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Incest thread
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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Incest thread
Wats this meme called
Ive successful managed to get a crotch graze from my 5 year old cousin
Felt diamonds
It's called bump
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Oogga Booga where the white bitches at
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Beta Kid Gets Mounted By Hot Bitch
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Nice triple dubs, mane
Dump some
Nice quads
how about some real family member nudes
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You have all of column?
He ever fuck Candy?
Texas meatloaf and cool read pls
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in 2001 this would be hot af.
Coming right up
The most recent? No
No idea if he did.
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did columb stop posting? last saw was the part where he watched bones or something with his sister.
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Sis story?
He said about a month ago he was writing the story, after that no idea.
Column updated a couple weeks ago and archive-anon already put everything on the google drive for everyone. At this point we're waiting for him to return and deliver us some more glorious wincest.

Here's the link to all the collected stories for all who don't have it bookmarked by now:

https://drive google.com/folderview?id=0B3YMBdhaJ7qjUDNPNS1TX3JVVlU&usp=drive_web

Remember to fix the missing . for link detection.
Quick question to all of you?
Does anyone have the greentext version of Rob and Em's story?

Rob's fully updated (so far) story is on the archive linked just above yours
25yr old guy here.
When i was 8 and my sister was 9-10, she would come into my room at night and we'd run our privates together. I knew how to jack off, but this was weird for me and i didn't know why she did this. Later found out our 16 yr old brother was molesting her, and after he was kicked out, i was left to be her toy in a sense.

This was on and off for a couple years, then it stopped. Haven't talked about it with her since.
She is dangerously close the that cactus. I am worried.
I fail to see the issue here
So...no greentext? shit
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so columnfags story was confirmed made up? damn all these incest stories make me feel better as long as I maintain the illusion they are real
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Or he's trying to remember what the fuck happened all those years ago, whatever floats your boat, anon.

No one's saying that at all. He's been writing his posts ahead of time so he can dump them here, then go back to putting more into text for the next time, he said it saves time and keeps threads full of content in bursts without them 404'ing or something

Pretty sure it's all kosher and still real
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Phew illusion restored.
Jesus man talk about an HD reaction pic.
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Rest easy, bruh, it's all good
I can hear my mom doing the sex with her boyfriend right now, if that's relevant.
Update: I just vomited
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Oh...do go on, sir.
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>watching little sister of 10 while my parents were out late
>starts getting tired and starts to falls asleep on my bed
>I kept poking her and pulling her ears telling her to get up but she was adamant about sleeping in my room
>she is your average or at least I see her that way, but if you really looked carefully you'd notice she'd developed quite nicely, her tits were still non existent but her ass was perfectly rounded and plump for her age
>since yoga pants were the trend for girls of course my mom ran straight to the nearest store to buy her favorite daughter a pair of tight slutty yoga pants
>laying face down on my bed with her plump little loli ass was too much to resist so after waiting for a bit before I knew she was asleep I started to slowly creep my hand up from her feet
>while pretending to try and wake he up
>finally after reasurring myself she was passed out I started to get some good grabs and gropes as I worked my way up to her ass
>her ass was just barely big enough not fit inmy hand but god damn it was soft and felt great to squeeze
>she hand budged at all from my groping so I became bolder and started to shove my face into her ass
>after a couple of more gropes and licks on her ass and crotch I grew frustrated at not getting any actual release
>throwing my pants aside I pulled my cock through the hole in my boxers and started to use her asscheeks to stroke my cock while I dry humped her behind
>it took about 10 minutes but I came all over her xposed back and a bit on her pants but
>this freaked me out a bit so I cleaned her up with a tissue and then went back to my business
>mfw she never wore yoga pants again
>mfw when I asked her why she said because she thinks Ill do weird things to her again
>mfw she was awake
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Keksimus Maximus.gif
3 MB, 286x258
>mfw I read those last two lines
Did she enjoy it, though?
any more like this?
Age gap?
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This is actually pretty similar to how I started messing around with my best friends little sister.
Got a story for that or just sayin'?
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Never typed one up before but I suppose I could, only issue is that it isn't wincest; it's just me being a pedo and an asshole to my best friend lol.
Don't matter to me whether it's wincest or not
Haha, responding to the text instead of walking to another room. How beta.
Do it
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You are suposed to protect your little sister you fucking pedophile
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The plot's already got me
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Natalie Lust.webm
2 MB, 960x720
also bamp for Amy.
Aight, doing a little pretyping to prevent long waits, will post in a min
While AssholePedoAnon does his pretypin', I'll dump more from the collection.
Either fake.

