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Shitty Economic Situations and advice thread
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I need some adivce here guys Feel free to come in with your problems too
>On academic probation while in college for EE(Electrical Engineering)
>Haven't even gotten my grade back for this semester but my school is auto sending academic dismissal appeal dates
I could be dismissed or maybe I might be kept on but in both scenarios I still owe them 2000$. Can't sign up for classes and can't transfer to another school (All the schools in my area are in the same system)

>inb4 get a job
Got a seasonal job and just got fired from it. I barely got 150$ from the entire endeavor
Now I am on Indeed sending out applications like a mad man and not getting any replies.

What the fuck do I do?
Along with "entry level" jobs I've also applied for junior EE/paid internship jobs. But most have high requirements. Should I start looking at some IT positions(And which?).
Why are you such a fuckup, OP?
This is probably the worse time to be growing up in such a shit economy. Even to be a mail room clerk they want you to have a 4 year fucking degree.

To clarify I am in my 2nd year and have 47 credits
Its a pretty long story mostly a combination of shitty school advisement and administration
>doing fucking great in school
>Be advised by adviser to take a course to be full time because thats how you get the most financial aid
>Take class and continue on

>Almost a year later see bill for 7000$ on my school portal
>Go to financial aid office to figure out what happened
>They tell me its nothing and I am covered
>Bill goes down to 4000$
>Go back to office and they tell me its being taken cared of
>Stays on there for a long time so go back to office again
>Suddenly they recognize the problem but its a problem in another office completely

>Get the run around
Long story short That class I was advised to take wasn't in my major. The biggest discrepancy was that the school didn't recognize this problem until AFTER the class was completed. Charged me for the class after the fact then never told me about it.
They sent me to 4 different offices a day as they all pointed blame on another. I got the runaround for months. Then they sent me to debt collections which added 500 to that 4000. Which was hell paying off. I basically emptied out my savings for it.
All the running around during finals week, set me up for a D in every class.
>Academic probation
So then I went from being an average student to being a broke student with no financial aid (probation), and the only way to get out of probation is to pass another semester.(This whole thing was a fucking trap, catch 22)

Now I may or may not be getting dismissed from school, still broke, and 2k in the hole with no way out.
I know its cliche to say none of it was my fault, but I was clearly fucked by an administration that in no way tried to help me
Wait tables. It sucks, but you can make $100/day ($3/hr + $3 tip per person).
Question here...

LASIK or invest 3k in 401k?
>tfw I can't even get that job
I've tried everything
>Olive Garden
>Catering companies
>Temp agencies
>Target (Back when they had seasonal)
>Other big box stores
Nothing I am not sure if its because I am in a big city and there is such a huge pool of people to choose from, but shit sucks man.
Park it in a Vanguard

Also what should I do to get into IT is Help desk a Viable option? There are a lot of Start ups in my area(even if I don't know where they are)
as someone whos been fucked around by admins a lot. Take the fucking student loan. and negotiate hard with the debt collectors to settle.
>Take the fucking student loan
Thats how fucked the situation is dude. Because I am on probation I can't even sign up for a student loan

>and negotiate hard with the debt collectors to settle.
The first time I paid them off in full before it even got to negotiations. I've got maybe 135$ in my account so there is no way I am going to be able to pay them. Is it even possible to negotiate with debt collectors.

I am more pissed at the fact I can't find a job. I've been looking since late July 2015, and only got one seasonal position which ended last week. Is no one hiring? should I start lying on my resume about experience?
idk I am at wits end here
I'm in your exact position in CS rather than EE. My parents will probably bail me out since I've always been fairly responsible but I feel like our situation is beyond stupid.
Tell me about it


Its the worse time to be a young person EVER. Seriously 2000$ shouldn't be that hard to get when you've applied for everything.
You must be one stupid motherfucker OP
Shitty economic advice thread?

Invest all your money into gold.
>You must be one stupid motherfucker OP
Nice quads

I've been fucked around by the college administration. The most stupid thing I've done in this entire process is not leaving sooner.
I feel for you OP. I got thrown into basically the same situation. I come from poverty and couldn't afford their bullshit so I had to drop out. Vote for Bernie Sanders.
A lot of us don't have the time to wait until Bernie is elected. We need a solution now.
NEET with about 7k$ here
until i sort my shit out (personal) is there something i can do with my money?
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>none of it was my fault
Sounds like you are stupid OP. It's your fault for not checking to see if the class was part of your major. That's the problem with millennials, they want everything handed to them and to be constantly babied.

>Bernie is elected
top kek
>go to adviser
>they give you bad advice
>that's your fault
Bootlicking cuck mentality
I would talk to the Dean of the department and tell them their shitty advisor is the reason why you're leaving their school and going to transfer. I wouldn't be a part of a school like that.

