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Majoring business and MBA's
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I had recently read that business majors are amongst a group of majors that study the least out of all majors

As a biology major who actually spent a lot of time studying throughout his undergrad maintaining a 3.85 and is soon applying to dental school I wanted to ask you businesscucks the following:

-How hard is business REALLY? I can imagine from an academic standpoint it must not be that difficult but rather the "difficulty" in making it in business is connections/ability to perform/outside the box thinking/personal drive

-As mentioned above do you guys really not study that much?

-Are the people who major business smart dudes? Ie. GPAs above 3.7 in high school with strong critical thinking skills kids who are doctor/engineer material or mostly C student alpha dumbfucks who think they can get rich (I've noticed a lot of gymbros at the uni major some kind of business so I figured these fucks must have a lot of free time on their hands)

Regarding MBAs I've heard that many MBA schools prefer to accept non business majors as the curriculum has mostly shifted towards teaching analytical skills and some critics argue MBA grads enter real world business situations unprepared, is this true? This leads me to my next series of questions:

-How hard would it be for someone with absolutely zero background in business but good grades get into a top tier MBA school

-How hard is the GMAT REALLY?

-Say I wanted to get an MBA along with my DDS. How hard is Bschool? Difficult because of the content of the curricula or because of a 9-5 daily class schedule since most kids are used to picking their schedules and course load in their undergrad?

-Would it be difficult for someone without a business background to thrive in Bschool?

Once you get hired what's the working MBA life like? Are you spending most of your day slaving away at a cubicle for a Fortune 500? Is the work truly difficult or just long and arduous?

First time poster here btw, fuck me gently.
> hard
Easy compared to economics or the math side of economics

> study not much
I think most business students at university level work for like 15-20 hours on week average compared to some majors that need to put in 30-40 hours of coursework on average it is pretty low.

> smart dudes
I think you're putting too much emphasis on grades they don't necesarilly mean if someone is smart or not. Then again I'm not from US in my country if you get all 6's (C's) that means you're passing units and doing a great job. Back to your question; no people in business aren't that smart in my opinion people who do tougher degrees often have more intellectual capabilities just judging from the conversations I had.

> how hard to get into mba with different background
Depends if you've done the mathematical prerequisites for the mba, mail with university about it

> gmat
No clue

> doctor of dental science & mba
It's easier to just pick one

> thrive in Bschool
No not really, you just have to read a lot and analyze

> long & tedious jobs
That really depends on yourself and where you're going to work if you're going to work for a boss.
As an undergraduate, we had a saying at my top 20 US university "b-school pre-school". Not only were the classes significantly easier than pretty much every other school within the university, but we studied less and didn't have classes on fridays. A good business school will also facilitate networking and setting students up with jobs.

People who go to business schools can be very smart, but they're usually there because they want to make money.
Biz student here. I pay foreigners to do most my school work and spend my free time either working or learning a new skill. I'm pretty fucking lazy though and probably very ignorant
At my top 20 university bschool, our Bschool campus was literally built on a hill. College kids hated our fucking guts. We were pretty arrogant to be fair lol

What university did you go to
Depends on what you mean by business. I'll assume you mean a general major, which would mean a combination of management, accounting, marketing, etc.
Most of the people I've met are in it as a default - don't really know what to do, so they just go for something that will supposedly make them money. Those people tend to be retarded.
Most of the classes soft classes are bullshit. As in, shit like management, HR, marketing, etc. Can be rather easy if you don't mind memorizing a bunch of bs buzzwords. You won't really learn anything from those though. Accounting / finance stuff are much more useful, but you might as well just go for a degree in either one of the two, rather than a general business degree. I'd argue that going to a business school is a waste of time, unless you're in one of those countries where you NEED to have a degree to do anything. If you want to do business, fuck MBA. Go work at a startup for a year or two and try to make some connections. Networking is pretty much the only thing an MBA is good for, anyway.
Graduated biz and working at fortune 500 here.

>How hard is business REALLY?
I believe for a big part it is about creating a mindset, and knowing how to recognize opportunities and interacting with people. Hard math subjects might be more difficult but those people tend to be worse at negotiations and such.