Or luckiest cunt in the galaxy.
Fake, there's a fake iPhone text generator online
Did the broher teach you to jack off?
I suppose i'll contribute, gonna simplify the fuck out of it cuz it would be pages before it was done but here we go

>be me, 10 maybe 11
>at grandparents house with the family as per every christmas
>cousin is there, she's about 15 at this time, peak of horny teenager syndrome
She has always flirted with me before but nothing too much was done
>we come back from sledding, dirty as fuck naturally
>"Anon, wanna take a bath with me"
I had a bit of a crush on her at the time
>we get into the bathroom, water is already running, huge bathtub so there's plenty of space
>she's in just a towel, my 10 yr old dick was diamonds
>takes off the towel and i see her 22b cup tits
>diamonds diamonds diamonds
>i get in the tub and she follows, sitting next to me
>"Hey anon, have you ever felt a pussy before?"
>innocent 10 yr old mind didnt know what a pussy was at the time so i said no
>takes my hand and shoves it between her legs, basically has me finger her
>she ends up cumming and she noticed my bedrock penis
>"Hey anon, ever had your dick sucked?"
>i say no and she goes to town on it
>end up giving her my first orgasm, cum a lil bit in her mouth
>dick goes soft, we was up, never speak about it again

Every so often i'll see my cousin and she'll wink at me, reminding me of the time she sucked my dick, i still dont think its fucked up

I didn't realize how long this shit was but w/e i'm not retyping
Also this is my first greentext so dont judge

>be me
>16 at the time
>tall, like 6'6" back then
>just broke up with gf of over 2 years
>only girl I had been in serious relationship with
>only girl I had ever had sex with
>shit was hard bro
>she was a cute blonde, pretty green eyes, small figure, no boobs, small but perfect ass
>this might not seem related but it is
>just bear with me for now
>another thing
>she was short as fuck
>we are talking 4'11"
>she was like 3rd shortest girl in school at the time
>back when we started dating the height difference wasn't as crazy
>but then I became fucking andre the giant
>bro's would always make fun of me because it looked like I was dating a 5th grader
>whatever half of them didn't have girlfriends
>but back to the topic at hand
>she breaks up with me
>dem feels man
>we were like one of the oldest couples in the school
>so naturally everyone knows
>fucking highschool
>I just wanted everyone to stop talking to me about it
>making the feels worse
>kinda like when you fall down in public
>and everyone crowds around you and is like "omg are you okay?"
>and you just want them to back off
>and give you a sec to chill
>it was like that
>but also with feels
>friends know I am pretty broken up about it
>they try to cheer me up but I am being an ass
>with good reason
>but still an ass
>my best bro though
>he understands
>does everything he can to take my mind off it

Anything after that?
Yeah, when i was about 15 we actually fucked, want the full story?
Why of course
Does the Pope shit in the woods?
Where's the bill Cosby one

second part, sorry for the wait, my pretype skills are lacking

>eventually friday rolls around
>invites me over to spend the night
>usually we bring over more bros
>this time its just the two of us
>say no at first
>but he persists
>eventually give up and agree to come over
>after school I pack up some shit
>usually bring my xbox because he has a ps3
>back when halo was good
>bring 2 controllers so we can do 1v1 and shit
>loved my fucking samurai armor
>forget the name but it was like Hyundai Armor
>only not the name of a car company
>you had to get like all the skulls to unlock it if I remember correctly
>shit was so cool
>grab some other crap and head over
>we live in the same neighborhood, but opposite ends
>about an 8 minute walk to his place
>decide to walk because their driveway is usually full
>dads a cop, so driveway always has moms SUV, dads BMW and sometimes cop car

File: 1451509371807.gif (971 KB, 500x490) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
971 KB, 500x490

third part, getting closer, probably should have cut down on all this plot

>walk over, arrive, come inside
>we chill and play games for a few hours
>mom orders some pizza and sit for us
>every once in a while though friend's little sister tries to come into the room
>btw I have a sister as well but she is stupid and only like a 5/10
>his sister though is like an 8/10
>only she is 9 years old so I don't think about it like that
>plus she is way less annoying than my sister
>been over to best bro's house tons of times
>she always seems pretty chill
>little kid so kinda annoying
>but not in a bad way
>just in the way that kids who are younger than you are
>not really sure how to describe it tbh
>but he treats her like total crap
>she practically adores him
>fucking textbook little sister
>wants to come inside and sit next to us and watch
>not even play
>just sit and be next to us
>I had no issue with it
>best bro doesn't care, kicks her out immediatly
>this process repeats multiple times as the hours roll by
>kinda feel bad for her
>but I am here to hang out with bro
>so that's what I will do

