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let's see your best greentext, weirdos
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>be me 17, virgin, trap, femenine
>die alone

There's your green text m8

Sad kek.
started hormones? either way, topless pics?
Haven't been dressing in months now. I know I'm a fag so fuck it.
Bump ...for the alaska anon to finish the story
Me or op?
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dont have one but bumping , also heres a pic while we wait for this thread to begin

neither (OP here)
alaska anon is the one with the babysitter and grape juice? 'cause i wanna know how that pans out
Oh sry my bad kek
Hmmm, well... Since your pic rubbed me the right way OP, ima tell you a little story. When I was a super young normal human worm baby, I went on a trip to Poland with my dad. I was still pretty small, about 5-6 maybe. 7 mayhaps. Anyways, I wasnt able to sleep cuz I didnt have my favorite pillow. I told my grandma that I couldnt sleep. She went with me back to my room and layed down with me. So we layed there, I couldnt sleep worth a shit. I told her I couldnt fall asleep still. To my surprise, she pulled out her big ass titty and gave it to me to hold and suck on. She was kind of a chubby and had to have had EE sized titties lol. Being a super virgin, the 1st thought that came into my mind was "holy crap a titty! and i can touch it!" so i spent a lot of timy feeling her boob and feeling on her nipple. She fell asleep but i stayed up late just to feel what a boob feels like. Was great ^_^
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not gonna greentext it but here is my experience in summary

after my mom got divorced , about 3 yrs she was still single , my dad was a cunt who abused here so we were always close , I was 17 at the time , and i was a virginfag with not much friends so me and my mom would chill at home watch movies and shit , the usual movies whatever was on , action , romance you name it , but it became mostly romance cos we were both singlefags , and eventually i convinced my mom to go to the bar to find someone , she hadnt had much friends so it took some convincing , she seemed down all the time so i figured a man would cheer her up.
Anyway she comes home crying and slightly drunk , and she is upset cos she feels old and has no friends(she is 45 at this time) so we hugged it out , longer than usual since she was upset , and she kissed me on cheek , but kept on doing it , and i turned my face to her and she looked at me , i was weirded out cos she kepy kissing my check , so when we made eye contact we began making out (i engaged it) , like proper kissing , tongues and all the rest , and we stripped naked and fucked on the couch i was watching the movie on when she was out. We are missionary and we fuck , her moans ill always remember , and i ate her out after i came.
But we woke up and she was kinda upset for taking advantage of me , or thats what she thought anyway , but i just began making out with her after we talked it out and she gave me a blowjob. We fucked almost daily for months without anybody knowing obviously , but we were in a secret relationship till i went to college a year and a half later , she is still single and i have a 1yr gf , but whenever i visit my mom we fuck but idk how long it will last , but i do love her in both ways and would easily marry her
that's a hot way to live
yeah , i only see her every few months tho , but since our visits are so rare we fuck like animals
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stop bullshitting
anon that... killed me
got a faggot story for you guys

>be me, 14 years old at the time
>mom was single mother
>was a little faggot and looked quite feminine
> was not attracted to other boys but Men turned me on
>once i saw my mom getting fucked by some stud when i was like 10, it was the first time saw something like that
>couldn't forget his dick pounding my mom's ass
>her face when she sucked his dick and his cum all over it
>that night i put a finger on my asshole
anyway enough backstory
>i was very independant and my mom would often send me to the grocery store or shit like that
>i would often go out to eat something by myself to a coffee shop i liked near my school
>owner was a 40 something years old man
>when i had the money i used to wake up early to eat breakfast there before school
>loved their coffee and croissants
>almost no clients that early, we used to talk a lot and i really enjoyed it
>became friends i think
>one day there was nobody around, we where chatting as usual, he asked me if i had a girlfriend and about the kind of girls i liked
>told him i didn't had a gf and didn't cared much about girls
>conversation escalated and before i realised we where talking about sex, never talked about sex to anyone but it somewhat felt right doing it with him
>ended up telling him i didn't felt attracted to girls
>he asked me if i liked boys
>told him i didn't liked boys either
You're cool.