But you do seem to be a dummy too. I would consider joining the military because of you can only be "average" you might need to be yelled at for a few years ago you learn how to apply yourself. Then after a tour you'll have some money, an STD or 2, and a GI bill for a better school. Plus the focus to actually do well
>trusting a stranger without verifying
Not wise
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college advice.png
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I just got my bachelor's degree in Zoology, but I have no desire to do anything within the field (research, lab work, teaching, zookeeper, etc.)

What are some good jobs that only require a bachelor's degree, regardless of major? I don't think I'd be a good salesman

Invest $2,000 a year for 5 years into blue chip stocks. In 40 years you'll be a millionaire
>not even thru under division and dropping out
>still think of yourself as EE major
I wonder what the problem is here....
if you have access to the internet, search for assistant programs in your area that deal with poverty, low income helping services.

There tend to be a ton of them that are never used because people don't know they exist.

If you find one bring a record with you of your income (if any), living standards, location, etc.
Video's got me thinking I'll be hopping on the welfare meme soon then.
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>go to liberal
>trusting what they say
>crying later
>blaming others
>shitpost on /biz/ about it
you proved the point about millennials, thanks senpai
>going to university this year
>four year degree; Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Computer Systems Engineering
>costs estimated per year for living: ~$20,000NZ (~$13,000US)
>costs for studying: ~$30,000NZ (~$20,000US)
>total yearly costs: ~$50,000NZ (~$33,000US)
>four years = ~$200,000NZ (~$133,000US)

>Plan on getting job as Telecommunications Engineer or something related to that field, which according to careers.govt.nz is a field with "good" prospects due to shortage of workers, and:
>$40k-$70k NZ / year for first five years projected (or ~$27k-$47k US / year)
>$60k-$120k NZ / year after five years experience projected (or $40k-$80k US / year)
>as far as I know that seems representative of other job prospects too (at least for below five years experience)

Once you start earning above a certain threshold 12% of your income automatically goes toward paying off your student loan, which means....
>41 years paying off student loan at lowest income estimate
>25 years paying off student loan at highest junior income estimate
>assuming avg income for first five years followed by avg income following that, 22 years

This feels like a fucking long time but I'm fatally naive. 30 years old when I'm free from that debt? fuck m8.

I'm planning on joining the army reserve (weekend soldiers basically) next year to supplement my income, and I think I'm going to be getting assistance from my family which should help take the edge off, but in any case, is this normal?
Take the semester off work straigh through summer stop being a fag
which university are you in?
Why telecom though. Go for VLSI or Embedded
Update I passed the class I was taking and should be in good academic standing with the college. I say "should" because these people can't get anything right. I've called them 4 times already and they can't figure out how to unlock my account.
I can't even sign up for classes because they are all full.

Should I keep going to this 4 year school (If I even get 1 D grade I am back on probation again)
Should I take a 17 (47 now) credit hit and go to a community college, unfuck my GPA then go to a different school?


>It's your fault for not checking to see if the class was part of your major. That's the problem with millennials, they want everything handed to them and to be constantly babied.
Its literally an advisers job to know what classes you are suppose to be taking.
>tfw I still have to find 2000$ from somewhere
>Classes are full for next semester
>Only took 1 class last semester
>Basically the whole year has been wasted
>4.5 years has just turned into 5.5
>Its literally an advisers job to know what classes you are suppose to be taking.
Why are millennials such trash? When did it all go so wrong?
seems like you're blaming everyone but your self, stop being a cuck
you go to a calstate don't you. Or some shitty midwestern public college
actually it is. Have you ever been to a big school with 1000s of classes?
OP's story isn't that uncommon. Advisors are priority over information you can scrape up by navigating your uni's website. That information isn't even up to date in most cases.

Unfortunately for most students, you can't get any electronic correspondence, so you don't have any paper trail when they tell you bullshit.

Even then, the Bursar doesn't give a shit if 4 secretaries in the Engineering building can back up your story--the student will always get hosed.
I used to be in the same situacion as you anon... you should take part time classes and get a job. Graduating is important but not at the expense of debt. Also go to community college and then transfer into a 4 year. I went to kingsborough by coney island and it was a pretty chill campus right next to the beach. Also difficulty wise it was pretty much a glorified high school. Now trying to graduate from brooklyn college...
Yeah Kingsborough is crazy far from my house (3 hours via public transit)

Also just got back from my schools student affairs office, where they basically told me I am still on probation even though I passed my class and can't do anything for me. Basically I am screwed 7 ways to Sunday.

I was looking into transferring to LaGuardia CC, but my credits wouldn't transfer over at all. And their EE program is called CIS (Computer Information systems) which sounds like a well memed IT degree.

>To many credits to start over
>To few to get an AAS

Whatever you do don't let anyone you know go to New York City College of Technology. Advisers will give you shit information and every office has no idea what they are doing

I have no idea where I am going to get 2000$ from and possibly another 2k to finish a semester.

lol Yea CIS is pretty much what im taking. its the degree created for people who want a job with computers but cant take the math in computer science. Have you tried checking BMCC?
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