Alright, just for you pumpkin

>be me, about 15 at aunts house, my now slutty cousin being about 20
>aunt and uncle leave for a bit, ask cousin to watch me
>shes sitting on the couch with me, stretches to accentuate her now 36dd tits
>"anon, wanna do something fun?"
Like what
>she is suddenly on top of me, straddling me
>shes wearing yoga pants so i can feel all of her plump ass cheeks on my diamonds dick
>still very surprised as this comes out of nowhere
>pulls down my shorts and begins grinding her ass against my dick
>it doesnt take too long as i jizz all over her
>she fuckin wipes some off my dick and licks it off her finger looking me in the eye
>she gets naked, gets back on top of me and i feel her wet slit go up and down my dick
>it eventually goes in and she just sits on it
>first pussy ive ever felt and its fucking great
>due to it being my first time i cum rather quickly
>she sits down so i jizz inside of her
>aunt and uncle come back minutes later and shes showering

Fun fact: she has like 4 kids now, im 90% sure the eldest is mine
But of course continue. i have my popcorn and soddy pop right here.

swag them dubs, anyways 4th part

>after a while it gets pretty late
>probably past 12 since thats what we called "pretty late" back then
>was a school day so we were both more tired than usual
>usually hung out on saturday nights btw
>but this was a special case
>so bro finally decides to call it quits
>he usually goes back to his bed and I crash on the bonus room couch
>bonus room is where we hang during the day
>basically like an upstairs master bedroom with no bathroom for those who are wondering
>so bro heads back to his room for bed
>I grab some of the blankets they keep in there for just such an occasion and get ready to crash
>get in a comfortable position and realize I can't sleep
>not doing anything and mind wanders back to ex gf
>Episode VI: Return of the Feels
>now I can't sleep
>decide to go back to playing xbox
>play some of dat epic oblivion
>jk morrowind was better
>had that shit on original xbox
>but for now oblivion will do
>play for probably half an hour
>decide to turn the sound up because door is closed
>bro's parents are at the opposite end of the hall
>shouldn't disturb anyone

>be 14-ish
>be too immature for my age, still play with toys.
>not as innocent with my cousin of same age
>since I can remember we've been fooling around
>kissing, playing doctor
>parents probably knew but felt too awkward to point it out or thought it was cute
>we knew what we where doing
>well kinda, I never actually penetrated her, didn't knew what cum was, I just knew it felt good to rub my pee pee on her butt under the covers
>anyway back to age 14, we where staying at my new grandma's house.
>aunt with her husband and daughters, including my favourite cousin staying there because they where looking for their own home.
>"I want to stay the night with grandma" parents say yes
> we sleep on the living room, aunt and uncle sleep on a mattress while me, older cousin and incest cousin sleep in the floor.
> I wasn't interested in older girls back then so I never tried anything with the older one. wish I could go back in time and change that, I could change a lot of things... but anyway I was excited to sleep next to my same age cousin.
>sleeping for a few hours, nothing happens
>I think she was too embarrassed to continue our stuff.
>felt frustrated, stayed the night for nothing
>I decide I'm gonna relieve my frustration with some stealth jacking off, its all about controlling your breathing and making sure the covers are not moving.
One hell of an ending
>I'm too close to them on both sides however, cant move freely and I make too much noise
>I give up trying to cum after older cousin on the left seems to raise her head, think she found out.
>too scared to keep going.
>too bad, better go to sleep.
> suddenly, I feel a hand searching for my dick...
>its my favourite cousin
>she knew
>she wanted to help me.
>she tries to find my dick, I was wearing sports pants so it must have been hard to figure out where stuff was in the dark.
> gently take the hand, guide her towards my small 14yo penis
>she grabs it, although the head of my penis was kinda sensitive and it hurt when she didn't rub it right, my underwear was on the way too
>cant complain however, someone is touching my penis for the first time in my conscious life.
> she doesn't seem to know what to do, I guide her hand up and down. she picks up on it and keeps going.
>I'm in heaven
>must control breathing, must not move too much...
>I want to give her pleasure too
>I go after her boobs under her shirt, thinking back I should have rubbed her pussy, too many feelings in the way
>I run my hand through her chest, I get to feel her 14 year old nipples.
>suddenly my cousin on my left raises her head
>we stop
>heart pounding
>nothings happening, we are sleeping plz go back to dreamland...
>she seems to go back to sleep
>cant believe this is happening

