofcourse (they come fresh out this phone company and I root them, and sell them like new minutes after)

any downsides or flaws? (the only thing is that I don't see sellers in amazon other than the official manufacturers, isn't that weird?)

Where is it that sellers can get scammed? ebay or was it amazon?

Thank you for any helps :D
>when I said rooted I actually meant "unlocked" (to be used with any other phone company, not just the one which it was bought from)
People will buy the phones, claim item not as described for something made up and return to you a phone that is broken and not the original.

You lose the phone, the money, credibility and ebay/amazon will say tough titties you can't prove that you didn't put the broken phone into the returned box yourself
exactly lol.

so then how does Samsung sells through amazon? couldn't they scam too? lol

I mean, how can I prove myself for being ethical, moral and legitimate?

couldn't amazon check if the phone is real and working and check the IMEI and all? so then it's solid proof from the "middleman"
who sends the seller's item to the buyer and the money from the buyer to the seller.
There must be one way to be a legitimate seller and not get scammed.

Otherwise I am much better off placing local ads in some website like craiglist...
Your first major problem is that margins on phones, and electronics in general are razor thin (Samsung is going to discount a major, and I mean major retailer, around 20%) They all however have a major problem for your model. No phone company is going to sell electronics to a company they know will unlock those devices. In many countries that is outright illegal. In the countries it is legal, your margin is going to be >10%

Now figure out taxes, wages, insurance, etc... and realize your 10% profit is maybe, at best, working from moms basement, 3%

Now realize that no one pays MSRP for a phone. If the world couldn't buy a 900 dollar phone for 199, they wouldn't buy it, period.

Your business model was tried in the late 80s and it was quickly figured out that no one would buy a phone unless it was heavily, heavily subsidized by the telcom.

If you are upgrading early, you are either paying your telcom 19+ dollars a month forever for a new phone, or you are scouring Ebay for a 2 generations old phone with scratches and random wonky button for 80 bucks
Thank you so much for your input.

I can sell as low as 50% margin discounted prices from manufacturers (lower than 50% why even do this, my time won't have the value I want)

Taxes? wages? insurance? nah forget all that not setting up a company wtf. I'm avoiding all that shit.
Also I pay 0 rent 0 bills 0 everything (not even my own internet or smart phone), I'm debt free. (thanks mom)

50% lower price isn't bad is it?

>All I need to know is how to not get scammed in amazon/ebay by the buyers, then I'm good to go setting my calculations for margins to make a profit (having in mind taxed fees, delivery fees and shit, etc)

Again, thank you a lot.

I dont think you are getting it.

Samesung will sell you an S6 for $665. You can sell that phone for $700

I wont go into the fact you just admitted to tax evasion and possibly fraud.

You know those thousands on Phones on ebay selling under 300 dollars? They are either stolen or sold by the owner.

The ones that arent are bought on a sort of pawn store scheme, where i pay you X for phone Y, much like Gamestop in the US does.

BTW, no one outside straight up manufacturing gets 50% margins. That shit is a fable. I sell over 2 million a year in gross revenue. Want to guess what I walked with last year?
>Samesung will sell you an S6 for $665. You can sell that phone for $700
Yea sorry, seems I didn't get you... how is that possible? to sell for more than the official seller? lol unrealistic or people too dumb to make research themselves

>avoiding tax
sue me, lol :)

none of my phones will be stolen, fraud or ilegal (I guess this is why I wanted to sell as a legitimate seller, in first place?)

>BTW, no one outside straight up manufacturing gets 50% margins. That shit is a fable. I sell over 2 million a year in gross revenue. Want to guess what I walked with last year?

"fable"? do you mean am bullshit? reading the rest of the paragraph makes me think you are being sarcastic about the whole thread.

I am not English native, but very fluid in it so yeh, some slang/cool language from the US is missing in my dictionary.

in case you were not being sarcastic and you were serious about you selling over 2m/y gross. then ok.. and now I don't know what you walked out with last year. tell me? :) (unless you were sarcastic which sounds very much like you are haha)

brb selling phones physically in craiglist from my country I guess (temorarily till I find a way to sell phones in the internet with amazon/ebay and not my own store, I don't wanted to be sued for tax evasion)... fuck internet item selling. what a waste then I don't understand how can people can sell there without getting scammed.
might aswell re-label themselves as scambay dot com? lol

Samsung gives discounts to volume. If you sell 10k phones Ill give you "this" much off. If you sell 100k phones, Ill give you "this" much. Manufacturer discounts are no where near what you think they are unless you are buying hundreds of thousands of units at a time.

how do phones get sold for less than the seller paid for? Honestly, ebay is where a lot of companies go to die. They are liquidating stock, they are "just trying to get rid of it already" etc

50% margins are made up. I worked in manufacturing for 9 years. Our margin, from raw imported material to final product was 106%. For every dollar put in, we got 2.12 back. In modern retail, wholesale to retail, at best, fucking best, is going to be 40%. That is hitting home runs every sale. Off 2 million last year (2014) I personally, as a 50/50 partner, came home with 65k before taxes.

