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ITT: post your best sexual experience
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ITT: post your best sexual experience

>be 19, first year of college
>having first gf
>went to baseball game with her
>game is somewhere out of town, get there by bus set up by baseball fans
>drink A LOT of beer there
>taking bus home
>suddenly half the way home get the urge to piss
>go to bus toilet: out of order, locked
>back to seat
>the urge to piss gets stronger and stronger, struggle to sit still next to gf
>"whats wrong, honey?"
>tell her I really really need to piss
>"dont worry, we are home in 20 mins"
>few more mins pass, really cant hold it anymore
>tell gf I go ask the driver to stop
>as I stand up gf pushes me down in my seat
>she opens my pants and takes out my dick
>"its really that bad, uh?" she says and smiles
>she takes my flacid cock in her mouth
>gives me a thumb-up sign
>I cant believe this is happening but I need to piss NOW
>starting to let if flow in her mouth
>she swallows everything instantly, sucking the piss out of my dick like out of a straw
>not a single drop hit my pants or the floor
>after what felt like at least 1 minute of pissing I was done
>she gets up, smiles and let out a little burp
>"you owe me one, honey"

god damn that was the moment I fell in love with her. I would have married that girl if she didnt dump me 5 days later for someone with bigger abs

I have a piss fetish since that night. Not a single girl I have been with since would have done even light pee stuff :/
> be me, some days ago
> be in a relationship, but have two fuck buddies at the side
> sitting on sofa with gf, but sexting with fuck buddy
> she sends me nudes and tells me all the things she wants to do with me
> i get amazingly horny
> i tell her to put on a dress without panty and pick me up
> she arrives 50 mins later, i tell gf i go visit friend
> we drive to her place
> on the way i finger her all the time and rub her clit, she comes twice
> we arrive at her place, tear each others clothes off
> fuck like animals
> nut two times, she blows me in the shower etc
> i finger her ass

good times
I jacked it It went in my eye and burned so much
not best, but definetly the funniest one

>3 years ago
>just turned 18
>decide to legally buy my first hard alcohol (europe)
>friend and I went to local booze store, bought some bacardi, vodka, etc. and some stuff to mix with
>sit on a bench in front of store and start drinking
>theres a sex shop on the other side of the street
>"hey anon, is that kevins mum?"
>"i think so"
>kevin was a kissless virgin beta friend. well more half of a friend
>kevins mum enters sex store
>we were shocked and couldnt believe that
>fuck it, we are both 18, lets check out that sex store and if was really kevins mum in there
>enter store, cant find his mum
>go back outside, drink some more
>after exactly 2 hours we see kevins mum leave the sex store, now definetly sure it was her
>wtf where has she been that 2 hours
>enter store again and find a glory hole room hidden in the background
>no way
>we ask the shop keeper if the blonde women who just left the store was in there the last few hours
>"yes shes volunteering every friday evening from 5pm to 7pm. are you guys 18? 10 bucks for a 10 minute blow "
>we see another women enter the store and heading to the glory hole room

we couldnt believe what we just found out and that such things exist where we live


>wait for next friday
>see kevins mum enter the store exactly at 5pm
>wait few minutes, then enter it too
>"we want a blowjob from that glory hole"
>there was one guy in the room so we waited until he finished
>first me and then my friend got blown by kevins mum

suddenly our evil minds come to shine
>"hey anon, isnt kevin turning 18 next week?"
>"we should totally buy him this blowjob as his present
>"no man we cant do that...or can we?"

next friday we take kevin to that sex store saying we have a surprise for him
>"come on kevin its time to get in contact with girls"
>"we all have done this when we turned 18"
>"dont be such a pussy or you will die a virgin"
>we convinced him to get into the glory hole room, paid for him
>he got his dick sucked the first time of his live
>finished in like 2 minutes
>he comes out
>we tell him “no you have to say thank you to that lady before you leave”
>he says thank you
>his mother recognizes his voice
>bursts out of her room
>kevin with the face of thousand corpses, mother speechless with cum still around her chin
>we burst out in laughter and run away