>slowly pick up again...
> my dick is diamonds
> I still jerk off to the memory of her hand on my penis.
> I try to go grab her boobs again, this time however she guides my hand downward...
> I knew what she was doing, but oh no, she was wearing jeans, the fabric was on the way.
> I did my best to rub her pussy, but I was not able to do it properly, managed to feel her pubes a bit though
> I should have gone for her pussy from the start, I regret it to this day.
> suddenly she stops rubbing me.
> I quickly realize what happened, she felt my pre cum on her fingers and she must have thought it was my cum, thinking she was done....
> I try to go for her hand again.
> suddenly cousin on left raises her head again
> shit, go back to sleep, go back to sleep
> the snores of my uncle in the same room feel like a clock that just slows down time
> she finally goes back to sleep.

>this time we switch gears, I was on my back so I rested on my side facing her, she was already facing me.
>I looked for her soft hand, I did not need to guide her, she knew what I was doing.
> I attempted to play with her body with both hands
Feel like i've read this before anon

>thats plagiarism
Didnt know this was a ylyl thread
> yes this seems to be working
> we are rubbing each other, I'm about to cum...
> oh no, we are moving too much
> started breathing too hard!
> her sister definitely heard something

>shit, she raised her head and moved the covers.
> "d-don't haggle the covers all for yourself"
> she pulls some to her and goes back to sleep.

we've spent too much time here anon
copied for another thread the other day
File: 1454682562072.gif (2 MB, 300x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 300x194
PLEASE is there someone with the big smoke and CJ comic instead ? BUSTA BUSTA. Please share brotha
>to this day I wonder if she knew...
>yeah she definitely knew
> I wonder if she was turned on
>I should've touched her too. damm.

> anyway, this scare made us both go back to our regular positions
> I wait for her hand again, it never comes
> my dick goes soft
> suddenly filled with disappointment
> I lean over to her and whisper "do you want to do it again?"
> I see her shaking her head as in no.
> fuck

> welp, nothing to do now but sleep.
>maybe we'll pick this up tomorrow?

> nope, nothing like this ever happens again.

And that is the story of how I almost got a handjob from my cousin in the same room with her family.

it's my story and Ill repost it until someone screencaps it for history

5th part, not sure how to do dialogue so I just guessed a format and rolled with it, also this was years ago so I am paraphrasing here

>literally 30 seconds later door opens
>expecting bro's parents
>actually bro's sister
>forgot bro's sister's room is literally right next door
>calling her bro's sister is getting old, need name
>going to call her Lexi
>anyways Lexi opens the door
>assume I woke her up
>me: "whoops sorry did I wake you up?"
>her: "no I was already awake, wheres best bro?"
>damn wish I had that late night skills when I was 9
>me: "oh he went to bed like 30 mins ago"
>her: "do you mind if I come in and watch then?"
>damn was just getting into dat questing
>but still feeling bad from best bro being a dick to her
>plus she is like 10 times better than my sister
>so I guess it's fine
>me: "yeah I guess it's fine just be quiet since it's late"
>her: "okay"
>she tiptoes in and sits down next to me on the small couch
>small couch is better for playing games so I had shifted to it after getting back up
>I still have the covers across my lap to keep my legs warm
>she gets under them as well
>at this point we are really just sitting next to one another but with a blanket covering our legs
>I resume playing mah oblivion
>wandering around and doing random shit
>occasionally she asks random questions
>"what are you doing?"
>"whats that?"
>"Whats that do?"
>stuff like that
>otherwise she is pretty quiet
Reminder that if you post shitty captions on pics to make it incest related, then you're a fucking retard who should kill themself. Post stories, (possibly) real pics, or get the fuck out
Oh, dear God, a name plz ?
Hyabusa my friend, we all loved it
I dont have all night fam, lets go
he's gonna do something truly autistic, just wait

almost there

6th part

>eventually I stop doing quests
>getting a little bored
>start running around and killing random animals and stuff
>eventually I notice she is starting to doze off
>don't really care
>figure she will leave eventually and go to bed
>puts her feet up on my lap
>basically lying down on the couch
>I could never do it
>but she is small enough that it must be comfortable
>at least comfortable enough for her to fall asleep
>because thats what happens not 5 minutes later
>don't really care, I sleep on the big couch
>play oblivion for a little while more
>eventually start spacing out
>thinking about ex gf again
>go away feels
>I decide to just try and sleep
>even more tired now so it might be possible

