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Hey /biz/,
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Hey /biz/,

Is there much of a difference in terms of investment strategies in australia compared to the majority discussed here which are generally american based?

I'm 23 with about $50,000, about to start back at work after a year off and haven't got a solid investment plan.

Real estate is quite expensive here so i would still need a fair bit of time before I have a good enough deposit together. I've just sold my car and will need to buy another one which I'm planning on spending $10-15000 on.

Whats the best use for the rest of my money (~35-$40000)? A mutual fund/etf seems the obvious option but how else should I diversify my cash?

Thanks guys.
15k VGS

10k Vocus

Leave rest as cash for future buying opportunities

I've heard that with China removing the one child policy, Chinese pollution contaminating food, and Australia's land endowment, agriculture and exports of wheat etc from Aus to China is going to be big in the coming decades. Not sure how valid that is though.
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I have made 170k in the past 3 months trading in "white gold". Dairy stocks on ASX are HOT.
One example is this on Friday..

Other stocks to look at for a good trade or 10 are; A2M, BAL, AHF, BCF. The 2 days trading that occurred between Christmas and New-years were very lucrative.

Ausfag here

What should I start investing in? I've got $5k saved, a steady full-time job (75k per year) and nothing to lose. Just started work out of uni this year but interested in starting to invest too.
At the moment with current market volatility I would not (and have not) hold a position for longer than a day.
I've liquidated everything currently but that is of no concern when all I am currently doing is DT.

That being said, if you want to have a long term portfolio, you can't go wrong with a broad range of agri stocks. The Aus market is currently transitioning from mining boom to dining boom. Just make sure their earnings are solid/increasing and the company is activley expanding and you wont go wrong.

Do also note that if that company CCF released its announcement the previous wekk, it would have been a 100+% increase but do to doom and gloom it was a bit more tame.

Thanks based anon.
The stock I'm most bullish with at the moment is AJX, it's a pretty solid company for something that is still considered speculative. Have a read into it. It has got a ton of upside that it should deliver within the next 2-3 years
Cool, I'm interested. Now where would I go to buy their stocks?
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It's a penny stock, only retards buy penny stocks especially when they're obviously being pumped. Don't be a retard.
ASX penny stocks can be a completly different beast.
Ofcourse with any stock, you must do your own research so that you are comfortable with your decisions.

When looking to invest, I'd first recommend that you stalk the stock for a few weeks to get a feel for its price movement. I must stress that you need to be patient. Good timing and positioning on entry can increase profits and reduce potential risk considerably.

Another thing that any sucessful investor must do is to set stoplosses. Protect your capital. Another reason to stalk the stock first, to be able to set an appropriate stoploss margin.
You can do alot of things with a stoploss, and the one to use on a long position in an uptrend (never buy anything that is flat unless you want the divs but divs are a trap) is whats called a trailing stop. I wont explain here but just google it.
A half assedly managed growth portfolio will beat the shit out of any strong dividend yeilding stocks.
If a stop is hit but you want back in, again, just wait for the trend to return.
Buy stocks that are going up.. The trailing stop will take care of it from there.

The biggest hurdle that alot of people fail on is cutting losses. Be rutheless, the fingers got gangrene? Then cut it off. Don't wait for it to spread.
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