>kevin never came back to school
>we never saw him again, they moved away
>parents got divorced soon after as far as we know

Kevin if you are reading this, we are so sorry
now this.
thats pretty much how you create a serial killer
10/10 topkek if its true
Be me pic reated
this is why obama wants our guns
oh look, a nigger
that is absolutely disgusting. makes me sick to the stomach.
what the fuck is wrong with you?
according to porn, there are plenty of people like me with a piss fetish
My version
>"its really that bad, uh?" she says and smiles
>she takes my flacid cock in her mouth
>wtf are you even doing
> god no fuck are you fucking retarded?
>push her away, ask driver to stop
>piss outside
>get in
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>according to porn
According to porn, we're all perfectly normal.
Wo ?
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>according to porn
File: arnie hartman.jpg (17 KB, 300x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
arnie hartman.jpg
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exactly what i feel about this
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>get gf
> have sex

I did it guys
how did u know I was german?

anyway, Leipzig. But the sex store closed last year, sadly
Merkt man an deinem Englisch, und an Kevin.
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>Seeing this divorcee for a while
>"Would you mind fucing me in the ass Anon?"
>"Why of course my dear"
>She inserts used butt plug into her cunt while I fuck her from behind
>Feels Good Man
>Monday comes, on the phone to her
>"OMFG I have such bad tummy pain Anon"
>Man up bitch, deal with it
>A week goes by, see her again on the weekend.
>Finger her cunt
>Fucking lost buttplug is still inside her cunt and she didn't even know
>I'm fucking outta here

She was a dirty bitch. I think I miss her.
can't tell you won't believe me.

gotta go anyway
Post it anon, do it. This is /b/, we belive in everything, even space anons from another dimension.

I don't have best sexual expirience. It's kinda pisses me off how much of a pussy i was, first serious gf was into all kind of kinky stuff and i was like "nah, fuck it". Fuck me and my testosterone.
>be 25
>fuck 16 year old girl missionary position
>kiss her the entire time

almost makes life worth living
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2 MB, 369x310
idk about best but this one was pretty hot, still fap to it

>be me
>several years ago
>have 2 roommates, one male, one female, she's attractive, but we just friends, never thought about fooling around with her
>male roommate outta town
>be on pc, doing usual shit
>female roommate gets home, has bottle of rum
>lets get drunk.jpg, its tuesday
>start drinking
>browsing /b/, lots of dicks and tits
>we are officially drunk. being silly
>"we could take our shirts off" I say jokingly
>she says "ok"
>she takes her shirt and bra off
>"nice tits"
>she starts rubbing them, I ask "can I?"
>start rubbing them, sucking on them
>not even jet fuel could melt my steel beam
>"you're giving me a hard on. wanna see it?"
>"of course"
>pull out D, its nice size, she says "you HAVE to let me try it
>gets down on her knees
>we spend the rest of the night drinking, fondling each other, her sucking on my dick, wandering around the house half naked
>finally end up fucking at the end of the night
>pass out
>wake up, fuck again

Never really talked about it after, only fucked one other time when other roomie was gone. She woke me up one morning telling me she was horny. I suppose the hottest thing about it was how casual it was, as I mentioned I never really thought about her in that way. Was pretty great.

I am into domination, so my favorite experience was with a girl I used to know after we hooked back up a few years later. She was a submissive thing while we played, but kept that mischievous look in her eyes that made me want to just wreck her.

She put on a french maid outfit and did whatever I told her to do for a preset length of time. Whatever I told her. There is nothing like having a hot little sex toy to play with.
I want this :(
Lots of good ones.

>friend brings his girlfriend over and we're all going out
>she's a 7/10, but great tits
>friend is lightweight and gets way too drunk
>his gf drives us home because she's the least drunk one
>get back to the house
>friend crashes on couch
>his gf and I stay in the kitchen
>continue drinking
>weird comments are made about why we are only ones awake
>start making out
>his gf gets on her knees and blows me in the kitchen
>cum in her mouth
>she goes back to cuddle friend on the couch
>3 weeks later they break up
>he's heartbroken
>asks me to talk to her
>she comes over to talk
>fucked her all Friday night and again on Saturday morning
>nail scratches all over my back
>text friend and say I think she just needs time

God damn she was a fun fuck
any pics?
I've never tried anal however thinking I may suggest to gf just to tick it off the bucketlist. Never really been interested in it until lately. Instant boner loss will happen if I see something gross.