7th part

>maneuver out from under Lexi's legs
>as I am extracating myself I pull off the blanket
>Lexi kinda shivers but doesn't wake up
>I grab the covers to put them back over her
>for the first time I notice what she is wearing
>only a pink white and sky blue tshirt and pink panties
>little kids clothes, but still pretty revealing considering no pants
>tshirt fabric is thin + somewhat tight and I can see tiny little outlines of nipples
>realize I am staring
>meh who cares she is alseep
>notice she actually looks kinda like my ex gf
>short, although in this case due to age
>blonde hair, although a little darker
>same petite figure
>same tiny breasts
>probably had the same nice ass as well
>panties had sorta hiked up and revealed even more of her legs
>she actually looked pretty sexy
>but also cute
>like sexy because she was cute
>also that unintentionally revealing outfit
Cap for keeps, cuz im not postin it again
A'ight I'll screencap it

8th part

>pause for a moment
>think about what I have just been doing for the past 2 minutes
>reflect on my current observations
>I have been checking out a 9 year old
>9 year old
>even hitler is telling me no
>I should listen to hitler
>hitler knows the way
>but just then
>she does this little moan in her sleep
>sexiest sound I had ever heard
>shifts over slightly to the left
>legs open a little
>better view of in between legs
>can almost see pussy
>looks smooth af
>feel the temptation
>my moral code objects
>my brain objects
>her dad is cop
>shorter than me but properly buff
>but also the cop part
Fake tits, pretty gross tbqhf
too bad maybe still could happen
Come on anon I ain't got all night
File: 9yo.png (1 MB, 3722x6658) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3722x6658
"I'm at the store"
> teleports to different rooms
File: 9yo2.png (3 MB, 5447x6695) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 5447x6695
ever get her again?
kek'd at Hitler

9th part

>fuck it
>throw the blanket back down on the floor
>get down on knees beside her for a better look
>legs are sexy but small
>thighs look soft as fuck
>can see a little of the side of her pussy
>looks even softer
>use hands to pull panties more to the side
>taking this shit slow as fuck
>dont want to wake her up
>dont want to go to jail
>jail is bad
>but the risk is worth it
>pull that shit aside with the skill of a master surgeon
>full pussy comes into view
>I have literally seen nothing as beautiful in my entire life
>my ex gf had a good pussy
>but this
>this transcended god
>at this point I wasn't even thinking about my ex gf
>just this perfect pussy
>no visible inner lips
>slightly puffy and soft outer labia
>could barely see any of the pink insides
>probably spent 5 minutes just looking at it
>dick hasn't been this diamonds in months
Post pictures of your hot relatives too. I like when incest threads do that.
C C C Columnbo Breaker


dude, that's a lot of shit saved.. that's some screen capping goodness there, it is


there is no 'all' yet, and no, not yet


hail Satan trips.. no, I haven't stopped posting, I added 40+ posts a week ago, just had to slow down because, you know, real life and shit, car broke down, I'm in the process of changing jobs, medical stuff.. I'm busy irl


I did say that, I always day that, because I am


lucky dubs.. I appreciate the waiting, I did update recently and I'll try to update again some, but like I just got done typing, real life got away from me and I'm trying to play catch up

also, use tinyurl com/wincestdrive because its easier to remember lol


>this guy
yea no, no one ever said that


or I'm just too busy to spend all day writing and posting, that's a thing too


see, this guy gets it


rest easy, anon, and fap on


yea, that'd what I said

now it's after 4am here, I just woke up to put some wood on the fire because its cold as fuck, so I'm going back to bed

you degenerates have fun with your faps and shit, and I'll see you faggots next time

10th part god damn this is taking fucking ages I need to refine this shit

>after a few minutes finally work up the courage to touch her
>start with the outside
>she shivers to my first touch
>look up to her face
>appears to be fast asleep
>realize my fingers are probably freezing
>compared to her very very warm flesh
>warm hands up between my things
>then go back to touching
>this time no reaction
>start slowly with the outside
>mostly just exploring
>ex gf never let me get this good a look
>but I already knew she was inferior
>nothing could beat this
>after some light exploring I move to the next step
>using my thumb and finger I spread her lips apart slightly
>much better view of the inside
>I can see about where he clit is
>hard to tell because everything was so small
>and not fully matured
>release lips and move back slightly
>take a deep breath
thanks man, I love your story, its fucking great. good taste in games to, plus I used to do the same fucking kind of contract work for my dad so that just makes the story better.
Lost my boner at part 7
It's almost 4 am, continue with whatever y'all doing GTG, I'll screencap the stories in the afternoon, got the thread bookmarked anyways.
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>5 year old cousin
>5 years old.
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This is taking months sir. I want to know the end of the story
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