>As mentioned above do you guys really not study that much?
It was OK I guess, did quite some extracurriculars myself. Just your basic education isn't enough in the Netherlands (which is where I am from)

Haven't done, I have a MSc in Business, not a MBA

>Once you get hired what's the working MBA life like? Are you spending most of your day slaving away at a cubicle for a Fortune 500? Is the work truly difficult or just long and arduous?

Cubicles don't even exist anymore nowadays do they? I got hired as a 'high potential' and am currently on my first assignment as part of a 2-year program of 4 6-month projects after which I can choose which area/role of the business I like the best. My 'class' (of 12) are each signed a mentor (director level) and we have meetings with the CCO once every half year. Starting salary is 50k euros per year with 40 vacation days (that I am allowed to take, just came back from 4 weeks vacation). My working hours are 9 to 5 and if I email in the evening I get comments at work to stop doing so. The project I'm on is really interesting and although I am kind of following someone else's agenda (due to the short length of 6 months). I've learned a lot on the job. Oh, and I'm 24.
I just finished my first semester of accounting & finance at one of the big 6 uni's in the UK. confirmed for being easy as shit, 80% of my time was spent either at the gym or partying rather than work. guaranteed to get a 1st

I got A*AAa in my a-levels btw, which would easily be a 4.0 in americuck
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Sorry i just hijack your theard for a small question. Maybe you wise folks can give me an advice on an upcoming decision.

I had a quite nice job as project manager which i loved. But i always knew it was just for some monthes until i will get replaced by someone who asks for less money. So today i had to move into a different department and the job i got sucks so many dicks you couldn't even count. The only good aspect is that this company will pay for my MBA. As a downside again if i start this MBA program i cant leave the company for 4 years.
Is it worth doing a job you dont care about and is boring as fuck just for the paid MBA?
WTF could I do with a degree in business and finance anyway?
Currently enrolling for business banking and financial as my major to start off before going to something more specific
What do you plan to do with your degree anon?

"business" refers to a lot of different majors, and the entire undergrad experience will vary quite a bit depending on your specific major

In my experience the following biz majors are relatively easy:
- Marketing
- Operation/Information Systems
- Business Management
- Business Strategy

Finance & Accounting majors are more difficult, with Accounting being the harder of the two.

how much time you spend studying really depends on the grading structure of the school, and how serious you are

at my bschool there are finance majors looking to go into ibanking and tbqh senpai they study more than anyone else I know on campus
No one that matters gives a fuck about an MBA. So many dumb fucks serving me dinner with an MBA.

What do you do for a living?
I am a guy who almost went to bSchool and decided he'd rather do English teaching. However I studied a lot about this.

GMAT is a decently hard test which quizzes you on low end college level math, like statistics, economic charting, ratios, and how well you know grammar and can read dense papers and comprehend them quickly.

It would be much different than a Dentist test, so still get a book on the GMAT and read it.

Nothing is a joke anon, business majors aren't Einstein but the competition is still very fierce because the rewards are so great. Don't be cocky.

MBA has literally become like Law. So you either get in a Tier 1 bSchool or you better live in a state with a 1+million pop city AND love the shit out of it because good luck getting hired anywhere else.

Of course all the major bucks are in Finance. Noticed that Biology majors are analytical more than social usually so you might do well.

Marketing is more for those big swinging cock Chad guys or super Max Landis type hyper assholes who can think of a advertisement or angle on a market to exploit so well they make large money for their firm. Might not be for you.

Accounting is becoming SUPER technical, robots are taking that over and the only jobs will be in forensic accounting in 10 years which sounds like I would rather kill myself than do every day.

MBA/JD dual degrees exist so I don't see why not Dental + MBA. You would be fucking dangerous because you would know a lot about business and Dentistry has the unique quality of giving you the power to go on your own.

You could really have fun and do a Entrepreneurship/DDS and you'd get an easy MBA that teaches you how to start businesses and your bread and butter is your DDS.
Mijn neger kek welke school in NL?
>40 vacation days

Forensic Accountant here.

Job is pretty fun and not stressful.
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pls post more jew meme xDDDD
>is now 2016
>the cycle is broken thanks to /pol/
oh and at my massive university the only people who were in b school were frat bros who'd end up working in their father's car dealership in flyover
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