You can not cheat the government. They will get you eventually. I had a friend in college who thought they government would never know as long as he didnt file his taxes (like he never existed)... he went to prison and is still there

Now a lot of this changes based on country, but you can expect government to eat around 40-60 percent of your profit. A company should reinvest right around 50% of its profits for the next year.

Gross means how much money flowed through the company. Its how much I spent and how much I brought in. Net means how much I actually have after "everything is said and done" Net is then how much you can distribute to the partners (or yourself if a sole proprietor)

Minus the tricks a 1k an hour CPA can pull off, you are at best, in a perfect world, looking at right around 10-15% after taxes and doing everything correctly.

i will not help in any way if you continue on the "lol government, I am going to run this out of my cars trunk at football games" attitude
>i will not help in any way if you continue on the "lol government, I am going to run this out of my cars trunk at football games" attitude

hahaha yea I understand, no one wants to be liable for helping someone who is not willing to follow the US law.
but I am far from such fake country which have the liberty statue for no real sincere reason (pretty much)
freedom of speech is the biggest meme you guys must have heard in your country.

In my country I can tell you how to up x10 times your initial investment for a 100 dollar knife. the "proper" and "right" ways to achieve that and where to go and what to do to achieve this x10 earn in a few days.

not because I say it means I have, it's all theorical and do sounds unmoral and unethical, but not because I say it means I am trying to influence, promote, or help in anyway. I'm just saying something that is possible. period.

that is freedom of speech.

another form is: you going to a cooking/programming course(per example), and then making your own e-book based off what you learned there and making bucks for selling what you learned there while the teachers, school staff etc get nothing off your e-book.

that's freedom of speech. (speech = information)

I bet cars and knives have killed many people and could tell you how it's all done, but why would I go to jail for that?

Ok now, killing life beings is supposed very harmful thing, right? (unmoral and unethical)

Why should telling someone how to: "evade taxes and how to get money from US gov for having babies, being single mother and have 7k usd send to me by the gov, while sitting at home sucking ex-husband dick day in day out" get me in jail? (fuck... I am a man, I never had a baby, infact I could be virgin, or maybe I am)

Freedom of speech is a meme in the US, it doesn't exist. you guys are BETAthized(made up word) by the big feminist society you live in, with double moral mindsets.

Enjoy your illusion.

>I am a lawyer, tell my clients how to get away from the system all safe, I tell them the things they can do to get the food (per example) they buy at a higher discount than 99% of the population of my country without setting up a real company

I sell knowledge, it might look the knowledge I sell is agains't the system, but it's their fault they leave holes open, I am not bruteforcing your door, or knocking it down completely for me to have access. therefore I can't be liable for anything.

You leave your house open to the public, that's what it means then, you can't sue anybody for entering.

> I simply hate your shit country law's. its unbeliable how limited you are in the things you can say and can't say, and I can't wait till they manipulate you in possible ways to control your mindset and things you are allowed to even think of, lol. so limited.

>Anyways anon I really thank you for everything you have posted. I'll find my ways to sell through the amazon and ebay without getting scammed for selling the real deal (I don't want to make money off useless rocks and make people go through pain)

I am not here to lie anybody, that's the presidents work. therefore I'll do anything that won't harm, talking the truth never hurts, is those who make improper use of the truth.

>You could use fire to cook food, or cook a human body. - if you do it, i am never liable, I just gave free info. sue me lol.


You might have had more to drink than I have. Literally, WTF did you even try to say?

If you want to be a scumbag go to Russia, their markets still reward the immoral. In the US it works for a little while until you go to prison for the rest of your life
ahahah im sober bro, I am straight up hardcore kid who will never drink or smoke, maybe occasional acid but thats it :D

I just hate how you are limited by your gov on the things you say in the internet, telephone and text messages getting you red flagged if it matches the criteria.

thanks anyway anon.
much <3

Yea...flagged for committing a crime, or helping someone else commit a crime.

You dont need help around the laws. You need help being successful within those laws. If you want to play things your way, why would I buy a 200 dollar phone on ebay when I can get it for 20 bucks outside the local liquor store? (which is why Craigslist exists. For those with less morals than money)
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