Is it worth it or overrated? What are your experiences with it?
Anal sex has pros and cons.

It has that taboo to it which is really nice, you can cum in her ass without fear of pregnancy is nice, it can hurt her a bit, which can be sexy if you're into that, also, temperature-wise it's really hot, which feels amazing.

The cons are that her ass is not DESIGNED to milk off your dick like her pussy is, and also it's an ass, so there could be a little bit messy, though I haven't had that experience, always been clean and pleasant.
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Can't recall /b/rother. Used to be on Adultwork somewhere north UK I think.

But I'm old and my memory aint what it used to be.
personally i've always found it awesome, though it is a fetish of mine, basically one of the big differences for me is that an asshole is tight at the base of your dick which feels fucking great, use condoms, and don't cum in her ass though, she'll probably fucking hate it
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So.. Me and my ex girlfriend had a huge fight one day and we "basically" broke up.
Went to my sisters apartment as she was on vacation and invited a girl i knew over.
8,5/10, 18 years old

>she stays for a few days
>fuck her countless times over time
>one night just begins fingering her ass
>spanking her and shit
>she cums several times
>gets behind her and begins rear entry procedure
>she tells me shes an anal virgin
>slides in perfectly though
>fucks her for 20 minutes or so anally
>she twitches and shit and orgasms continually
>all power to forward thrust!
>carpet bombs her tiny teen asshole with my cum
>hottest shit ever

next day when she leaves my now ex girlfriend have called me 30+ times and texting how we actually didn't break up and that she loves me..

>10 bucks
Came in a glass a few hours ago and drank the majority of it. A couple of minutes ago I saw there was some left so I poured it on my desk and licked it off. It was nice :)

It's fun, tight, and taboo. It's also dirty. There will be smells. So I dunno, man, it's up to you. I personally think it's worth it. The dirtiness is part of why it's sexy.
This is the most sex-relate experience I ever had

>Being in a south american overcroweded bus
>Get near the door so I dont have trouble leaving because people wont move away at all
> Finaly reachs the door, theres an specifc sopt that acommodates one person and wont get hit when the door opens
> Red alert: hot blond
>Shes really small and fit
>Cute long hair, probably a good smell. I dont know, it would be a good fit.
>Not a single person could get into the bus
>Bus driver doest care, hes got a comfortable chair
>New People couldnt care less, they dont even try to move away from the entrance.
>Cute petit blond is pushed away towards me
>That sensible butt is scared and move away for a second
>Looks behind, I seem to be a non-creepy-sweat-old-man so she calms down
>Gets next to me again, twerk for a moment
>That sensible butt reachs for my man-device
>Hey, its growing... Should I keep it this way? Maybe Im reading too much "stop rape" long texts at facebook.
>My penis doest care, it wants to show its full power.
> Next stop, a lot of people leave, finally theres room.
>My penis is now full sized, ready to save earths population from non-babies families.
>She slowly gets next to me again.
>Her soft skin butt touchs my mandongle
>Jumps a few centimenters away
>People want to leave, no more room next to the door
>She was simply pushed towards my croach
>Im happy just like I have hit the USB right at the first time. Perfect connection.png
>She seems to enjoy and every 10 seconds looks behind. Twerk.png
>Next stop: final tests at college.png
>A lot of people leave the bus.
>What should I do? Did I get enough out of it? Was it just a coincidence and she didnt actually enjoy it?
>Will she cry rape?
>I remember I cant fail this class so I leave.
>30yo still a virgin. But I like butts more.
The extra tightness and warmth sounds appealing. I'm surpised to hear from a number of people that their experiences with anal has mostly been clean, I thought it would be messy 80% of the time.

Smells could put me off. The ass funk from doggy is borderline for me.
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