>suddenly i saw the bulge on his pants, his dick have been getting harder as we talked, so did mine
>he noticed, he knew i was looking at his dick
>"oh, i understand anon"
>we stayed in silence for a while, i could get my eyes off his dick
>he laughed
>i wanted to excuse myself but suddenly he put a finger in my mouth, not on my lips i mean inside my mouth
>cock got hard as diamonds
>"you must tell nobody about this anon, okay?"
>i never told until now
>nothing else happened that morning, but i frequented the place more and more after that
>we would talk a lot, every time until, one day he told me to go there after school, said he wanted to show me something
>i knew what it was and i was incredibly eager
are you trying to pretend that picture is your mom? Bc that isn't a 45 year olds pussy
sure, thanks for reading, will type as fast as i can
holy cow.... any more with granny anon?
I have to go to sleep try to be fast bro
>after school i went to the coffee shot still wearing my school uniform, didn't even had lunch yet
>they opened at 6am, closed at 13pm and then oppened again at 18pm
>i had school from 8am to 14pm
>we had 4 hours
>i imagined too many things, but what was stuck in my mind was the memory of my mom being fucked hard
>i imagined myself in the floor while he pounded my ass
>have been fingering for years now and recently i had started masturbating with a brush
>loved feeling something inside my ass
>when i got there the place was closed but he was alone inside counting money
>he opened the door and greeted me like always
>"i tought you would not come anon"
>we headed to the back where they kept the supplies
>i was nervous as fuck, my heart beating as we walked ahead of me
>once we got there he locked the door behind me
>i could almost hear my heartbeats
>"don't worry, just relax anon"
Damn bro I'm jerking to this, be fast <3
alright, will make short parts, there isn't much left anyway

>i felt his fingers on my lips, caressing them
>i closed my eyes as one of his fingers slided inside my mouth
>started sucking his finger with my eyes closed
>felt his hand on my back pulling me closed
>suddenly my head was resting on his chest while i sucked two of his fingers
>he grabbed my ass with his free hand
>it all felt right somehow
>I had a dream once that I was in a school for whatever reason.
>I was going to each classroom door and I'd peak in.
>I don't remember why I was doing this, but somehow along my journey I encountered Bill Cosby.
>He didn't see me that I could tell but he was sputtering his gibberish language.
>He was riding a rascal or small scooter through the halls.
>It's odd now that I think about it, but was normal in the dream to me.
>Something in my mind told me to get the hell away from him.
>I began darting through the hallways and he was always on my path on his damned scooter.
>I couldn't see him and he couldn't see me, but I knew he was there because his scooter kept making a 'meep meep meep meep' sound when it moved.
>Running out of places to run, I darted into a classroom and ducked behind a small wall in the room.
>I could hear his scooter nearing me.
>"Meep meep meep meep"
>It got closer to me.
>"Meep meep meeeep meeeeeep" the meep sounds growing longer as the scooter slowed, right around the corner from me.
>One last "meeeeeeeeep" and I could see the front wheel of this damned scooter with this possessed Bill Cosby who spoke in tongues.
>This was when I decided to take action.
>I sprung out from behind the wall and I believe I yelled "Pudding pops!" while waving my hands at him like a crazy person!
>Then I woke up. Confused.
>his hand slided inside my pants
>he squeezed my butt
>suddenly i felt his finger getting easily inside me
>my asshole was used to it but this time it felt... different, never felt such pleasure with my own fingers
>his finger fucked my ass for a while
>meanwhile i started feeling his cock
>some moans escaped from my lips

>after a couple of minutes doing this he gave a step back
>i though i had done something wrong but suddenly he pulled down his pants revealing a beatiful cock
>a real man's cock, hard and throbbing
>it was like instinc, i suddenly fell on my knees
>i held it in my hands, feeling it. It was warm and soft, and a lot heavier than mine (his was at least 19cm, bigger that anything i have ever had inside me)
>i kissed it several times with my eyes closed and started jerking him off
Remember when you had to be 18 to be here...

>nervously i liked the tip, he loved it and grabbed my hair
>he forced his cock inside my mouth and i started sucking
>i had a flashback to my mom sucking that man's cock
>tried to do the same but carefullly, i was afraid to hurt him with my teeth or that i wouldnt like it
>but still i tried to fit as much of his cock as i could
>i started to get more confident as i heard his moans and started doing it faster
>his hand was guiding my head, helping me know how he liked it
>i started fingering myself while i sucked him
>he saw this and seemed to loose his mind
>he started fucking my mouth
>i gagged but i loved it
Shit, decided to check back and found this thread here

Previous one gave out with no new thread and didn't see one

Will finish
i went back to poland when i was 15. was taking a shower when she knocked on the door and asked if i needed my back washed. I said no at first, but then thought this might be a good way to show off my now big teen dick :D i said grandma, i change my mind. She came in. i covered my dick cuz i was kinda shy at first, but i wanted to let her see it. I got so fucking horny by the idea of her seeing it. It had to be the hardest its ever been. At that age my dick was pretty much the size it is now. Which is 8 inches and as thick as my wrist. I took my hand away and leaned back when she was washing my hair. She saw my dick wiggling hard in the water im sure. Then she told me to lay back so she can rinse it. My dick was standing right out of the water and while looking up at the ceiling i see her eyes darting towards my dick every few seconds. She asked if i was done washing up, i said not yet. I didnt wash my body yet. She said ok wash it. So i stood up and started soaping up my chest. she just sat at the edge of the tub and watched. I didnt wash my dick cuz i felt weird, and i said ok im done. She said waht about your birdy (polish way to say dick) i said no its ok. She said come here, its not clean. She soaped up her hands and washed the shaft and pulled the skin back to wash the head. I was shaking iwas so excited lol. She asked if i was cold, i said no while she kept washing. Then she said ok NOW youre clean. I rinsed off and got out. She gave me a towel. i didnt cover my dick lol. i just let it show. she kept looking at it. I was proud lol.
>200% ERECT
sorr i dont have the reaction image
>he fucked my mouth until i felt his cock throbbing more and more, almost shaking
>he seemed to explote, filling my mouth with his seed
>it was so much that my mouth was overflowing
>i had semen sliding down from my lips
>with his cock still inside my mouth i swallowed as much cum as i could
>it had a bittersweet taste but i loved it
>my heart was beating so hard that i felt it would explode
>we stayed like that for a while, i was on my knees with his cock still in my mouth and his cum on my face
>we stayed like that until it got soft in my mouth
can you copy/pasta the beginning (those that missed it might apprecaite it. i don't care)
>we both finished at the same time at the desk
>things got kind of awkward after
>sitting there in silence, on her lap
>she starts talking again, says she needs to finish chemistry
>ask if she'll play Mario Kart with me after she's done
>she does
>go back to my room, play Mario 64 while I wait
>still can't beat Bowser in the Fire Sea
>ragequit, wait for her to come back
>i really like this babysitter, she's fun
>she says she's finished, will bring some snacks
I left the the thread, didn't save the greentext, sorry.

Long story short, babysitter molested me in bathtub, I went to go watch Scooby Doo, she gave me some grape juice (which I now know she slipped wine in) and jerked me off on the couch while getting herself off. Next morning I woke up in bed, got up, saw she was working on something at her desk, accidentally scared her, she showed me what she was working on, molested me (again) jerking me off and forcing my hand down her pants. Also she acknowledged what we had done, told her I liked it and she told me to keep secret. That's pretty much the gist of it
i'm glad you like it, sorry for my english btw, i'm not a native speaker

>i was fingering my ass all this time, i didn't realised i had came from all this situation
>there was a small stain on my pants made by my own cum
>he got his cock out from my mouth and caressed my lips with his fingers
>he collected some cum from my face and i sucked his fingers again
>then he saw it, he saw that i was fingering my ass and he saw the cum stain on my pants
>his cock got rock hard again almost instantly
>he said he never had a slut like me
>i knew i should feel offended, but i loved it
>i loved how he said that
>i loved how he called me a slut as his cock got rock hard again
>something changed inside me, i was a little faggot before, but now... now i was a slut, HIS slut
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Thread images: 5
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